4-point shitstorm

I keep seeing broad predictions of no practical use.

Note: this is the shortest timeline, as soon as possible.

More useful is to understand how a process can unfold.

Based on history, here is how any Trouble would likely arise.

  1. A big flagship company (e.g. Tesla) would be subject to market forces and tank. Economy would get shitty for a while. It could be a national thing in the international banking system e.g. Venezuela, Italy using its guns to defend its culture and the collapse of the EU – same result from black swan.
  2. The economy would get shittier after a numb time of optimism and market shock because the same con artists are in charge while most flee to Israel, Russia, bunkers, whatever. Internet and other communications would go down and we rely on those for news. People would bank run, making it worse. Banks would close, a few minor attacks on bankers. Public workers lose money, including police. Loyalty becomes frayed. Margin call, Universities lose bargaining power. MSM flails like a dead fish.
  3. The infrastructure would crack and reveal the rotting crumbling edifice propped up fiat fake fun money e.g. pension funds go, NHS implodes, EBT crashes, nuclear power meltdowns, EMP from piss-taking panicking China maybe. A lot of basic functions would go to shit. Big one? FOOD SECURITY. Starts all riots.
  4. Still entitled, many groups would expect special treatment. Being thieves, that’s when your violence and civil wars would start. WW3 would likely be a WorldWide Civil War.

Timeline, depends on bailouts, to be perfectly honest.

I didn’t think so much QE was possible.

Some countries might opt to default early e.g. Italy, to save themselves at the expense of the system that screwed them with odious debt.

2019-2021, previously mentioned by me. I predicted by 2022, much will have changed about the basic ways the world operates. Much of it worse but more principled, maybe?

I can’t discuss rebuild before the tower falls.

Again, predicting something isn’t the same as wanting it to happen.

In 2019, stock volatility of Stage 1. Speed of progression after that hard to say.

I doubt there are enough high IQs in the Valley to operate out of such a mess.

These people got paid in stock.

And electronic, not emergency TP.

Could be wrong but I’ve called a lot of things before. The timeline is blurry because I’m honest.

I can’t say, ah, it’s September 3rd, 2019, can I?

January 25 2020.

August 12 2020.

April 18 2021.

There are simply too many factors.

It won’t be 2030 though, Vox. I know that.

(No, I’m not hinting those dates).

Meme 2017

By happenstance I heard referenced some ideas from a piece I had written, today, it’s funny when my own work recurs on me because I’m always paranoid I have a very definite signature. I do not.


Anyway it’s mostly this type of thing below and highly prognostic with hindsight.


I forget how I must seem to normal people but I do have a visionary sense of things. I credit it to a diverse array of friends, no lie, from SJWs (yes, I know) all the way to… well, people you’ve heard of, who’d rather lose a nut than touch one of those SJWs. I don’t censor friends, I take it all in and process (not aspie, like HFT). This is the first time I’ve gone through a post to see how accurate it turned out to be.

In essence, if you’re new this year, you’ve already heard of me, you just didn’t know it. I get around a bit. The ideas at least. I might’ve become a meme, in places. An idea, they don’t really believe in me. Hell, they don’t believe in my sex, I still get called a man because girls don’t like to laugh apparently. It’s hard to bite my tongue when I hear people poorly explain my own thoughts to me in public. Especially when some hack in MSM took credit for it. The Guardian ones hurt the most, it was an almost-critical ego blow. Have I gone too far, I wondered. Then I decided to push harder, for the meme.


NRX needs memes”

well, shit, that’s the understatement of this year politically, ain’t it?

“It will be interesting to see how PC caves under the rising number of terror attacks. No country for cucks and mudsharks.”

“Already they’re becoming the laughing stock and social leper for beliefs that in any other time would be called Satanic”

See what I mean?

It will be IQ apartheid. The low IQ will revolt and possibly riot in the streets because they want the high IQ’s stuff.”


“I enjoy warning SJWs with the full redpill truth and watching them walk stridently head first into reality. Who says reverse psychology doesn’t work? They’re like little lemmings, and this is before any harshness sets in.”

They think they find me here by accident. Bless.

That’s sweet.

“I don’t worry about the SJWs, leave them to it, maybe sit back and crack open a drink to watch the chaos. Children must learn consequences.”

This was before Trump announced he was running, when everyone else was saying they’d vote Hillary since she was bound to win anyway and it would speed up the decline.

Sometimes I forget how hilarious I am.

“I dunno what it is about Youtubers lately but they all seem to be half-arsing it with circlejerk two hour plus podcasts of griping about how we ‘must do something’ as if I care anymore for their futile whining than a basic bitch at Starbucks complaining about her latte….

….If I have a pretty firm idea of your opinion on the topic of How We’re All Doomed before I click, why would I listen to it unscripted unedited and filthy casual for hours and hours and hours of ‘content’?…

…Elevating the speakers over the topic.”

This was before the Milo event horizon was reached.

“Communist belief systems caused the modern poverty. Marx is a mass murderer. e.g. Sure, give those jobs to people in another country – where are the jobs? Pay workers in Asia a living wage – why is everything so expensive? There is a winner and a loser and they made us the losers.”

Trump’s speeches about American industry and winners spring to mind.
It’s basically verbatim.

Has he seriously been combing over our stuff? Maybe I’m not a Cassandra, and they have, in fact, been listening to me.


It was the frogs, follow the frogs Neo. Free helicopter rides.

Call me, Big T. I have more. Free. I just want this shit done, you feel me?

I have dreams. My colleagues are hardcore in what they’d want but I want Europe at the top of my itinerary, just basic safety again (yes I’m girlish and no not sorry). The Guardian keeps speaking about us like a spectre cloaking it, like a dementor. The Right sweeps <country> and here’s how memes are the Devil’s prayer

You want a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Well, okay. If you insist, sweety.

The real Millennial Woes – student debt, homeless, priced out of parenthood and no pension

I will cover the last two here because tuition and Generation Rent you already know about (or you can look up).

They’ve been raised on the statist teat since nursery school – why change now? I keep trying to draw attention to how Gen Y is uniquely being fucked over but few people seem to be listening. The result will be the hardest of redpill resets but I’d rather avert disaster personally. Every single time I say something, I get the blithe reply But The Government Wouldn’t Lie to Us! Like tripling tuition when they promised they wouldn’t and the rich even got it for free, you mean? Those people? Beautifully, they’re using SJW logic against us, their Party Line on cuts has been ‘If it can’t be Equal, it will be scrapped.’ Think on that.

Gen Y will not retire. You think you will, but unless you’re rich, you are wrong. They haven’t explicitly promised us anything, have they, it’s obfuscation, smoke ‘n mirrors to pay into the Boomer’s pot. I can see it now…

First they ‘warn’ us about age hikes, then when we near that age they pull the rug out and say ‘there’s no money left’ like they aren’t sitting on a gold-plated pension themselves [Merkel] and shrug with open hands they recited as a gesture of honesty as they blame ‘the stock market’ they chose to invest the pension pots into. At this rate, you’ll be able to cash it in for 6 sunny months at a reduced rate before doing your civic duty and dropping dead. Maybe if I cite the Guardian enough times the Lefties will finally fucking listen?

“The new review, led by John Cridland, the former head of the CBI business group, suggests this timetable could be speeded up even further so young and middle-aged workers will have to wait even longer than to retire. The Office for Budget Responsibility has forecast that on current trajectories of life expectancy, the rate could reach 70 by the mid-2060s.”

Average lifespan of men is about 73.

Long slow white genocide in progress, creating conditions where raising a healthy nuclear family is practically impossible. Clarey once covered how the American education system screws over women during peak fertility but our system is much, much worse.


Jealousy towards baby boomers is an everyday occurrence. You’ll be sitting in a bar with friends and hear them lament the fact that their parents had bought a house by the time they were 27. “My mother had already had me and my sister by the time she was my age,” one friend said gloomily when the subject came up. Generation Y – or millennials, if you must – are still often portrayed as existing in a state of perpetual kidulthood; we’re Peter Pans who never want to grow up. Yet many of us are desperate to do so.”

Everyone I spoke to for this article felt a responsibility not to bring children into an environment that was economically precarious; but I wonder how long people are willing to sacrifice future parenthood because of this. If we all go ahead and have babies anyway, what will be the consequences for the state? It’s ironic that a government so ostensibly dedicated to notions of “family” is giving little help to those who desire nothing more. Communal living is already a reality for many people, as overcrowded houses and boomerang children demonstrate. Do we all just need to learn to live with other people’s babies?”

I hope this clusterfuck comes crashing down soon, it can’t happen soon enough for Gen Y. Sub-replacement fertility is indeed a ticking time bomb, but we didn’t build it, fuse it, or set it. Those currently in power did!
All the responsible couples I know can’t even afford to get married, let alone breed. And the Governments have the temerity to say it’s our fault (when there are record-high taxes on the poor) and we must bring in immigrants? Must, really? And why can’t we put those resources into our own people, eh?
This is why Europe’s below replacement level. Personal debt. Quit blaming us for the system Baby Boomers and Gen X fuckwits voted in. They say they care, but they continue to push up rent costs, don’t they? I know people being charged rent by their own nouveau riche parents. Parents who then go on to pester them about… you guessed it, marriage and grandchildren. What do they spend the money on? Cruises and skiing holidays. Fuck them and fuck this for a game of soldiers. All this on top of national debt. Which generation is paying for that, do you think?

TLDR: The European financial system has already crashed, we just don’t know it yet.

superman drinking give up nope

My Thought on the Paris Attacks

The Moslem believe peace to be our weakness. If they picked up a history book, they would see peace is a weakness we have killed for. For millennia, in many vicious and fruitless wars, brother against brother. Civil war is a point of sarcasm and our gallows humour remains. We paid for our nation states, monarchies and democracies by the barrel of our ancestor’s blood. This is our flag and it cannot be unstaked. This is our birthright and claim. We have been in a continental stalemate since the bloodiest yet, thanks to newfangled death machines, our weapons stayed temporarily by the memory, now fading, of what a waste we made the last two times. How many died needlessly? We stopped from love, not cowardice. What were we defending, we asked ourselves, if not ourselves, with nobody left to answer.

This bolded section sprung to mind when I heard the news and saw the attentive impact on otherwise mundane people.

“The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”

If the enemies of the West were smart, they’d gather up their trophies and leave now. Peace is an accord between gentlefolk and the enemy sets the tone. It seems peace is no longer an option. White people made an artform of torture, for God or war or sport; Sade simply wrote parts of it down. The nature of men does not change with the centuries, we simply forget it awhile. They would be foolish to prod the nest when a fury has built.

“You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.”

I predicted this year would be important. I’m sorry to report I was correct.

I do not know how long it will take to reply, and even less about the time until resolution, but these are dark days ahead. One thing is clear – we cannot go back. We cannot turn our face away from the danger and I hope this matter will be concluded swiftly.

Cassandra moment

I know how this sounds. Egotistical. Boastful. Arrogant. Except – I know I’m right, about my forecasts, provided as commentary via this blog. I flick through paradigms on a subject in the same way idiots read magazines. I know what else is out there and I know why it is wrong. The problem with being too prescient is that no one likes the truth when it requires effort.
For this reason, feel free to dilute my lessons and pass them off as vague urban legend or hell, something that popped into your head in the shower. This applies to the general tone or event, you know what plagarism is. I really want to get these ideas out there, I know it could stem such pain ahead of their proof reality.
So please, use what ideas you’ve seen here. Play with them. If you expand on them, comment about it. 99% of readers are lurkers.

Reading: Global Strategic Trends 2007-2036 document

Click to access strat_trends_23jan07.pdf


Page 42;

“The US position as the world’s most indebted nation makes it vulnerable to stock market collapse, currency runs and economic crisis, as well as global currency manipulation.”

Page 43;

“A major pandemic may be the instrument that causes a reverse in the process of globalization as national responses to contain infection will involve significant restrictions on personal mobility and interaction over a lengthy period. Some states may even be destabilized by the effort and resources required to address the situation”

“The declining size of working populations and rising social, health and pension costs in developed countries, financed through taxation, will increase the financial burden on the younger elements of society. Further exacerbation by unaffordable house prices, student debt and unemployment, contrasted with the wealth locked up in older generations, may lead to protests on a wide scale, resulting in instability and social unrest.”

Page 44;

“A large city in a developing region (or a number of large cities in more than one region) may fail before 2035. The effects will be equivalent in character, if not in scale, to state failure, which city failure may, in turn, precipitate.”

Page 45;

“It is likely that unregulated urbanization will result in future adversaries who have highly-developed urban survival and combat skills. They may consequently choose to pursue their objectives and conduct operations in sprawling towns and cities which will already have experienced endemic lawlessness and high levels of violence.”

Page 50;

“Conflict and crises will continue to trigger the displacement of large numbers of people, mainly into proximate regions, which may themselves be at risk of instability. Recent conflicts have also demonstrated the potential for sudden movements of people over longer distances, with the potential for related shocks and knock-on effects. This instability is likely to fuel extremist politics in some societies, possibly based on a beleaguered middle class, which may result in resurgent nationalism and authoritarianism.”

Basically, almost everything I’ve been saying for years is in this paper, more or less.
There’s also a 2010 edition I haven’t read yet.

Click to access GST4_v9_Feb10.pdf

Have fun with it.

I'm smarter than anyone else you'll ever meetNB: Still cannot tell you how I know all of this, or who I am, I hope you understand.

Seeing The Future: On — Economy, Culture, Why ‘Enjoy the Decline’?

If you ever read one post of mine, let it be this.

I treat you as a sentient intelligent lifeform. Objections?

Consider the future. Your future.

Or pay for travel now with your future life plus interest

Is there a sense of –

Any sane person in this part of the century.

Like you kinda want out of the world you were born into?

We all have those days, months.... YEARS.

You are not alone.

You don't need to be, anyway.

You don’t need to be, anyway.

The world is pretty shitty. You aren’t imagining it. Standards are dropping across the board.

It's deliberate.

The young especially, we’re being fucked over. You might try and avoid the problem, the Hell that is other people, but this will make you feel worse, believe me.

If you can't trust an anonymous stranger on the internet, who can you trust?

If you can’t trust an anonymous stranger on the internet, who can you trust?

What do we get? Why sign up for the plans made before our birth?
We’re seeing this. Existentialism. Ennui.  The rise of hedonism. It’s an acceptable reaction.

It's like going through the stages of grief for a world that only existed in our dreams

Sadly, the current system is too far gone. Too much is broken for we enlightened few to fix.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

Thankfully, our time-wasting is a virtue. We aren’t contributing to a bad system and insodoing, accelerate its decline.

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

Cultural excesses are dependent on money.

When the extravagances paid for by ‘Free Money’ have consequences, they are dismissed because Times are Good. Make mistakes, life is for living, carpe diem. While it’s on the table, with no losses down the line, I say go for it.

Let them glory in their vices, we'll have the last laugh at the hags

Getting to the heart of the matter will quell it.

The greatest action nowadays is inaction. We are collectively refusing to support the situation we never created. That Baby Boomers and co. did. They hate us because they know the clusterfuck situation they made and expected us to respectfully tidy up their mess. And pay for everything. And throw away our youth slaving for pittance because they wasted theirs.
Our rebellion is to say ‘no’.

Action by inactionWait it out. We have time. Our elders hear a big tick tock, or is that their blood pressure?

When the globalised economy corrects, which will happen very soon thanks to dumbfuck management (<20y vs <200y culture-only decline), excuses stop. Survival mode is engaged.
We call those Revolutions. They are the norm throughout history. French, Russian…. Will this be a Global Revolution? I don’t know. We run headlong into TMV = Too many variables.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

Let’s look to outcomes.
I have hope.
You see, such a fall would scorch us from the lies infesting us from birth. Little ticks would quickly be brushed from acceptable society and vulgar insanities mocked. The stable society which must arise if humanity is to continue would likely be a type of Neo-Renaissance.

A fiver says he's a feminist.

Watch our hubristic enemies burn in a fire of their own building and a phoenix of great beauty arise from the ashes.

This is considered cool for a reason, it's the reaction of a person who can handle their shit

Enjoy the decline. This isn’t arrogant, it is retribution, a karmic correction. Were we wrong, we would still benefit from knowing the system well enough to easily come out on top. We have the jump.

It's encouraged to mock them as long as you're a living example of the practices you espouse.

It’s encouraged to mock them as long as you’re a living example of the practices you espouse. Lead by becoming and the right people will follow.

I know this collapse is inevitable because the current system is built on lies. Those cultures (safety net of the hivemind) collapse when the wolves are at the door. If the fittest (those in touch with reality, who know the score) are in charge, things get better quicker. Can’t be worse than the morons we have now.

Preppers have a very good point, the shit will hit the fan, take a brolly
We have nothing to worry about.
Our simple, sole duty is in telling the truth.
Can’t say we didn’t warn them.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.