Could r/K selection differences be due to the Anterior Cingulate Cortex?

I’m just throwing it out there, unsure if I believe it yet.

Source of hemisity

According to the concept of hemisity, the dominant executive systems, or the will of individuals, must reside in one hemisphere. That is, proponents of this perspective maintain that individuals cannot be governed by two conflicting agents. Thus, agency or will must ultimately be underpinned by one of the two hemispheres.

If this executive system is located in the left hemisphere, the perception of individuals is more dependent upon their goals, called top-down thinking, and more confined to specific details. [n.b. ACC also has a role in negative impulse suppression, higher-function consistency and resolving cognitive dissonance with logic] In contrast, if this executive system is located in the right hemisphere, the perception of individuals is more sensitive to features in the environment as well as more focused on global patterns. [polite way of calling them short-term emotional thinkers]

The anterior cingulate tends to be larger in one hemisphere than in the other hemisphere….. [structural studies]

I’d be interested on seeing structural MRI studies on it between the two.

Idiocracy is happening: dysgenics is making our brains shrink

“Which brings us to an unpleasant possibility. “You may not want to hear this,” says cognitive scientist David Geary of the University of Missouri, “but I think the best explanation for the decline in our brain size is the idiocracy theory.” Geary is referring to the eponymous 2006 film by Mike Judge about an ordinary guy who becomes involved in a hibernation experiment at the dawn of the 21st century. When he wakes up 500 years later, he is easily the smartest person on the dumbed-down planet. “I think something a little bit like that happened to us,” Geary says. In other words, idiocracy is where we are now.”

Reminds me of something