Video: Resisting improvement addiction

It’s another excuse to sell you shit you don’t need.

If you’ve seen Fight Club, you’ve got no excuse.

The fact dick supplements still sell, shows men are the dumber sex. I’m sorry, but women don’t buy Viagra, okay? You don’t get to complain about female spending habits because at the end of the day, clothing and shoes have practical value.

Honour and character oppose the flighty, narcissistic temperament fed by constant you can do it! change your life! marketing. The former people do not pay out for life coaches and the like. It’s lifestyle spending,  consumer cult-ure. Most modern people can’t commit to a New Year’s Resolution, let alone another human. One of the biggest reasons given for divorce? They changed. You’re meant to change! Together! In the same direction! I want to bash their heads together.

Have it All is not feminist. It’s Baby Boomer, the beginning of teen propaganda, where the world is and always will be your oyster and your current age 40+ is the new 30. If you don’t have unlimited potential, you might not be cool, and therefore worthless. Think about that. It produces a culture of easily led idiots, who make no permanent changes to your system. They’re too busy thinking about their killer abs or which colour to dye their hair this week.

Vapid people, dying society.

Other times, employers use it to force that little piece of soul you had left, out into their profit margins, beyond your compensation.

You don’t self-improve for other people, it’s right there in the name.

That’s called servitude. If we swallow all the propaganda, we are equal and self-responsible, meaning nobody should be pushing you to change anything, unless you have an arrangement (classically known as employment).

Improvement is used as an excuse, a distraction, GAINS instead of rifle training and making yourself a good husband (material), hair styles and make-up tutorials instead of being beautiful on the inside. The Beautiful Ones were all still rats. What’s worse than a dumb, vain rat?

At its most pathological, it’s an addiction. I’m deadly serious. The hollow, signalling value of gamifying aspects of your life dissociates from living it, being present and active. It starts with a silly thing like bed notches and ends with collecting jars of your own urine like Howard Hughes. Plenty of right-wing people go loopy this way, they won’t like me saying this.

You shouldn’t feel a need to brag about being yourself. #redflag

I guess don’t care, if you really don’t care. I happen to.

Link: Unrest is aesthetic gold

I’ll never tire of this man’s face. It’s Grecian god-tier.

It’s almost like chaos creates a specific social mobility between classes, including memes and various paradigms in the noosphere.

Edgy is fine, I have no problem with edge if you browse a smidge but we also need a refined side. something comfortable to counteract dull and dreary times with a dismal economic prospect. A little, dare I be very Gen Y and say, hope, to inject? Edge is incomplete, it doesn’t serve the youth’s needs. It’s one side of the coin. There’s more to offer, practical things. Gen Y and Z want solutions, not more promises and pipedreams.
I need more positive posts to balance out the internet glums of chums but it’s difficult trying to decipher and interpret these things as one person alone, it isn’t for me individually to decide. I’m not being humble, it’s factual. I have no idea where to go either, in terms of living conditions as well as this, so I can feel an opportunity and it’d be a shame to keep it to myself when I can’t do anything with it currently.

I mean
there’s an opening for the traditional, and not as a barren moneymaking scheme. I’d rather our lot fill it than the enemy, who hate beauty and want to pervert anything good with lies.

Why am I bothering, I ask myself?

Do NOT cede the culture war to these fuckers.

Please, listen, I’ve met them. They’re so much worse than you think.
The power of this one video killed most hipster culture, I swear. By making it totally apolitical and actually funny (not only if you read ABC first), it’s 100% a political jab against signalling. Bask in it.

While I’m sharing old videos with genuine comedy you should’ve seen, traditional people had wild humour.

You needn’t be obvious.