Importing misogyny

Anti-white misogyny only.

They just can’t admit it openly.

I no longer trust “right-wing” news reporters, especially alternatives, because they completely missed out this viral video as the true reason France simply began to enforce its harassment law.

Fine, you lie and omit like the left, I won’t trust you like the left.

It doesn’t even have to be sexual harassment, people have a right to walk down the street in peace. It isn’t a strip club and both parties know the attention is an insult. Nobody has a right to take up your time or get your response. We’ve all been eased into this with comedians being cunts and calling it ‘a prank’ or with charity people on the street, in the UK they can’t legally come up to you anymore actually, begging is illegal. As harassment. They can’t even shake those donation tins, it’s coercion. Nothing to do with sex, just basic respect.

These little cowards wouldn’t dare be aggressive in public to men, they pick on the weaker sex like an animal. Notice he chose a lone, thin woman, who clearly couldn’t physically defend herself.

Why don’t most women risk dressing up anymore? Femininity is punished.

The First World must enforce its standards of decency and oppose this American lechery.

Hollywood’s been teaching these people lies.

White people don’t exist to please you. 

White men won’t pay you, white women won’t flirt with you. We don’t want you here, nobody asked you to come here.

Lechery selfies

It’s like Twilight Zone to hear ‘traditional men’ justify this. Especially ones with bad experiences at the hands of the rarer lecherous woman. Nobody should be lewd and nobody deserves to be targeted. No excuses!

Did this happen in your precious 50s?

Hell, in the 1850s he’d have been horse-whipped!

Why do they think women wear headphones everywhere now?

This just a coincidence?

We don’t call you fat or hot or whatever, keep your mouth shut in public. Babies manage this.

God knows the comments if she made an effort with her appearance. Note the shit-tier quality of the harassers. Good men never do this.

If women were crass as rap culture makes men

This makes everyone uncomfortable. Music betrays more about society than anything else and men who call women the rude ones are laughable. Imagine if we went around calling random men ‘pricks’ the way they call women ‘bitches’, or talking about their biceps the way they openly critique breasts. They’d feel so insecure there’d be petitions.

I honestly believe rap culture is a key factor in our cultural decline. White men trying to act like poor black ones.

It’s all ghetto signalling and no masculinity.

There is a small niche of ironic rap songs by women playing the rude game, Biscuit by Ivy Levan is one of the best.

Hey, you said you’d be fine with it the other way around, right?
Like porn, and naked models in public, and explicit catcalling?

I’d love to see a hashtag like #RapisRapeCulture because most of what the feminists bitch about comes directly from there.

Compliments vs. catcalling

Basically you’re calling the woman a whore and we know it, that’s why we ignore you.

Most catcallers are like dogs chasing cars. They wouldn’t know what to do with one when they catch one. But it comes from a tradition of prostitution.  Langston Hughes wrote about it while reporting on the Spanish Civil War in his excellent autobiography I Wonder as I Wander:

There is an old Spanish custom taken for granted that a man may whistle or even speak to a pretty girl on the street without offense … Only loose women even turn around to acknowledge such compliments. But with revolutionary zeal, some of the more ardent Loyalists ladies in Spain set out to put an end to what they felt was “intrusive and uncomradely” in the traditional Spanish way of flirting.  Women, they said were workers and citizens just like me, not mere objects of sex, and so should not be subjected to personal remarks from unknown admirers on the public streets.

Which is to say: Catcalling has been out of style since before WWII.

Here is the most important thing to know about dating/life/humanity: “Men’s greatest fear is that women will laugh at them, while women’s greatest fear is that men will kill them.” Margaret Atwood said this.

If you feel you need to speak to a stranger, don’t speak to them when they might feel vulnerable (alone, dark, at night, in a dodgy area) and ideally, get introduced by their social circle. This goes for women speaking to men as well’ it’s called manners. If you wouldn’t go up to them when with their friends, you don’t deserve their company because you wouldn’t fit into their class, why make it awkward for them knowing they have to reject you? Yet the ghetto types, lowest SES of all, and criminals to boot (so actually a physical danger), try to impose themselves on women. Imagine being a high SES male, walking along in a suit on the way to work minding your own business, and the homeless guys or unemployed kept following you, talking about how nice your suit was (maybe touching it, despite your protests) and threatening to mug you (oh, the things I could do with that money…). Money being a synonym for your body. That’s how it feels. You can’t be friendly with someone, unless you’re already friends, already acquainted. Stop calling it ‘friendly’, when it’s imposing. Dictionaries exist.
On the other hand, I’ve heard men frequently complain of large groups of women judging them and bothering them when alone, especially hen parties….yes, that’s how it feels, exactly. Except approaching a group is a choice, and comes with the possibility of rejection. You take a chance, it’s going to happen, the higher you aim, the more it happens. No need to bitch about it, though.

In public, you are just a normal citizen, and your rights to personal space need be respected.
Dressing well and taking care of yourself is expected, it’s normal, it isn’t an invitation to strangers like a prostitute. Those women will talk to you.

OT: sexual remarks are not flirting, they’re rude. Flirting is subtle.

All the more attractive women find it insecure, they just assume a man is interested, they don’t need to be told. We can read body language. And the desperation of hitting on women from a class band out of their league makes it quite funny, that they think it might impress us? Since when has poor impulse control impressed rich people?

What women hear;