We wuz slave owners

…but you were. Of black people.

What’s with the Marxist rewrites of history?

The rape incitement is the worst of it. White women are still trafficked in huge numbers. Being white isn’t a crime.

Corrective rape is still practiced…. in Africa.

It’s funny to Europe that American blacks bitch about stolen land when they choose to stay in America.
Don’t like whites? If only you had a homeland to move back to…. right?
Clearly integration is impossible, you’ve had multiculturalism in America for centuries.
It’ll never be enough. They hate you.

Legally Black misses the point

People are replacing white actors with black people on movie posters for a very important reason

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Nobody cares if a black actor is a lead.

If you consider the repercussions, that means fewer people are likely to see it.

Like modelling, movies are a business. Black Panther has proven that some black-dominant films can sell but generally investors (yes, the people you need to appeal to) know it’s a losing proposition. After trying, many times.

Not to mention, it always made sense that Hermione was black.

Mudblood, come on.

I guess since Radcliffe isn’t actually white (Jewish family, well-known name) there is something problematic in assuming anyone white-passing is actually white. How many of those white leads are actually Jewish, do they have data? Do they count them as white mistakenly? I’d like to see the data.

Are we all the same to them?

Hilariously, they try to claim there aren’t enough black people in music.

Black people OWN modern music. You have the MOBOs, no other race is allowed their own exclusive award show.

Which brings me onto the point nobody ever asks them?

What do you count as black?

Many Americans haven’t been African for centuries, many white families have lived there for centuries.

So is race more important than culture?

What is black?

They never tell us.

They appear to be working by some kinda one-drop rule.

OK, so when you count Markle it’s fine (boy does he regret proposing btw, she’s taking up all his air time) and Obama but when white people use the same labelling system it’s racist?


Who is looking at you doesn’t change what you are, it doesn’t alter your DNA (neither does Magic Dirt) so what kinda postmodern bull is that?

For activists, they need more consistency and to explain their fundamental positions. I would be interested in more showbiz data, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You need to collect it on everyone to understand the relevance. They do not want to do this.

Let’s say someone is Jewish, Asian and African. Do they count as black, more another category, or the miscellaneous label Mixed?

Since you do want to pigeonhole people, to hire them and cast them and know who they are and study them to vindicate you, we need to know what the criteria are.

The general point they miss can be summed up in one of the posters.

I almost fell off my bar stool watching this over breakfast.

Oilspilling, a classic and frankly amusing oilspill. White people’s history belongs to white people (although whether the Irish counted during the Edwardian era is disputed). You don’t have a right to re-write history, especially when it isn’t your history.

You don’t own other peoples’ history, this includes non-whites’. I like intersectionality, to be honest, and it’s time non-whites stood up for themselves against other non-whites, you aren’t all one homogeneous blob of brown people. You have your own culture and history and priorities and that is fine.

You wouldn’t expect to see a black person playing a “Native American” and that’s fine.

That’s the good kinda racism, just acknowledging hey, there’s a difference, be respectful.

Correction: modern Turkey is not ancient Turkey – DNA.

And there is a difference, it’s healthy to notice this.

I’m not angry about this at all, these conversations need to happen. Multiculturalism assumes we all magically get along. Did that happen ever, even Kindergarten? No, it didn’t. We need to discuss how this operates, different groups who are fundamentally different in stripe and have differing values, in the short-run.

However, they won’t like thinking about these topics in any depth.

It’s a good meme. But it needs more depth behind it.

‘A lot of people were complaining, “Why are you trying to replace the white actors?’” she told Mashable.

Yeah the mashable guy has an Oriental fetish, I’m hardly surprised they’d cover this sympathetically. I do mean fetish, like very kinky hardcore fetish. Not just a preference, a “nothing else gets me hard” fetish.

Too much anime growing up.

“If you’re surprised, it means you don’t see enough black people in major roles.” – their site


Well, aren’t you wrong?

At least they handed over the funny sidekick role to the Asians, that was nice of them but personally I think the average African is funnier than the average Asian.

The latter seem to be stuck with kinky sex jokes, which tire past the stage of alluding to ping pong balls.

I’m going into reviewer mode, shouldn’t do that.

The missing point?

People are surprised because (post-black genocide especially) black people are a minority and thus, in fact, statistically over-represented. I don’t think those same people would be “surprised” to see a black person leading a film among the great Nigerian cinema and I don’t know any groups calling for white Africans to be in all the media, despite being a minority there.

Big up the great black cinema already around, starting with Nigeria and write your own stories, don’t appropriate those of other groups, which can only engender resentment (or maybe you want opposition to feel justified?)….

Ironically Legally Black had planned to put the posters on London buses, but this plan fell through when private advertisers failed to respond to Legally Black’s messages.

They have a duty to be apolitical with public transport ads unless it’s atheism/ anti-Christian. Make it anti-Christian and they’ll chase you, hunt you down to show it.

You want to be political activists, you cannot pretend to be apolitical when it suits.

Again, a lot of choices to be made.

Special Patrol Group sounds sinister.

who specialises in ‘subvertising’ — hacking advertising space to replace it with art.

Illegal because you’re taking a service you didn’t pay for but I can use that line too.

Remember: it’s okay to be white.

And that’s what all this is really about, innit?

If you cannot empathize with a white lead in a white-majority country (and then the Asians will over-take you as whites are dying more than being born, you will always be a minority) then maybe you should move to a region with your own kind, like a kind of Caribbean ethnostate. Sounds like a nice idea, a paradise, entirely self-supporting, owing Whitey nothing. You’ll be kicked around far more by Asians, they hate blacks the most and don’t apologize for their slave trade. Or maybe you should try to improve African cinema in Africa with a second phase of improving distribution options. Since most black people in the world still live there and filming is cheap.

Or have I let on that I know too much?

I would sign every petition endorsing Elba to replace Cumberbatch in everything, that insufferable prick. He cares so much about black people … unless it’s about taking the leading role cheese.

Sorry but no, you don’t harass people with a begging bowl during a play.

Begging is illegal, unless you’re a famous white man playing White Saviour.

Yes, they should feel guilty.

Update: to quote someone who knows.

There is another issue. Whitening up black people in the media as part of the brainwashing control. This is not a conspiracy theory, you can see it and they admit it.

It’s creepy and weird and stop. It’s like painting a sheep.

“What do the most successful of the black female performers in America do shortly before and during their ascent to high tier celebrity? Mimic the white north Germanic with added drag levels of make up. Lightening of skin, contouring, dyeing hair blonde and chemical straightening treatments. They mix trashy urban fashion with a spattering of haute couture. [fact: bougie actually means cheap Eurotrash, in Europe, it’s middle-class, an insult]
No one ever pays attention to the fact that in interviews, people like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B don’t just allude to having been programmed or in contact with the spirit world, they outright admit it. And people laugh it off “oh, she jus cray cray and you some conspiracy nut”
Beyoncé and Madonna are called things like high priestess for a reason, morons.”

Help them not to be mindless blonde zombies first, eh?

White feminist oppressed by black man

Choosing between their pets, priceless.
The way the guy handles it, so smooth.


Anti-man or anti-white, can’t be both, love.

He’s woke on HBD crime hatefacts. He’s right, Obama could’ve helped Black America but he fucked them over the worst. Still they voted the prestigious law grad in twice.

It’s all about class.


It’s always the rich people protesting. The poor people gotta work.

Those gloves cost more than his entire outfit, and they look like Nazi gloves.
The Nazis wore gloves, you know.

It’s all about the shekels.

She actually tries to gaslight him, a black person and a man.
“This is absurd, this is ridiculous.” No it’s called respecting another human’s opinion. What a cunt. The Botox must’ve bled into her brain.

Why should anyone listen to these people when they’re been ignoring us for years?


We’re not listening to them anymore.

Sell-outs begin their descent to Hell

Honestly, they’ve sunk lower than the earth.

Well well well…. it’s like a roundup of desperate attention whores. I want to see a full list but I don’t know who most of these Americans are. I am glad of this. However, I do know I’m never patronizing any of their work ever again. Based off this spam.

They even have a Kardashian virus FFS. To make the infection metaphor complete.

My first thought?

Wow, that’s low. OK, I’m fully on the Trump train now purely to piss –these– people off.
Specifically them. All Hail the God Emperor. How dare they interfere in foreign politics too? Who the hell are you people???
I’m sure all those millionaires have chipped in some money, right?
……Zero’s a number, isn’t it? I’ll bet that’s what they’ve given. Zero.
But sure, profiteer by pushing a mediocre song and yourselves for publicity, using dead kids as the stick to beat the poor with. Hope you feel proud. What about the numerous cases of child rape, even in the so-called camps? What about little European girls being told to wear longer skirts to school because otherwise they might ‘deserve’ rape? What about the responsibility of neighboring countries, who refuse to take anyone? How many are you personally taking in, if they’re so peaceful?
I love how Americans think they can tell Europeans what to do. Hey, you left. You fought a war to go. Stay gone?

They include that toddler everyone pretended to care about for five minutes.

No shot of the little dead French girl. Let me refresh your short memories.

They covered her body in shame. So nobody could use it the same as that boy on the beach. There was even a staged shot of a second kid on a beach, but that didn’t work. So they eventually ended up with that ash-covered one who oddly, wasn’t even given a shock blanket. Isn’t that odd to anyone? Where’s the medical treatment, given the medical setting? No? Too much logic?

No European terror attacks, no photos of that for precious Narrative. This is like a Hollywood music video, so slick, yet entirely about death. It’s disturbing and jarring. In a song about not discriminating, Black Panther rhetoric! An easy stab at all white people as KKK! That’ll help! No word about who’s dropping bombs from America because psst, that’s a black guy. I might believe that ‘we’re all the same’ rhetoric if they didn’t insert divisive propaganda into that very video.

This is a case of psy ops children, they sense they’re losing the culture wars and this is a last desperate grab before Trump, who won’t actually change anything but it’s the principle of what he represents, millions of pissed-off voters who aren’t falling for this very shit anymore. At this point, I don’t see what else they could pull out. Trump makes puppies cry?
This is the fallout of the failure of multiculturalism. In every multicultural city, however big the sprawl, there will be self-segregation into communities/ghettos – or conflict. When you force different people to mix socially, they fight for dominance. This is dominance dressed up as peace, assuming you roll over and take it. People are sick to the back teeth of being lectured by so-called celebrities. These people are nobody, they do not deserve to be celebrated. They are professional clowns dancing like monkeys on reality TV for our amusement.


Also going on Wall of Pride.

Here we see atheists and other, dare invoking the Christian God to get the real faithful to fall in line, but ‘love does not boast’.

All this was missing was a brief monologue by Saint Cumberbund pursing his lips at us disapprovingly like a Mother Superior, so I guess they didn’t ask him.

“Most of us only care about money-making” literally the only truthful line in the entire piece. Well, and this “wrong information always shown by the media” – they say, denying they are the media despite worldwide exposure owned by a handful of companies in the hands of billionaires.


The most famous person in that video was rich because she was born into the right family and is named after a town in England. Equality! ~shaking pompoms~ Kendall is a cow in person so no, I don’t feel bad about writing that. She hates going unrecognized, it’s literally the surest way to piss her off. Allegedly. She’s a brat, if you ever met her. Have no idea who she is or what she does, it’s so funny.

Comic: College tables


Sorry, no source. DFP posted it.

Based on http://americanmilitarynews.com/2016/09/cal-state-la-sets-up-segregated-black-housing-safe-space-founder-of-group-salih-muhammad-is-nation-of-islam-devotee/

This cultural segregation eventually leads to the literal kind.
I’m fine with whites being barred from colleges, as long as their taxes don’t fund those institutions.

Notice how the Muslims are trying to recruit foreign blacks too? Used to be just MENA.

It’s like they’ve never heard of cannon fodder. Muslims think as little of blacks as they do whites.
Someone tell them about the white privilege of chess pieces, it’s the only real kind.

At least nobody is buying the “They just want respect” line anymore. It’s pretty clear they want special treatment, even trampling the human rights of others. If they’d looked it up, black kids need whites in their class to help them study, so they’re really spiting themselves here. Black teachers also get worse results, even with additional resources.

Direct action or terrorism?

Depends on who’s talking.

As much as I mock democracy, it’s the best system we have so far, on balance. The older martial systems based on Might Means Right needed some ideological refinement, and if you can’t win in the open war of ideas, you don’t deserve to.

To some people, this is wrong. They make all the excuses – all with the same solution. Lies, threats and violence. Most of these things could easily be considered domestic terrorism, but saying ‘direct action’ polls better for your cause. I’ve noticed as things heat up against the Left, suddenly they want to pull from that old hat the ancient bag of tricks, including suppression of various freedoms to anyone Other, the us vs. them has been chosen over the Equalist dogma. If the Other win, they say, they must be cheating, so it’s okay for us to cheat too.


“All of us unsuccessfully attempted to bring black non-violent direct action trainers down there, and when we got to Ferguson most of the training team were white allies.


We noticed that there was a shortage of black direct action trainers,” Faison said. “We looked at each other and said we need to develop some more folks to train our people and coordinate actions. And from there burst the BlackOUT Collective on the frontlines around 11 o’clock at night in front of the police station.”

Great way to encourage police protection when SHTF

Since then, the collective has helped black communities think through, facilitate, train, and execute numerous direct actions.

They keep chanting non-violent non-violent non-violent like a magic spell. Violence is defined as an inducement by force. There is more to this than physical force, as with blackmail, threat of loss of livelihood, loss of custom to a business, criminal damage costs, legal costs, public damage, and so on.

I’ve listened in on these ‘direct action’ groups and all of them condoned violence …. For the Cause.
All of them wanted to do it. All of them were middle class.
Nobody had the guts. None of them had been in a real fight. These things may be connected.
Without a collective group, they wouldn’t even be talking about it. The Cause isn’t real, I’ve seen this with everything: tuition, banks, green, animals, welfare, drugs. They feel imprisoned by suburbia and think Revolution will provide that excitement. It’s an excuse to …..? Slap daddy? The psychological reasons abound. Most of their parents were divorced, there was a lot of resentment. Not a single happy marriage.
Usually, their reason for not doing it was an excuse from cowardice, of three Greatest Hits – my parents, my trust fund and my criminal record. What would be the backlash? They wanted to go on to have comfy public service jobs and middle class money. They also wanted power. These people were bloodthirsty Machiavelli signalling Gandhi. The sadism seems to get them off, the revenge fantasies of a typical narcissist “we’re going to make them suffer….”, “they’ll be sorry” and “we’ll show them”. Not one would step forward. Empty shark eyes. These people were dead inside and no amount of meds would change that.

“Why are you wearing shades?” someone would ask me. To hide my soul.
“Eye condition.” I have the driest wit.

All r-types. All Lost Boys without the purity of heart. I wonder what will happen to these people.

They acknowledge it is illegal. They acknowledge it might hurt people. The criminal definition of sanity. Yet they are group circles inciting one another, like a cult chanting, that you’ll be forgiven – if it’s For the Cause.

Ironically, they look down on religion.

n.b. Prior to hate speech laws, incitement to any crime was still illegal.

criticism shield

There isn’t really a point to this, I just wanted to let those of you know, who don’t socialize with these people at all (lucky you) what their code-words actually mean. I think, from the way they speak it reminded me of churchgoers, that in former centuries they would’ve been the type to push for Crusades. Yet the brainwashing from school and college has made religion and any other politics impossible in their minds. They might in future require a mass deprogramming effort of some description.

I’d listen silently to the things they’d come out with. Scary shit.

They are the result of social engineering. I pity them, but for public safety and sanity, they must be stopped.