Link: The Black Pill

With our three pills, what we are essentially dealing with are three types of people—true alphas, false alphas, and betas, the most numerous category. These types have always existed and for various reasons. The first performs creative action (true civilization), the second illusion (false civilization = decadence), and the third negativity, either as passivity (obedience) or nihilism (“ultra violence”).

The black pill seem to believe you must destroy the current Order in order to supplant it. History lends some credence but secretly, it’s the People who make an Order. Or unmake it, as we see in Europe.

Link: The blue-pill Expectations Bubble

What I find interesting are the fairytale fantasies sold, e.g.

…Third, we can’t forget this entire time what the fashion/movie/sex industry was telling these kids.  Women were entitled to strong, but sensitive, but not too sensitive men, who could read minds, were all millionaires (preferably billionaires) looked like Brad Pitt, voted Democrat, wanted sex, but only when the women wanted to have sex, and wanted to wait until she was ready to have children, and would MAGICALLY show up and be ready to marry when she was ready to take a brake from her “fabulous” writing career at 32 years and 7 months.  Boys were fed the lies that women liked kind, sensitive caring men, who voted Democrat, opened doors for girls, and wrote poetry, and as long as you did that you would be guaranteed to have that hot, sex-addicted nymphomaniac that you’ve come to expect watching increasing amounts of internet porn.  Besides, who can blame them?  According to their teachers and parents they were the greatest people to ever grace this earth.  Besides, they had college degrees and were “going green,” and that ENSURED they’d have great love lives….

The supposed red-pill men don’t discount the illusions marketing has sold them either. I would add they expect a charming obedient 10 of a future wife (whatever they are or do themselves, like it’s destiny) and the feminist women who expect a husband is like a handbag and you just choose him, have him and keep him like an object because he doesn’t really do anything or have an opinion. Husbands exist for their wives, wives exist for their husbands (this is a truism, if you question it, it falls apart).

Delusions on both sides. We’re both dehumanizing one another.

ah who knows mystery shrug eva green pfft haha

Cui bono?

Reminds me of this gem: for the inevitable self-immolation of the sheltered narcissist in conflict with reality.

Or the ‘scantron husband’ or ‘scantron wife’ from:

They see a list of requirements like they’re shopping for a power tool instead of a person to love and who should love them, as you can imagine, it doesn’t end well. The fairytales are fictional because the characteristics are mutually exclusive e.g. pure virgin vs. depraved nymphomaniac.

Red Pill Blues

I see it as a metaphor rather than a specific belief set, keeps it useful.

Do I get downhearted? Yes I do. You think it’s easy, living on the red pill?

In that world-bestriding bestsellerWe Are Doomed I introduced readers to the theory of Depressive Realism, launched by psychologists Taylor and Brown in 1988:

It appears to be not the well-adjusted individual but the individual who experiences subjective distress who is more likely to process self-relevant information in a relatively unbiased and balanced fashion.

If it’s well-adjustedness you want for yourself, and a minimum of subjective distress, take the blue pill. We gloomsters are right about pretty much everything, but we’re not very happy.

And of course most people do take the blue pill. Optimism—which is usually cockeyed, according to Taylor, Brown, and me—is the species default. Anthropologist Lionel Tiger wrote a book about it, subtitled: The Biology of Hope. Realism is maladaptive.

It is also antisocial. Who wants to hear you say that the emperor has no clothes, when everyone else they know—including all the cool people!—says otherwise? My friend Jared Taylor, proprietor of the race-realist (there you go) website American Renaissance, is fond of saying that: “Most people don’t want to have unpopular opinions.” He’s right. So was the poet who said: “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.”

Because MSM is blue pill, keeps people docile and buying shit on credit.

It’s the antisocial aspect that gets us red-pillers down. Try to imagine what it’s like. (I’m assuming, gentle reader, that like most of humanity, you are on the blue pill.) What’s it like, being on the red pill? Like strolling through a lunatic asylum with no locks on the doors.

Random example: The other day I got into a conversation with a liberal lady who was ranting about the evil of “white supremacy.” I pointed out that (a) it is rather easy to move domicile from one country to another—I have done it several times—and that (b) there are a hundred or more nations under black, brown, or yellow supremacy, so that (c) a person who complains about the evil of white supremacy while continuing to live under it and forcing his loved ones to do likewise is either (1) a lying poseur or (2) a moral criminal.

The lady called me a “fascist.”

Orwell might have had an opinion on that term.

Then the upside of depressive realism kicks in. Crazy as the social and political worlds undoubtedly are, looking at things realistically, reason still holds its fort. Mathematics, the homeland of reason; science, the mostly-well-behaved offspring of math; and technology, the child of pure science, continue to produce wonders and enlarge our understanding.

No, see the Left used to tether themselves to Science (opposing Religion) when it was run by them, now geneticists and the like are ruining their fun with fact. Try and explain how IQ is nature-based and nurture-triggered, they don’t fucking get it. (If there’s nothing in there to trigger, nothing will happen). If they did, you wouldn’t have to try and explain, because they’d already know.

I spent some time 40 years ago writing early mainframe computer systems for banks. Now, sitting in my living room with a laptop, scrolling through my bank accounts, making payments and transfers, I know what magic it all is, and what prodigies of careful reasoning lie behind it. Not everything is lunacy.

I want to believe that diversity is our strength; that Islam is a religion of peace; that the Republican Party is a force for conservatism; that if George thinks he is a woman, then by golly he is a woman—his cock, balls, beard, and37.2 trillion Y-chromosomes notwithstanding; that my personality will survive when my brain is destroyed; that if not for the cruel legacy of colonialism, black African nations would by now have Mars colonies and world-conquering commercial enterprises; that poverty causes crime; that gay is just as good as straight; that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle; that I have free will; that importing one-quarter of the population of Guyana has been good for the U.S.A., and for Guyana; that IQ tests measure nothing of life-history significance, only the ability to pass IQ tests; that there is no such thing as race; that a loving invisible god is watching over me and listening to my mumbled preferences, when not attending to necessary maintenance chores elsewhere in the Virgo Supercluster; that women’s sports are interesting for non-lesbians to watch even when not conducted in skimpy bikinis; that 10,000 hours of dogged practice will make me a first-class tennis player; that Guatemalan gangbangers will become family-values conservatives once they have touched the magic soil of the U.S.A.; that invoking “culture” (which means: the customary behaviors of a people) as an explanation for the customary behaviors of a people increases our understanding; that black kids will do just as well as white kids academically as soon as we fix the schools; that some person somewhere knows how to fix the schools …

I want to believe the pretty lies. I’ve had enough of depressive realism. I want to take the blue pill. Where’s the nearest retail outlet?

I think the problem is engaging with the idiots. If you just bring up real-life applications or contradictions and lead back to the theory, the right people can follow. You could say 2+2=4 to an idiot (and let’s be honest, no Liberal Arts major can score especially well on a maths IQ test) and however great you are at explaining number theory, they’ll say the answer is “whatever it wants to be.”

Blue Pill Media: Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

I know you’re judging my musical taste but pop music reaches the widest sections of society so suck it.

Took me a little pondering time to figure out why this was initially such an appealing song. Sure, we all wanna get karmic revenge on those who screwed us over when we were innocent and naive. It goes beyond that.

I think it’s the natural divide in every man about his alpha drives versus his beta ingrained aspirations.
And broadly, the struggles between alpha and beta traits in society and how both alphas and betas hate one another when they both have a lot more in common than delta, gamma…. omega.

For this, full narrative version, I think the alpha guy who abandoned his beta tendencies for the most part still considers them from time to time, a kinda grieving process for that innocence of a life lost to him, while reveling in the life he has now. It is wise to look back and take lessons forward. He looks at the hypothetical life he could’ve had only in his beta dreams (note the old-fashioned styled wife wearing an apron, those curls were made with rollers) and resents how far society has gone downhill that the fairytale ~1950s nuclear unit doesn’t really exist anymore. The anger is naturally thrust into more hedonistic pursuits as rebellion, power to him. Meanwhile, those beta tendencies have gone dormant, popping up annoyingly now and then, both guys are antagonistic toward one another, impossible to resolve, secretly thinking their way is better and this divide occurs in everyone when they wake up to the lies. It’s a personal choice but you can never be 100% sure you made the right decision in the forks in the road of life. The wrongness or pain of being lied to for years doesn’t go away and that’s okay, the best revenge is being happy, to paraphrase Palahniuk.

Blue Pill Media: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte

I’ve been reviewing old material I grew up with in light of the realities of the world and it’s surprising to see how obviously some people flirt with the truth and never quite get there. This is called Purple Pill. I may do little pieces like this from time to time and point out things that stick out.

These guys had fame game, they knew firsthand how shallow women can be but how many of these dumb women sang along to songs like this without any idea they’re being insulted? Like all the absolute munters singing along to Sexy And I Know It? Now if we could recruit middling influencers like this, red pill could take off in a huge way in a short space of time. It may not be perfect, but a wry take inoculates the movement against backlash.

In short, you can’t parody a parody. You can’t satirize a satire. It’s a wonderful technique to expose propaganda.
Just an idea.