They’re scared

A white woman in a dress talking logically? Holy shit, shut it down.

She’d get better outcomes out of a video lecturing men on how they should pretend to have periods, or else be sexist. Has she tried being more left wing? Have you tried posting some degenerate bits flapping in the wind at a ‘march’ in public?

Christ, don’t use LOGIC, that’s sexist! …. Wait a second….

See, they want her to keep posting there and feeding into their system.

They’re scared women will agree with her.

If they blocked her, they’d lose out on the “recommended” list that pushes viewers to less wrong think and crimestop and more thought-terminating cliches and feeeeeeeeeelz.

She’s jumping through the hoop but now it’s on fire. Stop censoring, the nature of the channel forbids it and detach the money bag from the loudspeaker. What gets views? Brutal honesty or their algorithm. The latter hates you, push the former.

China “hurt feelings” again

They know we don’t give a shit, right?

It does show you a tactic of theirs.
(They’ve also been ‘protesting’ property developers, actually intimidation).

Thought police get the citizens to report one another.

This saves them time, resources, and allows them to move the goalposts on offences with cases.

Collectivism cultures manage this especially well with envy.

The SJWs “hurt feelings” = violence rhetoric is basically 100% chink.
They treat ‘shame’ like something humans shouldn’t have to feel.

You bought an over-priced car, you should feel shame. It was your choice.

Tie scarves on them and the communists who trashed developer offices would be anti-fa.

Most Asians are quite tough people. You wouldn’t see that shit in Korea, N/S.

Chinacoms are the weakest cucks to their government on the planet.

China has “hurt feelings” every week. It’s an abuse tactic, they’re trying to make you prioritise their feelings over yours (gaslighting) and infantilise them so they cannot be held responsible for their adult actions (like buying a shitty car). You can’t negotiate with that cultural tantrum unless you’re absolutely brutal, they vote in Big Gov because they need it to keep their infantile population in line. If you give in one time, they reference it like a shrew every time thereafter. Those are not respectable people.

They’re killing Christians now, it’s obvious. Plenty of their own citizens have disappeared but there’s a protest about this – distraction.

They’re trying to enforce speech laws from China in the West, if you look back to the Guardian article about Western Unis not using the word “Taiwan”.

This is the enemy.

To learn who rules over you……

NeonRevolt’s QAnon posts banned from Facebook

I was personally sent a screencap about linking this, it was immediately removed from public view as spam.

That has never happened to this guy before, even on 4chan material.

There was no text, only that link listed above.

We live in a public square.


SO many lies you’re not allowed to read it.

They must think 100% of people who read it, will believe it.

Reading about the Papacy, you never picture your group as Galileo.

Twitter’s psychosis experiment

Big Brother is only going to ask you ONCE:

Which is the straight line?

This is why we should’ve kept the old asylums open.

“Asch (1951) devised what is now regarded as a classic experiment in social psychology, whereby there was an obvious answer to a line judgment task. If the participant gave an incorrect answer it would be clear that this was due to group pressure.”

Do you believe in genetics, the evolution of sexual dimorphism or equalism and conformity?

Future cult researchers will have a field day with this attempted breach of reality.

Thought Prison was right. This won’t end.

Breaking a person isn’t a big thing requiring waterboarding and chains.

It’s very subtle and small. You force them to publicly lie to themselves, to say something they know isn’t true and believe it. This miniature psychosis causes future dissonance, they’ll go on to deny things before their very eyes without intervention.

If you can get them to lie ONCE, just once, they’re yours forever.

SJWs aren’t to be mocked as stupid or pitied, they’re psyops.

They dress like useless idiots so you under-estimate them.
If they turned up in suits, you’d know it was a conformity test.