Banter is not bullying


Take note, America.

He looks like postman Pat but he has a mind keen as a razorblade.

We all used to be this sharp, until Americans got to our food and the EU to our culture.

Tell me I’m wrong, go on.

He’s Postman Pat in a sodding top hat and I’m here for it.

With bells on.

IQ and alcohol choices

Risky title, you deserve a fun one.


Many of the so-called cognitive benefits of wine drinking are, in fact, the product of more intelligent people choosing to identify wine as the educated tipple compared to beer. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s an error to claim it’s the booze when levels of various compounds are almost nothing.

It was an association of behaviour, not a causation of chemistry. Forcing wine on a poor idiot won’t make him smarter.

Drinking beer won’t ‘make’ you stupid, it is simply that dumber people tend to drink beer (and that’s why it’s cheaper).

Wine is an outmoded way to get sophisticated and wasted.

Nowadays even the French don’t want to be French!

The middle-class decry colonialism and model their drinking habits on Napoleon.

Blood has more protein, ask the Clintons.

Female longer legs more attractive

Click to access BertaminiBennett2009.pdf

Again, duh?
It’s like the male height preference but in women, it’s an indicator of genetic health.
It’s also class based. Upper class women have longer legs, if you studied it.

It’s culturally well-known here, and you can often spot a woman’s breeding by her legs.

Mini-skirts weren’t showing off the legs or skin, it was all about the bloodline.

Better parentage (father’s side usually), better legs.¬†Lower class women miss this entirely. They show more skin – of stubby male-looking legs. It doesn’t work. There’s also a good way to spot men dressed as women since cellulite is a secondary sexual characteristic of women only. Smooth muscular legs are the preference of homosexual men.

I’d be interested to see a study of short female legs and female ugliness and also short female legs and fertility issues e.g. IVF use. Logically, there should be a connection.

Rich v. Poor America

The inequality thing isn’t wrong.

The causes attributed are.

Class is a major HBD factor.


For example, show me a rich Silicon Valley douchebag who didn’t have a rich parent. Who didn’t go to a good school and various special camps. Is it really merit and American spirit if they moved up just one class from the middle? Based on investments and decisions their parents made?

Video: What is a gentleman?

The beta thing is nice but no power. Nice is not a choice.

The cuck thing is power but no character. The wrong choice.

For a definition of coarse or boorish, picture an American rapper at a club. They are opposites. Birds of a feather flock together. However, cheap people will not let classy people alone, they constantly try to invade that space too.

The entitlement is a big reason they are vulgar.

This is not ambition aka the American Dream, it is a sense of being owed by other people for behaving decently or normally.

e.g. the beta expects everyone to like him because he pretends to like them, the creep expects a woman to sleep with him because he did her the honour of noticing her, the cuck expects social approval for selling you out with a smile.

These people are insufferable boors. All three of those have suppressed anger, rationalizing bad decisions.

This man in the video is more alpha than anyone insecure enough to write about it at length.
You do your own thing yes, but you needn’t be obnoxious about it.

Education secret factor in divorce rates

I saw this mentioned again here

and already knowing but yes, it’s true.

Lower class people are marrying less.

They get divorced more when they do get married.

Uneducated people aren’t as happy in marriage.

I don’t think it’s fair to call these r-types because you can find them among the middle class hedonists too.

‘Educated’ people, let’s say middle class, haven’t been affected by recent changes in the MMP.
Their divorce rate is still low and they marry later. As previously mentioned, female education is the best predictor of low divorce risk. Where is your phony appeal to Bible now?

If you can’t afford to keep a wife, as it was called, you should never marry. It is heavily financial, a monetary yoke. Do you want masculine gender roles or not?

The biggest difference here is obviously as a proxy for IQ. College entrance has an IQ requirement.

  • A growing body of research suggests general cognitive ability may be the best predictor of job performance.
  • Social skills, drive, and personality traits such as conscientiousness matter, too.
  • Companies currently place a much greater emphasis on personality traits than on IQ.
  • It could be wise for companies to start measuring job candidates’ intelligence¬†and¬†personality traits, to get a more holistic picture of their potential.

Oh look, everything I’ve been saying.

We need more research including the HBD crowd.

Class written all over your face

I’m surprised they’re surprised by that.

I can tell someone’s class by their blink rate.

You can wear the clothes, spout the same politics, but your brain will operate differently and your body language won’t match up.

Poorer people look more bitter, although that might be a processed diet.

I know there’s an HBD angle for this but I cba to find the links. Look on reddit.