Link: Sluts, Game and stupid decisions

There is no enjoying the decline in this area.
The hedonic treadmill is burning them out, until they’re empty husks of people incapable of love. (The manosphere ignores weakened pair bonding ability occurs in men too).

The problems are twofold. The problem with the women is obvious – if you’re cheap, you’re treated as cheap.

The problem with the men is barely discussed – immaturity. Those are not men. They act like teenage boys, complete with video games and lad culture. Part of the low fertility rate is refusing to settle for these manboys, they can’t even take care of themselves, let alone others or lead a family.

Game won’t work forever, it’s emerged in response to extreme r-type decline in the sexual marketplace. What will these boys do? Curl up and die, in all probability, so conditioned to do the easy thing over the right thing.

Darwin wins.

Feminists are targeting schoolboys now

How cowardly.

The male of the species becomes, by definition, a sex offender before he has even grown up.  Soon there will be no hiding place for him– not even in the cradle.

So woe betide any boy who does not learn to be gender compliant and subservient – any boy who has the temerity to rebel against compulsory feminisation.

And on a related note, the problems caused by too much explicit PC “Sex Education” are still being proffered the solution of….. more explicit examples of the same, younger and …..harder?

Ignore the Voice of Reason, whoever supports this ‘education’ supports paedophilia. Then again, Lena Dunham.

The more we teach them, the more they want them to be interested. And so, other than warning children that they should not take drugs and should avoid sexual behaviour until they are very much older, we avoid stimulating interest and activity, We say less rather than more. …

That may not be its aim, but it is its inevitable consequence. We are exposing children to pornography.

This child abuse has to stop. It doesn’t matter if the person grooming the child has a teaching license.