Hiding in plain sight

You could wave that one at a lefty protest and nobody would even notice.

Also, 13 stars.

I’m sure the owl (psychopomp) was also a coincidence?

For all the “it’s just a shape, bro!”

think like a nerd

It’s actually Rephan or Moloch, not Saturn.

A planet isn’t eating kids. Don’t be silly. That’s a false flag detail, like the Morning-star / Venus.

Buddhism is just Satanism that’s kidding itself. Worship of the Self. Sitting around navel-gazing, what a wasted life. No moral standards or dignity whatsoever.

Selfish, obsessed with seeming piety (pride) and taking money.

If you incarnated here for a reason, it wasn’t to avoid a real job, karmically.

Meditation is just demonology channeling, look it up.

It’s Satanic prayer.

Their ‘spirit guides’ are demons, masquerading as angels or dead loved ones.

The Bible said to test them but the likes of Buddhists weirdly refuse? Why do they fear Jesus’ name then? That’d be a bizarre thing for Great Aunt Mabel to fear in the spirit world.

It’s a variation of prayer (Satanists subvert instead of create) that tries to contact spirits instead of God. Guess which type.

They also tend to have weird possession symptoms after taking up the habit, over time. Studies don’t mention that stuff. It opens you up to possession over time and they latch on, legion. Drugs make it worse, what do they get sudden impulses to do? Know them by their fruit.

I am shocked. And they all see this, they all know? Wow. Just wow.

Can confirm:

"The  owl  is also the symbol of  Moloch,  whom the Greeks 
   compared to  Cronos on accont of Moloch's rites using human
   sacrifice,  especially children and first-born infants.  The 
   Old  Testament makes reference to  the  Valley of Hinom  as 
   the area where  fires were lit beneath the idol or image of
   Moloch,  into which the unfortunate sacrifical victims were
   thrown.  The precise location of these sacrifices is  known
   as Topheth, which originates from the Hebrew toph,  meaning 
   'drum'--drums  were ostensibly used to cover up the screams
   of the victims."    (Toyne Newton,  "The Occult's Quest for
   World Domination", page 165)    This information is crucial
   and relevant if true, because the Molech-like ritual that's 
   performed at Bohemian Grove by the global elite uses a huge
   statue of an owl it its  ritual.   "Goodly Tyre",  which is 
   mentioned several times in the "Cremation of Care" rite was
   a center of  Goddess worship  at the time when king Soloman
   was building the great temple.]
Michael Howard, author of "The  Occult Conspiracy", asserts
   that the owl was also used by the  Summerians to  represent 
   the  great goddess, who was called Lilith, but was known to
   the Greeks later as  Hecate.

Maybe a lot of the Hollywood lot we think have no kids are just too traumatized from sacrificing them to have more.

Btw, why does FEMA have no child size coffins? What does it plan to do with the kids?

That’s a nice summary, aight imma head out:

This is interesting further reading, especially given Prince William’s famous Algol placement. He had to go and call his son Louis.


Masons don’t really allow women because women are appalled by the rape of little girls and murder of babies.

Algol aka Satan’s Head. Hillary has it prominent too. aka Demon Star.

As does Trump, oddly.

Algol Star – The Blinking Demon

[So do I. Also prominent Lilith. By all accounts, I should work for Planned Parenthood.]

How to piss off hippies


Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. –
This is actually from a children’s song from a Jewish summer camp.

In a Masonic publication from 1922, The New Age magazine, we also read “It is said, in what is called Occultism, that when the pupil is ready the Master will appear.” “Occultism” here is another term for Theosophy.

Then there’s the ol’ standby.

No ego? Really no brain


Yes, this lines up with what I’ve read.

Of course there’s something or what is speaking?
What is the inner monologue, if not Freud’s ego?

Ego holds the reins between id and superego.

Id is the enemy. Rampant desire. Hidden.

What holds the id? Ego.

Superego can be an enemy if neurotic or misinformed. Hidden.

What holds it? Ego.

You need ego.

Ego is the nice guy here. Ego is never the enemy.

You need identity.

It’s incredible they claim to be a vegan biswicurious lemur from the future, whatever identity, but then go on to claim they don’t have an ego.

Ego when formless produces no identity and no opinions.

Read a damn book about the terms you use. It’s a technical term and layman use is really for overwhelming id and WEAK ego. Ego is never hidden so we refer to it often, it’s observable, because it’s faulty by being too weak, confusing regular people, who assume it’s too strong because we keep discussing it but the force behind is coming from other constructs. Psychodynamic 101. Further battering that weakness with meditation or whatever else will make your neurotic desire-based anxiety worse.

It’s like saying there’s no Buddha. They refer to the individual, idiots.

Video: The European Invasion Crisis

The numbers will only get bigger.

They have overbred and we cannot scratch the surface of the overflow, much like a toilet. They wish to recreate their Malthusian trap to ruin us.

This is the ultimate case study in Pathological Altruism (great book).

Do not use the public purse to subsidize your own moral self-congratulation. Invite them into your house, pay for them yourself, do not burden the public purse.

The Dublin Agreement is clear. These people break national and EU law.
The media cannot force us to care, most people do not, we have compassion fatigue. We see an international burglar in our midst and we don’t want to hand over the family silverware. But when the bill comes for these people, the media is attempting to suppress that righteous anger and probability of revolution by making them seem lesser, inferior and worthy of the clothes on our backs and bread from our children’s mouths.

Our biased MSM says it’s about “us”.
It’s like that old Western joke,

What do you mean, OUR People? 

They are invaders. They may not carry weapons. This doesn’t change a thing.
This will happen to us: https://himalayasun.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/cultural-genocide-in-tibet-2/

The Chinese invasion of Tibet ripped down Tibet’s immigration barriers, and the Chinese government encouraged Chinese people to move into Tibet. This program of displacement was rightfully seen by the world as an aggressive act, a human rights violation and “cultural genocide”.

In 2011, Tibet was 90.48% Tibetan, while the United Kingdom was 87.17%white European that same year. source

There are petitions. Signed by less than a fraction of 1% of the population.
I say we charge these people exclusively for the costs incurred, and nobody else.

385217/64100000 = 0.006% of the population signed up for this.
At the lowest population estimate (it’s more like 80 million).

Their ancestors didn’t chip into the State coffers. It’s theft.
It would be like if I claimed to wish adoption by a Guardian reader, and then tried to steal their entire trust fund, because we’re all one big human family, right? Send them all to Hampstead Heath.

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