Sign of fiat collapse and treaty tyranny

These chuckling idiots have no idea what’s going on. This Greggs normie is emblematic of why birth rates should stay low, nobody should be forced to fuck that slug. Lose the blubber, fuggo.
The legal tender argument is accurate, but few people would sue them. If it’s legal tender, it’s treason to refuse it because the Queen’s face is on it. This is also why they have to accept small coins, old coins and painstakingly count them up in supermarkets. This also punishes old people, savers or anyone without a credit score* trying to live their life in real credit, not the debt of a so-called ‘credit card’, which is a sizable amount of the population, so discrimination as well. They want you hooked on computer money, easily manipulated and controlled, they want you on debt cards like a cyberpunk Oliver. “Please Mr Banker, may I have some more debt?” This is trying to prevent preppers going Galt. You also can’t refuse cheques either, since it’s also money. No shop can lawfully refuse legal tender, that’s what legal tender means. It’s a category of fiat in the law. To refuse it is illegal and hiding behind ‘company policy’ means nothing compared to the financial system of a monarchy ruling over it. The courts represent the Queen.
Companies are too tight to pay for the processing fees like coin and cash delivery. It’s still law. I’ve handled it myself, they’re lazy. Rich people pay in cash or direct transfer, for large items. Middle-class people spend on a debt card for their flight points. Poor people take out a loan. Spot the difference. Remember this when the same shops are crying about closing in a short while. You get what you fucking deserve. You refused fiat currency for the banker scumbags, bon voyage out of business, bitch.

First it’s we don’t accept cash.
Then cash is bad for you. Reality: Cards carry more germs, I’ve posted studies. It sits on the plastic.
Then you’re stupid to use cash, opt for the “convenience” of geotagging your purchases with your phone, signed up in your name on a debt contract. Every transaction is recorded for the government.
Then cash is banned, and banks prevent bank runs from ever toppling them ever again. Surveillance kicks in fully and you get banned from certain shops ‘for your own good’. Like Paypal cancelling people, you could starve because the Silicon Valley losers refuse to let you have an account, like a peasant.
It’s a sign of impending collapse, you fucking idiots. Some would say Apocalypse, with the Mark. Boiling the frog with cards, then phones, then chips implanted in the hand. How convenient for your owners.
Then you have no cash, no ability to flee a country nor purchase without government approval, including random new taxes. He’s speaking for a toddler when, by the time she’s an adult, trusting banks will be seen as insane, by the time all of this is over. Think Great Depression level crash. Did anyone young then ever trust the banks, their entire lives?

Didn’t Venezuela do something like this?

“As the currency loses value, the banks themselves have become their own scenes of confusion. Customers wait in long lines. Some banks don’t offer cash and allow only electronic transactions.”


Many UK bank branches have been closing too, to prevent bank runs. Wake up. They want you in their system, in their cage, it’s a prison. The door hasn’t shut yet, but it soon will.

Even Venezuela didn’t go so far as to ban ALL cash. This is literally worse.

They can’t bring out a bigger note without panic, they want you dependent on them before then.

How many canaries do you need?

The surprise pulling of the 100-bolivar note from circulation this week – before new larger bills were available – led to vast lines at banks, looting at scores of shops, anti-government protests and at least one death. Maduro, speaking from the presidential palace, blamed a “sabotage” campaign by enemies abroad for the delayed arrival of three planes carrying the new 500, 2,000 and 20,000 bolivar notes.”

And you cheer this on? As progress? Are you retarded? He looks retarded to be fair.

“About 40% of Venezuelans do not have bank accounts, and so cannot use electronic transactions as an alternative to cash. Adding to the chaos, Venezuela has the world’s highest rate of inflation, meaning large bags of cash must be carried around to pay for basic items.”

These same wankers will be bleating about their retirement portfolio being wiped out during the Great Reset they egged on. Hey, you wanted to own nothing, scan the barcode on your arm normie! It’s uber convenient!

After the Reset, you work until you die. No retirement, you own nothing remember?

Literally most of these morons would thank their globalist overlords for the white privilege of dying in their camps. MPAI and deserve to die for it. Let them fuck up their whole life, financially. It’s funny.

*if some people aren’t indebted during their Reset, it’ll be hard to convince them to surrender all of their possessions for Satan. You have to get everyone on cards for that. UBI is a SS replacement, not a supplement. They want riots, and might fake them to get justification for brutality.


“In southern Bolivar state, people broke into dozens of shops and warehouses in various towns, witnesses and business leaders said. Authorities declared a curfew in Ciudad Bolivar and the state governor said 135 people had been arrested. Security forces fired teargas in Venezuela’s largest second city, Maracaibo, to stop looters, witnesses said. Some protesters burned 100-bolivar bills.”

You’re watching a movie.

Notably, GB News has covered the WHO takeover treason shortly after I posted about it, when nobody was discussing it for ages beforehand. They’d rather cover a rigged pozzed song contest. The most popular news channel in the country acted on it. I do have pull. Now it’s gaining traction, in the opposition. Excellent work, gentlemen. I said GET HYPE. This is One World Gov tyranny.

He’s basically repeating my post, word for word, which is fine. I don’t mind a dashing Scot copying me.

Bravo, Sir.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I will not comply. I am not a slave.

He’s precisely right, but Boris is importing savages to do the ‘wet work’ for him. It is our duty to rebel.

SWIM DOWN. #keepswimming

Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum

65k signatures, approx. Keep swimming.

They’ll try to reject it, like this one. People didn’t want a referendum they can rig, they wanted to reject it.

The WHO pandemic treaty is an affront to nationhood .

The WHO pandemic treaty , is an affront to nationhood and must be disavowed by this and any ensuing government. We left the EU because we wanted are sovereignty back , that does not mean we surrender it to the WHO , under any circumstances .”

They couldn’t deny the sovereignty angle, could they? Government is illegitimate if it denies liberty.

Big Brother’s reply:

“We understand that you are concerned about the prospect of the UK entering into an international agreement. However, there is currently no such treaty. “

Gaslighting us.

“We can only accept petitions that make requests relating to the current Government or Parliament, because decisions by the current Government or Parliament cannot bind future governments or parliaments.”

Untrue, Boris recently signed it, more or less. It’s obvious they will. That’s why it’s going to Parliament.
How can a non-existent document go to Parliament in a matter of days?

There are UK address generators, for any Yanks watching. Get 4chan on this. This affects MAGA.

They want you to suffer.

Video: Britcoin BOE-Coin, total government control

Totalitarian control. It changes one fact about your money. It isn’t yours, you no longer earned it. You’ve lost the ownership right i.e. to withhold it from the system based on consent of that system to rule you. It’s rented and they can ‘cancel’ your account for any reason, including none. They also want to see where you buy assets and have them sent, to ‘confiscate’ them.

Going cashless = treating every citizen like a terrorist.
They monitor all their purchases and need special warrants to do so.
Anyone who thinks that won’t end in their death is a fool. Something you do will piss off a bureaucrat you never met at some point. Then you slowly starve to death, or they make you steal food so they can imprison you. Welcome to dictatorship. Sunak looks like exactly the kind of inbred to take the ticket and happily watch while out-groupers starve, probably citing the Imperial Empire in India as moral righteousness. We have imported the enemy. Pedo face if ever I saw one (it’s the big ears, to big nose and beady eyes combination – Epstein had it). Combined with the gormless mouth, vacant expression and triangular head (small skull, gargantuan jaw) it’s definitely a low IQ person taught good fluency like a parrot or a monkey butler. Monkeys frequently flip out and scratch/rip their owner’s face off. Sometimes hands. Trained civility doesn’t last longer than the electricity. Cabalites are obvious as they are repulsive. Try to donate to a church? Sorry, it can’t do that. Try to pay for a wrongthink book? Sorry, it can’t do that. Try to buy a steak? Sorry, you don’t have the carbon credits and it’s over your daily caloric allowance. Try to buy alcohol in a pub? Vice tax, and it contains too much sugar. From Nanny State to Nazi State in one fell swoop. 1% of everyone’s wages garnished as reparations for BLM. You may laugh but – I called it. People think I’m joking, that I’m funny – I’m actually prognostic.

White people suffer from a terminal condition I call Firing Squad Logic. I always wondered with horror why white people, and only white people, could rely on an orderly queue to politely walk to the firing squad, stand in place and just take it. They obey because they’re cowards. They obey because they think it would be a waste of their former cowardice not to this one last time. Maybe if they’re very nice, the tyrant will have a magical Hollywood change of heart and not shoot them in the face. It doesn’t work. Hollywood has made men cowards. If you just comply a little harder, the rapists will stop attacking your wife and daughters! This begins with the Pavlovian bell conditioning in schools. I’d often walk to my class long before the bell so it didn’t dictate my actions. The other kids called me the weirdo.

When Jesus said turn the other cheek, he did not mean your arse.

Credit cards are WORSE, normies!

Wear gloves, you lazy pigs.

Study: Credit cards carry more

types of bacteria than coins, cash


Payment tablets, like the ones restaurant, bar and food truck patrons tap and sign with their bare fingers, were found to have more different types of bacteria than any other payment method studied. And credit cards had more different types of bacteria than cash and coins, contrary to the popular perception of money as being “dirty.”

Some of the nastiest bugs found on the surfaces of the payment methods studied included Staphylococcus aureus– the culprit behind staph infections – and Salmonella enterica, a common source of food poisoning.


David Westenberg, associate professor of biological sciences at Missouri University of Science and Technology, said that while cash, cards and tablets can pick up bacteria from human skin, the microbes can’t thrive there because there’s no food source.


what does that matter with viruses?

Gold and silver coins were antimicrobial. Our ancestors were clever.

A study reveals that half of all credit cards sampled tested positive for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — better known as the deadly MRSA infection

CDC spokeswoman Melissa Dankel calls credit cards a natural fomite, the medical term for an inanimate object that can transmit disease.

McQuaig says the widespread presence of MRSA is one reason cashiers, toll booth workers and TSA agents increasingly wear gloves on the job.

Lisa Holmes, a longtime vendor to the Department of Veterans Affairs, began her one-woman crusade against plastic fomites more than a decade ago after observing commonplace cross-contamination while making her rounds of VA hospitals.

“In one, the woman who registers veterans all day had lesions all over her hands from their plastic ID cards; she couldn’t wear gloves because she couldn’t type with them. In another, a lady caregiver was leaning over a patient with her badge touching his face, then turns and leans over another veteran and does the same thing. I said, ‘whoa, we’ve got to fix this thing,’” she recalls….

Holmes says card companies and issuers alike seem to have higher priorities these days than the health of their cardholders. While the additional manufacturing cost would be inconsequential, in the industry’s view, the idea of rolling out a new “cleaner” card just now would open a whole can of public relations worms best left unopened, she says.

There’s one other obstacle as well: the antimicrobial card doesn’t kill germs per se; it simply inhibits their growth.


Holmes insists she’s on the right side of history and that one day her patent will be inside every purse and wallet in America.

“It’s just a matter of getting a credit card company that is willing to develop it. They don’t want to embrace it right now but once they do, everyone will want this thing,” she says. “I’m hoping the plastic badges will catch on, too. You have to fix it all.”

She was right.

Plastic is the WORST. Viruses love it.

Handing someone a wad of sweaty bills may be bad manners, but it’s not likely to make them sick. Even though money is covered in bacteria, there’s a low risk of becoming sick from touching it, said Christopher Mason, an assistant professor in the department of physiology and biophysics at Weill Cornell University, who has researched the amount of bacteria on common surfaces, such as the New York City subway.

Some 11% of hands, 8% of credit cards and 6% of paper money showed levels of bacteria equal to those in a dirty toilet bowl, according to a 2012 study of 272 people by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London. (Although, it’s important to note, the study was funded by a handwash company.) “Microbes are everywhere, and most of them are beneficial to us rather than harmful,” said Jane Carlton, a professor of biology and the director of the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU, who worked on the Dirty Money Project, in an email.


I think it’s actually illegal to ban cash.

That’s legal tender.

Banning cards in a shop is fine, legal tender is always legal.

You literally cannot ban cash as a shop.

That said, most people carry the kind of bacteria found on money and credit cards. Because paper dollars have a porous surface, they act like sponges and pick up a large amount of bacteria, Mason said, but the same bacteria is often found on skin.

Cash absorbs so it’s actually safer. Our cotton money is really absorbent.

“You should be no more afraid of touching money than shaking someone’s hand,” he said.

Your Credit Cards Are Crawling With Bacteria

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Topical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London looked into the contamination of hands, money, and credit and debit cards in England. From their samplings they found that 1 in 10 bank cards were contaminated with bacteria, and 1 in 7 bills were also contaminated.

What were they contaminated with? Bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococci and most notably, fecal bacteria. This means about 10 percent of cards and 14 percent of money is swimming with bacteria. Although 91 percent of respondents claimed they were washing their hands after using the restroom, the findings showed otherwise. Also, take into account how many people handle your card, such as a cashier, whose hands may also be contaminated.

The study found that 28 percent of the swabs taken were contaminated, 26 percent of them with fecal bacteria. Of the samples taken 11 percent of hands, 8 percent of cards and 6 percent of bills were found to be contaminated with about the same amount of bacteria found in a dirty toilet bowl.

There were 272 participants in the study who provided cards, money, and their hands to be swabbed and inspected for bacteria as well as providing information about their hygienic habits. Now that we have provided you with this information isn’t it about time you went and cleaned your credit cards.

You can easily clean your cards by using disinfectant wipes. If you’re looking to keep your cards as clean as possible use a wallet, try to avoid having multiple touch your card (unless it is needed), and avoid laying your card down on public surfaces like the cashier counter.

“Stash cash under your mattress” ~ Fund manager

It’s short and they’ve been going SJW so, in full so I can explain;

The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

“Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that,” he told Telegraph Money.

deanwinchester supernatural wink flirty hey hello nice
Some of us like it that way. A little chaos spices up the day.

The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash”, an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.

He knows something. He grew a conscience?
Reminds me of the Most Honest Stockbroker in the Entire World.

His concern is that global debt – particularly mortgage debt – has been pumped up to record levels, made possible by exceptionally low interest rates that could soon end, and he is unsure how well banks could cope with the shocks that may await.

He daren’t mention the other 3 horsemen of the economic apocalypse: student loans, pensions/welfare and the NHS.

lestat rat judgemental

He pointed out that a saver was covered only up to £85,000 per bank under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – which is effectively unfunded – and that the Government has said it will not rescue banks in future, hence his suggestion that some money should be held in physical cash.


Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

Per banking LICENSE.
Many banks operate under a single license, meaning you’re entitled to 1 (one) £85k payment. You need to check yourself. This assumes the currency value doesn’t change compared to nominal.

He declined to predict the exact trigger but said it was more likely to happen in the next five years rather than 10. The current woes of Greece, which may crash out of the euro, already has many market watchers concerned.

Oh, he means the EU collapse.

I will add for the record that being a hater doesn't make you wrong

Mr Spreadbury’s views are timely, aside from Greece. A growing number of professional investors (see comment, right) and commentators are expressing unease about what happens next.

The prices of nearly all assets – property, shares, bonds – have been rising for years.

House prices have risen by 26pc since the start of 2009, and by 68pc in London. The FTSE 100 is up by 75pc.

Although it feels counter-intuitive, this trend of rising prices should continue if economies remain weak, because it gives central banks licence to keep rates low and to carry on with their “quantitative easing” programmes.


Conversely, if the economy does pick up and interest rates need to rise, the act of doing so is likely to stall the economy and force them to be reduced again. Once more, demand for those mainstream assets would be rekindled and the asset boom continues.

But then there is the shock event. Daily Telegraph columnist Jeremy Warner also captured some of the concerns this week when he wrote that the trigger for an “inevitable correction” could come from “a clear blue sky – a completely unanticipated event.

Like a…. Black Swan? If only there were a name for this effect?

How are fund managers preparing for this gloomy possibility?

Sadistic glee since they’re making bank twice (getting out before this Black Swan crash plus future selloff). 3x if you count ’08 but who does?

Mr Spreadbury sticks to bonds because of the remit of his funds. Within that world, he said a shock to the system would cause a flight to safety and the price of British government bonds, or gilts, would rise sharply. He also holds bonds of companies that would be most protected in times of turmoil – water companies, power network operators – and those where the bonds are secured on a solid asset, such as land or buildings.

Sounds like he’s prepping for a war.

Examples include Center Parcs and Intu, which owns shopping centres.

Marcus Brookes, another well regarded fund manager who looks after billions of pounds worth of investments, is less constrained in where he invests, because of the different remit of his funds. Schroder Multi-Manager Diversity, for example, can pick and choose between assets.

Mr Brookes said the probability of a major shock event was small but even he holds 29pc of the Diversity portfolio in cash, a huge proportion compared with most funds. This decision is due to his concern that bonds are overvalued and may fall. He aims to deliver returns of 4pc above inflation so can’t afford to put too much in assets that he believes will lose money.

“The problem is that people are struggling to work out how to diversify if QE programmes stop,” he said.

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies
I wouldn’t give those people Monopoly money.

Mr Spreadbury added: “We have rock-bottom rates and QE is still going on – this is all experimental policy and means we are in uncharted territory.

Seems pretty planned to me.

“The message is diversification. Think about holding other assets. That could mean precious metals, it could mean physical currencies.”

But you said above….
Nevermind, they don’t have a clue.

Apocalypse incoming. Got it.

They can find fingerprints on cash and receipts now

This is why the BoE (Bank of England) is trying to move to plastic-based cash. And they pass microbes better too.

“The technology, which has been developed by Dr John Bond OBE from the University of Leicester’s Department of Chemistry, uses a specially tailored UV light source to visualise fingerprints not possible to see otherwise on ‘thermal paper’ — that is, the paper used for shop receipts and for bank statements from ATMs.

Historically, the process of visualising fingerprints on thermal paper has been problematic, as the solvent used in the chemical treatment can colour the dye and turn the whole paper black, rendering thermal paper a ‘problem surface’ to recover fingerprints from.

The new technology developed by Dr Bond counters these issues, making it possible to identify fingerprints on all forms of thermal paper efficiently.

Dr Bond said: “This new technology offers a new way of easily looking for fingerprints on an increasing source of paperwork that criminals are likely to handle when committing a variety of offences.”