Post-Weinstein, why is everyone still ignoring this?

I posted this a long time ago but can’t find the link. I posted the full interview, it was likely taken down.

Because it was so ‘fake’.

Why aren’t you talking to this woman, Corey?


yes it was taken down

Hollywood abuse happens to men too

Of course it does, even people like me readily own up to the reality, it’s rarer but can be more sadistic. Women don’t feel qualified to discuss male-on-male abuse, the same way we try to draw attention to the industries in general.

Men and boys.

There’s even less sympathy there.

What do you think the drugs are for? All minors (or adult and with principles).

Props to the Guardian for actually owning up to this.

They aren’t all bad, all the time.
They have a duty to report on this, considering the luvvie set write for them.

It’s a shame Chester can’t see this. Come on, Corey, the iron is hot!

Sitting around bitching into Youtube does sweet FA.

Note: this follows the SJW outing the white gay male from the victim circle. They don’t have to “keep the secrets” anymore.

STDs and child disease

I was reading this

because I wrote that piece on syphilis.

As well as causing infertility, syphilis can induce miscarriages and stillbirths. Some children born to syphilitic mothers will never show any signs of infection. Others die in infancy or develop serious health complications.

And antibiotics are failing.

And it struck me, wait, that continues on. It never disappeared.

Except women are still the ones blamed despite men counting more partners in studies (most sluts are men, mathematically and willingness plays into this) and there are links to psychiatric conditions.

No pill for ruining your legacy.

Top of my mind.

“It’s a very important paper,” says Karen Jones, a behavioral neuroimmunologist at the University of California, Davis, who was not involved with study. “It’s also really important to remember that not every mom who has HSV-2 is going to have a kid with autism.”

The idea virgin brides will prevent any STDs or medical grievances is absurd.
Chastity applies to men as well for good reason. Purity is physical?

This idea either sex can both have their cake and eat it is childish. Have it All is a lie sold to weaklings. Adults make difficult decisions, you don’t pop into the Perfect Husband/Wife mold overnight, it takes years and plenty of omissions!
To put your future wife and children at risk like that when sex toys exist should count as abuse, since abused children have similar problems, including catching the diseases of the parents.

The microbiome sexuality link remains strong.
Any sex, but especially anal.
Wow, I wonder which sex was brainwashed into being obsessed with that?

The focus on women is based on the fact we carry, we aren’t the source of the problem.
That’s medically impossible to be both cause and effect.
Fresh infections cause the most damage. Whose fault is that?

Third world kids

Credit: That Guy T

It’s almost like they despise their own children.

Remember briefly a few years ago the trendies tried to stop cheap third world labour?
Like, why do you think we buy from there?

They stopped when the sticker price of the new fairtrade designs meant less lattes for Sally in accounting. They dropped it like a hot potato at a steakhouse.

Emma Watson is crying for a lost cause, people don’t want First World production standards. Banning child labour here just outsourced it to darker people. Is that really better?

MRAs for custody of rape babies

They never talk about these cases.

In September 2008, Christopher Mirasolo, 18 years old at the time, kidnapped three 12-13 year old girls for two days in a vacant house near his families property. He now has joint legal custody of a child conceived out of that rape. 

The Detroit News has been following this story, stating that one of Mirasolo’s initial victims discovered she was pregnant the same month he was convicted of rape. Mirasolo served only six months of his one year sentence for that incident, and in 2010 was later convicted of another child rape and served only four years of the 15 year sentence. Her family was told he only served 6 months because “first-time sex offenders weren’t sent to prison because people come out worse after they go there” and he needed to care for his sick mother.

Oh no, the rapist might get raped. Think of the criminal, won’t somebody please think of the criminal?

Now, he has been awarded joint custody of the baby boy the first victim has been raising since she was 13 years old — but how? Apparently, through some shady legal nonsense, he illegally got her address and claimed she consented to adding his name to the birth certificate.

Consented. 12.
This is the company you keep.

Like forging documents approved by a minor makes you look any better?

Now, because his name is on the birth certificate, he has been granted joint custody, and given the ability to be active in his child’s and his victim’s life. The victim and her attorney insist this all started after aid she recieved from the state was being investigated – ya know, a single mom can’t get health insurance AND food for her baby without some bureaucrat sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Yeah, the man is always the Real Victim here, right?

Classic DARVO.

You know if a Muslim did this the internet would go batshit.
Why are Muslims held to a higher standard? Why?

Child bride advocates: We adult men have to rape children because women might choose not to fuck us! They can’t be allowed to say no, they’re not really people* with the right to reject. But we tell them and ourselves it’s good for society. Since when have rape babies ever gone on to be, like, serial killers or something? Don’t oppress me with genetics.

*bestiality is the argument in favour? The best argument in favour. If you’re in favour of infantilising all children, good, but then you shouldn’t want to fuck them.

Why is a white man allowed to get away with any of this?
Do you still believe bleeding is the stable, reliable indicator of breeding ability, rather than a bizarre outcome of xenoestrogens in the modern world?

MRAs are responsible for this child abusing shit.
No, random men do not have any rights over random women. Sexual or otherwise.
They never did at any point in history, that’s an internet myth. You are stupid for believing in it.
There is fuck-all proof because it’s made up as the tooth fairy.

Keep your white Sharia and move to Saudi Arabia where you belong.
If you want someone to abuse, get a dog. Wait, they love their dog more than any wife. I think I see the problem. It’s them. They should be sterilized.

Male foreskin important to male sexuality

…You could probably guess just by looking at the basic anatomy.

Most of the nerves are in there, the prepuce. The reddit atheists never go after this topic although the prepuce is clearly good for the mammals that developed it.

When you find a non-dodgy funding scheme and a strong method, the results are guessable. Eminently guessable.

Have you looked up how much skin is removed from babies?

Stop mutilating babies! It violates every medical ethic going!

It isn’t good for women either.
But that is besides the point. Men have rights even when they’re babies.

The doctors want the money, the social engineers “need” to chop HIV risks, but that would look homophobic/racist/realistic, so they’re presuming things about the sex lives of all babies. It’s like the HPV thing for little girls all over again. Stop.

If they want it when they’re eighteen, they can get it. But when informed of what they’d lose by life experience *obscene gesture*, they don’t want it, do they?

Remember, the more HIV treatments fail, the louder the study demand for Mutilation is Good! will increase.
Eventually, it will be mandatory.
I haven’t even gone into the trauma from sense memories and how the parent never wants to be present. No pain relief. There are memories formed in utero, whether it’s repressed or not is a non-question. We may not remember explicitly, but the body does. The last vestige of recovered PTSD is physical for this reason, and it never leaves. It becomes a part of who you are. Look up maternal deprivation studies. This trauma occurs before memory is supposed to kick in. It’s also the reason women get custody (Tender Years) and MRAs are evil.