Cover it, Trump.

Historically what you see in a society that is breaking down isn’t one black swan event. You are taught about those events because they make good topics in history class, but real wrol is slower. What happens is the “right to exercise violence” is questioned and tested, and in a failed state, will ultimately shift to unknown third parties.

This is happening right now in Baltimore. No one respects the governments’ monopoly on violence anymore. Baltimore is WROL. The question is if it will be permanent, which I doubt. In a permanent scenario, the third parties would be gangs. These groups will step up to fill the power vaccuum created by a demonstratably weak police force. In some cases the third party will exercise violence in order to prove that they are the new dominant force in the region. Taliban, ISIS, 1800’s China are all examples of this.

TLDR When you see an ineffectual police force being ignored, that is a bad sign. When the police are being violently swept aside by bands of individuals, that is it. That is why these riots lately are worrying. Every riot seems to become more violent towards the establishment.

The mistake

Who’s to blame?

Inspired by

My money is on Queen Victoria.

Feel free to steal the photos by the way.

Multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ – Angela Merkel, 2010.

Update: I deliberated whether to include this but, you know there’s really no such thing as multiculturalism? It’s pure idea. It is referenced like a deity you must appease. Think about it. Multiculturalism forbids anyone their identity, since individual identities would congregate to a cultural standard en masse. We can’t have that. Diversity, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is forcing the foxes into the chicken coop. Everyone has their identity, it is stable and unchanging. There are many different ones. They conflict sometimes. All the evils of the world in one place, many peoples. Multiculturalism allows only one culture: materialist “addicted to distraction” pop culture. It blurs and prevents expression or personal liberty, authenticity. However, humans have a legal right to their identity (race, sex, cultural heritage) so multiculturalism is impossible. There is no way to make it practical. It isn’t even a theory because a theory needs consistency. Postmodernism has no concrete theories. This plus another thing is the best it can do, there is no foresight, hindsight or deeper agency or reasoning. There is certainly no critical thinking.

What multiculturalism? Where? All we see is compulsory diversity, totally different.

Suppressing the people’s identities for a Guardian reader’s vision of “polite society” is causing most of the social unrest. It makes them feelgood, cue another revolution…

The materialism mentioned can only be supported by wide debt enslavement. The good times are over, we’re running on the fumes of fumes. This is how Empires die. The socialism rewards those who socially conform (or people without jobs couldn’t afford the goodies and they’d riot out of envy). Equal in misery, equal in poverty.

The poverty of culture is the tragic loss. We had so much and let idiots throw it away.

The most rebellious thing you could do is express your heritage.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Camus

Cities and Collapse
Including the most excellent

Example: Why Los Angeles is a death trap

• LA has no inherent water supply. Virtually all the water used throughout the region must be imported and pumped over a mountain range at great cost. This pumping of water is entirely dependent on the power grid remaining functional.

• LA is incapable of being evacuated. The population density of the city is mathematically far too great to be evacuated via the limited number of roadways exiting the city.

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Fools! What if the cities – ARE the Death Camps!

Remember, before White Flight, there was Jew Flight. It is a well-known Newtonian fact that a Jew will migrate from the area of greatest pozz before the inevitable pozzplosion.

When the time comes

I’d just like to quote something AC said, while commenting on my r-type thought experiment, that reminds me of the warning in Best Post.

The time will come when the left will die all by itself, if only we let it. We’ll have the option of extending a hand to help them. Being honestly empathetic, we will be tempted to, given what they will endure. It is up to us to remember what they are, and that they have no place among us.

When the reaper comes for the rabbits, let him have his harvest and don’t interfere.

They are evil, and should reap what they have sown.

It bears repeating because we have been brainwashed by r-propaganda into being the Good Guys aka saving the clueless dolts from the mess of their own creation. Not all who play victim deserve rescue, not all that glitters is gold.

Pathological altruism is their frame. Blameless victimhood, time after time, crime after crime. It’s been decades like this.
Note how it rarely actually impacts their own fitness? It rarely touches their neighbourhoods, their kids? We’re generally smart people, is there any fitting excuse for the actions of people like Merkel?

See: Why mockery? For a discussion on how they’ll try to ingroup with us as times toughen up, taking advantage of our loyalty blindspot.

Play a game we can call Stress Tolerance. If the authority figure of your choice were bearing down on them, would they snitch (going as far as to make things up) or remain loyal to you?

9/10, it’s a snitch.
So 9/10, if you see them asking for help, pleading exceptional circumstances what should your reaction be?

you must be new here

Don’t go riding in to save them. You don’t stand only for yourself, but also those who are loyal to you. If you take a chance, you hurt your ingroup, your thede.
As the Polish proverb says: Not my circus, not my monkeys.
Don’t be the ditzy woman who nursed the snake back to health.
“You knew I was a snake when you let me in.”

They made their bed, they’re already dead.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

From experience, it gets easier after the first time.

Enjoy the show.

Paper: Global Strategic Trends out of 2045

It’s better to wait a couple years in my experience, makes the silly predictions stick out better.

GST does not attempt to predict the future, it cannot. Rather, it describes those phenomena that could have a significant impact on the future and combines these differing perspectives to produce a multifaceted picture of possible outcomes.

Translation: We’re going to pretend we aren’t direct agents in this equation and cover strategy to do whatever we want and afterwards call it inevitable, because trends are magic.

PDF at

Click to access 20140821_DCDC_GST_5_Web_Secured.pdf

what ho whatwhat hello yep yes yeah we know english

I’m quietly confident about Britain’s chances in Europe and Europe in general. Everyone else has a worse hand, it seems. We’re fine, considering.

Do I need to hand-hold or can you grasp it firmly yourselves?

It includes practically every topic I touch upon, just this past week for example…

A declining working population coupled with increasing welfare costs are likely to lead to the retirement age increasing (as has happened in some developed countries). For some governments, a rising welfare burden is likely to lead to them re-evaluating how they provide social welfare. In societies with an ageing working population, older people are likely to hold an increased proportion of positions with authority and influence which, if not managed effectively, could disenfranchise the younger generation. Compounding this, young people may feel frustrated at the increasing cost of supporting a growing elderly population, particularly if they believe they have been disadvantaged by their elders.

Viva la revolution.

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Link: Apocalypse wow

The full GOV link herein is also completely worth the read.

Once Europeans go K, the Muslims will flee in large numbers, but that will take the misery and amygdala activation of K-selection to trigger.”

Once? His optimism warms the cockles of my Cockney heart. The British Government is so far gone it would sooner collapse than stop paying out benefits, which are truly bribes for Londonistan to hold off on rioting this week. I wonder what will happen to all the hipsters of the East End or celebrity Champagne Socialist sets? I don’t think they’ll run, I think they’ll initially try to ‘help’ – the invaders, but soon hide in their massive Burgle Me! homes.

Based on observation, they might try joining (like the UAF and SWP) to bring about what they imagine to be the End of Capitalism (that’s why they’re doing it, they told me, like an immigration version of Cloward-Piven) but I don’t see that working, it would function like an anti-white pogrom. Practice your NAMALT memes.
“Not all Muslims” will be their retreat song, as they greedily watch those same people beat you down and, they hope, to death.

Begin playing a game of Warrior/Informer. If your country were taken over, who would work with you to take down the system, and would be the snitch? You get uncannily good at spotting the snitches.

“It is easy to confuse Islamists with warriors, given Islam’s violent reputation. My guess is that the rabbits importing these Muslims have done so, and are hoping they have imported a violent army which will subjugate the evil nationalists when the unrest begins.”

They have never fought with their back against the wall. The natives have nothing to lose and the nationalists are fighting for a future. The enemy are nihilist degenerates who live for nothing and believe in nothing, no God will protect them. It’s cold and nobody will fight for that ‘dream’.

They have two obvious weaknesses.
1. They cluster. Weapons were designed for this herd marker. We have narrow roads.
2. They are dependent on the European welfare state. If our version of EBT were shut down by a single patriot in the system, or a single hacker from without, their future jihadi children would starve. Kidnapping the children would also occur, since they’ve done that to ours already. Civil wars are fought with women and especially children, and which group has more of those?

The biggest issue is the disarmament and they do have us on that count.

“If the economic collapse goes down, expect those free resources to be pulled. When they are, there will not be much keeping these migrators from migrating on, is search of safety and security elsewhere.”

Except their primary motivation is sex with white-blonde whores. They think all Western women are the whores they see in porn. Low IQ, what ya gonna do.
The secondary motivation is money, yes. The simplest way to end this invasion, as I’ve mentioned, is to harshly punish rape again. Even the feminists couldn’t complain. Unlike the Barbarians, we can see them coming, hear them coming (the Call to Prayer is LOUD and broadcasts where they are reliably at multiple points throughout the day) and in many cases, smell them coming (acrid off-curry stench, don’t ask). In a dark, enclosed urban environment, utilizing all the senses would be crucial. Their men tend to be lard-arses too. White girls need to learn to run again.

“There will be ISIS fighters who have come to Europe specifically to launch attacks”

As I mentioned, the Paris attackers targeted a Left-wing Socialist area. They knew those places were least defended. We have religious rabbits targeting atheist/hedonist rabbits, that’s why many in Europe have suddenly gone quiet. Their plan literally backfired.

“Hopefully nobody will forget the cowardice and treason of the rabbits, before it is all over.”

Keep reminding them. Everywhere. On the street. In casual conversation. WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN.

I keep telling Germans ‘but you voted for Merkel’. It’s beginning to sink in.

The timing of the EU invasion this year was deliberate, to distract the West from the Christian Genocide in MENA.
It’s a useful rhetorical trick to turn back the SJW’s cry on them.

You’re on the wrong side of history, you should be wearing a hijab.

Link: The Rabbit immigration strategy is to import Muslims to kill Conservatives

There is no reason that this psychological urge to import dangerous foreigners could be advantageous in a state of nature, unless there is a second act in which the r-strategist’s competition pays some price that the r-strategist can avoid. That price comes in the civil war this will eventually produce, which the r-strategist will hide from. Marines, soldiers, cops, and K-strategist citizens will all be killed by the thousands. Imagine you are an alien observing Woody Allen as he imports these foreigners pre 9/11, and then watches as the firefighters and cops run into the Twin Towers. Woody Allen is navel lint compared to a firefighter or cop, but all of a sudden all the firefighters and cops are dead, Woody Allen is all that is left, and his genes move forward – and he doesn’t even need to marry a stepdaughter.

This is instinctual, treasonous, and evil, all wrapped into one. It is amazing to me that in the throes of r-selection, our kind is almost totally blind to the rabbits executing this plan right under our noses. How many good men need to die, before we recognize this for what it is?

I’ve been saying this for a while, I’m flattered he agrees.
It’s treason, they are inviting local terrorism and death. Here in the UK, Tony Blair revoked the death penalty for treason – right before going to war with Iraq. They know exactly what they’re doing, so when this happens.

There will definitely be a backlash. The question is will the rabbits switch to the K-side, and claim to have learned their lesson.

ah cannot wait to go rabbit hunting

When the time comes, focus on the cause (who made this happen), over the symptom (obvious red herring) if there is a choice.
Ask: Who did this to you?

Our response to the various excuses should be apathy.

you know what this is

Video: Enoch Powell on what will happen in the future

Quite an astounding video. It’s two minutes, watch the thing in its entirety, knowing now what we do. How oracular.

Yes (we’re still heaping on the funeral pyre) I suppose I’ve been guilty of under-estimating (explanation of statistics). My estimates regarded with such ridicule and denounced by academics were less than the official …reported at the beginning of this year. I have leaned toward under-estimation of the magnitude and of the danger.

Politicians of all parties will say “Well Enoch Powell’s right, we don’t say that in public but we know it in private, Enoch Powell’s right and it will no doubt develop as (hesitation) he says. But it’s better for us to do nothing now, and let it happen perhaps after our time, than to seize the many poisonous nettles which we would have to seize if we were at this stage going to attempt to avert the outcome. So let it go on until a third of Central London, a third of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, are coloured… until the Civil War comes, let it go on. We won’t be blamed, we’ll either have gone or we’ll slip out from under somehow.”

In 1977, coloured was the PC term.

2012: White ethnic Britons in minority in London

The surge of immigration has been especially striking in London, where more than one in three people – 37 per cent – were born outside the UK.

That isn’t pre-existing. That is a single influx change between data collections. The time he refers to is literally this time. When were the London riots? 2011.

Same census data from 2011. No less authority than The Guardian reported on Wolverhampton as 72% indigenous. Ipso facto, approximately a third (28%) are not.
Outer London, which Enoch didn’t predict, is 62% indigenous. 38% are not. City of London is 60% I. (40% not).
Inner London is 55% I. (45% not).
LONDON overall is 59.5%, most of it, as you can see, curiously clustered around the edges. (Semi-white flight?)
Birmingham is 63% indigenous. 37% is not.

I wonder why a third is significant in terms of a facsimile of cohesion/unrest. Vote swings?

As for the canary in the coalmine: