Social Justice liberal rapists

I wanted to write that combination of words, it isn’t far off.

Everything’s conditional on their feelings, remember.

That’s the reason they tacitly allow rape of minors and women – they’re hardly blemish free, sexually.

Remember, coercion vitiates consent. I doubt you could be more coercive than threatening someone’s safety, food supply and future. I suppose the French aren’t exotic enough for these sex tourists. All sex tourists are creeps, even SWPLy white women.

I knew it I'm surrounded by assholes

Not a peep from feminists but at least the SJW rag Independent is covering it.

Reminds me of the SWP rape scandal.

They signal so hard – out of repressed or socially conditioned guilt.

R-types hate other r-types, but they’ll happily exploit, ruin and rape one another. Honestly, they assume we’re like them and we’d do the same in that situation, like Rotherham, allowing them to sleep like babies, although this is the ‘refugee’ version and not supported direct by taxpayers, police, hospitals or Government. No conscience as we’d know it, an inner compass, they take direction in the form of signalling. More extreme r-types are ironically despised by the less extreme and personally this has been going on since the beginning, why else move children preferentially? It isn’t just rape (mostly), but child rape, and many of the campers prefer fresh meat, one in the story even took one home like a cabana boy, after shopping around with her vagina. This behaviour isn’t acceptable in anyone held to a First World standard, I don’t care what colour or sex or sexuality they are, where’s the human dignity? Although the hooker thing is unsurprising, given Slut Parades, fat celebration, STD positivity etc. Words that should never be combined except in parody. Still, they use their own bad behaviour as proof everyone involved should be rewarded with more free stuff. No wonder the military age men think when they arrive that white women are whores, seriously. I saw one fake-grieving on the BBC today that his wife and child drowned – he looked as if he’d done it, no trace of remorse. What’s the bet he pushed them over to save himself, as ‘Asian’ men with a name starting M don’t value us, about the same as cattle, and now coincidentally he’s free to pursue the white meat. I’d like to polygraph that slime.

Those greeters on the news should be forced to sleep there for a week and report back on how peaceful these people are in reality, did you see what they did to pretty-boy Jude Law in spite of his heavies?

They keep saying “largest economy on the planet” or “largest economy in Europe” – the people who just turned up are entitled to precisely Jack shit.

Actually, no, less than the rest of us, who built these economies and continue to contribute to them.

I would like to enforce my “freedom of movement” to enter and exit Ford Knox, freely. I’m amazed the supposed anti-racists got away with calling it a Jungle, tbh.


Minor jab: the Slut Parades are especially funny when you realize they’re trying to out-attention gay men. More like a Fag Hag Swag.

And hey, who do you think tipped them off about an online spat?

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How to spot a traitor: Calais Edition

I refused to believe this until I saw it. Well, I saw it.

As if there aren’t any poor, homeless or suffering people in your own bloody country.

fury anger hades


Meanwhile, there are still homeless people in Europe, actual homeless people, who aren’t there by choice. For one anecdote, I know people who could barely get by this Christmas, even on food. Within the UK. A First World country.

Before you ascribe pure motives to these people, click on the tab labelled Files.


oh damn wow ah

That alone would be rather damning, but it’s Christmas, so I’ll give you more.

This group is a place to organise aid from the UK to those stranded in Calais. You can find your local group here :

The FAQ sheet:

Don’t post photos of individuals without their permission, and don’t post photos of dead people.

Ashamed of something?
It’s a public group. You put your name to it. It’s public charity work. Legally, it’s all legit.

Let’s look for a typical picture of these model citizens.


That’s… exactly what I expected. Frumpy ugly people who look like a sack of potatoes in hideous jumpers. The theory of Lefty ugliness and overcompensation holds.

We decline all responsibility in terms of safety, communication, organisation, logistics and donations for any project. This is JUST a Facebook group.

Facebook groups don’t dole out legal advice and pressure the taxpayer via Government.

Don’t take my word for it, read their holy pinned post and make up your own mind which nation they are serving.

calaispinnedpost1 calaispinnedpost2

Well, if it were a harmless little group online, innocuous enough to make completely public information (yes, that’s how it works), you have revoked your right to privacy. Which means I can point out that under members, there is a tab called Admin. Note: how few of them want to be outed with that disgustingly garish orange badge.

calaisadmin1 calaisadmin2

After all, if you’re doing this doubleplusgood work, you should be proud of it, and should take no issue with getting the full credit, right?

It isn’t as if your direct actions could lead to something terrible, like another terrorist attack, is it? It isn’t as if the UK is currently on a high alert level? The threat has nothing to do with you, I’m sure…

And they made the papers.

No, that isn’t a typo. 10 tonnes of presents to outgroup people with the excess money to travel past plenty of safe countries and a chef-cooked halal Christmas meal.
They don’t understand, when they resist, and everyone hits their limit eventually, these people will attack them. It’s happening all over the place. Even SWEDEN. That’s why various parts of Europe are closing their borders. Protection.

33,180 members in this one pocket alone. Affiliated with Left Wing and Proud. Quelle surprise.

Well it looks like they’ve made our list for us. In case we need to contact them, after an event.

I can’t wait to see what their charges are going to do, because we can all agree, in taking responsibility for these people, they are directly responsible for their later actions.

OK? O.K.

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Video: EU ‘refugee’ immigrant demands

“It’s disappointing, it’s not what I have imagined” says a young Muslim woman wearing both a headscarf for modesty and, self-defeatingly, full makeup. Which she can afford somehow (can’t see her earrings).

Honey, I’ve paid for holidays worse than that. Places with cockroaches and pay-as-you-go TVs.

“What I’ve imagined isn’t as bad as what I’m seeing right now.” – she means the quality of accommodation. Not war-torn Syria.

Apparently, if they’re kicked out, they all want to go straight home. “Germany or nothing”. Because these people don’t have a choice….. Oh Angela…..

Aaaaah feel that, savour that? It's being right

Recording the list for posterity (and lolz)

  • a new apartment
  • garages for their cars (would those be stolen?)
  • free medication (Germans don’t get this) despite most of it being viral
  • a place with windows
  • not shared bathrooms
  • larger meals
  • heating
  • clothes
  • feel less poor
  • fast internet
  • language courses
  • leisure activities
  • money (this one I like)
  • phone calls
  • cigarettes
  • better service (like, room service?)
  • better quality food
  • food is not good enough for dogs, but only suitable for women
  • cooler rooms
  • better beds
  • TV
  • electrics (to charge their smartphones?)
  • fix the windows that magically broke because of the wind (that’s some wind)
  • washing machine
  • shorter distance to walk to eat
  • umbrellas
  • protecting from the coming snow (I can’t wait to see what happens to these precious snowflakes come winter)
  • more than one sandwich each
  • electricity in the kitchens they have (presumably free)
  • a nearby supermarket
  • a nearby hospital
  • nearby school (near a town or city centre, really)
  • a land of freedom (they were promised, by whom?)

I love the sit-in.

Europhile politicians right now

The guy complains about eating spaghetti and macaroni everyday. That’s honestly my idea of Heaven.

“We are dying! We are dying! Bad you! Bad you! We suffer too much in here!”
He says, completely healthy, muscled and wearing laundered clothes.
They spilled water on a floor and pointed it out like Europeans don’t have a hobby called camping. They keep doing that. Who tells them to do that? There was an implied complaint about the cramped conditions given the excessive number of people (oh, the IRONY).

“We are tired, look at where people at sleeping” (I have slept in much worse).

What gets me most is their complaint about a little chilly weather. And they want to go North? Are you serious? And N. Germany, not like properly North either.

crying laughter lmao

Deja vu: the European invasion and the fall of Rome

….The Romans did have a system of collective defense. By the 4th century, there was an extensive network of walls, forts, and watchtowers along the border, as well as defense in depth—legions stationed farther behind to contain any incursions. But this system failed to allow for a situation where large numbers of barbarians would be invited to cross the militarized border zone with no opposition whatsoever. At that point, they entered the so-called ‘civil zone,’ where defenses were much weaker.

Ancient Border Control sucked too.

The resulting crisis tended to feed on itself. When large numbers of barbarians were invited in, even more decided to invite themselves. The border ceased to exist. There was no longer any barrier between the barbaric outer world and the pacified Roman world, which was home to millions of people who didn’t know how to defend themselves and who had not done so for generations.

soft-handed ninnies, we call them

And so the inevitable happened. The barbarians didn’t wish to destroy Roman society—they just wanted to help themselves to its wealth—-but their very presence made the survival of Roman society impossible. No, they didn’t completely destroy the heritage of Rome.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible ~ Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

They came to plunder, not to destroy; moreover, they were already semi-Roman and semi-Christian, and in time the kingdoms they founded would preserve some of that heritage. But the Empire did collapse, as a French historian has wryly pointed out:

Low IQ must be excluded from high IQ societies like aggressive drunks from a club.
Certainly they might have a good time there but that’s not the point.

For the decisive point is that Rome had shown its weakness by admitting peoples onto its territory whom it had been unable to subordinate and whose presence it had regularized without having vanquished them in the field. Contrary to what is commonly said today, the invasions really did happen. The Barbarians were in no way “invited” to settle in the empire. They entered in large numbers by immigration and also, at least in equal numbers, by violent invasion, by piercing the defense lines, plundering the cities, and massacring people as much in Italy and Greece as in Gaul, Spain, and Africa. (Voisin, 2014)….

I was reading about laconic wit earlier;

When asked whether it would be prudent to build a defensive wall enclosing the city, Lycurgus answered, “A city is well-fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick.”

Trotskyist housing officer: We need more dead babies and children for the refugees

Behold, the face of true evil;

A highly-paid housing chief has called for a ‘dead baby on the beach’ moment to persuade the public to accept social housing tenants as neighbours.

Kate Davies, the £200,000-a-year head of a London housing association, said the deaths of ‘some beautiful young children’ are needed to overcome Nimbyism and prejudice against state-subsidised tenants.

Her cynical remarks left MPs appalled and put a question mark against the judgment of the former Trotskyist, who leads a housing group that has received £1.3billion from the taxpayer

Any collapse must destroy these people if there is a God.

I bet the Guardian are looking for a photo of this one to pass around in a morbid circlejerk as we speak;

I never thought child porn could get worse, but dead child porn? wtf is wrong with these people

The European EU “migrant refugee” Crisis is planned, we’re being primed for war

Way to make the cannon fodder go quietly into that good night?

Make them angry first.

The recent refugee crisis is being used for precisely this same purpose. In fact, while a false debate is being managed by the Western media and Western political figures to either unconditionally accept the refugees or unconditionally reject them, the only singular narrative both sides are being made to agree on is that instability across MENA is to blame and more bombing is the answer.

My money is on Syria.
Obama lubed up the American public.

Social Engineering vs. the Inevitable Rot of Empire 

A refugee crisis was inevitable, regardless of the timing and magnitude of any given deluge that may have been created or manipulated by the West. Destroying the planet in pursuit of empire, pillaging nations and hauling away the wealth of the world, inevitably leads to endless streams of victims following their stolen wealth back to the thieves’ den. As an empire expands and the list of its victims expands with it, the number of those an empire is able to fully assimilate versus those who will inevitable overwhelm it eventually tips the balance against the empire’s favor.

Such was the fate of the Roman Empire, which over the course of its decline, had its institutions overwhelmed by peoples it had conquered faster than it could assimilate them.

The truly peaceful solution is to kick out the terrorists and never let anymore in. Mass deportations.
Not to go antagonising the guys. Let Putin sort out ISIS like he wants to, Greece gave him permission to edge nearer through their airspace. Let him do it. Russia has more money (gold) than us.

I would like to remind you that Kuwait recently blocked remittance (immigrant money leaving the native-earned economy) because it funded terrorism. We should follow suit. The economic argument in favour of immigration is tricksy, yes, they make a lot of money here (plus benefits which count here) but it doesn’t remain here. It leaves, to other economies, via remittance, and it seldom comes back.

Please, share this link above if you think there’s anything to it.

This one is also interesting

When you’re going in the wrong direction, progress is the last thing you need. Maybe the “progress” that defines our age is closer to the progression of a disease than its cure. Sorry to be such a buzz-kill, but things aren’t looking good and show no signs of improving any time soon. In fact, from where I’m standing, it looks like western civilization is picking up speed the way things do when they’re circling the drain.

Guardian neoliberal hypocrisy on Syrian “refugees”

Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK

has 429,201 signatures. I won’t link it’s been all over MSM and that’s all they have?


Allow Britons to open their homes to refugees affected by the Syrian conflict

We the undersigned pledge to offer our homes to refugees and to support their living in the UK until they can return. The British are more willing and able to help than our Government chooses to admit.

368 signatures.

throw head back laughter george jungle

Now that’s a red pill to swallow.

Elsewhere, another petition has accrued the necessary 100k signatures to be discussed in Parliament and get a Government response:

Yes, it’s the one I linked you to the other day, and now it’s gained 70k since, having had no help or signal boosting from the MSM….

Stop allowing immigrants into the UK

We don’t own the country to give away to “refugees”

And neither do we owe them anything.

Actually we can’t do what we like with this country. We inherited it from our parents and grandparents and we have a duty to hand it on to our children and grandchildren, preferably improved and certainly undamaged.

It is one of the heaviest responsibilities we will ever have. We cannot just give it away to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up…..

Hang the r-types.
They wouldn’t be seen dead helping white people.
Send the entirety of the bill to those who signed the traitorous petition.

applause clap clapping yes well done