What’s the problem with micro-clots?

thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Yes, time for another original.

I needn’t glance beyond wikipedia to prove this. It’s so simple.

There is a reliable way to kill people only by causing microclots. This is due to the physics of the vasculature causing shear stress resulting in micro-tearing. You heard it here first.
When this arises organically, this is what it’s called. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Symptoms include bleeding from the teeth. It’s very random and could easily fly under the radar if you’re not looking for it. Nobody is looking for it. I’m just out here saving lives and nobody is crediting me. It’s fine. Sniff.
I await reddit and 4chan ripping me off momentarily. Meh. At least get the information out there.

If a depopulationist wanted to silent kill people, all they’d need to do is cause TTP.

It’s a very precise turn of events, almost impossible to stop once begun.
It’s a slow biomechanical death, turning the vessel structure itself into a targeted weapon against all the vital organs. Most of them are fairly vital. A ‘vaccination’ injection would be the ideal vehicle for the causative agent, spaced over several instances to avoid legal suspicion and ensure the widest demographic coverage radius, if you were pure evil. Sepsis and other clot or blood issues happen in old people all the time, so start with them. By the time they discover it, if they know what it is, they’re probably half-dead. I saw in person an NHS ad about mask wearing using the NPC meme. They know.

Let me quote arrogantly:

“The underlying mechanism typically involves autoantibody-mediated inhibition of the enzyme ADAMTS13, a metalloprotease responsible for cleaving large multimers of von Willebrand factor (vWF) into smaller units.

The increase in circulating multimers of vWF increases platelet adhesion to areas of endothelial injury, particularly where arterioles and capillaries meet, which in turn results in the formation of small platelet clots called thrombi. As platelets are used up in the formation of thrombi, this then leads to a decrease in the number of overall circulating platelets, which may then cause life-threatening bleeds. Red blood cells passing the microscopic clots are subjected to shear stress, which damages their membranes, leading to rupture of red blood cells within blood vessels, which in turn leads to anemia and schistocyte formation. The presence of these blood clots in the small blood vessels reduces blood flow to organs resulting in cellular injury and end organ damage.”

– and death

It’s a subtle point, isn’t it?

How to test this, begs the peanut gallery?

The adhesion shows up as a dodgy d-dimer test. Check mate.

But that’s early presentation, not a formal diagnosis and certainly no treatment option.
Hence my research. I knew, with my super high IQ, it isn’t the clots, it’s what they’re doing.
I just needed to prove it.

Feeling smug because you forswore the modRNA? Don’t.

Taking quinine can also cause this, which is why I haven’t recommended it. Like, ever.
Look on the page, it’s listed! That’s why refuseniks are also randomly dropping dead. From what diagnostically appears like the same thing. But it’s not. The same condition with differential CAUSE.

I am like the Batman of medicine.

Gives pureblood a whole new meaning, dunnit?

We’d expect more women to die from this. Women and trannies. Why? Well, taking the Pill or any oestrogen chemically is a possible, known cause. So add in a clot shot and it’s basically a death sentence.
I said you go after depopulating in two different ways. Long term sperm damage to men and simply killing off the women, since a population is nothing reproductively without its women.



“The mortality rate is around 95% for untreated cases, but the prognosis is reasonably favorable (80–90% survival) for people with idiopathic TTP diagnosed and treated early with plasmapheresis.[38]”

This is not idiopathic, it is accumulative and medicated (repeatedly) and people are being denied basic hospital care, including blood tests. Coincidence?

I’m not always scary, just usually.

Ask the guinea pigs if they’re getting strange bruising, or red or purple dots on their skin that don’t blanch when pressure is applied. Their life may literally depend on it.

They want you to cut off communication from them. This keeps them ignorant until all treatment is too late to be applied.

With enough schistocytes building up artificially, it could present much like sepsis, so it could lead to a different possible Cause of actual Death, called Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC.
Check schistocyte values too! nb. This explains the mysterious, pre-existing dissection findings of tons of coagulation in the clot shotted and deceased. It has a name. I found it. Check schistocytes in the living.

It’s just a blood test, it’s so cheap!

Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC is caused by a systemic response to a specific condition including sepsis and severe infection, malignancy, obstetric complications, massive tissue injury, or systemic diseases. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is an activation of the coagulation cascade which is usually a result of an increased exposure to tissue factor. The activation of the cascade leads to thrombi formation which causes an accumulation of excess fibrin formation in the intravascular circulation. The excess fibrin strands cause mechanical damage to the red blood cells resulting in schistocyte formation and also thrombocytopenia and consumption of clotting factors. Schistocyte values between .5% and 1% are usually suggestive of DIC.[7]

I told you the tests now do them.

Even if the mutant women survive, this fatal condition can be aggravated by pregnancy, so I guess it no longer becomes ‘safe’ for them to have kids, even if they technically can. All hail saving Da Planet!
Now that’s what I call a blood sacrifice, no bull required. Well, a little bull. Mostly in the form of appeasing bullshit to keep the lemmings questioning long enough that their own organs slowly starve to death.

Go forth and multiply – some guy.

p.s. look for blood issues in the excess mortality and anemic organs upon dissection, now sod off.

They’re trying to subvert our history on witches

Why claim it describes you when literally nobody was claiming that? See, if anyone else made that video about a ‘costume’, they’d be so cancelled they’d never be employable again. But it’s okay when they cover forbidden topics, since it twists them? Huge dislike count. People see through this shit generally. Let people wear the black costume, next you’ll be claiming it’s racist because every fucking thing about Europe is secretly about you, isn’t it? Obvious NPD case, no sense of self so it leaks onto other people. Everything must be about the Cluster B in some way, shape or form. You can’t just like something, it must be a coded secret message about them. Thank baby Jesus it’s not spawning. Pretty much the only hot Jewess is Eva Green and I’m happy to be proven wrong on that count. I think the Swede genes save it.
The Romans also had hook noses, nobody cares. Is it perhaps paranoia that people might connect the dots on your actions? Nothing I do could be more persuasive than this shit, just look at the glory of it:

I love how she tries to make her nose look huge but the prosthetic doesn’t fit right because it already is. They honestly don’t know how ugly they are, this is true of most ugly women in my experience. Why does she dye her hair red, when that’s a racial feature she has no right to? Goes both ways, bitch. She’s uglier in the photo on the right and I love every second of the irony.

Old women have drooping noses, not everything is about you. If you really wanna discuss the history of cannibalism, do that instead. Stop trying to whitewash child snatching as something nice.

Oh they’re not trying to brainwash kids at all, right, controlled ops? Halloween costumes are such an adult topic.
Continue to pretend this section of the internet isn’t rising to indoctrinate home-schooled kids into tumblr Marxism. Banner was the smiley, fake nice thin end of this wedge. This shit is exactly why they’re hiding the dislike stats soon. Echo chamber, literally. Thought Policing the comments means that any minors watching will be none the wiser about the inaccuracy of the clearly biased ‘content’.
Blood libel isn’t a myth. There’s actually a really long history proving it, if you only look. Instead of discussing that and saying who it really was instead of the Jews, this implies it was indeed the Jews. If you have nobody else to blame for those real events, when Jews happened to be the only common denominator in every case. Congratulations, you’re so inbred stupid you’ve told people the exact terms to figure you out because people who love history also love to do further reading. And what do you imagine they’ll find? You lied. This is like when Hillary Clinton used the term white genocide. You’ve exposed yourself more than a vag pic. The Cluster B is their own worst enemy and everything in all of human history is somehow about them. Nobody is beyond their crazy reach. What Napoleon wore on his deathbed? Somehow a coded message about hating the Jews. What Churchill ate for breakfast? Jews! Nobody is as obsessed with Jewishness and Jewish conspiracies as much as the Jews themselves, they go out of their way to randomly bring it up like this whenever things go quiet in case you forget their perpetual sense of victimhood, to the extent it looks like a massive arse-covering. Because we all know there’s never been any child abuse among the Jews, that’s not in the papers at all. Nothing makes a person switch off faster than saying “As a MEMBER of this OPPRESSED RICH GROUP RULING OVER YOU, I OBJECT to a CHILD’S COSTUME!” Sorry, literally how? Does cannibal cunt describe you? I love how she Jews her patreon segregation, like Banner. Let’s all pay for the pleasure of their company, like the whores they are. Rich kids asking for working class shekels. Gotta love the conceit of that. The racial personality really shines through, you embrace your inner Shylock while claiming the stereotypes are wrong, you mental midget.

Banner is smart enough to keep her mouth mostly shut on the “Wicca” front. Since she wants to be allowed near children to corrupt them and everyone knows the Wiccans are mostly pedophiles here or just very very creepy mostly. Like, walking about nude next to their kid in public weird. I’m sure you know the Satanic involvement in the 20th century invention of ‘Wicca’, which is Satanism for idiots. Crowley used it to obtain rape victims. The fact they aimed it at women is telling, the fact it’s been successful is depressing. I have a few Wicca books but it was mostly to read from the horse’s mouth the bullshit. It’s like red = fire levels of retardation. Non-Satan witchcraft is completely different to this.

Shakespeare would be cancelled. Remember that. The people who were censored in those comments for the telling the truth? This is why Hollywood films are shit now. If they’re wrong permit us to laugh at the comments. Unless they’re spouting proven historical fact and you’re a filthy liar, which just proves the stereotypes for lies and censorship even more!

Up until recent times, Jews have murdered people in ritualistic styles like most recently that nutjob comic book artist. Blood libel isn’t libel at all, since it isn’t false: it has case numbers attached in the modern era. Suck it. Jack the Ripper even wrote about Jews and there’s oddly no modern refutation of him being One of You. Implying you know. Implying he’s like you. Presently, some of you at least. Are there good Jews? Well they’re whistleblowing about the child abuse and the rest are trying to ruin them for it, which suggests a vast termite mound of child predators, doesn’t it? Looks like a cult, is a cult. Punishes confessions of truth to outsiders like a cult. Crabs in a bucket cult.
Just claiming something is a myth doesn’t debunk it. Unless you’re actually from tumblr.
Like, all of history is right there. How else do you account for the repeated expulsions? Fucking coincidence? They didn’t like their napkin place settings? What?
Did the kidnappings just not happen? This Gentile gaslighting will continue until people oppose it. Like the Shoah memorial in London. They will never stop. You cannot appease cluster Bs enough. They don’t move to Saudi Arabia and try to pull this shit, it’s just more ritualistic white-bashing, loudly proclaiming they don’t fit in and have never fitted in (to qualify as our history’s monsters) and even the most normie wankers are noticing now, it’s great. I wonder if Jews have an outsized risk of personality disorder. This one could be histrionic, similar. It seems so. The inbreeding would do that. Did no babies go missing? Is that what we’re gonna pretend? Do Satanic documents not list babies as integral? Are there zero ancient cults that literally murdered babies for ‘worship’?
Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

you protest too much

They draw attention to the monster and tell you it isn’t there.

1 in 157 people who saw this, took the time to dislike this. That’s a huge ratio of people waking up. By all means, keep telling us how multiculturalism has always been bad. I’m sure this is the one time expulsions are not humanly possible for you. Keep wondering why it happens, I’ll grab a drink.

She didn’t even mention the warts are meant to be herpes from circumcising babies. I guess that’s too on the nose.

It’s especially funny that rich Jews are trying to dress like the old Christians that expelled them. They either go designer label modern rich or really old hating them rich. Wear your own history, bitch. Complete with full face coverings, you fucking need it. She is definitely one you’d need to fuck through a hole in a bed sheet.



I had to edit to add this. It’s too poignant.

I love how the main thrust of their argument is that grooming kids on other sex is OK. No, it’s not. Stop all of it. Bring in child innocence laws and enforce them.

Ancient Africans sacrificed their babies

Some things never change.


Carthage: The OG Planned Parenthood, always putting the ‘hood in Planned Parenthood.


At least they hate their own kids as much as ours. That’s what they mean by equality. Now Tunisia is Muslim, which has a far superior track record with child mutilation and torture. (please, hold your sides)

Why, oh why, does God hate them so? It doesn’t make sense.

Didn’t one of the Biblical plagues turn everything black for a while?

Since Sicily partook in this Molech cult too, is that why the Muslims were allowed to invade them?

For any PC buffoons pretending the Bible loved foreigners and wanted to hold them to lower standards of humanity:


Anyone who speaks against the LORD must be put to death; all the people must kill him by throwing stones at him. Foreigners must be punished just like the people born in Israel; if they speak against the LORD, they must be put to death.

Exodus 12:49;

49 The same law applies both to the native-born and to the foreigner residing among you.

We all know the millstone line but James 1:27….

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Leviticus opposes the treasonous double court system in this country (Lev 24:22) a legally Christian country:

22 You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the LORD your God.

Just one rape in Genesis 34 (Dinah) led to the God-provoked slaughter of MANY men in Canaan. How much rape has the West ‘tolerated’? And calls itself Christian? When was the last time you lynched one rapist? Child rapist? Repeat rapist? Any rapist? Women only respect men who protect them – and their offspring. Pacifism is not protection. It is an endorsement. Ask not whom is the race traitor, for it is thee.

Then we have 1 Kings 1-3 on mixing socially and sexually;

Solomon’s love for foreign women led his heart away from the Lord.

If God wanted you together, he’d have placed you on the same continent. If you were ever part of the same continent, your organs would be compatible. If your very blood is incompatible, should you be mating with it?

Note: admixed Africans have worse health than pureblooded Africans. So there is additional punishment going on here.

They’re not all wrong.

Ironically it wasn’t white supremacists who raped the great-grandmothers of all the angry octoroons in America. It was the beta male, male feminist, race-mixing type. And they still despise them at a genetic level, which is fair. Everyone else does. By all means, take our fake Prince Gingers. Keep ’em!

Didn’t they own slaves? Prince Andrew made regular use of them.

We’ve all seen the cuck TIME cover by now. Yes, that one. This is hardly something a race has a monopoly on.

Asian waifus are undertaking a similar genetic gamma humiliation campaign and will be henceforth called Doing a Markle (culturally conquered by his ‘exotic’ wife). See here: JUST LOOK AT THE STATE OF IT

They look like such cunts. The fetishists largely moved onto Asians since dressing up in African garb is too verboten now. You just wait, that’ll change, they turn everything to shit, even dog-munchers.

The cringe is off the chart with weebs. They wouldn’t dare describe their own culture in such glowing terms.

Is it too late to uncancel the war? We could stand to lose some chaff. And if you think that cucking was the mens’ choice… I refer you to the TIME cover. It is never the white guy’s choice. Wifey-poo rules the roost.

I’m hardly surprised an out of touch, fat Boomer would raise a mixer. I’m also not shocked the tune at the end was to Pokemon. Anime was a psyop. I would fully expect them on a survey to agree with the following cuck statement “my wife/DIL is just as British as I am”. I do not fear the foreigner, I fear the traitor within our gate. Race mixers fucked over Africa, Asia and also now, Europe. Learn from Solomon’s offence to the Lord. The Based foreigner stays away.

But enough from Vox Day.

The wall scrawl said it all

This again?


Even DNA evidence won’t convince some people if there’s a Jew involved. Apparently, DNA tests only count when conducted by Jewish for-profit companies that steal your relative’s data and give you some BS chart about your ancestors, like you can check. Don’t look into the various twins given wildly different results.

Don’t look into how the guy perfectly fits the FBI profile of a serial killer, just keep repeating something you read from a comic. Johnny Depp’s From Hell character actually thought it was this guy.

Don’t look into the Kosher method of the actual kills.

Don’t look into the Angel of Death origin and known serial killer type.

Don’t look into the timings of the killings and how it had to have been a poor local to get home in time.


“Finally, there is the obvious connection with the piece of apron and the graffito found in Goulston Street, essentially the only real clues definitely tied to the case. The killer’s presumed escape route after the Eddowes’s murder in the early morning hours of 30 September 1888 would have been along the dark back streets, probably down Stoney Lane and Goulston Street via either Wentworth Street or New Goulston Street. This would have allowed Kozminski, if he was indeed the killer, to slip into his residence after quickly wiping his hands clean on the apron.”

Don’t look into the knives used and how they weren’t surgical but butchery.

Don’t think how surgeons don’t wear aprons.

Don’t consider that all such violent crimes are perpetrated by misogynists and rank them by it.

Don’t look into the fact the killings stopped when he was thrown into an asylum and kept there for little reason.

Don’t look into the fact his lot had only just moved in.

Don’t look up blood libel. They were kicked around for no apparent reason because people didn’t like their beards.

Sure, they’ve been kicked out by black people too and Amazonian tribes in forests but…. it’s never them.

This DNA result is a coincidence.

Adrenochrome and Pituitary posting

I had a spare hour to go through old papers.

It turned into about five and ended with academic papers. Again. This wasn’t enough.

I say to myself “just five more minutes” aaaaand it’s past midnight.

It’s my personal Hell, a nerdy reading spiral. 4,200 words.

You may have seen this gem.

Of note:
Does Christian Europe’s war prove Christianity a failure?
For those who think psyops is new.


It’s a 1914 “if you kill your enemies, they win.”

Final page, 47 of 47.
The picture by one Emil Halarek, depicting the victims of Moloch in supposed war.
Why throw that in there? So I include the article.
“A nation is only as formidable as its food supply” something to remember, food security is a main cause of war (food insecurity and an exploding population) otherwise the Communists overthrow their Government because the breadline is too long. If Trump prevents a war with China, I must wonder how they’ll solve their food problem without an expansion into new territory (and Chinese have been buying up large amounts of American farmland for decades).

Screencaps follow: Whole thing

Note: this is about the pineal gland, the pituitary is something different and yes, I am aware. It might be useful upon new information.

Piece by piece. I re-arranged for ease of reading.

This proves there are definite effects of brain tissue on other organisms.

Hey guys, don’t you want your mandated helping of brains to over-grow and be prematurely sent to die snared in barbed wire?

Another source.
Easier to read but I found this second. Sorry.

Final source for this article.

There’s a Factor X but they’re not talking.



Let’s start in reddit tier and move up.


“He told me about a drug called adrenochrome that could produce a high beyond any other. And unlike those other drugs, there are no ill effects. Quite the contrary; there are substantial benefits from consuming it: greater health, increased vivacity, and a host of other, smaller effects. Combine those with an intense sense of euphoria and you have a substantial demand.”
I wonder if Vlad the Impaler knew this?
It seems to temporarily borrow charisma if the vivacity is true. Who needs Botox?
You can steal youth, it seems. Pied Piper, anyone?
“I recognized the faces sitting around that table.
World leaders. Entertainers. Religious icons. All grinning. All happy. All ready for their injection.”
They fill the icon/idolatry vacuum with their own “stars” and “celebrities” to prevent worthy people gaining attention who might expose them.
Naturally it detours into something about Trump, obvious derailment.

However, lower more details from someone else:
That adrenachrome can be harvested within three minutes of someone passing away, from sudden death rather than old age. It is produced in the adrenal gland, meaning your head needs to be hacked apart in order to harvest. VERY expensive, hence world leaders being able to hit it. First time users aren’t usually told where it came from, they are only allowed to find out AFTER trying it, otherwise it would put them off. After trying it, because it is so clean and supposed to be the very best of the best, users don’t mind how it is harvested as it was just that good.”
I wonder if Christians have more, considering it seems to mimic the health benefits of faith. Would explain the Christian hatred as envy.
“I also heard that like DMT, artificial adrenachrome is found in EVERY plant on the planet, yet in such minuscule amounts that it is not worth or cost effective to go down this route.
This is what I have heard not seen the proof. I have also heard that it is a made up drug, usually from the type of people that can afford to use. Who are also the people who wouldn’t want people finding out.”
“Synthetic epinephrine has been marketed since 1906. No one is murdered for adrenochrome, this is just silly.”
No one needs to be, sure.
“But adrenochrome is really just what’s in an EpiPen.”
Wasn’t Clinton’s assistant toting one of those around?

“Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorder, derealization, and euphoria.[2] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.[3] In what they called the “adrenochrome hypothesis”,[4] they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.[5][6]”

OT Why do they keep chucking niacin in everything? At least half the population isn’t pregnant.

“While the treatment of schizophrenia with such potent anti-oxidants is highly contested in the literature, and adrenochrome is not currently believed to have any psychedelic properties[7] , a number of recently published papers consider Hoffer’s paper a landmark contribution to the notion that impairment of what’s now termed the anti-oxidant defense system (AODS) seems to play a role in schizophrenia.[8] Salim, in 2014, points out “oxidative stress theory is gaining momentum and seems quite pertinent considering the evidenced increased production of ROS and decreased occurrence of antioxidant protection in schizophrenic patients. Genetic studies also have linked polymorphisms in genes of oxidative pathway to schizophrenia.” [9]”

That tells us basically nothing.
Unusual this article is barely there, considering the stuff I dug up!


What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline [also known as epinephrine] oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.”

Adrenochrome was first discovered in 1936 – 1937 by D. E. GREEN, D. RICHTER and J. BROSTEAUX [though it is sometimes erroneously credited to HUMPHRY OSMOND, ABRAM HOFFER and JOHN SMYTHIES in 1952 – 1954, who came up with the hypothesis linking adrenochrome to schizophrenia]. It was discovered when studying the effects of adrenaline on the human body.”

Nice way to put it.

“……….So, is it possible to create synthetic adrenochrome? As adrenochrome is a product of the oxidation of adrenaline/epinephrine, which can be artificially synthesized via the reaction between catechol and chloroacetyl chloride, there is no reason that it cannot be oxidized to create synthetic adrenochrome”

A medical defense in court wouldn’t stand because it can be synthesized.

This is important.

So why isn’t it publicly available, accessible and widely known of?

Hoffer (1957) contested that Adrenochrome appeared naturally in human blood, while Szara et.al. (1958) reported in the exact same journal that there was no Adrenochrome in human blood.”
I wonder why all the interest in stealing youth from young blood?

“It would also explain the need by hospitals and clinics to compulsively take blood from individuals who have experienced severe emotional trauma, despite no true medical need to do so.”
No informed consent. That would explain why it isn’t common knowledge.
Hey, we know your trauma is tragic, but this shitty Legend singer wants to get high off it!
“It is also claimed that adrenochrome-laden human blood is being bought and sold using blood donation charities, such as the Red Cross.”

Red Cross of Q-drop and Clinton Foundation fame.

“Derivatives / Alternatives
Adrenochrome Semicarbazone – Similar, but with noticeably different effects. (Rinkel & Solomon 1957).
Mescalin – Effects similar to adrenaline / adrenochrome. (Smythies 2002)
Neuromelanin – May be related to the synthesis of adrenochrome in the brain.”

Named Hoffer reference is “Hoffer, A (1957). “Adrenochrome in Blood Plasma”. American Journal of Psychiatry 114, 0.”

Most labs sell D,L-Adrenochrome(CAS:56-06-8) at 70 to 100euros for 250mg. But I recently found another chemical supplier selling a product named ‘Adrenochrome’ at 110euros for 50g, the price difference is so huge that I first though it couldn’t be the same compound that other suppliers were selling, but CAS number was 56-06-8 so it was definately the same Adrenochrome.”


Such a price difference seems strange to me, I thought maybe it could be one of the two enantiomers (instead of the D,L form) but this wouldn’t be logical as separating two enantiomers is complicated and therefore one enantiomer alone should be more expensive than the DL form, and certainly not cheaper.”

Processing, yes.

Plus origin would account for pricing.


Adrenochrome is quickly oxidised and should be kept away from air, light, humidity and heat. Therefore it is kept in an airtight container which is put in the freezer. Even this way, it will slowly decompose so it should not be kept for too long before use.”

Useful if searching for the stuff on a suspect.

Does the suspect have access to a secured freezer? Why else need that?

“Also, about possible secondary effects of adrenochrome: as it is an haemostatic compound (prevents capillary bleeding during injury) it is not impossible that excessive use would end up causing blood circulation troubles, furthermore some scientists seem to say that adrenochrome is known to cause cardiovascular troubles.
To conclude I would say that this is an uninteresting substance to my opinion, and furthermore it’s possibly a dangerous one.”

Something to look for in addicts.

Cardiac issues.

I went looking for media stories trolling the public with similar themes. Focus on horror and crime, for time’s sake.

39th episode, special Illuminati number and Bilderberg members.
“They had a far more powerful weapon, a statue enchanted with a magic power to induce and feed off their enemies fear.”
That’s a Jewish golem and it’s possessed by a demon. They were supposedly created for real in WW2 to protect synagogues.
“Nonnie, wondering what is has to do with the soup, is that the statue also secrets fear as a green serum elixir. The members of the savage tribe would drink the elixir and gain the strength and powers of their enemies. Just one drop is enough to make the pulse quicken and when the soup is eaten the person eating it is tasting fear, a powerful emotion.”

An episode called “To Hell” includes a torturing sadist who extracts a fluid from the back of the neck of his victims for ambiguous medical purposes. Episode title similar to famous Dear Boss letter sign-off, From Hell.
“He would then extract viable material from the bodies with a syringe, which he would use (along with medical equipment he stole on the same days as when he abducted some of his victims) in Mason’s experiments.”
This medical angle is an addition with no basis in the case being used, I checked.

“Buchan explains that the killers are cannibals, eating their victims to assume their power and goodness.
Odd it was cancelled directly after this plot. There was a cannibal cult but the details were murky.

I wonder if it relates to religious “spiritual ties” or “ties that bind”, you could think of it as drinking a young, pure or good person’s good karma to absorb it.

Could karma be chemical in part? We know good lifestyle choices do boost physical health, including abstention (as in celibacy and fasting).

Brain protein shakes and a shady company spokesman who seems kinda like Thiel. Company name Aterna similar to Ambrosia.
“ask the suspect if the Ribowsky method was used when removing the pituitary gland
“The medical advisor on the show is Shiya Ribowsky.”
So the science of the pituitary was generally right.
They were stolen while ‘fresh’ by an EMT in the plot, odd detail to include.

Found these while looking for this
“The idea of injecting plasma to combat the effects of aging comes from a 19th-century concept that’s now referred to as parabiosis. In its earliest iteration, the skin of old and young mice was stitched together to allow blood to circulate freely between the two animals.”
What they don’t say: it killed the young mouse.

“Between the study results and the fact that caregivers might be predisposed to observe improvements where there are none, it’s being argued that the study is far from conclusive.”
They still say it’s a positive finding.
“Alkahest, the technology company that bankrolled the study, finds the results encouraging. Further trials are set to be carried out to determine whether or not the treatment is at all viable.”
You’ve done that already, answer was no.
“Another study will take this a step further and only use the part of blood plasma that contains growth factors, which has proven to be more effective in animal testing.”
Vague ‘growth factors’ – it wasn’t tested in 1914, was it?


It has nothing to do with that condition, that’s the sell.

Entirely from aged mice’s perspective. It isn’t medically safe to study only one party of two but then again, young donors might sue for health damage and years off their lifespan.

“Mimicking an aged condition in young adults by abrogating Tet2 expression within the hippocampal neurogenic niche, or adult neural stem cells, decreased neurogenesis and impaired learning and memory. In a heterochronic parabiosis rejuvenation model, hippocampal Tet2 expression was restored.”
So they looked at young examples, switched off an expression and turned it back on again? That isn’t science.

“We next asked whether mimicking an age-related decline in Tet2 within the young adult hippocampus would impair neurogenesis. We first abrogated Tet2 expression in the young adult hippocampus utilizing an in vivo viral-mediated RNAi approach (Figure 2A). Young adult animals were stereotaxically injected with high-titer lentivirus (LV) encoding Tet2 or scramble control small hairpin RNA (shRNA) sequences into the DG of contralateral hippocampi, and Tet2 abrogation was confirmed in vivo”
So they can damage your brain by injection, nice to know.

I feel like the only one who reads this stuff.

TLDR: Don’t trust headlines.

“The huckster cycle is beginning again with a treatment called parabiosis. Actually, it is a treatment based on parabiosis, but is not parabiosis itself. The term refers to experiments that were first conducted in 1864 by Physiologist Paul Bert. He cut the skin of two mice, then sewed them together. When they healed together their blood vessels combined, enough so that they essentially shared their circulatory systems.”
In short: the studies they’re doing aren’t true parabiosis, they’re intended to lube us up ethically for some Human Centipede bullshit.

“In the 1950s researchers connected old mice to young mice to determine its effects. They found that the old mice experienced numerous rejuvenating effects. Many biomarkers of youth returned, and the mice lived longer.”

The only side they report in recent studies. The sales side.

The younger mice connected to older mice also had shorter lifespans.”
This is established finding, what happens when you steal finite blood compounds.
The source runs low. It’s elementary mathematics.

The younger mice connected to older mice also had shorter lifespans

“shorter lifespans”

from swapping blood, that’s all, how harmless, right?

Why aren’t the young donors also studied?

That’s why.

If they won’t study half the participants, it’s illegal.

They won’t gather or publish evidence only if it can be used to sue them.

“The mouse experiments convincingly show a benefit from parabiosis for older mice. One question is, does this benefit come from specific factors in the blood or from the fact that they are sharing their entire circulatory system?”

Both, the younger’s body helps the aged purify their own aged blood. They’re ‘borrowing’ heart, liver, kidneys etc. It’s kinda like organ rape.
Nobody asks what happens to the young donor after? Narrative.

“In other words, are the younger mouse’s kidneys, livers, and lungs just supporting the older mouse’s organs by doing the heavy lifting of cleaning and oxygenating the blood? This is probably a factor, but the other option is that there are proteins in the young mouse blood that exist in smaller amounts in the older blood.”
“The latter seems to be true also. Researchers have found that higher levels of oxytocin in young blood, for example, stimulate muscle growth. Factors in the blood also seem to stimulate stem cells in many organs to start dividing again. This may be the main rejuvenating effect, bringing stem cells throughout the body back to life, helping to heal damage, replace cells, and increase organ function”

Then why not an artificial one? Why not make a supplement? Logically, Vitamin C does that!

They haven’t explained why a human sacrifice, partial or complete parabiosis, is needed?

It doesn’t seem to be needed for what they claim.

“Open questions include whether one time transfusions of plasma from young donors (<30) will have any enduring benefit on older recipients.”
Well hang on, first harm none!
If the coffin-dodgers only gain an extra ten years their hippie lifestyles didn’t deserve but the donor loses ten of their life, what then?

“It seems from mouse studies that blood cells are not necessary, just the plasma, which contains all the proteins and hormones that are likely having any effect.”
Thiel doesn’t want the plasma. It’s quite clear that’s a show. Plasma carries other compounds. You can buy plasma from any lab, it cannot just be plasma to justify the financial cost.

I swear if I got a dollar every time I stated the obvious, I’d be richer than Thiel.

This is not brain surgery, it’s a matter of business capital. What can he offer nobody else can?

Critically – are there any risks or side effects? The mouse research revealed what was called parabiosis disease. In an experiment with 69 mouse pairs, 11 of them died quickly. It is believed this was from some incompatibility, a form of rejection.”

Nope, but I’m keeping mum about what it was.

“This has been reduced in later experiments by using genetically matched inbred mouse strains. So – how carefully matched do the plasma donors have to be to the recipients?”
If the donor is a fetus or stolen placenta with pluripotent cells, that wouldn’t be an issue.

“Some researchers object to the notion that young plasma transfusions should be considered “rejuvenation.” No cells are being rejuvenated, they are just being stimulated into working harder. This may provide a temporary benefit, but is unlikely to significantly affect aging.”
If anything, since cell division is finite, they’ll feel better but die sooner.
Wouldn’t that be awful?

Newborn Human Baby Blood Shown to Reverse Age Related Diseases.
A recent scientific study published in the scientific Journal Nature has born out the possibility that components of the blood of newborn human babies could actually reverse many of the problems associated with cognitive and other impairments due to aging.”

Problem? How are the wages of sin the problem of the rest of us?

You didn’t want the Government interfering in your body, did you?
Now you can’t ask it to interfere with others’ bodies on your behalf.

“While this may strike many as a horrific topic with it’s possible implications. Be aware this research is all linked to the scientific journals. A topic not for the faint of heart.”

titled “Human Umbilical Cord Plasma Proteins Revitalize Hippocampal Function in Aged Mice”


…So does tea in humans.

Asking this important question. What is the age of the blood needed for the maximum effects? Citing the scientific literature from the Journal Nature. Any of the recent articles on the Parabiosis and the elite’s fascination with it all reference the same report in the journal Nature. Missing the most telling part of the report entitled Ageing research: Blood to blood.

This was only a couple paragraphs down from the material covered in the mainstream pieces. Mainstream media outlets must have lost interest after only a couple paragraphs.

Clive McCay, a biochemist and gerontologist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, was the first to apply parabiosis to the study of ageing. In 1956, his team joined 69 pairs of rats, almost all of differing ages3. They linked rats included a 1.5-month-old paired with a 16-month-old — the equivalent of pairing a 5-year-old human with a 47-year-old. It was not a pretty experiment. Journal Nature Ageing research: Blood to blood.

“Pairing the equivalent of an 18-year-old with a 47-year-old produced only negligible results. ”

What they’re waiting to tell you, boiling the frog.

“Whereas pairing that same 47-year-old with a 5-year-old produced much better results.”

New form of pedophilia? What would that be? Pedophagy?

“Mining the components of the young blood to enhance the function of an older host. All of this is certainly not good for the young donor being sucked dry of its vitality.”

Putting it lightly. It’s basically the machine in Princess Bride taking years of your life away.

Wait, literally. That’s literally it. 

I guess it’s like socialism, they coerce you into agreement by promising you can benefit later too. Only the idiots wouldn’t realize this would only even them out (taken one, given one) much like other Ponzi e.g. pensions, where the money given later is inflated to worthlessness. What are you gonna do, sue the long-dead people? You trusted an illegal IOU (slavery) from people already screwing you? “Don’t trust anyone over 30”.

OT I wonder if this woman was harvesting from her African slaves.

Back to the paper.


Regarding this experiment it was not injecting young mouse blood into older mice. Injections of actual newborn human blood plasma from donated umbilical cords were given to older mice.”

I dispute “donated”, there is pressure involved in harvesting. Talk about objectification, right? Harvesting female body parts.
Mothers aren’t told their babies need that umbilical blood for brain function and to delay cord cutting as long as possible. Don’t cut until it stops pumping (into the baby’s body).

“The experiment was related to aging research and not Alzheimer’s disease as is often quoted in mainstream articles when broaching the need for such macabre experiments.”

I hate people who skim headlines and act like they read the paper for this reason. It takes two minutes to read the abstract.


“Before the infusions and 1 month after, their blood will be tested for more than 100 biomarkers that may vary with age, from hemoglobin level to inflammation markers.”
Let’s see the list.

“Karmazin was also intrigued by the story of a Russian physician named Alexander Bogdanov, who in the 1920s gave himself infusions of young human blood that he claimed boosted his energy level and bestowed a more youthful appearance. There are “overwhelming data” suggesting that young plasma will be beneficial to people, Karmazin says.”
Plasma doesn’t make you look younger.

I haven’t seen any of that data either.

This is reverse Robin Hood medical abuse.

The participants won’t necessarily be elderly, making it hard to see any effects, and there are no well-accepted biomarkers of aging in blood, he says.”
Try adrenochrome?

translation: we have no good findings and don’t expect replicable answers, this is science! we wear lab coats and everything! still give us money!

Rockefeller research, as capped.

Almost done, paper vomit and the best connection left last.

Parabiosis paper:

By far the most numerous investigations ….involving pituitary-gonad interrelations.”


“contradictory research results to date” – last year end

Parabiosis in mice, in detail

Parabiosis doesn’t help skin

Parabiosis and stem cells

Doesn’t really work
suggests strategies for accelerating development of therapies to broadly combat age-related tissue degenerative pathologies. Many highlighted recent reports on systemic tissue rejuvenation combine parabiosis with a “silver bullet” putatively responsible for the positive effects.”

translation We need real metrics and results. Look busy!

“Attempts to unify these papers reflect the excitement about this experimental approach and add value in reproducing previous work. At the same time, defined molecular approaches, which are “beyond parabiosis” for the rejuvenation of multiple old organs represent progress toward attenuating or even reversing human tissue aging.”

trans. We need to move on from it before investors figure this out.

“therefore, factors that are rapidly cleared from the circulation do not reach equilibrium across the parabiotic union whereas those with a long half-life achieve a uniform concentration and bioactivity in both members of a pair.”
“the obese mouse lacked a circulating signal that regulated energy balance, whereas the diabetic mouse appeared insensitive to such a signal”

As you can guess, this is why they don’t want other adults, capable of informed consent.

They need something fresh and pure.

Original document
“Adrenaline and adrenochrome by David Ezra Green and Derek Richter”
April 1937

Where’s the science, they ask?
“The adrenochrome redox system”

A 1999 paper I can see some interest in, insufficient to connect.

Schizophrenia and cancer: the adrenochrome balanced morphism 2004

“There is experimental evidence that appears to support this possibility. Matrix Pharmaceuticals Inc. has received a US patent covering the composition of IntraDose Injectable Gel. This gel contains cisplatin and epinephrine (adrenaline) and is designed to be injected directly into tumour masses. Cisplatin is a very powerful oxidant which will almost certainly rapidly convert the adrenaline to adrenochrome. While the manufacturers of IntraDose consider cisplatin to be the active cytotoxic agent in IntraDose, it seems more likely that adrenochrome and its derivatives may, in fact, be more effective.”

Like they DON’T KNOW.


“IntraDose gel has undergone or is undergoing a series of Phase III open-label clinical studies, being injected into patients’ tumours that have been identified as the most troublesome by their physicians. The results have been impressive for breast cancer, malignant melanoma, esophageal cancer and cancer of the head, neck and liver.”

If they’re profiteering off this too, that sounds like Big Pharma.

If you’re wondering why so many celebrities would take such a thing.

The most interesting lead today.

A Victorian Marxist
with a psychopath stare.

Contemporary of Crowley.

Such a Marxist, in fact:


“He maintained that the party could only work through illegal organizations”

they call him “ultra-left” and he was kicked out.

Marxists.org call him Ultra Left.

That’s enough for one day.

Biochemical sin eaters


The blood represents life, and so sacred is life before God that the blood of animals was used in all offerings for sin as man’s vicarious substitute (atonement) under the Mosaic (Old Testament) law.

And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood there is no remission. Hebrews 9:22

Only as atonement is linked with death, the shedding of blood, and not life set free, would it appear to become efficacious in the covering of human sin.

It’s a sacrifice, yes, living ones exist in Satanism.

Clears karma.

A Satanist told me.

They differ on exactly how.


How about you pay those student loan debts in literal blood, children?


And it won’t remain voluntary (or paid) as long as the socialists have their say, that’s a cover.

“For the greater good” they can take your very youth juice. Finite, it is finite supply and that fact is covered up. It would also impact the health of the “donor’s” germline, aka offspring. You have been warned. It’s worse than genetic tampering. Why don’t their own kids “donate”?

“Between consenting adults” covers their ass on many immoral things.

They already steal (and sell) placental stem cells and cord blood (they deprive of the newborn baby by clamping immediately). They already eat children, they could grow this stuff in a lab and refuse.

God doesn’t want human sacrifices, Satan does.

These people are SICK.

What, did you think those college blood drives actually go to sick kids or something?


Jack to do with it


Any similarities to the way Mary Kelly’s face was mutilated are purely imaginary.

Obviously there is nothing ritualistic about…. this ritual.

Involving blood draining.

By a guy of a certain religious persuasion.

Reminds me of

Because their ritual slaughter is similar.