Missions in Africa

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The Bible doesn’t say you can civilize savages. God made them that way and who are you to deem it needs to change? It says you should love your neighbour, not go to the next town over. Jesus didn’t traverse continents. You are not saintlier than Jesus.

The Bible doesn’t magically boost your IQ by a standard deviation.

It’s pride, it’s vainglory and it is using works for self-promotion, it’s vain. Good works are done locally. Done the wrong way, for the wrong reasons, to show off, is bad.

Pathological altruism, but duh. We owe them nothing. They owe us nothing, except what we invested and they failed to deliver from it.

Let them sink or swim on their own merit. Why are we spending all this tax money on people who contribute nothing to their own economies, let alone the one that pays for them like children? Adults who can’t stop breeding are not to be treated as dependents, if we’re so equal. We’re paying the NGOs to create the problem they pretend to solve. 200 years of ‘helping’ Africa – AND THEY’RE WORSE OFF. Stop!

Assisting the outgroup comes at the direct expense of the ingroup.
It’s a betrayal, for starters an opportunity cost.

Black man Holocaust mashup

I wonder if the black one knows about black genocide and the wealth inequality of the Jews that continue to this day. He probably does but I’d have mentioned it.

I don’t know what to say about this otherwise. It’s also difficult to hear anything.
“You was oppressin’ the German, you was oppressin’ him!”
I think the guy in glasses got a very hard reality check there about the unity of diversity.
You know he’d want the black man arrested if he could. That way he’d win the argument, in his mind.

“I’ve seen it! I’ve seen it!” I doubt he saw that Holocaust documentary by the Jewish guy who interviewed the Auschwitz people that admitted, on camera, the ‘chambers’ were built after the war.

You could point to a common kitchen knife and claim Jack the Ripper used it, doesn’t make it so. Burden of Proof.

This type of thing is often what happens when factions of identikit Leftism meet.
One party shouts, the other cries, then they swap. Like a hissy fit from adults.

They’re trying to outsignal and rentseek so I think the black guy wins.

Who is the victim here?

Check today’s Prog-Stack.

White women – the new racists

LA is known as a main hive of black women on the internet.

Everyone female, pretty much, has heard of LA. Celebrity gossip breaks on there and they do good makeup. Throwing shade started there. They set moral trends, is what I’m saying.


I won’t quote since it’s a new thread but this is a recent division in the black movements I noted, a splinter of brother to sister from the 70s (they got marshalls for demos against agente provocateuse, didn’t really work*), then sister from sister. I wonder who could be responsible. When I say they want to turn everyone against each other, I’m not just thinking of whites.

*There is a reason Black Panthers have about as much modern power as KKK.
MLK might’ve been murdered for knowing too much.

Proof there are woke black people.
There are smart ones, promptly shouted down.


“The crazy part is this is the perfect time to get whatever we want from either party, Trump is a gullible, ego manical buffon. If you word things the right way this idiot will give you whatever you want, so we use that and then go back to the Dems and say “see look what Trump is willing to do, can you top it?” that is how the game is played, but they want us to stay dumb to the process, so that they don’t have to do any work to actually follow thru on the 50 years of campaign promises.”

First response

What will the (white) SJWs signal now, I wonder?