Binaural beats for brainwashing

Wait, that shit actually works?


I see no reason this could be used for political reasons. No Siree.

Biohackers just want x-ray vision to see tits, let’s be honest.

4th wall break dean winking wahey

Notice biohackers never do anything with their dick? What’s gonna happen to it, do they think, when they switch over to their robot body, or pure information form? Chop chop.

And you don’t even have a clitoris, imagine.
Would you give up an evolutionary pleasure button? Aren’t many female biohackers, are there? A woman’s body is already perfect. You don’t mess with that.


You didn’t see the manwhore in AI with a massive real flesh dongle, did you? Big decisions to make. Will you nerd out so much you eunuch yourself a la Bruce Jenner? Well, I guess most of them are circumcised so they’ve technically already lost the joy of it. [Random but: The lawsuits from all that child abuse would be too much to handle. It’s unnatural to chop off something we evolved to have, and women develop a repulsion to it, which doesn’t make it sound better. Jewish mothers really dislike their sons, there’s nothing stopping them doing it to daughters too. At least Muslims are consistent. You can’t trust self-report studies, especially when it comes to the male genitals. Notorious for lying in sexology circles. You can trust the sexual partners, with no identification one way or another, with anonymity (no revenge). The “compensatory” behaviors of circumcised men and shorter endurance show something isn’t right. When you get a strong non-biased methodology, the results of losing most of your genital nerve endings is apparent. ]

Fun fact: UK knows dongle to mean penis.

No such thing as Western Civ, says BBC

But you should hate yourself, your non-existent identity and abandon the Civilization that doesn’t exist.

If we’re all equal, how does anyone get to guilt-trip?

Why don’t we leave Africa to starve and the Middle East to kill itself, since they can obviously just adopt liberalism that’s been so favourable for Western demographics?

Cultural Marxists are secular missionaries, bringing ruin and slow suicide in exchange for hedonism, wherever they go. SJW entryism. Reminds me of dancing mania, one long mass hysteria, a huge party, until everybody dies.

Self-proclaimed philosophers are scientists without the proof. Excuses are not proof.

Often they oppose evidence because it restricts them. That isn’t a joke. I asked.

Culture isn’t a box to check on the questionnaire of humanity, it is a process you join, a life lived with others.

I’m so triggered.

It’s genetic. HBD. The people make the culture.

Appiah also argues against the idea of culture as an essence or a birthright. This is similar to the arguments he made about religion, nationalism and race in his earlier lectures: none of these provide the essence of a fixed identity.

They’re more fixed than whatever crony the BBC is paying to push We’re all the Same but Diversity is Strength.

Culture and cultural values are not inherited generation-to-generation.

Outright blatant lie.

Our tax money is paying for this CM BS.

Culture and values are choices to be made actively, not “tracks laid down by a Western destiny”.

To some extent this is true. But is this too individualistic a way of looking at the world?

There is literally a contradiction. There is no truth relativism.
There is clear historically provable destiny. Given X, people Y will Z.

Cultures apply to individuals, yes. Families specifically. Genetic kin.

It might be very difficult for someone living in an illiberal society to choose to put liberal democratic values into practice even if they feel a strong affinity with them.

Someone’s behind on the neuroscience of race. Genes.

Appiah’s view of Western culture as a set of values that can be embraced by anyone might offer little comfort.

Others have tried and failed e.g. Asia tries to be creative and scientific as NW Europe. Instead they rip us off in Shenzen and have huge academic fraud cases among their brightest.

No, they cannot. The culture is hegemonic. I cannot go to a Muslim culture and dance in the street.

Cultures are NOT values. And values are opposed.

This man has no idea what he’s talking about and how dare he try to speak for white European peoples.

He’s just a cultural theorist, that doesn’t excuse appropriation.
If whites can’t speak for the Black experience in America, he can’t talk down to the English in their ancestral homeland.

The difference between a cult and a culture is these people running it.

He has no data. It’s all his bloody opinion. How dare he.

Right-wing activism that never was

There are two ways to win when the People are downtrod: voting and violence.
Thankfully voting has been winning.

Right-wing activism is a myth. A fable. A story. A narrative. A spin. Look at PEGIDA, what happened? Walking protests, banned by the State. All of them.

I suppose you could write a political fairytale about this.

Aw, shucks.

As long as I can remember, the media has been claiming that there are Nazis, fascists, and religious right-wing theocrats hiding in every closet and under every bed, just waiting for somebody to express an opinion that was in vogue 30 years ago but horribly unfashionable now, at which point all these Nazis, fascists and religious right-wing theocrats would jump out and reveal themselves, impose a totalitarian government, and kill just about everybody. This would be horribly offensive to women and minorities, and therefore unacceptable. I would not recommend potential right-wing activists take the media’s word for it, however.

The media’s business model depends on printing comfortable and popular lies, and it is therefore full of society’s best liars. The media does not stop lying when it claims there are brownshirts under your bed just waiting to suddenly return and attempt a Fourth Reich. In reality, there are no powerful right-wing institutions, few if any powerful people who are openly right-wing, and no powerful right-wing political parties on the cusp of seizing power. But if the ordinary person realized and internalized that fact, there would be no need for the radically left-wing parties masquerading as level-headed moderates that rule Western countries nowadays.

The Left needs to justify its presence after getting everything they want(ed), so they make up constant barrages of new shit. They keep swimming left, dragging the Overton window with them and further reinforcing their power. This leaves moderate conservatism cast into the expanding shadow of Extreme, its prospects dwindling without serious measures and a will that simply doesn’t exist while bread and circuses continue.

If the Left are truly the underdogs, why is it trendy to support them in the Establishment?
Why does the Government fund far left groups like anti-fa? Who get arrested every time they ‘peacefully protest’? Including at other people’s protests?
Why did the conservatives open a Centre for Social Justice?
Why is the hate speech law not applied to certain groups, all clustered in the Leftist political interest?

These are the questions you aren’t allowed to ask.

But sure, you don’t have censorship, only there’s a list list of people you can’t disagree with.
Free speech is dead in the West, but arguably, it never lived.