Anti-religion (atheism) cartoons


It’s always got one target, hasn’t it?

We’ll look back on Christophobic cartoon propaganda and Dawkins’ self-referential lies (most [1] of [2] his [3] material [4] is [5] like [6] this [7] if [8] you [9] really [10] look [11]) the same way culture looks down on Victorian cartoons now. If Dawkins snuffs it this year, I think the SJWs would lose it, because you know they can’t find another white man to replace him. He would burn very evenly in Hell, at least academic Hell, for lying about evobio, his own subject. He uses ancient ideas without citing them so redditfags think he’s a genius, then he only references opponents to trash them. Hardly anyone cited positively, meaning, most of his subject disagrees with him. Does that sound scientific, or didactic?*

There is no equality in religious protection.

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Referencing was invented to avoid that manner of lying. It’s an appeal to self-authority.
He isn’t an intellectual, he’s good with empty rhetoric and refuses to admit science has limits and is prone to human error.

nb* Didactic as in lecturing, from behind a lectern. Sermonic.

Student loan cancellations in talks

It will have to be done, they simply can’t be paid. I think they’ll drop it to about 10% and insist that is paid.

on the back of an “obscure federal law” from 1994 that allows debt forgiveness if students have been “defrauded” by their colleges.”

Most courses lie about job prospects and practicality of information.

Europe is worse.

Compare these discussions to the subhuman treatment of the UK.

Where being poor after investing in a Government scheme (SLC) gets you fined. Primo logic, kemosabe.

And being Muslim gets you racist, special treatment with interest-FREE loans.

#tbt Is Roosh V traditional?

Lighthearted fun of a post. Roosh is trying to reinvent himself like Madonna, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s not as if there’s anything embarrassing back there, in the annals of his personal history.

Let’s see, does he respect other religions? #tbt Ten years ago...


Wow. Just wow. It’s amazing the things people will send to you in secret. Well that guy he’s dressed up as could be anyone, right? It could be a regular toga party for all we know, let’s not jump to conclusions.


Yes, he respects Christianity so much, he posed with his favourite book.

I thought they were kidding.

crying laughter lmao

I don’t think I can come up with a caption to fit how wrong this is. This is delicious.

He is the joke. Jesus Christ….

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

I was tempted to post some Biblical verses but if you read here you probably know them already.

Paper: Non-whites are better off in Britain than White Britons

The schools and academia seem to be the cause of this racist rot. Natives are being dispossessed, in a browner country this would rightfully cause outcry from liberals.

Unemployment in certain races is written off as a victim of circumstance rather than a possible lifestyle choice.

  • Exploring differences between religious groups reveals that, controlling for their backgrounds and other characteristics, Jews and Hindus are more likely to end up in a higher social class than their Christian counterparts; Muslims and Sikhs have lower chances.

Christophobia? (now a minority in schools in their own country, scored down on assessments for being ‘too white’)


Jewish Privilege?

Hindu Privilege?

… Brown Guilt?

BTW The economy is screwed.  Some of these findings are not based on merit (IQ).

The Campus Crusaders (Professors under the thumb)

Don’t be sad. (about the insanity)
Don’t be mad. (about the non-standards they PAY through the nose for)
Mock them.

Mock them all.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

They brought this on themselves and it’s finally biting them in the arse.
When they sack all of their white male lecturers, and it WILL happen, the stripping of standards will have been complete. Like the No Blacks signs, it will be No Whiteys, No Men, No Normies. And nobody will want to go to college (WITH the greedy Cry-Bullies). The loan bubble will burst. We can better rebuild ruins. Rejoice.

n.b. The term Crusades used in any context, is Christophobic and cultural appropriation and so on. /sarc?
Also interesting:

I spoke to Amier Carmel, a psychoanalyst here in New York who works with severe mental illness. “If someone walks into my office and immediately presents me with trauma,” he says, “it usually means there is some underlying toxic dynamic behind this trauma.” He describes the cry-bullies as people with “an intense need to control” and says that “the resentment associated with this need to correct is often an induced feeling used to fix another problem.”…

Carmel has a fascinating answer. “The destruction of the family,” he opines, “is the single most destructive force in the past 40 years.” Amier then discusses the back-and-forth kids do, going from mom to dad every time they have a grievance. “This dance,” he says, “is how we attain justice. It’s how the parameters of our sense of internal integrity are defined.” Amier seems particularly concerned with the lack of fathers. “The father sets down the law. When he is not there, a sense of anxiety takes root and that leads to outwardly directed hostility. Soon you are looking to the outside world to show you what the limits are. You’re ‘acting out’ and hoping society will control you. The desire for paternal law becomes pathologized.” Amier calls PC violations “narcissistic injury” and adds that this fear-driven petulance becomes especially dangerous when the ideology becomes someone’s entire identity. “When that happens,” he says, “it’s as though rationality and socialized relationships dissolve. The ideologically identified person can often become wildly reckless because they seek the obscuring of accountability with increased pathos.”…

Here are some terms;
thought disorder
narcissistic rage
narcissistic angst
amygdala hijacks