How that $70k minimum wage disaster happened

One bitchy gamma.

First error.

“It was late 2011. Haley was a 32-year-old phone tech earning about $35,000 a year, and he was in a sour mood. Price had noticed it, and when he spotted Haley outside on a smoking break, he approached. “Seems like something’s bothering you,” he said. “What’s on your mind?”

Never ask that of a subordinate!
If you need to know, wait until they’ve chilled and get the middle management to ask because that’s their job.

“Your pay is based on market rates,” Price said. “If you have different data, please let me know. I have no intention of ripping you off.” The data doesn’t matter, Haley responded: “I know your intentions are bad.”

At that point, that point right there, you should’ve fired him. No respect, he’ll shank you in the back.
When he personally insulted you, make that without a reference. If he’s going to call you bad, may as well act it. Sounds like he lacked a father figure growing up and needs discipline, decades too late.

“Price walked away, shocked and hurt. For three days, he groused about the encounter to family and friends. “I felt horrible,” he says. “Like a victim.”‘

Of an SJW outburst. Before he caved because of course he did.
If he’s worth more, he could’ve brought you the data. Or you could’ve compared his rate to the same worker in India (their IT sector is epic) and got him to pipe down.

Some of the best people with the company from the beginning have left since. They felt disrespected. Guess which players the company will miss more, them or Bitchy Gamma IT Worker? Frankly, anyone discussing personal politics during business hours should be sacked, it’s unprofessional and distasteful.

This is why you can’t leave rabbits in charge, they’ll throw their own life’s work under the bus, millions of dollars and hundreds of people, for fear of being called ‘mean’ and outgrouped.

oh shit damn fuck hell no give up dean winchester  shrug

A little game would’ve gone a long way. The guy is past it (30s, still entry level) and clearly not leveling up his skill set (expected in IT for career progression). Subtle negging would work best on a man, and of this demo. Either he’d level up and you could forget the insult that once, or he announces his intent to give up and you can wash your hands of him in a manner HR would approve. This is not a tea party and we are not friends. You are here to work and judged entirely on the quality of your work and not your worth as a person. You’re worth it? Prove it. Amused mastery might’ve saved the CEO, but it’s too late now. As a case study for game against men (it works superbly because men are rarely targeted socially, unlike women), it’s rather priceless.

Read the damn data if you're so bloody educated

Honestly, a personal finance workshop or reassessment of contract option would’ve been fine. Twist: you can also lower their pay and/or cancel their contract if they aren’t pulling their weight, meaning only those who deserve a raise will apply.

We can all ignore Milo Yiannopoulos now

It’s the one thing to nix a raging narcissist.


snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

He’s become a strange combination of popular hipster, 4chan PC shield, anti-everything attention whore.

He isn’t even a troll, trolling is an artform and he isn’t even subtle anymore.

He started off so well but I guess this is what happens when you overfeed narcissistic supply. See Gremlins for further details. The problem here is that such supply has a finite limit, and he’s at least brushing that ceiling. He lucked out with GG and trying to keep the wave intact because on some level he knows his career depends on it. You’ll note a narcissist in practice because they need to keep escalating, much like a drug addict, except their drug is common dopamine released on accomplishment of their required behaviour.

He isn’t a conservative, why is everyone buying into his frame? We’re cucking for him! Does anything about his behaviour indicate this? Empirical standard, how awful of me, I know. At best, he’s a libertarian and those guys are still left wing because they don’t want to give up any money to pay for the programs they ostensibly support. It’s virtue signalling, shallow and empty (pockets). It’s the belief system of bachelors with no investment in society. He’s already shown himself up to be a complete misogynist in his outright denial of female genius (based on a single study he ‘analyzed’ himself oh bravo) but this is to be expected from a male with literally no use for females. The classy thing would be to pretend to respect us when we’ve done nothing to him.


We know he did the research, a little at least, but chose to present a false image. Sophistry and deception on par with the people he criticizes:

I won’t insult you all by attempting to explain some of the things wrong with this train of pseudoscience. Hint: priors.

Way to punch down, he thinks all women are socially beneath him, even the Curies and Lovelaces of the world who contribute far more to society than a bitchy scribbler ever will (and deep down narcissists know it). I wish Margaret Miller were around, she’d annihilate him.

As a narcissist, he escalated (in his mind, all men being superior to all women because fuck variance) and recently began on male genius too. Tell me I’m imagining that.


I describe you, you hate me. Really, you hate yourself and everyone knows it.

In a hundred years, who do you think people will remember? This is what niggles him. Homosexual men such as Keynes are incredibly bitter about their paucity of legacy and there is a theory that Keynes deliberately designed his system to screw over the heterosexuals with debt – that would only crush and affect those who have children of course.

Both of these incidents enrage me as no society in the history of the world has been more hostile to the demographic of geniuses than ours, making it salt in the wound and because I’ve yet to see him present any evidence of genius rank IQ, any qualification to discuss psychometrics nor compose anything whatsoever. He never will (prove me wrong, upload it). He’s one of those toxic people who tear down the creativity of others, not as critics, that is a ruse, but as an excuse to tell them to STOP. He’d order you at the point of a gun if he could. Stop because it makes them feel bad. Stop creating and being creative because it reminds them of what they lack. Yet they remain aloof and untouchable to the same words because they don’t create themselves, they are not creative people, their imagination is a barren wasteland and they’re bitter about it. They pretend whatever they would do, if they did it, would be peerless, flawless genius they deign to grace us with. All talk. They lack the fundamental ability.

You see, contrary to popular belief, narcissists are Outer Focused. Which is to say, they spend the majority of their time projecting the things they despise about themselves into the world around them. As I pointed out, this escalates over time to achieve the same neurological fix. He’s turning on everyone to avoid confronting himself, so I rest easy knowing he’ll soon turn on the PUAs and MGTOWs and whatever groups still marginally support him. Narcissists start on anything that triggers an insecurity in them, and as you can see by his Twitter dramu spates where he questions the IQ of any woman disagreeing with him, he is insecure about his IQ.

At first he presented himself as a conservative to be edgy and gain followers, and since his initial targets happened to coincide with real ones people believed him. Since the SJW entryism of liberal arts, his attacks on them make him appear to be on their side, but he isn’t on their side. Milo is always on Milo’s side and he will throw anybody, anything and any supposedly ‘cherished’ conservative sacred tome under the bus so he can cross onto fresher pastures. He is a status whore. Quit making excuses for him while you have some dignity left.

I bet he’s planning to splinter off from Breitbart and start another website with his new base. R-types have no conception of loyalty, you see. That’s what a textbook narcissist would do (it is similar to psychopathy in callous disregard). At this point he’s become a clickbait wizard (props) and jumped the shark into Buzzfeed territory. Recent examples in a row;


Yeah I’m sure that‘ll stop us getting arrested for hate speech.


Turn in your Geek Cred Card. Nobody hates Star Wars.


The thing straight people need? Men don’t/will never use it? Crazy, really? Gaslighting?

If you’re in the manosphere reading this, imagine how impossible it would be to get laid if they went back to the original purpose of birth control and only prescribed it to married couples. I bet secretly his Inner Fascist wants to ban it. It isn’t as if he’ll ever need it, and that’s all a narcissist cares about.

If you’re reading this Milo, because you’re such a narcissist, please go back to being a good writer. You were good, honestly, you could do the investigative stuff so well, please don’t fall for the lure of drama and bait of playing off people against one another without justification (for example, most women aren’t feminists, quit conflating the two and I know you’ve seen those surveys in your research). I may as well tell a brick wall to be jelly.

Thus concludes why I haven’t posted about him for a while and will try to avoid it in future.

The Dark Triad have one thing in common: if you ignore them, they move on. It’s shame he doesn’t have Mach going for him.