Video: MRA/MGTOW misogyny and deception

The Refugee Crisis is simply a convenient excuse. I’m taking the gloves off for this one. I’ve avoided the topic because I didn’t want to give them an excuse to bitch, but this needs to be said. Rock and roll.

He says around 18 minutes “It’s difficult being in your 20s, why do you think it’s easier for women?”
Oppression Olympics. An excuse for self-pity, projection and hatred of Other. Since they are male, they hate female. They are worthless narcissists who must loathe and blame others to justify their irrelevant existence. If they were black, they’d join the Black Panthers. If they were women, they’d become feminists. They want an excuse for being worthless and Othering is the Critical Theory toolbox for political activism. “It’s all Their fault! I’d be all kinds of successful if it weren’t for those meddling feminists!” Ignore the fact they do nothing to become successful (see Gotta love Millennials) and expect it to fall into their lap, the entitlement is typical of their age.
They will brainwash themselves into believing that women in this century don’t really suffer from anything, both dehumanizing us and idealizing onto a pedestal. Does the economy I live in magically stop sucking? Are immigrants magically not taking typically female jobs too, like nanny? Can women afford to marry/have kids, when traditionally, the bride’s family pays? Can women move out of their parent’s home where men cannot? Can women afford a car on top of the higher everyday expenses of being a woman e.g. when our clothes are more expensive?
It’s a non sequitur that “I have it hard, so women must have it easy.” There is no evidence for this. Find me something, prove me wrong, please. I’ve yet to find anything in years of looking. The SJWs are from rich families, insulated from consequence, male or female, they’ll be OK. Their class protects them, not their sex. The legal system has plenty of issues that screw over everyone at some point and they’ll never be resolved because history teaches this, it’s unreasonable to expect change without force, physical force. There is no male-specific argument where women are exempt from bad circumstance, it’s a fantasy of impotence. Circumcision used to be the one argument, but then female variants were imported so you no longer have that one either. Everything 21st century of male suffering has a female counterpart, yet these losers who have nothing better to do than kick women online will play crybully like the SJW they knock. “B-b-b-but women do this, don’t do that, and it’s unfair!”
Life is unfair, which planet do you live on?

Snape was a role model in some ways

Nobody has it easy and this equality thing is impossible, but that doesn’t occur to them.
Are the sexes equal or not? Either they are, and you’re no better than us, or they’re different, and different treatment is indicated by common sense, as well as science. You see, these males think they’re rational, but they’re only good at rationalization. It’s post-hoc excuse-mongering, tallying up perceived slights to portray themselves as the blameless Madonna. I’ve slagged off feminists (m/f/neither) enough to give the fair treatment to these males too. I’ve given them special favoritism, claiming to be Right while using the weak-is-good tactics of the Left, for too long. I waited to see if they’d abandon the sinking ship and this new low merits it. All the good MGTOW left years ago, they aren’t wasting their time online attention whoring and bitching, that’s a chick thing, right?
They’re signalling for the Government cheese and bailout/savior in the exact same way the SJWs have been doing, and it’s sickening so here goes. You wanna be a Damsel, here’s the dragon and we owe you burns.

Here are the common rhetorical tactics I am seeing from the misogynists knocking around hiding behind Muh freedom to be (MRA/MGTOW/PUA) as a shield from criticism, pretending their hatred of women has anything to do with something those women have done. Pretending their cowardice in defending their countries and even themselves is a secret strength (gamma Secret Kings, omega Revenge Fantasies). The projections of the Male-exclusive Political Groups are being condemned as exclusive and hateful — because they are. I’ll put it in list form for the aspies.

  1. Whataboutism e.g. sure, women were raped in Cologne, but what about male prison rape in America? derailment.
  2. There’s data about people who aren’t me, but I’m going to complain about it anyway e.g. men are paying alimony, I don’t, but others are, is exactly like the Rape Victim totem of the SJWs, because other women get raped, that entitles them to an opinion about it.
  3. But we suffer, too! Concern trolling.
  4. We’re all victims here appeal to weakness.
  5. America owes Europe nothing versus Lol, Europe is manning up and voting out the Left, let’s follow suit.
  6. The Man is keeping us down more! We are the Man and physically strong enough to overpower any government in history, but we’re the oppressed ones here!
  7. Male politicians serving the CM agenda do not count, but all women are to be treated feminists and evil shrews.
  8. The sentiment that ‘Lol the white whores are gonna get it’ being the same sadism from men as feminists show with #maletears and prison rape jokes, both cruelties are repulsive. (See The ‘Alpha’ is Omega).
  9. Bring back the death penalty, but prison sentences for men are too long.
  10. Castration is a punishment we should never endorse because it’s anti-man, let’s castrate pedophiles so we can free up the prisons.
  11. The age of consent is important and keeps children safe, let’s lower it! We should encourage teen pregnancy and have girls start families young, unless they can’t financially support themselves because they’re still kids themselves!
  12. If men never want a family, there is nothing wrong with them. Spinsters offend God.
  13. The Bible exists when I need to make someone else feel guilty. Using it against me makes you a religious nutjob, obviously the sky fairy isn’t real.
  14. Telling men they should marry young interferes with their human rights, but let’s force women to marry young because… they aren’t human (implication)?
  15. Your conscience is wrong, women don’t deserve any protection however they act. Let’s hold young women responsible for old feminism and its policies, which they never voted in, but I’m not responsible for slavery or keeping women out of the workplace prior to second wave.
  16. Meritocracy! But let’s exclude the women. Because reasons.
  17. We need more engineers etc to compete with Asia. Let’s dissuade women from contributing to society via STEM.
  18. Women are low IQ! Ignore the total number of male retards and female outperformance in the economy.
  19. Segregate schools by sex to give boys a chance to succeed, they’re entitled to the opportunity. Why do girls need to go to school, or college? Their good outcomes must be artificial, despite outperforming boys in sitting still and listening since the Victorian era, when they were allowed in the classroom.
  20. The nubile women will abandon you, so ignore them and reject them (and let us pick them up in your place).
  21. Women vote Left, deny them the vote. (rebuttal – False, according to recent data I pulled up in the post Universal Suffrage, and why not ban Left parties if that’s the wrong here? Oh wait, cos men should be allowed to vote for the Left, right? It was universal suffrage, idiots, look it up and realize we’d go back to a property-owning system, do you own property? No? STFU.)
  22. Sleeping with your future wife is the right thing to do, but while I will never marry and have kids, you should totally marry her once I’ve used her and keep the fertility rates up, so I can bang your grand-daughter too.
  23. I have a right to call women anything I like, but when women do the same, they’re being sexist.
  24. Hold single moms responsible! Single dads are victims!
  25. Female rape is a joke, male rape is an abomination.
  26. Promiscuity is the worst evil in the whole world and should be stopped! Unless men are doing it, then we can’t help it because muh evolution and testosterone supplements.
  27. Women shouldn’t be left in charge of anything, because men did such a fine job of getting society to this point. They can run a house without maids, that isn’t a ‘real’ job and neither is motherhood/primary caregiver.
  28. Double standards don’t exist but the sexes totally aren’t equal, never have been and never will be. We shouldn’t treat them the same because they aren’t, but that isn’t a double standard somehow and I’m gonna totally miss the point on purpose, playing dumb, that morally, everyone in a society should be held to the same social standard if we’re to get anything done. I don’t wanna make progress if it involves being nice to women.
  29. Evolution apparently says men shouldn’t be monogamous [citation needed] versus Why can’t I keep a girlfriend? I can’t find explanations for either of these to back up my claim by Burden of Proof but believe me, the problem must be external, as I have an external locus of control, and if you disagree, you hate men, because all men hold the same opinions as me.
  30. It’s ad hominem if it hurts my feelings.
  31. I am a fitting unelected spokesman for the opinions of all men everywhere in the world, we all have the same problems that happen to align perfectly with my own issues, and if you find my unfounded opinions abhorrent, you must have this problem with all men, and I bet you’re an old ugly Sex and the City singleton.
  32. Men need male-only spaces respected, like gentleman’s clubs and forums, but I can totally go on sites for women, especially conservative women, and call them the scum of the earth, that’s just fun and they’re weak for wanting an exclusive space.
  33. Stereotypes about men are vindictive and signs of a mentally damaged speaker (what libel), stereotypes about women are hilarious, grow a sense of humor.
  34. It’s a naturalistic fallacy when it interrupts our hedonism.
  35. Sure, we get more free sex than ever before in human history, the one thing men want, for doing nothing to serve our community/country, but men are the real victims of the modern SMP.
  36. Women don’t get to decide what makes a good husband or what they want in a husband, but I can totally write out a 100-point list of criteria for my future imaginary wife, including #100, must be anime waifu. This is realistic and my dream, I deserve this, don’t you dare laugh.
  37. Ignore the genophilia data saying white women outbreed least often globally and exhibit the most ingroup preference in dating choices, they aren’t Your Women and they don’t want you. 
  38. We are scientific, unless the science disagrees with us, then we’re free to ignore it because we’re red pill and want the truth or call it a conspiracy, but the Patriarchy is silly.
  39. Being a criminal is alpha.
  40. Having multiple children out of wedlock and divorcing for no reason because that bitch didn’t ‘respect’ you, that’s alpha.
  41. You should expect men to get a beer belly and let themselves go when married, but women should stay fit for their husband, meanwhile, we can assume men get better with age despite studies never looking past age 40-50 ratings, when the SMP dries up, ignore the declined average appearance of men in the West over the last century under the ‘Men, what happened?’ meme.
  42. Men wear casual clothes like a teenager, they’re GTOW. Women wear casual clothes, they’re lazy, cheap and lemmings.
  43. Going after someone younger sexually is good when men do it, no negative repercussions to society at all. When women do it, it’s creepy and exploitative, despite women rarely supporting their lovers or trying to lock them in with marriage.
  44. Men should be allowed to leave/cheat on their wives, but the reverse isn’t what God would’ve wanted, even if the guy is Ted Bundy. Somehow I know better what God wants than the part of the Bible about stoning adulterers to death.
  45. Men should be allowed to get married multiple times, because they haven’t proven themselves incapable of the responsibility or commitment to the vows the first time. Women shouldn’t remarry because Bible.
  46. Slutty women can’t pair bond and they’re useless for marriage. Slutty men aren’t a divorce risk despite never handling that data and you should marry them over the non-slutty men because they have valuable experience.
  47. All men wanna be sluts, this is natural and should be encouraged nationwide. We don’t know who they’d sleep with exactly, but women shouldn’t be allowed to sleep around so I guess… homosexuality?
  48. Impulse control is for losers but Enjoy the Decline, the Empire is collapsing and we’re like Rome lol.
  49. I see the problems, but contributing to them doesn’t make a bad person.
  50. I can Have it All, I can sleep around, get numerous STDs and this will never affect my MMV, which is never considered and, one day, magically, a 10/10 wife material woman will pop into existence just in time for marriage, I will be a great husband, my wife must serve me like a slave despite my having no social status or ability to provide, love and keep at least an LTR but if the marriage fails it must be her fault.
  51. Women are ruining marriage in the West, but men don’t need to work on anything, ever. Why is the marriage rate low and the divorce rate high?
  52. Bible says this thing but let’s ignore how this also applies to me.
  53. I don’t believe in God, but my future wife should, and still choose me because what assortative mating.
  54. Sociology’s Hypergamy is on the rise, ignore the data showing it died in the last century.
  55. Women should support themselves but when they do they’re no better than feminists. We need 2-incomes to run a modern household, but I expect I’ll be making bank off my blog posts and angry Youtube rants forever, because the Internet is never capricious to trends.
  56. I can’t afford a wife, let’s blame women.
  57. Women sexually reject me, all women are whores.
  58. Where have all the good women gone? Hahaha I’ll never be a White Knight.
  59. Women play Damsel to the politicians, save me Donald Trump! 
  60. Genetic suicide is totally what Darwin wanted. Omg sub-replacement panic.
  61. Rar rar terrorism, invasion, I’d never join the army, what is there to defend?
  62. Refugees aren’t entitled to native women, but I’m entitled to the native women of other countries.
  63. Sex-selective abortion is fine.
  64. Sluts are only bad when they aren’t sleeping with me.
  65. Women expect to be supported, how dare they, but I expect a wife in all but name and any woman not supported by a husband is an SJW.
  66. We won’t compete for women, that’s a pedestal, why are we being outcompeted? The world should stop because we do, they need us!
  67. Women file for most divorces, ignore how it’s due to male cheating and addiction.
  68. Wanting exotic foreign men is evil, but I love me some Brazilian ass, East European blondes or stereo-typically submissive Asian girls, slightly too young to be legal.
  69. Coercion doesn’t make it rape of women, but men should never be pressured into doing anything e.g. even oral.
  70. European women want the refugees, that’s why the refugees resort to raping them. (Such cognitive dissonance.)
  71. The army age immigrants will never hurt us, even though they’re raping little boys too.
  72. Men should sit on their arses and do nothing as civilization dies, our ancestors would be proud.
  73. Angry ranting online about how much women suck will attract them because negging.
  74. American women are selfish but I have a right to do anything I want, whatever it means to society… but I’m a patriot, sure.
  75. Women are basically another species and I treat dogs better (let it live in my house, feed it, love it). Pets are fitting replacements for children, but I laugh at the girls with tiny dogs in purses because they’re childless losers and no man wants them.
  76. Women are narcissistic, but if I can’t fuck her, what good is she? A man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle.
  77. Women can defend themselves, but we aren’t equal and they shouldn’t be allowed in the military because they can’t perform.
  78. Women don’t care about my looks, but they’re shallow bitches.
  79. Women want power, because men have never wanted power ever before in all of mankind’s history and seeking power or admiring it is wrong. Btw, read the Laws of Power, it’s my fave book, so edgy.
  80. The economy sucks because of women, yeah, so what if most politicians are men?
  81. I don’t need women, that’s why I spend all my free time talking about them and shouting at them.
  82. I’m going my own way, which happens to be in the direction of your women.
  83. You can’t be addicted to porn and promiscuity is good for you, the feminists were right about those. Just those two things.
  84. Let’s talk about self-improvement to avoid actually doing it. Why aren’t I popular? Why am I treading water? What do I need to do?
  85. The system is against me. I don’t need to do any of the things I complain about, like get married or have kids or buy a house, but it’s systemic sexism that my choices would have consequences. This is an unjust first in all human history.
  86. Because I say so [no citation needed] and I’m a man so my opinion is always correct, even when discussing the nature of women as if I know their minds better than they do versus omg I’m not gaslighting, you really are inferior to us and women don’t have valid opinions on what men are really like either. How could you possibly understand what it’s like to be a man, you’re so dumb to think it’s even possible. Duh women are the empathetic sex, to care for the babies.
  87. Freud was right about women all the way but men don’t have womb envy and the Oedipal Complex doesn’t exist, it’s a stupid idea.
  88. Pro-woman means anti-man. I know there are plenty of women against feminism and few call themselves that by statistics, but they only want our attention so let’s lump them in with the enemy and call them misandrist when they come to hate us for calling them all whores.
  89. Porn hasn’t warped our perceptions at all, whore. Women are gagging for it 24/7 and they wanna be choked.
  90. If men have addictions, women should feel guilty because they made us like this.
  91. Women have been given more rights than men but I can’t name a single one of them.
  92. Totally ignore the male Cultural Marxists in academia, men have no obligation to fix this mess because we didn’t cause it.
  93. Let’s use the insult feminist as a synonym for All Women and wonder why we get Not All in reply backed with data. Omg male feminists are on the rise too, ignore, deny, swerve. Let’s never blame men for any of their actions, but the system is totally infantilizing us and women have the hypoagency.
  94. Our species needs to be gynocentric to survive, as women produce and raise heirs, but this is a bad thing because women have a tiny measure of power over us to dictate who they have children with, although I don’t want to have children with them, let’s redistribute the sex like wealth, AA for low-status horndogs.
  95. Sterile sex and fertile sex are pretty much interchangeable and this distinction has no bearing on the conversation, even when discussing evolution and the future of society.
  96. Men need a purpose, but admitting to needing women is the most shameful weakness possible, and fyi all women need men.
  97. Nihilism isn’t a sign of clinical depression we need to get treated, but a sign we’re correct and everything is objectively hopeless. Why are more men killing themselves? We red-pilled them and told them life isn’t worth living, why are people ignoring us?
  98. Women need to be lead by men, we don’t wanna be responsible for them, let’s continue to act like 13yos. We refuse to man up and wife up those sluts. Why are women adapting because we’re failing at our masculine role? How dare their lives go on around us and our laziness as they struggle to make it by themselves! How dare they continue on?! Don’t they know they need us? Society should be stopping because we’re on strike, but it isn’t. If we can’t succeed because we refuse to try, they should be banned too. The feminists must be helping them, despite a lack of evidence for this and in fact, evidence of feminist-led punishment of hot women in hiring decisions, for example, but never mention Frankfurt and the Divide/Conquer strategy in the West.
  99. SJWs are authoritarians who wanna control the lives of others, we’d never be like that and as long as we have free speech, we’ll defend our rights (never with force). Stop women from (voting, campaigning, speaking), we aren’t misogynists though. We say we love women, we just want to treat them as if they’re subhuman, practically speaking. Why the hate?
  100. How dare you mock us for being keyboard alphas, you’ll be sorry, they’re abusing us online with their valid criticism, they shouldn’t be allowed to dissent like that. Why do the feminists have examples of our spiteful rants directed at them? Why are people reading those? They’re abusing us, even though we react to everything they say, knowing they’re baiting us for rentseeking purposes.
  101. We’re smarter than the feminists, that’s why we loudly give a platform to everything they do and spend most of our time playing Chinese Whispers instead of focusing on our own business. Why are they getting so much attention? It must be the MSM’s fault!
  102. Sure, my income depends on the continued existence of the enemy to smack like a rhetorical pinata, and I can never get a regular job again thanks to my internet trail, but I want feminism to fall just as much as you do! I don’t have a vested interest in any of this.
  103. <Failing to see you will pay for the newcomers and their 8 children by 3 wives by virtue of living in the same country aka you will be supporting a family via taxation and increased living costs due to supply/demand, just not your own genetic family.> [define: cuck]
  104. Men are the more violent and criminal sex, but look, we’re the real victims, there are some terrible women in these anecdotes, so all rape accusations must be false, it’s a false rape epidemic, a false rape culture. Why don’t men come forward and press charges for rape, the wimps.
  105. Historically, invading hordes grow their numbers then kill the native men 100% of the time, having no use for us, but let’s allow them to take our women and expect they’ll leave us alone to our FPS video games. So what if more come? What are they gonna do, kill us? I wouldn’t join the army or defend myself, but I’m pretty sure the police would protect me. Wtf why are feminists expecting the police would protect them? Why do they always expect the real men to rescue them? The victim culture needs to end.

What’s my main issue with them?

They’re anti-natal, anti-family and antisocial (anti-society). They don’t contribute financially, making them parasites.

We brought this evil upon ourselves.

Yet they waste time, to lecture us as if they have any moral authority, when they do nothing and they are nothing to us, admittedly and proudly worthless. They fail to see the contradictions and cognitive dissonance in themselves but project all their flaws onto others, making the necessary improvements to fix the issues harder to implement for those of us who actually care about the future. They’re dead weight.

MGTOW are the male specialization of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement derangement, ragequitting the race for life and throwing their toys out the pram because they can’t get all their ‘own way’, and the feminazis who want to genocide men to at least 10% of their natural population want more white men to go genetic suicide/anti-natal. Feminists aren’t complaining about MGTOW for that very reason, didn’t you pause to consider this?
Cleaning up the speech from the top video, MW finishes;

starts 23m

MGTOW is an analogue of feminism, it tells them they shouldn’t care about women and shouldn’t care about society.
Infantilises men, encourages them to detach from society. Distract yourself with hobbies. Men are engaged in the future via women. MGTOWs don’t care about the long term because it needs women. Some see the vindication of their ideology in the invasion because of SJWs, male and especially female, siding with the invaders [DS: citation needed]. ‘Why should I care when they don’t?’ We have to overlook, work around, solve it, to hold society together. We need a struggle, a fight. It’s the attitude of a spoiled child to think it should happen naturally. The attitude is that of a spoiled child, sorry, no other way to say it. We can’t afford to say unless human nature is benign, we should give up, don’t hope for the best, we can’t afford to switch off. Get over your hangups about women. It’s an unhealthy affectation and we don’t have the time, the luxury, we need your help.”

I’m going to make the reverse prediction and say their numbers will decline during K-shift. Other men won’t put up with their ennui excuses for cowardice either. They can’t maintain long term commitments, that’s their issue. Jobs, marriages, any of that mature adult stuff. They are impotent and refuse to change, they cannot affect change!

TLDR: Unless you’re pro-civilization, you’re the enemy, I don’t care what you call yourself, it’s the defining trait of Cultural Marxism. Self-destruction is fine, advocating your society’s destruction, by action or omission? You are automatically outgroup and traitor.

You shouldn’t require a reason to care about your own future and/or that of your country. These guys are suicidally depressed, not a model for male mental health.

He’s semi-wrong on one thing. The prize isn’t ‘white women’ or sterile contracepted sex, per se, the prize is a future. A future for your genetics. You are the first in your line not to reproduce, to be a willing genetic suicide is the worst personal failure imaginable, read Dawkins for a secular perspective. We have at least ONE purpose and it’s family. The creation (women) and protection of (men) family are the respective civilizational duties. Nihilism comes into play here, as nothing else matters. The DNA of brilliant celibate monks is still dead, forever. The future won’t benefit, the theoretical victory is a hollow one. Men are failing in their primary duty to protect the women, to lead, to go forth and act first, if P then Q, if victory then monogamy, so why would these women have children, invest in them, tie their prospects to this mast, bless these men with a genetic future, their sole gift, when those guys did nothing to deserve it? When they refused to compete, chose to act like women expecting someone else to do it and virtue signal it as a social good, and still lost? Bottom line.

They are losers who hate women, because ‘women’ hated them first. This was expressed in sexual rejection. They never question why this might be or whether they brought it on themselves, like the social rejection of other males. Women are under no obligation to fancy you, they are completely justified in holding an accurate opinion of your low SES. Nobody is attracted to a loser, especially one who is proud of their refusal to self-improve. I don’t know what’s worse, that they’re losers when times have never been so easy, or that they know some of the score, they know how bad things are and they refuse to step up. For themselves, for their pre-existing families, for anything whatsoever.  You could offer them a lottery win and they’d talk their way out of it. They’re so passively milquetoast and we’re supposedly expected to respect their opinions on masculinity? They try to demand this socially, without having earned it, while forgetting they’re unpopular. Talking about ‘alpha’ism won’t make us confuse you for one, women look to actions, results and the hard red pill is, these guys would have been losers in any society they were born into. Every generation has them.

Think about it from the woman’s choice.

Why choose them? When they fail to defend children, also being raped? Why have children with that? Why respect that? That isn’t a man, it’s a little boy. Boys need someone else to fight their battles, hiding behind mother’s apron strings. Boys want the adults to sort it out. Boys expect Other protection. Women in the desert island scenario are more important than men. Red pill. Science. Deal with it. However, young men have an opportunity here to reassert themselves, to dominate and recapture the social respect they have lost in the transition to effete hipsterism, decades into decadence. They don’t want to change, they refuse to grow up. They’re scared. They can’t even defend themselves.
The Spartans gave every boy a rite of passage.
If they won, they became men. If they lost, they were cast out. That’s your Patriarchy. Evolve or die.
The MRA/MGTOW misogynists aren’t merely going to be cast out genetically. Look long term.
Whoever wins the War for the West, they will be patriarchal. It is certain. They will not allow outgroup male competition to live or thrive, sexually or socially. Cowards (r-types) will be cast out if the native Ks win and white men will be used as sex slaves at best if the non-White Muslims win (they invented m-m fellatio as a humiliating punishment for prisoners of war). It’s your fight too, duh. Perhaps moreso, considering women will have more options regardless of outcome. Whatever happens, the invaders are a demographic threat, to everyone’s way of life.


You cannot sit this one out. That isn’t an option.

bored have you heard enough listening tired no please stop go Lestat IWTV

If I hurt your feelings with these redpill hatefacts, know that I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, do not give a fuck. This is more important than anyone’s feefees. 

Video: Europe (Whites) finally learning to say No after Cologne

Cologne seems to be the flashpoint for the EU’s naive populace that the MSM has been lying to them.

The screeching is palpable. What do you mean, we don’t have a right to use your land and its resources (women)?

Left: This isn’t supposed to happen??? We brainwashed them from birth! Racist! Wait, it isn’t working! Bigot! No, not that one either! Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! Oh phew, that still works. It’s OK guys we’re still subverting and destroying Western Civ! Good talk! Jazz hands!

Someone really needs to tell Stefan about Magic Dirt.

It’s based on the Sociologist’s Fallacy that crossing a border will induce magical whole body changes and drag a Third Worlder into the Very Model of a First World NW Europe Gentleman, genetics and all.

Wait until rations come in, won’t that be fun? Grow a Victory garden against who?

This German man needs to grow some balls. He is practically begging Stefan to give him permission to act. Many Europeans are in this tricky halfway position. They’re gathering information, unsure how to act on it.

Waiting for something.

Moving too early is as bad as moving too late.

My advice? Plan for your loved ones. That is it, you owe nothing to the people who betrayed you. Be brutal in who you include, who would die for you? Emergency fund, urgency plans if you need to flee. For the present, I’d normally say remain there, but with the new ‘shelter’ opening up, you might be targeted for your baby. However, you need that support network and so does baby. There is no exit, nowhere to escape. Move as one or fortify. Prepare.

You see little rebellions. First they say No to one sex tourist treating the cream of Europe like a brothel. And the dominoes fall. Point and shriek enough times and you’ll eventually land on a real threat.

“The Left has no facts. The Left has only verbal abuse.”

The Left has been hemorrhaging devotees as the EU blimp has trundled along, making curious noises. Nobody wants to be stuck at the end with the losers. Simply look at the consequences, they cannot be avoided any longer. There is no time.

“The Left have nothing, they can’t have reality, brain size, IQ,  biology, cultural history, inbreeding, genetics, and religious intolerance, theocracy, no separation of Church and State like all of the things that are gonna come in that are problematic.” Game recognized.

They’re hoping the Right dies fighting these guys while they are cowering playing Damsel and hide. “Let’s you and him fight.” Why, the Right ask? Why do I need to fight if I just stop him coming over here to my land?
They are manufacturing a Civil War because an Inter-European War has been a null option since all the brainwashing on WW2. They’ll come up with excuses to sit out, probably a new form of mental illness you can’t falsify. Once the currency goes kaput (sorry), these pampered little hipsters in their gated communities will need the protection of a scapegoat. Who better than literal rape culturalists?
These refugees may be the foot soldiers, but people are fingering the leaders, and they don’t like that.
Why should we fight for you, the Right ask?

They have no answer. Mumbling about we’re all human, we all bleed red.
Fine, the Right say, you go do it. Who is ‘we’, paleface? Where were you? Who are you, to order me? We are not kin. We are not ingroup. You said patriotism is evil, so you won’t desire its protections, right? “Rough men stand ready to do violence… for their own. They aren’t playing pawn to be moved around by propaganda anymore and it’s beautiful.
They wanted division based on politics, they got it. Loud and clear, signal received. In Europe, the elite have nothing to do with this, they’ll be fine. Always, they’ll pay their way into safety. This isn’t an issue about the rich. If you look at the UK media, it is overwhelmingly middle class. Who do they get a hate-on for? Marx’s pets, the poor.

This is a class war, and the native poor are seeing it.
One factor they have in their favour: voting bloc.
Why else would the right wing be winning recently, if not for that crucial bastion of support, traditionally belonging to the Left? But the Left sold them out. They favoured the Outgroup. Oh this poor (outgroup), anyone but the evil white men! 
Those natural conservatives (who prize country and family above all else) are finally leaving the abusive relationship and voting with their feet. To the left, this is unprecedented. An end of Left/Right they call it, because people are’t fitting into their neat little boxes anymore (vote based on class). Oh, L/R exist still, but their definitions are outdated. That’s what you get for living in an Ivory Tower instead of the Real World. The left’s response, at our last election?

How dare these poor people be so selfish.

Seriously, that was the best they could come up with. The mind boggles.

Who made these people poor? They’re looking into it now. This was the first election the media tried to rig by controlling the information flow – and failed. Almost a year later, they have nothing, they refuse to admit trashing the economy (like Brown selling off all our gold for pittance) or screwing over the workers for foreign labour with immigration, despite unemployment/underemployment. Like SJWs (their leadership since Blair), they’ve doubled down. Did we vote in the immigrant Jewish rich bloke who never worked a real job in his life? No.

We’d rather have the posh, rich closeted gay pig-fucker. Dwell on this. It’s the Principle.
Look at the suffrage post and who voted in the Left for a long period (men) and this becomes apparent. The poor, white men are on strike from social justice warriors. Their wives too and this female vote finally turning up to the polls, angry enough, was the crucial deciding point (the ‘Mum vote’) in landing it for the Tories.

Did you see the pink Labour van? It was like Monty Python. The conversations over the kitchen table? Wow.

This is a trend. We are at Stop. Wait……

It carries on….

No. Not now. Never. Never again. I’m gonna give you to the count of three to get off my land before we rearrange your face into a Picasso. The police have been called and your trial date confirmed. The State will escort you to The Wall now. Secret Police: We’ll deport you to Hell personally. Who needs that much paperwork?

Watching it in real-time is like;

I guess we need to accept this has happened and it's going to get pushier

Knowing it’s going to get worse with the economy. But since I am white and belong here, also like;

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

It’s a strange two-minds situation.
You want to limit damage but you wonder if that would just prolong the problem.
There is a beauty in the justice of sitting back and watching the Left’s high time preference destroy their ideology. They won’t get back in once this is over.

Video: European migration and the path to war

Ah, but the Human rights angle is used to cover up the Christian genocide in MENA.

Such a crush on Watson, the RealTalk is rare. Just let me tweeze his brows a tad, the one thing I’d change.

Stefan is naive. He assumes the Left all have prosocial motives. It is clear by this time they keep doing the wrong thing, it is deliberate evil. The Left is importing voters. This is sedition. These are the actions of a traitor, they promised the migrants free money and free sex (the real bait to Europe instead of literally anywhere else). On every level, they are screwing their compatriots. Who promised the ‘refugees’ these things? Get THOSE PEOPLE. Nuremberg-Trial style.

Multikulti drops to the lowest common denom. In this case, child abuse, real rape culture and honour killing.

The Left think they can control these newbies. Don’t help. When these people they invited turn on them, help your own. They caused this. Their plan to divide us and conquer is clear. The mask has dropped.

This has really been proving the HBD people correct when it comes to Middle Eastern moral incontinence and African libido. The suppression of European prosperity is white genocide. Europe is the homeland of White people, there is nowhere else and we deserve legal protection, as does every race in its homeland (hello Native Americans). I have covered the demographic projections of each continent (Asia and Africa should be paying us) and Europe is the minority here, globally numerically at present too, we’re the singular outlier whose numbers will drop as everyone else sees their native fertility grow. Will they help us? Pull the other one! This rarity in our homeland is bolstering living conditions, as per Malthus, it is the sole reason we have lived well thus far despite national debt. We’re eating tomorrow’s grain because whose kids will till the fields tomorrow? Certainly not the people coming in with their hands out. We are in too much unique debt to correct the native fertility at the moment, look at personal debt levels, let alone take in the 5 retarded inbred spawn of a coward’s sow.

The young in Europe want to have families – we can’t afford to. But sure, fund these people…
That’s why right wing parties are winning btw. We’re waking up to the Left’s choice – any outgroup over us, evil whitey.

Colonialism seeks to improve the host nation, they seek to take (short-term) and destroy (long-term). Let me coin a phrase.

Reverse colonialism, regressive ghettos that drag the dominant culture down like a long-term siege. It’s a reverse siege tactic too, they take our money, our land, but this is being allowed, like nursing a cuckoo egg, unchallenged, to continue. Until the money runs out and they’ll quickly remember they’re surrounded by the outgroup. Hence the armament, the craven little…. racists.
I love how he so blithely recounts the death threats like a shopping list. That’s the correct attitude. Stand toe-to-toe with these people and 9/10 they look away.
There are plenty of places in the UK that don’t serve white people, or don’t serve us as well, we warn one another about them. Sometimes those are run by other Europeans, like a certain type of Pole, this isn’t a strictly race-based thing. They seem to feel entitled to enclaves of the very place they just left. *cuckoo noise*

The Left believe it is possible and desirable for everybody to like them. This is a false belief. It is a flaw and a logical error.

The way to out a Leftist has always been their actions.
They can make up any lie to change like the weather but they can’t lie about what they’ve done.
Hypocrisy marks them for life. Reputation management is required, unlike the Right, whose actions are generally aligned with their principles (because principles are acted upon, whereas simple beliefs are chucked out like laundry).

Usually it goes something like;

“I believe in (good thing) …. BUT…. I have done (bad thing).”

I want to smack them over the head with a book of logic.
Protip: Someone smarter than me once told me, Nothing before the But counts. 

The Left has a serious case of Akrasia.

Link: r-type priorities

They don’t care about you.

Louder for the seats at the back;



They laugh and say you ‘deserve’ rape! When a white person is killed on their home soil, these people call it ‘justice’! #die cis scum!

How can you consider these people your countrymen?

They are in league ideologically with the very people doing these things.

If it walks like a traitor, looks like a traitor and talks like a traitor, suffice to say you shouldn’t trust it.

Link: Apocalypse wow

The full GOV link herein is also completely worth the read.

Once Europeans go K, the Muslims will flee in large numbers, but that will take the misery and amygdala activation of K-selection to trigger.”

Once? His optimism warms the cockles of my Cockney heart. The British Government is so far gone it would sooner collapse than stop paying out benefits, which are truly bribes for Londonistan to hold off on rioting this week. I wonder what will happen to all the hipsters of the East End or celebrity Champagne Socialist sets? I don’t think they’ll run, I think they’ll initially try to ‘help’ – the invaders, but soon hide in their massive Burgle Me! homes.

Based on observation, they might try joining (like the UAF and SWP) to bring about what they imagine to be the End of Capitalism (that’s why they’re doing it, they told me, like an immigration version of Cloward-Piven) but I don’t see that working, it would function like an anti-white pogrom. Practice your NAMALT memes.
“Not all Muslims” will be their retreat song, as they greedily watch those same people beat you down and, they hope, to death.

Begin playing a game of Warrior/Informer. If your country were taken over, who would work with you to take down the system, and would be the snitch? You get uncannily good at spotting the snitches.

“It is easy to confuse Islamists with warriors, given Islam’s violent reputation. My guess is that the rabbits importing these Muslims have done so, and are hoping they have imported a violent army which will subjugate the evil nationalists when the unrest begins.”

They have never fought with their back against the wall. The natives have nothing to lose and the nationalists are fighting for a future. The enemy are nihilist degenerates who live for nothing and believe in nothing, no God will protect them. It’s cold and nobody will fight for that ‘dream’.

They have two obvious weaknesses.
1. They cluster. Weapons were designed for this herd marker. We have narrow roads.
2. They are dependent on the European welfare state. If our version of EBT were shut down by a single patriot in the system, or a single hacker from without, their future jihadi children would starve. Kidnapping the children would also occur, since they’ve done that to ours already. Civil wars are fought with women and especially children, and which group has more of those?

The biggest issue is the disarmament and they do have us on that count.

“If the economic collapse goes down, expect those free resources to be pulled. When they are, there will not be much keeping these migrators from migrating on, is search of safety and security elsewhere.”

Except their primary motivation is sex with white-blonde whores. They think all Western women are the whores they see in porn. Low IQ, what ya gonna do.
The secondary motivation is money, yes. The simplest way to end this invasion, as I’ve mentioned, is to harshly punish rape again. Even the feminists couldn’t complain. Unlike the Barbarians, we can see them coming, hear them coming (the Call to Prayer is LOUD and broadcasts where they are reliably at multiple points throughout the day) and in many cases, smell them coming (acrid off-curry stench, don’t ask). In a dark, enclosed urban environment, utilizing all the senses would be crucial. Their men tend to be lard-arses too. White girls need to learn to run again.

“There will be ISIS fighters who have come to Europe specifically to launch attacks”

As I mentioned, the Paris attackers targeted a Left-wing Socialist area. They knew those places were least defended. We have religious rabbits targeting atheist/hedonist rabbits, that’s why many in Europe have suddenly gone quiet. Their plan literally backfired.

“Hopefully nobody will forget the cowardice and treason of the rabbits, before it is all over.”

Keep reminding them. Everywhere. On the street. In casual conversation. WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN.

I keep telling Germans ‘but you voted for Merkel’. It’s beginning to sink in.

The timing of the EU invasion this year was deliberate, to distract the West from the Christian Genocide in MENA.
It’s a useful rhetorical trick to turn back the SJW’s cry on them.

You’re on the wrong side of history, you should be wearing a hijab.

My Thought on the Paris Attacks

The Moslem believe peace to be our weakness. If they picked up a history book, they would see peace is a weakness we have killed for. For millennia, in many vicious and fruitless wars, brother against brother. Civil war is a point of sarcasm and our gallows humour remains. We paid for our nation states, monarchies and democracies by the barrel of our ancestor’s blood. This is our flag and it cannot be unstaked. This is our birthright and claim. We have been in a continental stalemate since the bloodiest yet, thanks to newfangled death machines, our weapons stayed temporarily by the memory, now fading, of what a waste we made the last two times. How many died needlessly? We stopped from love, not cowardice. What were we defending, we asked ourselves, if not ourselves, with nobody left to answer.

This bolded section sprung to mind when I heard the news and saw the attentive impact on otherwise mundane people.

“The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”

If the enemies of the West were smart, they’d gather up their trophies and leave now. Peace is an accord between gentlefolk and the enemy sets the tone. It seems peace is no longer an option. White people made an artform of torture, for God or war or sport; Sade simply wrote parts of it down. The nature of men does not change with the centuries, we simply forget it awhile. They would be foolish to prod the nest when a fury has built.

“You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.”

I predicted this year would be important. I’m sorry to report I was correct.

I do not know how long it will take to reply, and even less about the time until resolution, but these are dark days ahead. One thing is clear – we cannot go back. We cannot turn our face away from the danger and I hope this matter will be concluded swiftly.