Post-war population recovery genes

Men are literally replaceable and that makes them better as a sex.

Exhibit A in the scientific “Men ain’t shit” series.

In many of the countries that fought in the World Wars, there was a sudden increase in the number of boys born afterwards. The year after World War I ended, an extra two boys were born for every 100 girls in the UK, compared to the year before the war started. The gene, which Mr Gellatly has described in his research, could explain why this happened.

As the odds were in favour of men with more sons seeing a son return from the war, those sons were more likely to father boys themselves because they inherited that tendency from their fathers. In contrast, men with more daughters may have lost their only sons in the war and those sons would have been more likely to father girls. This would explain why the men that survived the war were more likely to have male children, which resulted in the boy-baby boom.

In most countries, for as long as records have been kept, more boys than girls have been born. In the UK and US, for example, there are currently about 105 males born for every 100 females.

It is well-documented that more males die in childhood and before they are old enough to have children.

That is prior to competition, crime, psychiatric issues including self-loathing and desire to never reproduce, as well as the sexual selection of women for a suitable man.

Externalities like the economy, racial wars, anti-natal culture notwithstanding.

The female genome is more stable, two Xs will do that. It contains more data too, the Y is smaller.

Women must be more stable biologically as the (genetic) carrier sex, another reason against female drafting. If some men die, they clearly recover (and as proven here, come back better) but when a race loses its women, it goes extinct.

So in the same way that the gene may cause more boys to be born after wars, it may also cause more boys to be born each year.

The fitter male lines are self-replacing.  This is why all adult men should have been drafted. The reward of winning a war should be reproducing into your society’s future, to reward the cowards who remained behind is an insult to the brave K-types of the sex.

This is the red-pill. Men evolved to be expendable to one another in the protection of their shared racial germline.

Cowards know they’re cannon fodder. They betray their fellow man (intra-racial Brotherhood is the only acceptable collectivism). It reminds me of the Little Red Hen, and what man would want a coward in their ranks, that’s treason waiting to happen?

Or as we call them, cucks.

Behold, the back-up genetic programme: the self-culling cannon fodder.
Remarkable that genetic dead-ends appreciate the importance of marriage enough to insult all married couples as inferior (rationalization).

Also, demographic decline virtue signalling (- you can’t out-breed Asia, war is inevitable).

Asia*: highest population density, territorial expansive, fastest growing religion (Islam).


Trump could shit gold and it’s still inevitable.


More than r-selection, perhaps a feature of it.

If you’re stupid like Asians and murder your girls (glaring at India and China) then you cull the female-preferred genes among men, slowly killing your racial future because there won’t be enough carrier women to go around and the ‘problem’ will only get worse. There is no culling effect equivalent to war in women except socialist policy.

There’s your ‘war against women’. Affirmative Action for unfit male genes collapses both their group and the fit men of their race who were weak enough to allow it to happen. If every man is entitled to 1 waifu thanks to socialist compulsion (and all men, all women forced to marry by law**) but five infant boys survive due to medical technology…. 100-105=-5

Socialism’s birth policies are as dysgenic as their economics that punish effort.
This is why men shouldn’t decide who gets to breed with laws, women evolved for that task.

Socialism cannot replace sexual selection. What the internet considers it is not, reproduction is required.

A war will be mandatory if the leftover men have any hope of reproduction, by conquest and rape  …..and ‘immigration’. The neocolonialism as BPS explained, of buying up properties in another homeland (r-migration for resources).

*As previously covered, most money to purchase is loaned by the Chinese Communist government. They are the true buyers overseas. Ban foreigners from literally buying your country. It’s a matter of national security. That includes the Putin-banished Russians’ blood money in London keeping the gasping death rattle of a real estate bubble alive. I’d extend this to the compulsory purchase of properties made by shell corps overseas, with unexplained funds (anti-corruption law) or belonging to dual passport holders who refuse to drop the other one (loyalty to another nation).

The concrete used in protected property basements is doomed to collapse. Like the postmodern glass monstrosities, they all crumble eventually, that’s why huge basements aren’t built in English soil. Rainy, flood-prone soil. Next to the biggest river incoming to the landmass.

And we get frequent earthquakes, of the sort that causes cracks in… concrete.

It’s a capital city so traffic causes tremors too – including planes.

Every heinous skyscraper you ever see will be self-destructing. Rich tower or council estate.

Click to access is536-types-and-causes-of-concrete-deterioration.pdf

I’m literally the first person to look this up. Engineers study ENTROPY.

This error is old as Babel. We don’t need to lift a finger, ugly postmodern structures are already crumbling.

They’ll go the way of wooden castles.

Shad viewers? Anyone?

If only the Nazis had simply purchased American land, we’d be speaking German.

They’re still going to shoot you by the way. They need to outnumber you, fill University places then government positions first. If they have the land, all that’s needed are executions.

**Reducing citizens to breeding sows for the government, thanks, socialism!

Socialism is hence r-select and among other issues, assumes all men can be provider husbands, all women are fertile and all citizens are heterosexual. Socialism is doomed to fail by virtue of mathematics and basic biology.

Just a building

I would say, shouldn’t they be at work? but.

“After taking down the domes, the mosque can no longer be an icon of Islam,” said a local man who declined to give his name. “Changing it to a traditional Chinese style is as incongruous as putting the mouth of a horse on the head of an ox,” he told the Post.

Cut off all welfare, they’ll soon comply.

You don’t like Chinese buildings and culture?

They could always move?

They’re so entitled but the Chinese moreso. The Chinese will win.

Multiculturalism is the beginning of civil war. Invasions are a cultural curse.

“Irreconcilable differences” is how it starts. Eventually one party stops laying down like a dog. The West is kind because it can be the cruelest, if pushed. We’re the gentle giant, a wolf.

China is just a giant. This isn’t about race, they’re the same race, it’s religious war.

It’s about territory gained.

It’s war.

“A state of competition or hostility between different people or groups.”

Anything that breaks down native and national hegemony, right?

The same war fought from two sides. Secular (political) and religious.

Think Cloward-Piven with religion. Use Islam as the hammer to destroy other local religions.


Move in to bail them out later with more stolen money. Except of course the producers are dead so all the parasites die off. They are conniving but deluded. Deceptive and stupid.

Even Marxists fall prey to cultural marxism.

Sargon: Western Sharia Police

The double standards point is correct.

They are treating all Muslims like they have a retarded (literal term) IQ, so cannot be held to the same behavioural standards as non-Muslims and will become explosively violent if “disturbed” with ordinary liberal enquiry, like an equal citizen.

Literally the same way slow children are treated in special schools.

Multiple SD below norm.

If I were Muslim, I’d be offended by that.

They’re treating them like they’re mentally disabled.


All laws are discretionary.” I’m sorry… WHAT!?!

That woman getting arrested for questioning police, then police finally stopping Muslims from praying in the park, reminds me of a story about the French revolution, where beheadings were happening in a carnival atmosphere until one woman who didn’t want to die, cried, screamed, pleaded for mercy, begged for her life. All others before her had gone stoicly to their deaths, but this woman’s actions seemed to take all the fun out of the executions, and it wasn’t long before spectators didn’t want to see them anymore. Beheadings finally stopped. One person’s actions can make a difference.

It’s not that the left loves Islam. The left, together with Islam, hates the right even more. This is ancient tribal warfare where two tribes would join together to fight a third and, then, upon the latter’s defeat, turn on each other.

R-types recruit r-types to kill K-types while original r-types hide and survive.

Victim Blaming imagine a rape victim complaining and hearing “this is a problem that could have been avoided if you didn’t wear a miniskirt”.

it goes on

and women can’t carry pepper spray

“Logically, you could see feminism as a reaction to the over-breeding of inferior men in the modern era. The more aggressive forms as a reaction to evil male survival rates, because the good men refuse to hang them”

I wonder if they’re letting it go on because the people letting it go on at the top also run rape gangs? e.g. the Tory ring stories. So this makes it look like a Muslim thing, than a pedo thing? Taking off their heat.

QAnon should comment.


Cover it, Trump.

Historically what you see in a society that is breaking down isn’t one black swan event. You are taught about those events because they make good topics in history class, but real wrol is slower. What happens is the “right to exercise violence” is questioned and tested, and in a failed state, will ultimately shift to unknown third parties.

This is happening right now in Baltimore. No one respects the governments’ monopoly on violence anymore. Baltimore is WROL. The question is if it will be permanent, which I doubt. In a permanent scenario, the third parties would be gangs. These groups will step up to fill the power vaccuum created by a demonstratably weak police force. In some cases the third party will exercise violence in order to prove that they are the new dominant force in the region. Taliban, ISIS, 1800’s China are all examples of this.

TLDR When you see an ineffectual police force being ignored, that is a bad sign. When the police are being violently swept aside by bands of individuals, that is it. That is why these riots lately are worrying. Every riot seems to become more violent towards the establishment.

Empire and economics (inflation, deflation, hyper)

Speculative but educated post. I wrote this a few days ago but took those off out of respect.
It goes from professional to shitpost-territory. A lot of known-knowns you’re supposed to pretend not to know.

8,000 words, most of them shit-tier.

“A key issue in this debate is that not all debt is created equal, while a parent often absolves a loan to their child the bank seldom forgives a loan on an automobile. Sometimes like in the reality game show Survivor it comes down to who is left standing. I contend winning does not always come down to who is the best, strongest, or smartest, but that luck and many other factors also come into play in how things unfold. For example, imagine two widget factories on the hill outside of town and both with the same pricing and quality product but financially weak, if a storm knocks out production at one factory resulting in its closing the other would benefit from inheriting its customers and maybe even able to raise prices. This comes down to the idea of old fashion supply and demand. This revolves around the supply of money just as much as it does to the supply of the commodity it is being used to purchase. We are often forced to question the formulas used to compute inflation.”

On hyperinflation risk;

“I continue to contend the primary reason that inflation has not raised its ugly head or become a major economic issue is because we are pouring such a large percentage of wealth into intangible products or goods. This includes currencies. If faith drops in these intangible “promises” which is the base of our financial system and money would suddenly flow into tangible goods seeking a safe haven inflation would soar. This theory will be explored more in part 2 of this three-part series.”


“Following this and I do mean following as by “several” months, central banks will be forced to unleash such a massive amount of new currency into the system to combat the scourge of deflation that it will stagger the mind. This will in effect clear the deck of deadwood through hyperinflation and pave the way forward to introduce a new or a “batch of new” currencies.”

I don’t think we’ll trust the old money-lenders with a new currency. There’d be no faith without a change in leadership and I mean total.

The debts that are not written off will become a moot point in that most will be devalued and paid off in worthless paper. The important issue will not be fairness but how to get from here to there with the least damage to the institutions and wealth those in power seek to protect. Sooner or later all great Ponzi schemes must come to an end.”

Student loans are bullshit, exhibit A. You can’t tax labour that hasn’t happened.

You can expect promises to be rewritten and broken. Rules will change as we go through the wash. Most people will see their assets rinsed away as society is put through the wringer. For example, expect the cost of living adjustment on social security to be modified reducing payments to the elderly. Adding to the woes of retirees is that many pensions will be forced to reduce payouts and break promises as the returns on their investment fail to meet expectations. Many of the guarantees and paper promises granted over the past decades will prove to be less valuable than the paper they are printed on.”

Pensions were immoral anyway, fuck the people who never bothered to save.
You can’t promise someone else’s money, especially in the future, that may never manifest (Rise of the NEETs).
The pensioners wish to tax the blood and tears of the young, if work’s so good for everyone, they can join in.
Real estate will drop like a stone in the ocean, it was puffed up by foreign investment from dodgy governments but without anyone willing to purchase at (their) prices, the move to cashless will try and curtail any black market bartering. We’re already living under Junk Food Prohibition to anesthetize us.
There is no such thing as a blue chip. All stocks are equally worthless without workers. Marx didn’t account for the stock market but it requires cooperative workers and a stable currency. Cue laugh track.
I dislike this gloomy tone but there’s no way around it. The loss of personal savings by citizens is the tragedy, shitty
investments in the property bubble deserve to die, you have an obligation to maintain property the same way as a classic car.
At least cars are valuable by brand and model, the location of your home is dependent on local demographics so it’s no wonder immigration is an *issue* to those with large holdings wanting to preserve their ill-gotten gains and continue to squeeze the youth like we won’t snap at some point. The low-IQ imports may be violent but otherwise not a threat, it’s the people who placed us in this situation for greed that must be dealt with in the French way.
Generation Rent doesn’t just apply to houses – we stream, we eat out and we’re raised on convenience. When all that supply chain goes away, a lot of former Communist Guardian readers will become capitalist without their coffee fix. If you count latte as coffee.
Of particular note will be the starvation of the public sector, as it deserves via unfunded liabilities (i.e. grand theft stato). The Unions will attempt to demand value that doesn’t exist at the same time the gibs are spoiling and rioting for their soma of shitty tech and shittier food.

“Many of the guarantees and paper promises granted over the past decades will prove to be less valuable than the paper they are printed on.”

As a child, I was told never to trust an IOU because you never know what will happen to the person writing it and neither do they.

“As pawns in this game, we can either choose to sacrifice ourselves or fight. In this case fighting means to undertake a strategy that protects what we can of the life we have created within the power we have been granted. The fact you are reading and thinking about this subject puts you in a far better position than the masses who see before them blue skies and unicorns grazing upon a hill.”

The fatted calf who thinks it’s going on a pleasant walk.

“Make no mistake, we cannot and should not look for a white knight to come riding in to save the day, no such leader exists to lead us out of the economy hell we have created.”

Yes, no such person exists, except the rebuilding effort after the expulsions. Deporting the traitors is more important than the invaders and this way they ruin whichever country they land in. You shouldn’t want to save this system unless you’re one of them.
The normalcy bias and expectations of Economic Jesus ready to forgive all our fiscal sins is keeping it ticking over.

“hard assets need to be in your possession and hidden away.”

TP and painkillers, got it.

The problem appears to be usury. It’s really economic slavery. Babies can’t sign contracts and give consent, however much you want to financially circumcise them of a liberty-filled future.

“We need a good war” – yes, but not the kind that costs money.
The democratic comes first, then the civil.
A money war is what all elites want and spoil for the head of the supply queue like fat pigs.
Their children have two passports and a private jet, they won’t enter military service.
Anyone with a second passport cannot be considered loyal to their country.
I think a lot of the young are going into credit card debt for necessities or because they believe it’ll be written off once
the companies go under. Self-sabotage, sabotages the system.
The middle-class and middle-aged will pay with their assets, as they deserve.
In this system, it pays to have a lot or almost nothing.
Lower Boomers and Upper Gen X are fucked.

from counter signal memes

It isn’t the 1% or the .1%.
It’s the 20% or so (uppermost tax bracket, The Rich) supporting them.
Chop down the supports, usually in investment banking and they fall too.
“the massive government that promised so much.”

If you believe in a free lunch you deserve to wash dishes.

“Corruption and crony capitalism are cancers on society that continue to grow if not constantly addressed with harsh
Who are these cronies? Why not begin a list?
You know, for when the bill comes.
“The whole concept of economic growth is based on an ever growing trend of year over year increased production.”
One line beforehand:
“the question remains as to when and what the new rules will be.” Traditionalism. Localism.
That these people are blind to that option show it is the way it must go.
“By removing the incentive for people to save and encouraging risk we have eroded the quality of economic growth.”
And people.
This will be a hard reset selecting for character. The question is what character.
“in short, we have to move forward faster in each coming year just to keep growing.”
Carlin’s Circling the Drain
“All this underlines that we are living in “interesting times” while playing havoc with the value of things and what they are worth”
Speak for China.

Patriotism for which country, is the political question? Which principles governing which country and which policies from which time periods? That is all the NRx, Alt Right and other traditionalist groups are discussing.
The Fall of the Empire is a given, but how do we replace it without losing our living standard?
Who wants to go Amish or Sharia?

“Do you supposed that America is cursed for not praising God in spirit and truth anymore, but rather in vain?”
You must abandon God before God abandons you. You don’t notice this…until you know it.
America became the nexus of decadence, rewarding degenerate citizens. They deserve to collapse.

Demographics is the science economics wishes it could be.
I once read a theory that humans do sense impending disasters like other animals.
However, this is reflected in our breeding habits, because we don’t want to lower overall family fitness and lose everyone by increasing strain with a baby’s constant needs. In a war, the crying also makes you hard to miss. I never forgot it and I think there is something to it. Even Guardianista are delaying childbearing because of a deep, gut feeling it’s a bad idea right now. Babies make you easier to enslave because you can be threatened and protecting them places the mothers out in the open or other dangerous positions. Especially if the family is on welfare or otherwise incapable of feeding itself, the hosts will all die. Those adopting foreign babies are playing both sides – whoever wins, they do.
It is no coincidence 65IQ Muslims breed like rabbits in Europe – they plan on many of them dying.
As long as the West contains pre-war native levels, we are fine. Baby Boomers are surplus to requirement. We can rebuild along Empire lines with Empire numbers. There is greater IQ DENSITY per individual, nobody other than the West has this advantage, so sub-replacement isn’t as terminal for us as it would be for other races. This assumes good operations, healthy society.
Part of the reason so many Indian and Arab men are coming here – they sense good pickings of women.
Whether we’re game or not.
They underestimate the ancient spirit, even of the women. Whites have been in slumber a long time. Like an angry bear in a cave stirring. The Boomers didn’t have enough kids, another pressure onto the heap of burning grievance. To do what a brood used to. When the middle-class Marxists realize Marx was a parasite and there’s no free food unless they’re the ones producing it – oh, the sea change will be a tidal wave. Students turning on the lying teachers who burdened them with debt for the privilege.
“These trends are about to get much worse, from an economic and consumption standpoint.”
Civilized peoples aren’t supposed to keep reproducing this much, nukes have made typical war corrections redundant.
A compact society of high-IQ and high-skilled is most flexible to political and long-term social change.
Europe is the most compact for our quality.
We can even drop to Industrial Revolution levels or possibly agrarian before that.
What about India? China? Can you picture Dubai without trucks of water and expensive lipsticks for the whores?
MENA will experience Full Malthus. The r-types sense this and try to flee, but they are the first wave of locusts, ironically they trigger the events. Do you really think the mixed race will remain here when times get tough? They’ll flee where resources are cheap – real home i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan, India etc. Rats swim as the ship sinks, they don’t wait around.
They know the natives will want a return on their civic investment but they’ll soon discover their charity needs to be
recouped somehow.
“All the interest rate cuts and debt has been undertaken under the paradigm that it would be more easily repaid in the future…but now we’ve come to “the future” where there are fewer of us to service the debt, buy homes, buy cars, consume our way to prosperity…or pay the taxes to keep the social systems solvent.”
In the post-war period – they had one job. Fuck enough to make plenty of kids.
They failed and that’s why evolution says they deserve to starve to death. Not the young they robbed of the same youth they enjoyed at the expense of the blood of their own elders. They are grasshoppers without a fiddle and winter is coming.

speaking of, wasn’t this one of mine prescient?

“Absent a growing population of young to buy their assets (IRA’s, homes, etc.), we have a small problem (central bank asset purchases to the rescue).”
Ponzis collapse spectacularly. Billionaires won’t buy in the suburbs.


“The implications economically, financially, societally, etc. etc. of a collapsing population of young and soaring older
population should be ringing alarm bells…but instead our politicians seem officially mindless (or intentionally misleading the populace) in the face of a cataclysmic shift.”
They’re fucking vampires and a stake should be driven through their black hearts for selling us into slavery for a few tacky holidays and wife-swapping fuckparties. They even want our blood’s proteins to stay youthful and fuck us over longer. We’d be farmed if they could, they’re sociopaths.
The elderly of our time are (in general) deserving of DIS-respect.

Here it gets juicy.

“Someone should do something about those goddam africans….”
Just wall the whole continent off and let them either kill another or evolve. Leave them a hundred or two years.
Technology won’t save you, as libertarians are discovering.
We don’t have food, but we have 3D printers!
Nobody mentions food security.
We have become feeders, suppliers of the Third World. When the tax money stops filtering to the evil NGO complex, they’ll come find us to collect the caloric jizzya.
“That’s why they are called Jungle bunnies, they breed like rabbits.”
“The sooner it collapses the better for us young people. I want time to rebuild a little wealth after the previous
generations’ combined fuck up ruins everything before im too old to do anything useful”
The question becomes, what can’t they steal like Cyprus?
Franklin said to empty your purse into your head and then no man could take it.
Wise advice.
As for who dies first, the fatties.
The Government knows this and is hastening the process. How?
They know the book Nudge.
EITHER they lose the fat and become more productive, costing less too OR they let reaction formation kick in and eat themselves to death, also saving the state money.
I feel like the only person seeing this.
“Planned obsolescence has meant ‘consumption’ is at artificially high levels to begin with IMO.”
This includes people.
Tell me, which races have the greatest tendency to fat-store?
It isn’t the whitey, is it?
“Meantime the main problem is where to live. Most white people are still asleep, and you don’t want to live near them because they tend to get upset when their eyes are open.”

There is nowhere to run. New Zealand is now getting problems. White Flight is finished.

On feminism:
“Human fecundity is inversely proportional to female literacy rates. Compulsory education is killing us.”
reply “Yeah, once the wimmin learned blowjobs and masturbation in school it was all over for civilization.”
Mentioned only yesterday (as of writing), it isn’t a reproduction problem, and from all this it isn’t a problem. It’s preparation. The reproduction problem was a marriage problem. You should ban sexual entitlement. There is only the exclusive conjugal right.
Allowing people to spill their seed all over the place means they don’t reproduce, they take measures against it.
“Yes the obvious solution of too much government is to get government more involved in everyone’s lives, forcibly sterilizing people. We’ve had TOO MUCH freedom, see? It’s not that government and politicians made promises they can’t keep.”
It’s already dysgenic except for abortion and euthanasia.
Why not full eugenic?
“Just get rid of sec 8 and foodstamps. You’re on your own. It can’t happen all at once, but we need to slowly transition that way. These people with no skills should be out working farms in rural areas anyway because we shouldn’t be shipping food 1000s of miles around the globe before it gets to us. They never should have been herded into the cities in the first place. And if you don’t like your station in life, tough. Get some skills. Education is free on the internet these days. There are plenty of libraries. And if you think your poverty gives you the right to get violent and rob people you should be put to death. We used to hang horse thieves, not give them room and board and then welfare. The problem is not too many people. The problem is too many people think everyone deserves access to resoures they don’t own simply because those people exist.”
Like I said in why practically is the Left dead? abolishing the death penalty made a life of crime a possibility and we pay for those aggression genes to breed! A little eugenics required just to get back the old levels!
Resources are placed there by people who earned them, unless they buy on credit. Stealing property is a theft of the owner’s section of mortality to pay for it. Resources are individual, collective only to a family level based on CONSENT.

“Put all hot females in breeding camps and have the most fit males inseminate them then then pay people to raise them. Stupid, genetically damaged animals shouldn’t breed.”

Forced breeding? Like animals?

It’s disturbing how often people seriously suggest rape in civilization, the genetic theft worse than an object. Only the top .1% of men would be required for that, the rest could easily be exterminated like termites. What are the odds the guys suggesting it fit into that bracket when they can’t get, keep and satisfy a single woman? It would also require perfect IQ scores, and many making those suggestions are Third World trash stock. The odds are not in your favour if you had the shit for brains to comprehend them. White women are not your obedient concubines. And the fathers need to stick around to parent or the kids end up damaged, how many want to fuck and run? Fucking r-types, there’s a reason Patriarchy hanged them, they deserved it. Shit for brains and matching morals, just bestial.
They also seem to think Patriarchy means rape when it’s protection FROM rape by fathers and brothers.
Women have 9 months to abort and will out of spite, do not fuck with us. Reproduction must be consensual or men, for example, can easily be cucked.
Punish those who deliberately fuck/breed with inferiors. Especially social isolation. Let them become Morlocks.
The Great Replacement is supposed to distract us from the real need to clean house.
Let’s send all the liberals and bleeding heart celebrity luvvies to Africa once SHTF. They’ll be the only white meat, very moist.
“The writer of this article doesnt seem to understand that the niggers in Africa will literally eat each other if big problems start in the west or Asia. They cant even comprehend basic private property rights and we are to assume they will continue to pump out kids after the free shit from the west stops flowing. There is a reason why niggers didnt massively outbreed civilized folk before we showed up, that shit didnt just fall out of the sky. On top of that, once the medical technology or expertise the west provides to Africa disappears, theyll go back to dieing before theyre even twenty fucking one. I cannot stand these fucking idiots that somehow think Africa became so populous in a vacuum. These charts that try to predict the future are fucking retarded and so is anybody that gives them even a second glance.”
China is shipping human flesh, as mentioned. Whose flesh, is the question?
Outbreed actually means miscegenerate, not to overpopulate.
The white farmers sense the danger and want to move. If your ancestors are dumb enough to move in with savages who believe in cannibalism, please stay there. The gene pool will get a good clean of long-overdue stupidity.
The nitrogen fertilizer is required from the West, the chemical knowledge to produce it, even were the African farmers (real Africans) to suddenly all learn farming and grow a new continental personality. They’re lazier than Italians in July.

The British Empire was a mistake because it was the African Empire and the SJWs get that right. However, we don’t owe them jack. We gave them too much. We need a compound interest on our investment and we’ll step over their corpses once they’ve all killed one another in a probably religious cull back to sensible population levels.
civilize or economize, motherfuckers

It’s very easy to recoup your losses from a dead body.

This whole comment, damn that’s some Super-Fine research, segments;
“It’s true. In the age of exploration, western anthropologists found food to cannibal tribes in a 2:1 ratio along the major african rivers. Food Cannibal Food Food Cannibal Food Food Cannibal….”
“A single man single woman household is something that evolved in North Western Europe during the last ice age. Women had to be beautiful (to show fertility) and able to bear and raise children in the harsh ice climate; men needed to be robust to hunt for long periods.
There are some 30,000 years of differential evolution between Africa and Western Europeans. Isn’t it likely there will be differences?”
Evolution doesn’t stop at the neck, ever.
“This time, the African’s – rather than eating each other, will just walk or boat into Europe.”
Not with British naval supremacy, mate. We can save Europe or just ourselves. I’m waiting to see where my stake is.
“Quote from A troublesome inheritance” A gentleman and a scholar. Tally ho.
Evolution is made by fucking yes but 2/3 up to 75% mostly by killing. This goes for any species, we’ve delayed Darwinism and defied natural selection for so long it’s going to be swooping Death. Hopefully Black Death will go on a comeback tour. I’m such a fan.
History won’t smile kindly on the African uplifters, including the original missionaries. Fucking idiots.
Slavery killed the Empires, thinking those inferior enough to allow conquest deserve a seat at the feast.
Those are your resources for your genetic kin. Do not assist the outgroup or you die.
The Victorians ignored this to fuck the available Oriental and African women. Once again, lust destroys anything good. If they couldn’t fuck slaves, they wouldn’t want to invade or keep them. As bad as the Ottomans in places.
Asia will go back to rice farming if they’re smart.
Otherwise, more crazy Emperors and Communism.
Leave them to it. They’re bloodthirsty in those harsh times anyway.
“Analysis of genomes from around the world establishes that there is indeed a biological reality to race, despite the official statements to the contrary of leading social science organizations. A longer discussion of this issue is offered in chapter 5, but an illustration of the point is the fact that with mixed-race populations, such as African Americans, geneticists can now track along an individual’s genome and assign each segment to an African or European ancestor, an exercise that would be impossible if race did not have some basis in biological reality.”
They haven’t mentioned the mixed-race psychiatric problem. When you hear ‘mental health issues’ check the status of the person talking. Oh, an evolutionally novel combination? High genetic load? No wonder it goes wrong. It’s like randomly mixing botanical extracts. Odds are you’ll end up with poison. Most mutations aren’t bad but fatal. Not always for the host but the host nation.
“The Cro-Magnon. Our ancestors. Athletic enough and intelligent enough to beat off H.Neanderthal. That we are not as robust as Cro Magnpn I assume is the result of changing sexual preferences and the value placed upon the effete aristocracy.”
Wars where only the fit fight and die. If it were equal and all fighting-age men went, that would be different.
Hardier men would develop in a few generations.
More dimorphism so also softer better-looking women too.
It isn’t just the breeding of the white peoples, it’s the quality!
“Lucky for us I don’t think demons can feed off robotic energy. Right? You got to keep some of the livestock alive to breed and raise the next generation?”
Rabbit farming, except the rabbits are the farmers. Who will guard them? Who is without bad blood? At that intergenerational level only blood pays for blood, only justice can be served before anything else.
This post turned really dark but it’s interesting.
At least as a thought experiment.
It reminds me of that tourist story where the Africans demanded children because there was no food and they were hungry. Now the question is, how long until they demand white children in Europe like Aztec sacrifices (no current leader in the big countries has a child among them!) and will they demand from the largest number group, the Muslims?
It would pay dividends to have two historic enemies destroy one another, to have the African eat the Arab and then dispense with the lower IQ remnants for the crime. History is cruel so that will likely play out.
I don’t like it but peaceable solutions are running low. Bear in mind, it takes about three weeks to starve. A year or two and enough cycles of hunger will have reduced their numbers drastically.
They are locusts near a food source, they salt the earth in effect.
If Africa weren’t so huge in real cartographical terms, they’d have gone extinct long ago.
South Europe is particularly screwed but they deserve it. Fail to protect your borders, get invaded. Like the Russians, the North has a secret weapon in the climate and our ability to banish. One harsh winter is all it will take and like in Game of Thrones, they will go South, where food is plentiful. Italians still butcher their food. They’ll be fine.
What do the runners want to replace this with? Chaos is an excuse.

“central banks operate in fiat.. which means fake… but they always prepare a new one in a new country when they have the current one set to collapse… think China now… .RUssia has always been the outlier.”
“Think for a moment of the thirty to fifty years of Suppressed Technology, Military Tech, Alternative Free Energy & Life Extension Tech that has been with held from Public Knowledge.”
“And, since Africa has 9 of the 10 lowest IQ countries in the world (and the average IQ of the whole continent is approx 75) the only population growth, on the planet, will be coming from people who would, on average, be regarded as mentally retarded in the US and Europe…. So it is even worse than the above maths indicates.”

Data? How dare you reply to emotion with reason!
“Wow – white folks are doing a great job “saving” Africa. Kudo’s. Too bad the God will have the final say on Africans.”
Mother Nature May I?
“Why can’t Africa produce something and be a net positive? Why would they be excluded from world population?”
Because you don’t count dependents as adults.
There is no need to import the low IQ or keep slaves minus sex slavery (rape) since robots came in.
So this coming Empire of Who-Knows-Who might be different.
A religion will rise though. Without the State mandating charity at the point of a gun. Christianity might be it as long as we remember compassion has survival limits.
The EU is failing because it believed egalitarian cog theory. The idea is you can be a lazy fuck and retire early as long as there’s some sap to replace you. You can’t replace the high-IQ with the low.
They become a greater drain by far. Then there’s the family they bring over…
On this vast scale, regression to the mean is law. Low-IQ becomes a chaotic entropy.
Europe has been suppressing its fertility and ability for decades. We’re overdue a resurgence of prosperity.
Do you think we’ll want to share?
Do the luvvies want to pay Commie taxes?
Smith was right, ‘human beings are a virus’. The r-selected, that is.
Equilibrium will come to you like Samael.
“which makes the remaining population wealthier on a per capita basis.”
It’s the Golden Goose ratio. More producers, more production on average minus the genocidal policies and disincentives and fewer drains = retention of wealth, compounding.
Foreign charity, the soft imperialism, gave the grandchildren’s birthright away because that anorexic attention whore Audrey Hepburn couldn’t stand to see African children thinner than her. Meanwhile, her own money went entirely to her own spawn. She didn’t surrender any to her own state, let alone the foreign.
Any suggestion of pathologically altruistic policy should be met with: YOU FIRST.
That wealth would have compounded nicely by now. Imagine no debt at birth but an investment. Sweet.
You don’t raise awareness, you raise funds. Other people’s funds. By attention-whoring, middle-class begging to grind down the working class, it’s classist, it kills the homeland competition. They know they’re doing it, they never do local charity work with the poor because they detest them.
You’re not Mother Theresa, she also took other people’s money despite dodgy origins. How nice of her.
End virtue signalling the assholes partake in like a traitorous sport and they’ll quickly find something else to do.
If you want to uplift another country so badly, you should be forced to move there. Also, petition to deport all white Muslims to Saudi Arabia, since it’s so peaceful and not at all Islamophobic. Hold them to the consequences, HARD.
Africa “have yet to pollute their lands because they aren’t yet industrialized.”
False, China recently bought Africa, including its people and nobody cares. Asians are ruthless in destroying natural
resources, look at Japan.
“And most importantly, they are over there and you are over here; they aren’t bothering you at all so why do you care how many babies and by whom that they have?”
Why cuck for them? Why? Note mentioning the savagery, the rape, the cannibalism, the murder and political corruption triggers them. AKA the Truth.
He goes on!
“Africa has *plenty* of room to grow, that is why so many indians and chinese are moving their. Those two groups are like cockroaches (especially the chinese). They’ve overbred and they’re overcrowding their filthy countries so they emigrate and africa is slowing being taken over by them — so they can destroy those countries too. Africans aren’t bothering anyone; for the most part they stay on their continent and don’t bother anyone.”
Excellent, all Asians can move to Africa and Africans stay there because open borders and avoiding evil Whitey with our demon science.
He’s right about the Chinese though. People are only nice about them because of food. The food is terrible, you have bad taste America. Anytime someone says their favorite food is Chinese, you can ignore them. They eat cardboard with soy.

It’s true that India and China are fucked in unique ways. India will kill itself with the excess male population. China might go down with a fight but I don’t care as long as their cunty new millionaire ‘Princesses’ are sold to Islamic State.
The parents care about money and baby, it might happen.
Traps need bait.
If we want to conquer terrorism, feed them Chinese.
They have the biggest glut of population and no low-IQ excuse.
“Those Muslim groups that claim they will defeat the west by producing many more children paid for by full public assistance seem to understand this.”
That only works if you’re the minority sucking off the state. The ratio? They can’t do math.
Those ‘men’ bred from weak mothers will run off as soon as they’re expected to throw a punch. Notice they never do fist-fights? They’re cowards. Even suicide must be quick to them. The women will also leave but only after trying to whore themselves to dhimmi white men. We already see this with Indians because of their caste system, Muslim women also HATE (all caps) white beauty.
“Not to mention that major universities are shaming young white males for getting erections. Hillary kept warning about how the Pubs wanted to turn back the clock, but haven’t the Dems reinvented Victorianism?”
White men aren’t allowed to act black.
Case – closed.
“The green revolution prevented what would have otherwise been regular famines by now. The green revolution requires massive petroleum inputs to continue providing food for a global population of this size. It is not a sustainable proposition for the world population to continue growing. Perhaps the planet population peaking voluntarily is much better than the other alternatives.”
Let me love you!
Famines are cleanses for the colon of humanity.
“World population will never exceed 9 billion. … It can take less than 3 generations to become extinct.”
Shorter if you castrate and sterilize your enemies. History is fun.
That’s from the Muslim playbook!
“The big problem I see is plague. At a certain point of overpopulation, diseases start to spread, and that can be a really, really nasty way to solve the population problem.”
u r b a n l i v i n g
Such a misnomer.
These people can’t grow radishes.
“Once white people took up socialism they bought into its promises and they stopped having large families (who would have supported them if there was no government support). Add to this abortion and the pill and white people in America and Europe did not produce enough tax payers to support the socialist Ponzi scheme”
s e x u a l  r e v o l u t i o n

Promiscuity kills. Syphilis is coming back. There’s your zombie apocalypse. It rots your fucking face off. Your balls can literally drop off, like raisins. It’s like infective frostbite for your squishy bits.
It also makes the infected rabid. Insane. Sounds like a nice Apocalypse we got brewing.
If the sex-obsessed could be shipped off to an island and once sterilized, spend the rest of their lives fucking each other without medication, under the condition that they never bother the breeding population again or return, we’d ‘lose’ their genetics in a hundred years or so. And never have this issue again.

It’d be something incredulously disbelieved in history books. The Human Bonobos.
It’s like full drug legalization, that had a culling effect. Then after-WW2 only doctors could write prescriptions and we started getting more dross surviving. Let the bachelor alcoholics die in misery.
It’s a great example for the kids. Kids need negative role models, to see them suffer, more than any positive ones.

“There were 76 million people born between the years 1946 and 1964, the traditional window for the baby boom generation. That means that they will retire over a 19-year period. Simple math shows that 76 divided by 19 is 4 million, or almost 11,000 people a day. Say 1,000 die a day. The biggest event in America today is we have l0,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day for years to come. The biggest problem in America is we cannot for the duration support these retiring Baby Boomers. The reason we cannot support these baby boomers is we have not produced a large enough group of supporting taxpayers.”

Well the ones who didn’t have kids because they were too selfish won’t have anyone to defend them against the local marauder rapist gangs.

“Why are Muslims the primary people imported? Muslims don’t have abortions, take the pill and Muslim women are not single moms. It is not uncommon for Muslims to have the 6 to 10 children like white families used to have in America. Congress is counting on this group to generate the missing tax payers.”

Simply ban child brides and mutilation (circumcision removes incentive to be a slut). Pass them free contraception on the quiet, especially shots or implants while their father is away. Feminism will kill the Muslim, freedom isn’t for everyone.

Encourage every Muslim to become SJW. The Unis are doing this already.

Corrosive pop culture will westernize them, fund some Rihanna. Technically they are single mothers since there is a paternal failure to provide. They get disability which matches the IQ, a great excuse to boot them wherever we like. This is assuming they don’t place the dhimmi SJWs in the old Nazi camps once they become useless.


“Why is America a bankrupt government? Revenue from current taxes is too low to pay for increasing entitlements and retirees. Deficits and debt plug the entitlement hole until immigrants produce enough taxes to fill the entitlement hole . Government is betting immigrants will produce the taxes to pay for retiring Baby Boomers before America goes belly up. Once the U.S. world reserve currency runs out and the government can no longer print bucket loads of money and debt they will strip the U.S. citizens cupboards bare to keep going.”

You can’t tax work that doesn’t happen.
They immigrate to make more money than they wish to provide the state.
You’ve been played.
I was once told, as many others “you’re entitled to NOTHING, nothing you didn’t earn. And that becomes yours, nobody else can give it or take it away.” The last part was naive but hearing entitlements makes me wanna reach for a hammer.

‘”Overpopulation” is not a problem, nor will it ever be. The global population will never exceed 9 billion, for which this planet is amply capable of sustaining. Paul Erlich predicted overpopulation would lead to human extinction by 1990. Real world studies have shown that this is not possible. Overpopulation is just another scare tactic by the left.’

Has a point, they only ever say breeding is a problem when whites do it, eh?

Guess the race. You can’t check, but it’s manospherian PUA rapist logic at work, you can totally guess.

“Why do you even *care* about what’s going on with Africans in AFRICA? They aren’t trying to rob you or sleep with your daughters or sign up for foodstamps. Yet that’s what is being discussed. If they want to have tons of babies, chuck spears, eat each other why do you care? They’re not doing it here, there doing it 1000’s of miles away from you.

Let’s face it; you poor put upon (mostly) white men need to stop crying about shit that doesn’t concern you. You whine about the pitifully small entitlements minorities get but most entitlements go to white people. And the biggest amount aren’t even called that — they’re called bailouts. Trillions of dollars to rich white bankers. But you focus on some poor black woman living in a dangerous ghetto, barely scraping by. You bunch of asshole, racist hypocrites. You’re the ones who created this mess, not the minorities who don’t have any power in this society.
Worry about your own limp, viagra dependent penises and stop worrying about what africans are doing with theirs.”

‘OMG why do you care about your genetic kin? Why do you CAAAARE? Always the same YYYYYY-ine.
Just let them be raped! They want that masculinity, running away is part of the ‘Game’!
They don’t want you White Man! Step aside and let the real men gang rape them! Celebrate that your race will die! Don’t be racist! p.s. send more foreign aid, our Cousin Chuck needs a new child bride’

Those who gain from the Gravy Train lie about it.
(((white))) bankers was the best bit
They act like they’re scraping by, off their own money. Money to one outgroup is less to the ingroup. It is DEPRIVATION that is the trick to genocide. It’s demographic theft between any group, race, sex, age etc.
Tragedy of the commons looms large in immigration issues. Less for the natives, less for the earners.
when called out;

“The EU is allowing those people to come there — the Northern Africans are not forcing their way in. Just like the rich, white, powerful people are allowing Mexicans to flood this country: because they want them here. Why, I don’t know but those people are invited and if they don’t want to deal with their uncontrolled growth, just stop letting them in.”

Well shooting them in our territorial waters is no different than shooting them on the land itself.
It isn’t like the water is lava and landing means they get to claim on the state lottery complete with free blond Swedish girls bouncing on their balls. I do mean ‘girl’. They’re disgusting parasites, that’s why their home country doesn’t want them. The NGO-fat lawyers run out of money and it’s down to local justice.
“Africa’s overpopulation ISN’T GOING TO STAY IN AFRICA”
We should teach them how to get to America and end in Canada. They want them, right?
Make lots of Little Congos?
Africa doesn’t cease to exist because you’re too blind to include their chart in your GLOBAL economic calculations.
It’s like studying STDs and missing the brothel down the street because Cindy gives you free BJs once a week.
Whatever it is, not science!
If they TALK about Africa, they have to DO something about Africa. They fear the NGOs. The right-wing is missing this.
Cameron promised to bonfire the Quangos (NGOs), voted in and suddenly went silent and got very cucked.
It isn’t specific charities like Greenpeace. Cui bono? Follow the money. Always, always NGOs!
Government will eat the People or People will kill the NGOs bribing Government. Simple.
“It is very simple, reduce the cost of government to every citizen and the population will increase if there is enough room available to be comfortable.Skinner and many other psychologists have demonstrated this principle with rats. Make a rat town, don’t overcrowd it, provide food that has to be worked for and reproduction will be normal for the species. Reduce the food or make it harder to get and the reproduction will decline.
Put the right amount of rats in a rat city and they will get along with each other and stick with raising a family and finding food. Put in too many rats and attacks against other rats will commence. (every rat needs a certain amount of space and food) The more rats that are added the rat fights get deadlier and the reproduction declines. If you keep adding rats some rats will become psychotic and some will become psychopaths.
Nowadays the people who should be having children can’t afford them so they fiddle with their phones instead of their spouse or girl friend. Who do you think will have the most children; a couple on a farm or ranch who work from before sun-up until after sundown to get ahead or a couple of snowflakes who live in a crowded city with high rents working an 8 to 5 low paying menial job in a small office. The liberals have tried to move everyone into the cities since the 1960’s and maybe now they see the result. As long as the government moves people into the cities and burdens them with high rents, high food prices and high taxes and little living space that population will not grow.”
“only the smarts will have jobs”
only the high-IQ will have money
make money, keep money
Why do they think the productive keep a census? It’s a list of citizens.

The Left has committed hari-kari. It’s Mike the Headless Chicken.
It’s dead but it hasn’t stopped being a fucking nuisance yet.
If you don’t breed, you’re like the dodo or the panda, on the dead side of history.

Cultural Marxism’s pets are coming home to roost and they’re hungry.

Let the animals eat the zookeeper. It’s nature, they’re pacifists, let it happen.
Don’t help them. It’s what they would’ve wanted.

You see a feminist being beaten up by a Muslim Sharia Patrol?

You go, Girl!

You can’t match the objectification of Olga, who doesn’t have a brain… or a head.
Yes, it’s an illusion.

The Left is already totally irrelevant. The end of liberalism and the beginning of fascist bannings.
When you make speech laws like the Inquisition’s blasphemy code in a democracy, people just stop talking to you because they don’t want to go to prison. They also stop listening and talk among themselves.
The internet is a symptom not the cause.
Lefties never go to pubs, all the best political conversation isn’t happening in cock-tail bars.
They choose to socially exclude themselves from the working class, and SJW-ism is just pissing on the working class.

We recently decided the best way to fuck with the Left is never have a conversation with them. Play dumb as they think we are, ignore them and move away to other things and people as they speak. Distract them, cut them off, reduce signalling to nil value. They get louder and more virulent in their sedition, openly calling for the end of white people and heterosexuality, it’s funny if it weren’t horrifying. This is happening in the media writ large but it began socially, first with SJW topics and slowly into the economic. We don’t want advice from someone with a trust fund, which, btw, they will lose.

Nobody deserves to be poor but an SJW.

Anytime you see a leftie, be grey. Greyman protocol. Swim in the crowd. They are looking for righties to trigger at and relieve their anxiety. Block them from social media if they get uppity and try to info-gather. Use the same echo chamber stuff on them but only agaisnt them.
They want a target, they want families to break up and teenagers to shout at. They want someone to blame.
Give them nothing. They grew up on empty praise and attention.
Silence, the yawn of being ignored, is HELL, it is torture to the narcissist.
They are forced to turn on the fellow middle-class, exposing the Beast of their rage, or else one another. It was a matter of time.
Do not engage. We have won the debate based on the elections, the Overton window is ours and there is no debate to be had with ‘hate speech’ for science and people who refuse common sense or rules of evolution, logical. Listening to them gives them the public platform. They can’t buy eyeballs or ears. Do not give them and observers the respect of a peer.
They want to end you and your way of life. Let them starve, go Galt on attention whores.

K-shift is coming, friends.

How r/K war will end

cos1 cos2 cos3

All text from Camp of the Saints, previously linked.

Multi-Culturalism – Resources = War

This was planned so those implementing the policies could make off with the loot.

People forget crimes scale, from theft up to rape, but from rape to murder and without the ground, the r-type will die whatever remnant resources.

Trevor Phillips predicts diversity+proximity=war
Where have I heard that before?
CH should sue.

Paper K-type?
He is spreading hatefacts, to be fair.

I see this ending well.

#1 on the arrest list should be Richard Dawkins then.


You sure you wanna bring this in, Lefties? This would also include banning anti-patriotic speech against this country and its culture, banning atheists from mocking Christians and non-white people from taking punts at whites in their traditional homeland.

I always thought Dawkins would get arrested for his affections for the wee ones…

We live in interesting times.

drinking tired of this shit michael fassbender

Video: MRA/MGTOW misogyny and deception

The Refugee Crisis is simply a convenient excuse. I’m taking the gloves off for this one. I’ve avoided the topic because I didn’t want to give them an excuse to bitch, but this needs to be said. Rock and roll.

He says around 18 minutes “It’s difficult being in your 20s, why do you think it’s easier for women?”
Oppression Olympics. An excuse for self-pity, projection and hatred of Other. Since they are male, they hate female. They are worthless narcissists who must loathe and blame others to justify their irrelevant existence. If they were black, they’d join the Black Panthers. If they were women, they’d become feminists. They want an excuse for being worthless and Othering is the Critical Theory toolbox for political activism. “It’s all Their fault! I’d be all kinds of successful if it weren’t for those meddling feminists!” Ignore the fact they do nothing to become successful (see Gotta love Millennials) and expect it to fall into their lap, the entitlement is typical of their age.
They will brainwash themselves into believing that women in this century don’t really suffer from anything, both dehumanizing us and idealizing onto a pedestal. Does the economy I live in magically stop sucking? Are immigrants magically not taking typically female jobs too, like nanny? Can women afford to marry/have kids, when traditionally, the bride’s family pays? Can women move out of their parent’s home where men cannot? Can women afford a car on top of the higher everyday expenses of being a woman e.g. when our clothes are more expensive?
It’s a non sequitur that “I have it hard, so women must have it easy.” There is no evidence for this. Find me something, prove me wrong, please. I’ve yet to find anything in years of looking. The SJWs are from rich families, insulated from consequence, male or female, they’ll be OK. Their class protects them, not their sex. The legal system has plenty of issues that screw over everyone at some point and they’ll never be resolved because history teaches this, it’s unreasonable to expect change without force, physical force. There is no male-specific argument where women are exempt from bad circumstance, it’s a fantasy of impotence. Circumcision used to be the one argument, but then female variants were imported so you no longer have that one either. Everything 21st century of male suffering has a female counterpart, yet these losers who have nothing better to do than kick women online will play crybully like the SJW they knock. “B-b-b-but women do this, don’t do that, and it’s unfair!”
Life is unfair, which planet do you live on?

Snape was a role model in some ways

Nobody has it easy and this equality thing is impossible, but that doesn’t occur to them.
Are the sexes equal or not? Either they are, and you’re no better than us, or they’re different, and different treatment is indicated by common sense, as well as science. You see, these males think they’re rational, but they’re only good at rationalization. It’s post-hoc excuse-mongering, tallying up perceived slights to portray themselves as the blameless Madonna. I’ve slagged off feminists (m/f/neither) enough to give the fair treatment to these males too. I’ve given them special favoritism, claiming to be Right while using the weak-is-good tactics of the Left, for too long. I waited to see if they’d abandon the sinking ship and this new low merits it. All the good MGTOW left years ago, they aren’t wasting their time online attention whoring and bitching, that’s a chick thing, right?
They’re signalling for the Government cheese and bailout/savior in the exact same way the SJWs have been doing, and it’s sickening so here goes. You wanna be a Damsel, here’s the dragon and we owe you burns.

Here are the common rhetorical tactics I am seeing from the misogynists knocking around hiding behind Muh freedom to be (MRA/MGTOW/PUA) as a shield from criticism, pretending their hatred of women has anything to do with something those women have done. Pretending their cowardice in defending their countries and even themselves is a secret strength (gamma Secret Kings, omega Revenge Fantasies). The projections of the Male-exclusive Political Groups are being condemned as exclusive and hateful — because they are. I’ll put it in list form for the aspies.

  1. Whataboutism e.g. sure, women were raped in Cologne, but what about male prison rape in America? derailment.
  2. There’s data about people who aren’t me, but I’m going to complain about it anyway e.g. men are paying alimony, I don’t, but others are, is exactly like the Rape Victim totem of the SJWs, because other women get raped, that entitles them to an opinion about it.
  3. But we suffer, too! Concern trolling.
  4. We’re all victims here appeal to weakness.
  5. America owes Europe nothing versus Lol, Europe is manning up and voting out the Left, let’s follow suit.
  6. The Man is keeping us down more! We are the Man and physically strong enough to overpower any government in history, but we’re the oppressed ones here!
  7. Male politicians serving the CM agenda do not count, but all women are to be treated feminists and evil shrews.
  8. The sentiment that ‘Lol the white whores are gonna get it’ being the same sadism from men as feminists show with #maletears and prison rape jokes, both cruelties are repulsive. (See The ‘Alpha’ is Omega).
  9. Bring back the death penalty, but prison sentences for men are too long.
  10. Castration is a punishment we should never endorse because it’s anti-man, let’s castrate pedophiles so we can free up the prisons.
  11. The age of consent is important and keeps children safe, let’s lower it! We should encourage teen pregnancy and have girls start families young, unless they can’t financially support themselves because they’re still kids themselves!
  12. If men never want a family, there is nothing wrong with them. Spinsters offend God.
  13. The Bible exists when I need to make someone else feel guilty. Using it against me makes you a religious nutjob, obviously the sky fairy isn’t real.
  14. Telling men they should marry young interferes with their human rights, but let’s force women to marry young because… they aren’t human (implication)?
  15. Your conscience is wrong, women don’t deserve any protection however they act. Let’s hold young women responsible for old feminism and its policies, which they never voted in, but I’m not responsible for slavery or keeping women out of the workplace prior to second wave.
  16. Meritocracy! But let’s exclude the women. Because reasons.
  17. We need more engineers etc to compete with Asia. Let’s dissuade women from contributing to society via STEM.
  18. Women are low IQ! Ignore the total number of male retards and female outperformance in the economy.
  19. Segregate schools by sex to give boys a chance to succeed, they’re entitled to the opportunity. Why do girls need to go to school, or college? Their good outcomes must be artificial, despite outperforming boys in sitting still and listening since the Victorian era, when they were allowed in the classroom.
  20. The nubile women will abandon you, so ignore them and reject them (and let us pick them up in your place).
  21. Women vote Left, deny them the vote. (rebuttal – False, according to recent data I pulled up in the post Universal Suffrage, and why not ban Left parties if that’s the wrong here? Oh wait, cos men should be allowed to vote for the Left, right? It was universal suffrage, idiots, look it up and realize we’d go back to a property-owning system, do you own property? No? STFU.)
  22. Sleeping with your future wife is the right thing to do, but while I will never marry and have kids, you should totally marry her once I’ve used her and keep the fertility rates up, so I can bang your grand-daughter too.
  23. I have a right to call women anything I like, but when women do the same, they’re being sexist.
  24. Hold single moms responsible! Single dads are victims!
  25. Female rape is a joke, male rape is an abomination.
  26. Promiscuity is the worst evil in the whole world and should be stopped! Unless men are doing it, then we can’t help it because muh evolution and testosterone supplements.
  27. Women shouldn’t be left in charge of anything, because men did such a fine job of getting society to this point. They can run a house without maids, that isn’t a ‘real’ job and neither is motherhood/primary caregiver.
  28. Double standards don’t exist but the sexes totally aren’t equal, never have been and never will be. We shouldn’t treat them the same because they aren’t, but that isn’t a double standard somehow and I’m gonna totally miss the point on purpose, playing dumb, that morally, everyone in a society should be held to the same social standard if we’re to get anything done. I don’t wanna make progress if it involves being nice to women.
  29. Evolution apparently says men shouldn’t be monogamous [citation needed] versus Why can’t I keep a girlfriend? I can’t find explanations for either of these to back up my claim by Burden of Proof but believe me, the problem must be external, as I have an external locus of control, and if you disagree, you hate men, because all men hold the same opinions as me.
  30. It’s ad hominem if it hurts my feelings.
  31. I am a fitting unelected spokesman for the opinions of all men everywhere in the world, we all have the same problems that happen to align perfectly with my own issues, and if you find my unfounded opinions abhorrent, you must have this problem with all men, and I bet you’re an old ugly Sex and the City singleton.
  32. Men need male-only spaces respected, like gentleman’s clubs and forums, but I can totally go on sites for women, especially conservative women, and call them the scum of the earth, that’s just fun and they’re weak for wanting an exclusive space.
  33. Stereotypes about men are vindictive and signs of a mentally damaged speaker (what libel), stereotypes about women are hilarious, grow a sense of humor.
  34. It’s a naturalistic fallacy when it interrupts our hedonism.
  35. Sure, we get more free sex than ever before in human history, the one thing men want, for doing nothing to serve our community/country, but men are the real victims of the modern SMP.
  36. Women don’t get to decide what makes a good husband or what they want in a husband, but I can totally write out a 100-point list of criteria for my future imaginary wife, including #100, must be anime waifu. This is realistic and my dream, I deserve this, don’t you dare laugh.
  37. Ignore the genophilia data saying white women outbreed least often globally and exhibit the most ingroup preference in dating choices, they aren’t Your Women and they don’t want you. 
  38. We are scientific, unless the science disagrees with us, then we’re free to ignore it because we’re red pill and want the truth or call it a conspiracy, but the Patriarchy is silly.
  39. Being a criminal is alpha.
  40. Having multiple children out of wedlock and divorcing for no reason because that bitch didn’t ‘respect’ you, that’s alpha.
  41. You should expect men to get a beer belly and let themselves go when married, but women should stay fit for their husband, meanwhile, we can assume men get better with age despite studies never looking past age 40-50 ratings, when the SMP dries up, ignore the declined average appearance of men in the West over the last century under the ‘Men, what happened?’ meme.
  42. Men wear casual clothes like a teenager, they’re GTOW. Women wear casual clothes, they’re lazy, cheap and lemmings.
  43. Going after someone younger sexually is good when men do it, no negative repercussions to society at all. When women do it, it’s creepy and exploitative, despite women rarely supporting their lovers or trying to lock them in with marriage.
  44. Men should be allowed to leave/cheat on their wives, but the reverse isn’t what God would’ve wanted, even if the guy is Ted Bundy. Somehow I know better what God wants than the part of the Bible about stoning adulterers to death.
  45. Men should be allowed to get married multiple times, because they haven’t proven themselves incapable of the responsibility or commitment to the vows the first time. Women shouldn’t remarry because Bible.
  46. Slutty women can’t pair bond and they’re useless for marriage. Slutty men aren’t a divorce risk despite never handling that data and you should marry them over the non-slutty men because they have valuable experience.
  47. All men wanna be sluts, this is natural and should be encouraged nationwide. We don’t know who they’d sleep with exactly, but women shouldn’t be allowed to sleep around so I guess… homosexuality?
  48. Impulse control is for losers but Enjoy the Decline, the Empire is collapsing and we’re like Rome lol.
  49. I see the problems, but contributing to them doesn’t make a bad person.
  50. I can Have it All, I can sleep around, get numerous STDs and this will never affect my MMV, which is never considered and, one day, magically, a 10/10 wife material woman will pop into existence just in time for marriage, I will be a great husband, my wife must serve me like a slave despite my having no social status or ability to provide, love and keep at least an LTR but if the marriage fails it must be her fault.
  51. Women are ruining marriage in the West, but men don’t need to work on anything, ever. Why is the marriage rate low and the divorce rate high?
  52. Bible says this thing but let’s ignore how this also applies to me.
  53. I don’t believe in God, but my future wife should, and still choose me because what assortative mating.
  54. Sociology’s Hypergamy is on the rise, ignore the data showing it died in the last century.
  55. Women should support themselves but when they do they’re no better than feminists. We need 2-incomes to run a modern household, but I expect I’ll be making bank off my blog posts and angry Youtube rants forever, because the Internet is never capricious to trends.
  56. I can’t afford a wife, let’s blame women.
  57. Women sexually reject me, all women are whores.
  58. Where have all the good women gone? Hahaha I’ll never be a White Knight.
  59. Women play Damsel to the politicians, save me Donald Trump! 
  60. Genetic suicide is totally what Darwin wanted. Omg sub-replacement panic.
  61. Rar rar terrorism, invasion, I’d never join the army, what is there to defend?
  62. Refugees aren’t entitled to native women, but I’m entitled to the native women of other countries.
  63. Sex-selective abortion is fine.
  64. Sluts are only bad when they aren’t sleeping with me.
  65. Women expect to be supported, how dare they, but I expect a wife in all but name and any woman not supported by a husband is an SJW.
  66. We won’t compete for women, that’s a pedestal, why are we being outcompeted? The world should stop because we do, they need us!
  67. Women file for most divorces, ignore how it’s due to male cheating and addiction.
  68. Wanting exotic foreign men is evil, but I love me some Brazilian ass, East European blondes or stereo-typically submissive Asian girls, slightly too young to be legal.
  69. Coercion doesn’t make it rape of women, but men should never be pressured into doing anything e.g. even oral.
  70. European women want the refugees, that’s why the refugees resort to raping them. (Such cognitive dissonance.)
  71. The army age immigrants will never hurt us, even though they’re raping little boys too.
  72. Men should sit on their arses and do nothing as civilization dies, our ancestors would be proud.
  73. Angry ranting online about how much women suck will attract them because negging.
  74. American women are selfish but I have a right to do anything I want, whatever it means to society… but I’m a patriot, sure.
  75. Women are basically another species and I treat dogs better (let it live in my house, feed it, love it). Pets are fitting replacements for children, but I laugh at the girls with tiny dogs in purses because they’re childless losers and no man wants them.
  76. Women are narcissistic, but if I can’t fuck her, what good is she? A man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle.
  77. Women can defend themselves, but we aren’t equal and they shouldn’t be allowed in the military because they can’t perform.
  78. Women don’t care about my looks, but they’re shallow bitches.
  79. Women want power, because men have never wanted power ever before in all of mankind’s history and seeking power or admiring it is wrong. Btw, read the Laws of Power, it’s my fave book, so edgy.
  80. The economy sucks because of women, yeah, so what if most politicians are men?
  81. I don’t need women, that’s why I spend all my free time talking about them and shouting at them.
  82. I’m going my own way, which happens to be in the direction of your women.
  83. You can’t be addicted to porn and promiscuity is good for you, the feminists were right about those. Just those two things.
  84. Let’s talk about self-improvement to avoid actually doing it. Why aren’t I popular? Why am I treading water? What do I need to do?
  85. The system is against me. I don’t need to do any of the things I complain about, like get married or have kids or buy a house, but it’s systemic sexism that my choices would have consequences. This is an unjust first in all human history.
  86. Because I say so [no citation needed] and I’m a man so my opinion is always correct, even when discussing the nature of women as if I know their minds better than they do versus omg I’m not gaslighting, you really are inferior to us and women don’t have valid opinions on what men are really like either. How could you possibly understand what it’s like to be a man, you’re so dumb to think it’s even possible. Duh women are the empathetic sex, to care for the babies.
  87. Freud was right about women all the way but men don’t have womb envy and the Oedipal Complex doesn’t exist, it’s a stupid idea.
  88. Pro-woman means anti-man. I know there are plenty of women against feminism and few call themselves that by statistics, but they only want our attention so let’s lump them in with the enemy and call them misandrist when they come to hate us for calling them all whores.
  89. Porn hasn’t warped our perceptions at all, whore. Women are gagging for it 24/7 and they wanna be choked.
  90. If men have addictions, women should feel guilty because they made us like this.
  91. Women have been given more rights than men but I can’t name a single one of them.
  92. Totally ignore the male Cultural Marxists in academia, men have no obligation to fix this mess because we didn’t cause it.
  93. Let’s use the insult feminist as a synonym for All Women and wonder why we get Not All in reply backed with data. Omg male feminists are on the rise too, ignore, deny, swerve. Let’s never blame men for any of their actions, but the system is totally infantilizing us and women have the hypoagency.
  94. Our species needs to be gynocentric to survive, as women produce and raise heirs, but this is a bad thing because women have a tiny measure of power over us to dictate who they have children with, although I don’t want to have children with them, let’s redistribute the sex like wealth, AA for low-status horndogs.
  95. Sterile sex and fertile sex are pretty much interchangeable and this distinction has no bearing on the conversation, even when discussing evolution and the future of society.
  96. Men need a purpose, but admitting to needing women is the most shameful weakness possible, and fyi all women need men.
  97. Nihilism isn’t a sign of clinical depression we need to get treated, but a sign we’re correct and everything is objectively hopeless. Why are more men killing themselves? We red-pilled them and told them life isn’t worth living, why are people ignoring us?
  98. Women need to be lead by men, we don’t wanna be responsible for them, let’s continue to act like 13yos. We refuse to man up and wife up those sluts. Why are women adapting because we’re failing at our masculine role? How dare their lives go on around us and our laziness as they struggle to make it by themselves! How dare they continue on?! Don’t they know they need us? Society should be stopping because we’re on strike, but it isn’t. If we can’t succeed because we refuse to try, they should be banned too. The feminists must be helping them, despite a lack of evidence for this and in fact, evidence of feminist-led punishment of hot women in hiring decisions, for example, but never mention Frankfurt and the Divide/Conquer strategy in the West.
  99. SJWs are authoritarians who wanna control the lives of others, we’d never be like that and as long as we have free speech, we’ll defend our rights (never with force). Stop women from (voting, campaigning, speaking), we aren’t misogynists though. We say we love women, we just want to treat them as if they’re subhuman, practically speaking. Why the hate?
  100. How dare you mock us for being keyboard alphas, you’ll be sorry, they’re abusing us online with their valid criticism, they shouldn’t be allowed to dissent like that. Why do the feminists have examples of our spiteful rants directed at them? Why are people reading those? They’re abusing us, even though we react to everything they say, knowing they’re baiting us for rentseeking purposes.
  101. We’re smarter than the feminists, that’s why we loudly give a platform to everything they do and spend most of our time playing Chinese Whispers instead of focusing on our own business. Why are they getting so much attention? It must be the MSM’s fault!
  102. Sure, my income depends on the continued existence of the enemy to smack like a rhetorical pinata, and I can never get a regular job again thanks to my internet trail, but I want feminism to fall just as much as you do! I don’t have a vested interest in any of this.
  103. <Failing to see you will pay for the newcomers and their 8 children by 3 wives by virtue of living in the same country aka you will be supporting a family via taxation and increased living costs due to supply/demand, just not your own genetic family.> [define: cuck]
  104. Men are the more violent and criminal sex, but look, we’re the real victims, there are some terrible women in these anecdotes, so all rape accusations must be false, it’s a false rape epidemic, a false rape culture. Why don’t men come forward and press charges for rape, the wimps.
  105. Historically, invading hordes grow their numbers then kill the native men 100% of the time, having no use for us, but let’s allow them to take our women and expect they’ll leave us alone to our FPS video games. So what if more come? What are they gonna do, kill us? I wouldn’t join the army or defend myself, but I’m pretty sure the police would protect me. Wtf why are feminists expecting the police would protect them? Why do they always expect the real men to rescue them? The victim culture needs to end.

What’s my main issue with them?

They’re anti-natal, anti-family and antisocial (anti-society). They don’t contribute financially, making them parasites.

We brought this evil upon ourselves.

Yet they waste time, to lecture us as if they have any moral authority, when they do nothing and they are nothing to us, admittedly and proudly worthless. They fail to see the contradictions and cognitive dissonance in themselves but project all their flaws onto others, making the necessary improvements to fix the issues harder to implement for those of us who actually care about the future. They’re dead weight.

MGTOW are the male specialization of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement derangement, ragequitting the race for life and throwing their toys out the pram because they can’t get all their ‘own way’, and the feminazis who want to genocide men to at least 10% of their natural population want more white men to go genetic suicide/anti-natal. Feminists aren’t complaining about MGTOW for that very reason, didn’t you pause to consider this?
Cleaning up the speech from the top video, MW finishes;

starts 23m

MGTOW is an analogue of feminism, it tells them they shouldn’t care about women and shouldn’t care about society.
Infantilises men, encourages them to detach from society. Distract yourself with hobbies. Men are engaged in the future via women. MGTOWs don’t care about the long term because it needs women. Some see the vindication of their ideology in the invasion because of SJWs, male and especially female, siding with the invaders [DS: citation needed]. ‘Why should I care when they don’t?’ We have to overlook, work around, solve it, to hold society together. We need a struggle, a fight. It’s the attitude of a spoiled child to think it should happen naturally. The attitude is that of a spoiled child, sorry, no other way to say it. We can’t afford to say unless human nature is benign, we should give up, don’t hope for the best, we can’t afford to switch off. Get over your hangups about women. It’s an unhealthy affectation and we don’t have the time, the luxury, we need your help.”

I’m going to make the reverse prediction and say their numbers will decline during K-shift. Other men won’t put up with their ennui excuses for cowardice either. They can’t maintain long term commitments, that’s their issue. Jobs, marriages, any of that mature adult stuff. They are impotent and refuse to change, they cannot affect change!

TLDR: Unless you’re pro-civilization, you’re the enemy, I don’t care what you call yourself, it’s the defining trait of Cultural Marxism. Self-destruction is fine, advocating your society’s destruction, by action or omission? You are automatically outgroup and traitor.

You shouldn’t require a reason to care about your own future and/or that of your country. These guys are suicidally depressed, not a model for male mental health.

He’s semi-wrong on one thing. The prize isn’t ‘white women’ or sterile contracepted sex, per se, the prize is a future. A future for your genetics. You are the first in your line not to reproduce, to be a willing genetic suicide is the worst personal failure imaginable, read Dawkins for a secular perspective. We have at least ONE purpose and it’s family. The creation (women) and protection of (men) family are the respective civilizational duties. Nihilism comes into play here, as nothing else matters. The DNA of brilliant celibate monks is still dead, forever. The future won’t benefit, the theoretical victory is a hollow one. Men are failing in their primary duty to protect the women, to lead, to go forth and act first, if P then Q, if victory then monogamy, so why would these women have children, invest in them, tie their prospects to this mast, bless these men with a genetic future, their sole gift, when those guys did nothing to deserve it? When they refused to compete, chose to act like women expecting someone else to do it and virtue signal it as a social good, and still lost? Bottom line.

They are losers who hate women, because ‘women’ hated them first. This was expressed in sexual rejection. They never question why this might be or whether they brought it on themselves, like the social rejection of other males. Women are under no obligation to fancy you, they are completely justified in holding an accurate opinion of your low SES. Nobody is attracted to a loser, especially one who is proud of their refusal to self-improve. I don’t know what’s worse, that they’re losers when times have never been so easy, or that they know some of the score, they know how bad things are and they refuse to step up. For themselves, for their pre-existing families, for anything whatsoever.  You could offer them a lottery win and they’d talk their way out of it. They’re so passively milquetoast and we’re supposedly expected to respect their opinions on masculinity? They try to demand this socially, without having earned it, while forgetting they’re unpopular. Talking about ‘alpha’ism won’t make us confuse you for one, women look to actions, results and the hard red pill is, these guys would have been losers in any society they were born into. Every generation has them.

Think about it from the woman’s choice.

Why choose them? When they fail to defend children, also being raped? Why have children with that? Why respect that? That isn’t a man, it’s a little boy. Boys need someone else to fight their battles, hiding behind mother’s apron strings. Boys want the adults to sort it out. Boys expect Other protection. Women in the desert island scenario are more important than men. Red pill. Science. Deal with it. However, young men have an opportunity here to reassert themselves, to dominate and recapture the social respect they have lost in the transition to effete hipsterism, decades into decadence. They don’t want to change, they refuse to grow up. They’re scared. They can’t even defend themselves.
The Spartans gave every boy a rite of passage.
If they won, they became men. If they lost, they were cast out. That’s your Patriarchy. Evolve or die.
The MRA/MGTOW misogynists aren’t merely going to be cast out genetically. Look long term.
Whoever wins the War for the West, they will be patriarchal. It is certain. They will not allow outgroup male competition to live or thrive, sexually or socially. Cowards (r-types) will be cast out if the native Ks win and white men will be used as sex slaves at best if the non-White Muslims win (they invented m-m fellatio as a humiliating punishment for prisoners of war). It’s your fight too, duh. Perhaps moreso, considering women will have more options regardless of outcome. Whatever happens, the invaders are a demographic threat, to everyone’s way of life.


You cannot sit this one out. That isn’t an option.

bored have you heard enough listening tired no please stop go Lestat IWTV

If I hurt your feelings with these redpill hatefacts, know that I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, do not give a fuck. This is more important than anyone’s feefees. 

Video: Europe (Whites) finally learning to say No after Cologne

Cologne seems to be the flashpoint for the EU’s naive populace that the MSM has been lying to them.

The screeching is palpable. What do you mean, we don’t have a right to use your land and its resources (women)?

Left: This isn’t supposed to happen??? We brainwashed them from birth! Racist! Wait, it isn’t working! Bigot! No, not that one either! Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! Oh phew, that still works. It’s OK guys we’re still subverting and destroying Western Civ! Good talk! Jazz hands!

Someone really needs to tell Stefan about Magic Dirt.

It’s based on the Sociologist’s Fallacy that crossing a border will induce magical whole body changes and drag a Third Worlder into the Very Model of a First World NW Europe Gentleman, genetics and all.

Wait until rations come in, won’t that be fun? Grow a Victory garden against who?

This German man needs to grow some balls. He is practically begging Stefan to give him permission to act. Many Europeans are in this tricky halfway position. They’re gathering information, unsure how to act on it.

Waiting for something.

Moving too early is as bad as moving too late.

My advice? Plan for your loved ones. That is it, you owe nothing to the people who betrayed you. Be brutal in who you include, who would die for you? Emergency fund, urgency plans if you need to flee. For the present, I’d normally say remain there, but with the new ‘shelter’ opening up, you might be targeted for your baby. However, you need that support network and so does baby. There is no exit, nowhere to escape. Move as one or fortify. Prepare.

You see little rebellions. First they say No to one sex tourist treating the cream of Europe like a brothel. And the dominoes fall. Point and shriek enough times and you’ll eventually land on a real threat.

“The Left has no facts. The Left has only verbal abuse.”

The Left has been hemorrhaging devotees as the EU blimp has trundled along, making curious noises. Nobody wants to be stuck at the end with the losers. Simply look at the consequences, they cannot be avoided any longer. There is no time.

“The Left have nothing, they can’t have reality, brain size, IQ,  biology, cultural history, inbreeding, genetics, and religious intolerance, theocracy, no separation of Church and State like all of the things that are gonna come in that are problematic.” Game recognized.

They’re hoping the Right dies fighting these guys while they are cowering playing Damsel and hide. “Let’s you and him fight.” Why, the Right ask? Why do I need to fight if I just stop him coming over here to my land?
They are manufacturing a Civil War because an Inter-European War has been a null option since all the brainwashing on WW2. They’ll come up with excuses to sit out, probably a new form of mental illness you can’t falsify. Once the currency goes kaput (sorry), these pampered little hipsters in their gated communities will need the protection of a scapegoat. Who better than literal rape culturalists?
These refugees may be the foot soldiers, but people are fingering the leaders, and they don’t like that.
Why should we fight for you, the Right ask?

They have no answer. Mumbling about we’re all human, we all bleed red.
Fine, the Right say, you go do it. Who is ‘we’, paleface? Where were you? Who are you, to order me? We are not kin. We are not ingroup. You said patriotism is evil, so you won’t desire its protections, right? “Rough men stand ready to do violence… for their own. They aren’t playing pawn to be moved around by propaganda anymore and it’s beautiful.
They wanted division based on politics, they got it. Loud and clear, signal received. In Europe, the elite have nothing to do with this, they’ll be fine. Always, they’ll pay their way into safety. This isn’t an issue about the rich. If you look at the UK media, it is overwhelmingly middle class. Who do they get a hate-on for? Marx’s pets, the poor.

This is a class war, and the native poor are seeing it.
One factor they have in their favour: voting bloc.
Why else would the right wing be winning recently, if not for that crucial bastion of support, traditionally belonging to the Left? But the Left sold them out. They favoured the Outgroup. Oh this poor (outgroup), anyone but the evil white men! 
Those natural conservatives (who prize country and family above all else) are finally leaving the abusive relationship and voting with their feet. To the left, this is unprecedented. An end of Left/Right they call it, because people are’t fitting into their neat little boxes anymore (vote based on class). Oh, L/R exist still, but their definitions are outdated. That’s what you get for living in an Ivory Tower instead of the Real World. The left’s response, at our last election?

How dare these poor people be so selfish.

Seriously, that was the best they could come up with. The mind boggles.

Who made these people poor? They’re looking into it now. This was the first election the media tried to rig by controlling the information flow – and failed. Almost a year later, they have nothing, they refuse to admit trashing the economy (like Brown selling off all our gold for pittance) or screwing over the workers for foreign labour with immigration, despite unemployment/underemployment. Like SJWs (their leadership since Blair), they’ve doubled down. Did we vote in the immigrant Jewish rich bloke who never worked a real job in his life? No.

We’d rather have the posh, rich closeted gay pig-fucker. Dwell on this. It’s the Principle.
Look at the suffrage post and who voted in the Left for a long period (men) and this becomes apparent. The poor, white men are on strike from social justice warriors. Their wives too and this female vote finally turning up to the polls, angry enough, was the crucial deciding point (the ‘Mum vote’) in landing it for the Tories.

Did you see the pink Labour van? It was like Monty Python. The conversations over the kitchen table? Wow.

This is a trend. We are at Stop. Wait……

It carries on….

No. Not now. Never. Never again. I’m gonna give you to the count of three to get off my land before we rearrange your face into a Picasso. The police have been called and your trial date confirmed. The State will escort you to The Wall now. Secret Police: We’ll deport you to Hell personally. Who needs that much paperwork?

Watching it in real-time is like;

I guess we need to accept this has happened and it's going to get pushier

Knowing it’s going to get worse with the economy. But since I am white and belong here, also like;

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

It’s a strange two-minds situation.
You want to limit damage but you wonder if that would just prolong the problem.
There is a beauty in the justice of sitting back and watching the Left’s high time preference destroy their ideology. They won’t get back in once this is over.