Link: What do Jews think of us?

That shit is the exact reason they used to get kicked out from everywhere and barred from positions of power.
Where’s the fairness? Justice is meant to be blind, not looking for a Yarmulke!

Chosen People narrative is the original, dictionary definition form of racism.

I was told they didn’t believe in Jesus, so how can he be their Messiah? It’s all very warped and deliberately confusing to us – and Goy isn’t banned by hate speech law, according to my knowledge on the topic.

Remember – you are equal under the law.

That’s why finance gets away with everything.

However, they are correct on one minor point – I’ve never known a Jew (the full-blooded, culturally brainwashed type) who wasn’t entirely reliant on the outgroup for their survival. They are utter failures at simple manual labour, therefore they must do the more desk clerk airy sort of work, if any. They do seem to need us to work for them, like a child dependent. I’m not sure why this is – millennia of inbreeding? [If it’s OK to point out the same flaw in my own monarchy, it’s fine elsewhere.] Laziness, perhaps? Yet they meddle in old age in the affairs of Gentiles, I’ve seen that too, it can be openly overbearing and controlling, maybe the entitled prototype behaviour of the SJW. That doesn’t mean it is our role when they clearly view us as an inferior caste minimum, self-segregating from us, but a comment on their physical ineptitude, ingrained by their culture of words to see our labours as their due. Naturally, the psychological reaction formed from this inferior (from a fitness) position would be reaction formation proper, aka Reverse Psychology aka We aren’t incapable of caring for ourselves, we’re special and they’re destined to be our slaves. I think the Secret King delusion has its root in this. They’d better hope the White people continue to live just to work for them, because if various plans to slaughter or diminish our productivity succeed, they’ll die out too. Considering the Saracen problem taking country after country, they’ll be first. I’ve seen Muslims more openly Final Solution than any 88ers.

Funnily, when the Jews do lose their power structures to SJ entryism, the Golem of their creation, as is happening in places like old media, nobody will feel the need to appease them anymore. Won’t that make things interesting? Already, they have scant offerings to signalers, parts in a film nobody will watch, and Israel won’t exist by the end of this century thanks to demographic decline (relative to surrounding areas, their enemies are fertile).

If the Jews truly are God’s Chosen, Tetragrammaton has a sick sense of humour…

source “Now just behold these miserable, blind, and senseless people … their blindness and arrogance are as solid as an iron mountain.”

sensible chuckle

Oh Luther, you spoil us.
“However, they have not acquired a perfect mastery of the art of lying; they lie so clumsily and ineptly that anyone who is just a little observant can easily detect it. But for us Christians they stand as a terrifying example of God’s wrath.

No capable student of history could dispute that.

All this turmoil coming back to bite them from the worst sin, pride, reminds me of a line, I can’t place which book it’s from….

You reap what you sow.

There is no free will in science

Our understanding of free will, in fact, was informed by theology. If you could choose how to act, religion could control you, the bread and the birch. Calvinists adopted the opposite position but still acted in accordance with scripture. Same goes for other ‘Chosen’ groups.

One day genetic engineering will prove us victors

Free will is antithetical to cause and effect. Billions of events occurred to bring us as organisms to this present moment in the universe, with our precise configuration of genes, chemicals and schemata. We may think we are choosing A over B over C, yet divorced from our personal involvement, it is easy to see which option a self-interested higher mammal will opt for on little biographical info.

Humans are predictable and the ever-dwindling excess margin is a measurement error.

Belief has an effect on outcomes, thusly it is a cause, but sustaining belief is an ability in itself (try telling that to atheists). Strength to strength, or character, as it was once known. Self-efficacy, the belief in oneself when acting, bolsters performance, in a type of outcome placebo effect.

Extremes are frowned upon by the average, it threatens them. Absolving responsibility is an outcome of misinterpretation. There is certainly responsibility for our actions, in spite of our changing understanding of choice, because we did them. Criminal responsibility requires actus reus, the act, and mens rea in many cases, the intention.

As both are present, we are not free but we are responsible.

It joins the ranks of other terrifying facts, shelved alongside precious mortality.