Hacked chats


They can write any reply and say it’s from you. Real time forged communications.

They can also remove TOPICS from groups they aren’t a member of.

Hello, Cabal.

Cohen, huh?


Don’t be paranoid. Be an easy mark but don’t be paranoid. Trump has Jewish grandchildren and there’s a Jewish guy still releasing blackmail material on him because he didn’t do exactly what his group wanted. That is amazing. He must feel like consequences don’t apply. Sweet privilege to have.


As for the daughter, she isn’t just a stupid weakling who refuses to leave a cheating husband (Jewish men always cheat), she’s vain too.
His daughter is fugly. Behold her real face.

That’s her real nose and it’s smaller than Michael Jackson at present.
Most necessary rhinoplasty in human history. There are porn stars less plastic than her. Please stop giving fake people attention. Everything about her face was made to look more Aryan (cheekbone and chin implants!), then she has kids with a Jew. There are issues with her, you can’t tell me otherwise.

She even got a regular black woman’s mouth reduced, it was definitely an Aryan motive and not a Hollywood one.

How is plastic surgery still legal? Allowing people to chop up and kill their own flesh isn’t mutilation?

Part of her is dead in the trash somewhere. That is freaky.

Lying about financial capital would get you arrested, what about erotic?

Where did the fake Trump leak come from?

They’ve been waiting to doxx something on Trump for years.
What a way to start 2017, amirite?

You know, I once knew an English theatre actor, you’d probably know his face, who was/is heavily into water sports….

You’d never be able to tell by looking at him, though.
It’s one of those ambiguous and vaguely gay fetishes.

It will never not be funny to me.


I am an adult and I resisted the temptation to passive-aggressively post his picture here.
Tumblr would cry. I’d cry with laughter because there’s a detailed anecdote about foreskins.

Note the mysterious gaps.


Thanks, Anoni-chan!

Thanks, Anonymous Buzzfeed and MSM tipper!


Off-topic and on a totally unrelated note: the Allies spread a rumour about Literally Hitler having that exact, oddly specific fetish. I’m sure that’s a coincidence…

Video: The attempt to doxx Millennial Woes

We’re gunning for ya. No enemies in the K.

Unlike America, where some of this is OK, that is completely illegal in this country.
He’s aiding and abetting and requesting people break the law.

There’s the Data Protection Act, Human Rights (irony), and various local and EU policies.
All are very clear about PRIVATE information, which can include a person’s name where they wish to remain anonymous.

If anyone tried that on me I’d get a crack team of lawyers on them so hard they’d be scared to drop the soap for the rest of their lives. Get the SJWs with their own laws. Turn the Big Daddy Government they made back onto them for a well-deserved thrashing.

Hope he reads: http://www.voxday.net/mart/SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide.pdf