Video: Modest times

Not a Speedo in sight. Before men had double standards thanks to some selfish coal miners acting like everyone wanted to see their nipples. I think you can measure civilization in how the common man dresses. Orange waxed homoerotic chests and short-shorts being on the other end of the apocalypse scale.

Only the children bare their legs because children aren’t sexualised, how nice.

Everyone wears sensible linen, much cooler than the poly crap from China now.

Chinese girls wear white fashions constantly

Sure, you hand over yours first. 90% of your wardrobe is white clothes.

If the girl wants to look like a cheap waitress, let her.

Long silk or satin dresses are also found in European history. Embroidery is more European than Asian and brocade is definitely European. If she wants to wear a manly neckline, so be it. Rihanna dyed her hair blonde and nobody said a thing. Beyonce lightens her skin, nobody brings it up. Asians are getting white eyelid surgery, that’s a slightly more insulting way to rob someone’s culture, by acting like you possess their genetics. What are they going to call the rare weeb who wants to look Asian, genetic rape?

“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress” – says a guy who called himself Jeremy to get better prospects. Maybe if the Chinese students quit stealing white names while they’re studying abroad… you might have a point.

Dark blonde hair, not Roman. Hand over the dress and sandals.

The surgery to look like you have a white’s body is reaching uncanny valley. This one looks like she super-glued a child’s face on a white Barbie doll. I don’t recall cowl neck sheath dresses being Asian? If she were really so sexually mature, it would show on the face. Hormones don’t stop applying at the neck and those anorexia arms wouldn’t exist with proper T&A. Altogether, an unnatural effect.

But one dress, sure. One dress is the problem.

If you have a problem with that and not this

you are the problem. That top is from the same era as that Asian dress.

When Asian upper-middle brats stop wearing WASP (or worse, upper-crust Brit) clothes, you might have a strong case. Anglophilia is fucking CREEPY. (As are the other xenophile variations). Anglophilia is especially creepy because they’re still playing the fiddle on the British Empire and it’s based on a religion (that they mock). The very quaintness they seek to borrow is rooted in the Church of England. There’s no such thing as Anglophilia, really, there’s COE style. They reject pre-COE ones. It’s comparable to watching an atheist wear a cross. At best, confusing. Don’t get me started on Americans wearing tiaras. No, you wanted to leave the monarchy. Stay out. (Married Christian Brit women used to wear tiaras, at a certain class level, lady). Those are many rites of passage they will never, ever have (like Maori tribal tattoos). I’ve seen Asians claim they “own” pearls, oblivious to how most of their pearls are the cheap cultivated type (a technique they stole from an American in the last century) and many of the world’s best pearls come from cold Atlantic waters (Britain). European royalty was draped in local pearls. Chinese potato types were considered vulgar. The people who recently carved a “pearl” 5ft high from a toxic rock. It’s so funny if you know the first thing about high living. It’s more declasse than gold taps, designer t-shirts and two Chihuahuas. All they know is fashion and celebrity tat. They don’t have their own taste. Modern Asian style is just a cheap knock-off of whatever Milan and London are doing. They’d wear fossilized shit if a celebrity did it. Next they’ll say rice wine is better than champagne. Sure it is, sure.

Tea isn’t even Asian, it grows everywhere. Including Europe. England grows its own chamomile and mint teas, FFS.

They’re just embarrassing themselves as New Money is wont.

It reminds me of all the women gushing over Charlotte Tilbury’s toxic crap, that makes them all look like men. Sure, eat the parabens and silica in your anemic off-white or shit-brown lipstick. We’re all incredibly jealous. That’s more of a white woman gripe but these people exist everywhere. The bland copycat people with no culture.

It goes both ways, bitches. Next they’ll be saying white people can’t eat rice (although you shouldn’t, it makes you fat) because that’s appropriating food away from the land-poor Chinese people (technically, it is).

“The style then began to merge with Western culture over the decades; it became shorter, featuring slits and tapered waists, evolving into the tight-fitting style that’s well-known today.”

They copied us, we know. So that girl was actually wearing an Asian (furniture) fabric in European style (but so-called mandarin collars existed in the Regency era before the Victorian’s turned down ones…). They’re more European.

It isn’t actually Asian.

Sincerely, someone who knows their shit before talking it.

These people are so proud of their own culture they wouldn’t wear their own hats. If you encouraged them to celebrate their culture with a rice hat, they’d refuse. Their issues are not our fault.

But they’ll wear berets. Metric fucktons of berets and other white millinery.
You will never be French, FFS.


Someone woke up and thought that looked good on them.

No white fashion is safe from these slappers.

Literally, every thing a white person has ever worn, they stole.

Quite the fashion statement.

And before you think I’m biased, the Asians uniquely rip off everyone, that’s how devoid of cultural product they’ve been since opium.

We can actually grow our own opium, FYI. Their land was cheaper because they enslaved themselves. Thank God they don’t do that anymore, huh? Right, guys?

This isn’t a purely white problem, is it? Yet they haven’t started having Standards TM of one another. It isn’t just racial, it’s cultural, it’s class/caste-based, it’s many things. Like, should a weeb be allowed to draw manga?

“I learned that there’s always people who are going to hate and I can’t control that.”

Good, I’m glad she stood up for that fact that if they do it, we can too.
I think they were just pissed off she filled it out better. We still have clothing laws, we can bring in more! If they really want! Europeans excel at clothing laws. Fine, we give up the cheap satin with tacky designs, you give up the Scottish wool and tweed! Fine by us!

No more cotton, no more linen, no nice lace, those fabrics were produced by the British Revolution.

Seriously, for a moment.

If they wear it a lot in their own porn, it’s a fair target, since they’ve already disrespected it.

“Culture has no borders,” wrote one user.

“There is no problem, as long as there is no malice or deliberate maligning. Chinese cultural treasures are worth spreading all over the world.”

Never give up on the imperialism, China. Maybe sort your debt-GDP ratio before getting cocky. After all, Communism has never been tried.

They see it as imitation, the way they do. They’re copying us so we must be their superiors.

If looking Chinese is a status symbol, they tell themselves being Chinese is superior.

Technically by arguing against imitation of white culture, I’m being the opposite of whatever a white supremacist is. A white supremacist would want everyone to eat white, speak white, dress white and act white. This is an overhang of Empire. Since whites are minorities globally, and a key minority (no other race has so few members), it’s like arguing against wearing an American-Indian head-dress. We need our own reservations, especially in London.

Here’s a picture to trigger everyone.

Meanwhile, the rest of us see 80s fashion based on cop films and a vague fetish. If the Chinese respected themselves they wouldn’t live in a Communist police state and they’d stop mass-murdering each other every few decades.

It’s impossible to impress the insecure

I was thinking about why women don’t feel socially safe looking feminine when I thought back to all the personal attacks a woman suffers for dressing-up from men who feel insecure (less able to acquire her, like furniture).

If you have standards, they’re too much (despite being totally personal). “High maintenance” like adults are meant to be anything else. What’s the male version? Is a man wearing a suit desperate for attention? Should we change the female uniform code so women don’t have to dress “sexy” (this I would accept).

Make up your minds.

If you don’t have standards, there is also something wrong with you. “Lazy, sloppy, let herself go.” According to what societal standard, they don’t exist. If it’s legal to dress a certain way, socially we agreed to let it slide with the hippies.

Do they want clothing laws brought in? Would they magically want exemption? It’s a weird kinda controlling like every woman is their wife and they have the right to look a certain way near her in public (….no). A woman you aren’t married to does not represent you (narcissists think this). They feel entitled to control people they aren’t even related to purely on the basis of sex. Hence, what they want changes, to see how high you’ll jump for them. This isn’t porn, you don’t get to choreograph how everything looks. It’s real life, women should be telling them to fuck off but they fear being hit. Instead we give them a disgusted look and hope they learn (they don’t, they just wanted a snippet of attention, however negative).

It’s a catch 22. Were it safe to show secondary characteristics (say, expensively tailored 50s dresses) women would still fear the verbal abuse from the men who claim they want a woman to look “good”.

The thot thing was a great example of how demented men can project anything they like onto a woman via her appearance. Imagine if we did it to men – oh, he is wearing a hoodie so he’ll never make anything of himself.

They say we rely too much on magazines (most don’t read) yet expect women to dress “sexy, but not pornographic” as one male friend puzzling over it, put it. “Yeah...that doesn’t make sense. Men are just instincts until they think about it. That isn’t consistent – at all – but it feels right.” They feel entitled to a certain visual display (Postmodern Lie, men display sexually like a peacock, females select in evolution) and presume it’s all for them, the object woman must want (personal) attention (if we did, we’d come up to you and talk) but that a woman’s appearance should entice ..but not be distracting. That is literally impossible.

It’s mutually exclusive to say, look casual but like you made an effort, to look cute but also sexy. It’s magazine rhetoric, funnily enough. Men fall for it more than women, being more visual. They think it’s possible deep down and get frustrated with women for not performing. (The times I wear dresses and heels, men whine it’s impractical, literally, we think why do we even bother). And a lot of the way a woman looks, we have no control over. Some women are naturally neither, it’s about features. Some women can only look cute and sexy doesn’t work if they try (the ones men tend to insult as slutty, they aren’t but they’re “trying too hard” so the male brain codes “for me, male” = slut, because they’re insecure and assume only a slut would want their notice) but some women can’t help looking sexy, (same with men, it’s natural dimorphism, they don’t have to try) whether it’s cup size or the way they walk (height, build, bones in men). The maliciousness of envy haunts these people, it’s a sick society of mediocre bitches. Being good-looking (and god forbid, not trying to hide it) is not a sin. It’s the classic model who fears people looking at them. Why should they wear clothes that don’t fit and give them injuries (really, they do, it’s biomechanical stress)? Why shame women like there’s something wrong with the way God made them? What’s wrong with women? No wonder so many dress like men! (Or men like shit). Or look fat deliberately so men don’t see them. (Or wear layers to look fat). To drop off the radar where you’re a (insult) if you try and a (insult) if you don’t , at any particular event or time. This isn’t like pets on parade. It’s maddening to try and explain this past men’s egotism (sometimes women’s) and intellectualizations caused by it.

If someone enjoys looking healthy, let them!

And every man’s line of Thing is different so were it possible to please ONE man all the rest would still hassle us. More this, less that, STFU.

It’s like something out of Harrison Bergeron. So many men have become SJWs thought-policing how women look and even WALK. “Too much wiggle” one friend was told! Pelvic width isn’t a fucking choice!

Women have so much in this species we can barely walk!

Women also get told we’re sticking out our chest when we have correct posture. WTF.

“Men are judged on what they say while women are employed for their looks”

I bet you before decrying that line as false, the very men I’m referencing will look up photos of what she looks like before weighing the merit of her argument. Studies back her up, job applicants are judged more on looks in women and more on words in men. A man’s word literally means more.

It’s easier to lie than get a face transplant. Women would rather choose the male’s bias criterion.

This nails it.

Rachel Williams, a female from Kent, explained: “Apparently, if you have a vagina people think they have the right to judge you on every single thing you do . Even your actual vagina.

OK, hypothetically we should look like adults. And children shouldn’t.

Why aren’t men held to comparable standards? Where’s the t-shirt shaming brigade?

What happened to the Biblical judge not lest ye be judged? There is no societal standard because it’s only half the population, that isn’t a standard. This won’t distract us from the hypocrisy of men dreading the day standards return.

Imagine if we insisted all men looked tall. That one feature. Men would howl. Well, many women aren’t naturally curvy, you’re probably thinking of plastic surgery curves. I have to keep telling men, you can stand up straight around me if you want, I won’t insult you for it. They instantly perk up. The naturally attractive ones have got it in the neck so long they slump to avoid further persecution. Think of the neck pain.

Back to this one particular man in my life, he nailed part of his psyche.

It has nothing to do with you but it boosts your mood to see a pretty face, a nice body.”

“Endorphins or some shit.” bless

“This is going to sound terrible but when we see a woman who looks good, we instantly think – she’d look good with us. I feel like a selfish prick saying that but it’s true. It’s the mystery, maybe? It’s easy to forget she might not be interested if we’re really emotionally invested in that picture in our heads, normally showing off to our mates.”

There is no polite way to reject a narcissist. Ask a bartender.

There’s an element of using women as status symbols. Badges of attractiveness. Sounds like a pedestal.

“The same man can be secure or insecure at different times. Even if there’s nothing actually wrong with us. We’re always a little insecure around women we personally feel are attractive. To us. We tell ourselves it makes us braver but looking back there’s the odds of feeling like you need the ground to swallow you up because you acted up and now it just makes you cringe, long after that person forgot you. It’s a learning experience, I know women have something like it but there’s a pressure. Men have a stronger memory for rejection, I think but most of us get over it and feel it isn’t personal.”

As they learn more about the individual women, they project less onto her. That’s how crushes can die.

Back to the pathological ones.

It’s a cruel burden to place on women. Look good for me and nobody else but me – in public. How the fuck does that work, in practice? Anyone? And if we catch on and don’t appease them, out trot the ad hominems. Verbal harassment is illegal but they never expect to be held accountable for the way they target women, it’s a niche social predation. They get a thrill from ego-bashing. It’s nothing to do with the woman or a nebulous intellectual concept like standards. They want to attack someone vulnerable compared to them, it is bullying.

It’s treated like a character flaw, entirely unrelated to behavior (which at least has an argument for character alas, hypocrisy looms again). Individual women don’t choose the fashions of our time, gay men do. We work with it e.g. hemlines.

Shit post deserves shit graphic.

There are two kinds of the wrong kind of attention: physical predation and bullying.

Make up your mind guys. Men never used to be allowed to comment specifically on a woman’s appearance. Notice how they looked better? Men don’t even know what they want.

The absolute worst part is the interrogation that younger men now think is their right. You wouldn’t hear Tim Gunn trying to beat down women for what they wear or how much time they spend on their appearance. And that’s his job! If you watch these gay guys, the pros are actually very professional and helpful. If you’re going to be judgmental, at least be a pro about it?

Meanwhile, it’s rather common to hear accusatory trap questions like “how long did you spend on your hair?”

If women look like shit, it’s men’s fault. If they punish us emotionally (women are more sensitive, they know this) then it’s no wonder they give up with natural self-expression. Women don’t dress well for sexual attention. That’s projection. It’s why men dress well and make an extra effort. The world is not a date. Women don’t even feel comfortable looking sexy/too sexy on a date because it isn’t authentic to their normal self. Men make us neurotic, I’ve heard it. Women just like feeling that way, we dress well around the house or when going out to see friends.

Looking the part can also be a marker of respect, women dressing up for one another is respectful. The guys who complain about the women who are deliberately dressing like shit in revenge (normally fashion setters) are chalked up as success. Good, he feels disrespected, the little bitch. They don’t want the attention. Why wear a dress if a creepy guy you know is going to feel entitled to openly comment on your legs? You can’t help having legs.

“Tights cover up too much they aren’t sexy. Oh, but some tights are too sexy….”

We cannot win. We wear what we like at this point. Same as men.

If only men took more pride in their own appearance, they’d understand the importance of presentation. It shows your values system e.g. short to high heels – productivity versus artistry. Women in clubs aren’t really thinking about men, they’re thinking about dancing and looking good in photos. The reason for being there.

Men really do assume on this that the world revolves around them (average men of no accomplishment) and when women respond to the dis-incentives, they cry like babies about it.

If you habitually ask women what they weigh, they’ll start to swaddle up their body in so many layers you stop asking. Men can be so rude nowadays. Hot men on the Tube also cover up to avoid comments and being groped! If you ask the rude ugly ones the same things, they get defensive but in a hostile way. “What are you implying?” I heard one say to a friend. Well, he was trying to neg her into looking vain, random man who approached her based on her looks. They look like morons. …Insulting someone doesn’t make them like you, it’s all so transparent. Negging someone codes in female emotional intelligence as = I feel you’re superior to me, here’s some reverse psychology. Men are not the Svengali masterminds over women they believe. A woman who likes them will pretend it works, humour them like a child. I don’t care if those ones end up alone but there is a general trend of sneering at people for following too much fashion or not enough or merely dressing WELL. The opinions of normies and conformies is a degenerate model. Gotta point that out.

They’re walking brand advertising. Sometimes they tell you you should be wearing certain clothes and not the brand you look good in. Straight men can’t do fashion 9/10.

Look up all the clips of these buffoons mansplaining to Gordon Ramsey that he can’t cook. Go ahead. See how many you can tolerate. Arrogance is a hideous quality in either sex. Leave them to it. What do you care if they look like shit, it’s their life to ruin?

They treat other human beings like Barbies. Wear this, do that, don’t say that. Just like SJWs. They don’t explain that something is important to the genuinely naive and ask them to consider it. They are disrespectful. Women are being put off both SJWs and them. People are individuals. If people run blogs saying the opposite of me I don’t give a fuck.

Men are suddenly noticing the douchebag epidemic (used to hiding behind a screen where you literally can’t punch them) because the cancer is spreading to themselves.

“You have no right to criticize me” this man had heard, when he turned back an accusation of looking a certain way back on the d-bag. Self-awareness of a turnip. I’m sure there are obscure bullshit explanations you can pay for of what the prick was trying to do, maybe some crap about an AMOG when this lovely, charming, handsome man was quietly minding his own in a pub but human social groups respond well to cooperation. Poaching people is a sign you suck, you shouldn’t need to do that.

Stop fronting like you want a fight when you’d cry like a bitch not to get hit. These “little shits” acting like Scrappy Doo must represent a lot of the male death statistics from stupid life decisions. Keep bullying people and you’ll eventually hit on the ones who’d kill you for it. Life isn’t a movie, you are not Tyler.

(Handsome men aren’t all pricks, contrary to popular belief. In fact, they’re uncommonly nice. They don’t have to act all tough because they don’t feel lacking and they want women to know their personality. Ugly people often lie about how the good-looking ones – naturally- are often the complete package. They’re fault-finding in imaginary lands. The douchebags calling all loved-up men jerks who don’t appreciate women, where his version of ‘appreciate’ is using them as cum dumpsters.)

Someone else can make this into a graphic.

Woman likes nice, ugly man. D-bag says: he must be rich/what a cuck.
Woman likes handsome, nice man. D-bag says: he’s a jerk/she’s shallow.

You cannot impress insecure people because they are deluded. Reality offends them.

Woman hates man who treats her like shit. D-bag calls her a feminist cunt.
Woman hates man who is rude and immature. D-bag says she is in denial… or can’t handle him. ….Neither can men. He’s too cool. It’s his curse.

Insecure man and insecure woman like each other. D-bag thinks this is normal and how men and women have always interacted. Life is hopeless. Never change.

That is the sort of crap I oppose. It’s good for nobody.

Women since the dawn of time only had bitchy comments from other women. Nowadays, men are the prime bitches. Result? Nobody is attractive.

There’s also an anti-white component to it. I’ve never heard a white man who did this start on a non-white woman, especially an Asian, who they praise for the same things. Men seem to be enforcing a visible androgyny on white women, shaming us about literally making the average effort that is expected of mature adults. It’s really creepy to us. Why should his, one random guy’s, personal (sexual) tastes have any bearing on the way we are (gender is psychological) and what’s wrong with looking what we are (female)? Young men are literally talking down to women like they’re our fathers but overbearing and anti-feminine.

What’s going on?

They hate seeing happy people when they aren’t. If they can’t get involved (to drain you emotionally), they do the spiteful ego version of smashing up your sandcastle.

Then wonder why they’re lonely. Seriously?????

The most common sense explanation beside stalkers and rapists for catcalling? The way we look has nothing to do with them, we aren’t pieces of meat at market, it’s a human living their life rather than sitting around bored and angry in a ruminating comparison match. At times, it’s just low class men trying to get noticed by a woman who takes care of herself. If we could physically defend ourselves legally, the lip would stop. Men don’t go round telling one another to smile. It’s either polite chosen recognition (professional, friendly) or a personal, sexual signal. To try and control someone’s body like that, the foot-in-the-door domination of it, you might as well ask them to get on their knees. Translated power dynamic: Put your life on hold to do something that will satisfy me, go out of your way for a stranger. You can’t win. If you do it, they might take the forced signal as sexual interest in desperate delusion, if you don’t, they insult you for being normal and they’ve wasted your time on petty mind games. Get a life. In reality, some people won’t smile at you, macho man. They’re not the ones with issues. Men would seem gay if they tried to police one another like that, forcing a sexual power dynamic on an unsuspecting person. (Gay men do this to other men so don’t tell me I’m imagining it, it’s a key reason straights are freaked out. Being treated the way they treat women.)

Oh, you’re not interested, really? Maybe you’re being coy and secretly very, very gay…

Maybe you’re playing hard to get…. so we can ignore your No. You aren’t so much a person as an object of lust.

Homophobia: rape culture isn’t real unless a man wolf whistles me.

People are not all friends, this isn’t an episode of fucking Barney. We have every right to hate you but we don’t hate men. We hate bitches. If you hate yourself and that’s why you’re insecure, see a shrink.

The West and military uniforms

A man claiming any authority over other men/women, who has not fulfilled his rite of passage (military service) is still a boy. He has no authority even within his family, it isn’t something you’re born with or earn by surviving to a certain age. They had many many hoops  to jump through. We could go back to Biblical standards but most of the guys demanding this refuse the draft like cowardly little hippies. This is the fundamental sex difference. Valour.

If women are women, and men are men, the draft comes back. That is it.

Women can only keep the homes fire burning, if men are protecting the house.

Instead of wearing skirts, our men go shirtless. This is barbaric. It’s The Beautiful Ones. A century ago they’d have been arrested and considering it shows more flesh inch for inch than the sluttiest* women, you can’t say it would be  undeserved.

Modesty starts with the men.

They show off but make it easy to run away. The useless muscles of fake masculinity put most women off. Having real skills is the real reason women developed a slight preference in the first place. A man who is afraid to break a sweat is lower than any woman (hours worked does not equal taxable hours). The idea that a woman has been instantly inferior to a man by virtue of birth is completely wrong, it’s something dopey Americans say to console themselves about their uselessness. It has never been true in history and I keep asking them, where is your proof but they’ve got nothing. Oh, maybe a quote from a bitter bachelor. Not proof. They have nothing.

It’s always lower-class men insulting higher women too, notice that. Inferiority in men is hallmarked by a hatred of all the women he could never impress.

In their actions they do not shame the cheap sluts, they bemoan the “frigid bitches” and “prudes”, like not being a whore is meant to be an insult? That is your mice experiment, right there. No respect for wife and mother material, special snowflake entitlement to exception. In another moment, where have all the good women gone?

Well, you called them cunts for having self-respect. Away from you, the sluts.

Race, class, sexuality, sex. That is the order of things that matter historically in descending order. Stupid Americans are laughed at because they ignore class (which is not money). Your classless society was destined to fail!

*not that conformism with the present age makes a woman a slut, which is an issue

maxi skirts are an attempt to reduce catcalls but pencil skirts are office mandated

as are bras and makeup

In pagan societies, they’d bathe together and flash one another as a show of sexual power. Non-pagan societies should strictly dictate how much flesh is shown by anyone, because sexual immorality follows.

Put some clothes on, men!

Stop walking around in your underwear and expecting us to respect you!

You must really hate yourselves to go round looking like that.

If we treat you like dirt, you can’t really blame us. You’re indecent.

Er, that’s the historical norm, actually…

The world isn’t like America, we actually have a history.

It’s funny to watch the repressed bi guys say how pencil skirts are the instrument of Satan but get oddly wriggly when men in skinny trousers are around.

See something you like?

They wouldn’t last a month in a corset, which are easier to wear for men by far.

Well? Don’t be sloppy.

What, you think only women had to be shapely?

The double standard of false modesty

Doing something only because you’re told to is worse than not doing it at all.

And then if it’s really about a human virtue, the men would also be held to the same requirement. There’s no logical justification for acting like men are the only sex to lust. You can’t have the women being holier than the men, can you? Thus, monks and nuns wore similar attire.

Nobody cared, it was just and the system worked.
Saxon men wore leggings first, they were not considered sexy. How immoral must you be to immediately start thinking of random people in sexual terms? What is wrong with you? They even do this with children. Is it safe to bend over around you? What about naked farm animals? The kind of people who would literally skirt a table-leg. They didn’t have the word projection back in the day.

I won’t go into the sexuality confound. Maybe the impossible notion of “temptation” by the opposite sex wouldn’t be the worst thing for them? Then again, temptation has never been an excuse for anything, ever.

The Muslims pushing the niqab and hijab do not wear it themselves, so they don’t really believe it makes them better Muslims. Even if they didn’t ‘have’ to wear it, as men, they should to be on the safe side.

Let me correct a common myth in this discussion.

The change in the ‘modesty’ of European clothing was actually a textile revolution in the Middle Ages. They weren’t choosing to wear those frumpy clothes, they had no others.

In fact, if they looked at modern man and woman, man would be considered more immodest because Speedos and toplessness, chest waxing and tan make-up are expected. By quantitative measures, men show more skin yet women do not commit most of the sexual crimes. The red pill burns.

If you wanted to spot a modern “whore”, tan is the modern rouge.

Respect isn’t rooted in what a person wears (and is no longer a reliable proxy for what someone does, like in olden days) but what they do wear is more an expression of culture (or subculture) than the individual. Clothing is deeply social i.e. trends win out. I don’t care how much you love the Victorians, most people don’t wear steampunk all year round.

The Industrial Revolution up until around war-time led to fabric innovations again (in the latter to spare important fabrics for soldiers) that were warmer but thinner e.g. rayon, polyester, nylon, or styles of dress and cut of suit that were easier to walk in but required the new, advanced sewing machines (with patterns selling like hotcakes). This is quite easy to spot visually. You can see it less so with shoes.

Modern suits on men don’t hang like this, although this 1940s example is a fine half-way point from the Victorian layering to modern minimalism (both suck but at least the Victorians looked like men, modern men look like boyish female models, the androgyny is deliberate). Men also shed most of their tailored shapewear under-garments in the Edwardian era, for clothing rations. They didn’t want them back, like women with corsets, bustles, frilly under-shirts, it’s a rare man today that wears a wife-beater, a girdle (men wore them first), a waistcoat et cetera on top of his external public clothes.

Nowadays, it is rare to see a man wearing “dress shoes”, a suit or a hat – unless forced.

We need less fabric. This is historically novel. We spend less, consume less and move easier. These practical considerations win out in our time of office workers, who needn’t wear all the outer layers of a manual labourer because central heating doesn’t replicate the elements. In fact, that would be a bad idea all around. First, think of the smell.

This should be common sense, people.

Do I think modern garments are perfect? Hell to the no, but the standards of public decency dropped, tacky clothing followed. Can we blame the 60-80s? Man, what didn’t the Boomers do in their misspent youth?

How about bringing back mandatory wearing of ties, while we’re mandating necklines? You gotta pay out for spats, tie, tie pin, collar stays, all these things, whether or not you need them. For public decency. You’re free, remember. Free to buy cheap! Like the other riffraff (note: there are no common expressions for a poorly-dressed man anymore and men always dressed more formally than the women). Since clothing implies personality, anyone wearing less than haute couture can be spat on in the street, a budget is no excuse to patronize fast fashion. Why don’t you save money and make your own clothes, don’t you care? And don’t even think about being fat. Man or woman, it’s a reflection of personal vice and never anything else, like food quality or poverty. Everything must be viewed in a dogmatic, falsely religious context, because doesn’t that sound healthy? Black and white thinking for all, there is no other reason.

When we take down the buxom or bulging billboards of lingerie and boxers models, I might believe you care about the public’s innocent eyes…

Better to lose a limb than let it send you to Hell, better self-castrate, boys.
Because Bible, because Bible! I can justify anything just by saying it’s in the Bible!

The best part is that in this case, it really is and there’s no other context possible.
You can tell the Bible was written by mortal men because they have no idea how women are designed (by God) e.g. it makes more sense for women to wear less up-top because our breast fat causes us to over-heat, and ‘braids’ (or knots, or pins) are necessary to keep hair out of the way safely while working, which the Bible requires. It’s either that or cut it short, pick ONE.

I once saw a guy try to claim that a bra is immodest because it makes men look*.
…I’m sure walking is never the motivation behind shrouding sensitive flesh in the most minimal way possible (less than corset, girdle and bustier). Why don’t men wear cups habitually? Women want men to ogle them as much as men want women to know how much money they really make – as in, if they wanted it, they’d say to the individual specifically. Even a job offer is not an open invitation, everything in this social world has requirements e.g. if you’re asking someone out, you’d better be single.
The etiquette thing about doors and chairs is well-known, what of men hat-tipping in respect? To other men?
How many pretentious guys refuse to remove their beanies in a coffee shop, only to complain about rude servers?

Enforce indecent exposure laws by all means, but there’d be more male cases than female so those with a spiteful motive would disapprove, despite how God made them with more outer curves to expose.

*NOT wearing underwear would “make men look” more.
If men want female respect, dress smart, not scruffy. There is no female scruffy because our clothes are meant to drape, that’s feminine. Cheap clothing is a unisex issue, no getting out of this one.

It isn’t about modesty, it’s the moral weakness of being unable or unwilling to rein in your personal impulse control and then trying to force the rest of the world to accommodate you like a safe space. In other news, all fatties should be allowed to forcibly close every donut shop within a short drive, because tempting someone by existing is a slight on their “honour”. And the shrew wonders why they’re still unhappy, after censoring and banning anything that makes them uncomfortable. The problem isn’t that nice things exist, the problem is you. Beauty shouldn’t be covered up to hide your inner ugliness.

Women shouldn’t be topless in public

Following on from-



Neither should men.

A solid century ago you couldn’t flash either.

In fact, you couldn’t even show your waistcoat at dinner, this was risque.

These were male thots. Note the closed body language, they’re uncomfortable.

While you’re applying clothing standards, remember they apply to both sexes. That is what we call a social convention.

No mini-skirts? No shorts!
Fact: Edwardian women wore shorts too, before skirts shortened to that length later.
As in, women showed leg in public – after men started it.

If I can’t show small children my tits, why can you flash them yours?
And if it’s purely a fat issue, are flat-chested women exempt? Must shapely bosom-ed men take up a bra?
It isn’t only women’s breasts that are sexualised in the media, is it, Mr Pecs?
If anything, women have more cause to expose than men, since our breasts actually retain a second biological function and constricting them is bad for the nerves, increases the breast cancer risk and weakens the ligaments that prevent sagging. Logically, none of the anti-feminist stuff checks out this time.

Exception: the beach, your bathroom. That’s it. Not BBQs, camping, whatever else.

If you think women can’t break out the sexist humour to justify this stuff as well, you are wrong.

A man’s place is in the shed with all the other tools.

“Women used to be ladies”

The latest meme making an irritating entrance into popular thought.

TLDR; read bolded.

It’s intended to insult clubbing culture (fine, ban clubs, otherwise, STFU about them).

Like most memes appealing to history, it’s misled at best, misleading at worst.

Rewind to the earliest times with video.
Ladies have fun too. Anything less is an overhanging lie from the Sexual Revolution.

“Yes but women used to be demure and coy, they didn’t dress and act like sluts.”

It is ironic the modern man has such a lax definition, as if looking at a man ‘the wrong way’ is slutty.

Women have always ‘made eyes’ at men, because we have eyes. When we use them, we’re accused of making eyes because studies show men are acutely sensitive to social overtures from women.

Maybe, just maybe, the nature of people doesn’t change much over time, and not everything is about you and how hard done-by you are? The term for that is a victim complex.
Look up the Evelyn Nesbit scandal, it was their OJ.
They even had versions of the Kardashians, pin-up girls before pin-ups, which really date back to the 18th century and painted adverts. If you believe any advert, it’s a de-facto IQ test and you lost.

Maybe read some social history before acting like you understand all women?

Especially those in other time periods.

^If that were true, you’d be a billionaire selling us bullshit. Advertising people understand people.

Funnily enough, women tend to be up on social history, so I find a meme that relies on our collective ignorance of it rather entertaining. The average woman knows as much social history trivia as a man knows military.

In perfect truth, such males want to castigate degeneracy without drawing attention to their own.

Let alone limiting it. R-types playing K.

This is intellectually dishonest, an argument based on bad rhetoric, bad faith, historical ignorance and makes for a coward. If you’re irritated that, in a world where sex is freer than ever, you still cannot get laid, perhaps the problem is not the people you fail to impress?

Maybe the problem is that you keep bitching like a gay guy.

Don’t look at a pretty woman and think the modern version of ‘ANKLE?!!!!‘ only to wonder why you’re labelled a creep and become a social leper. Offended people on this stuff are dull from birth.

Look and think ‘that’s nice’ and move on with your day because this superficial shit is not, by definition, important.

The women least likely to wear a miniskirt are prostitutes, because the goods are not given away for free.

Everything you know is wrong.

Ask a man with sisters if he judges their sexual desperation on what they wear.

Imagine if we applied the same judgementalism to men – all short-sleeve shirts are hereby signs of a gigolo. Shorts? Whore! Wear trousers like a proper man!

Only in the 20th century did it suddenly become acceptable (imho, no) for an adult man to wear shorts. It was considered ridiculous and you’d be mocked for it like turning up to a funeral in assless chaps, as was going topless until coal-miners striked because of job demands. This is the God’s honest truth. Look it all up. Shorts are literally the most immodest thing a man can wear, the male mini-skirt. It’s worse than a mini-skirt because things can play peek-a-boo. Short sleeves come in a close second and were taken up by the Italians with the sleeveless ‘wife-beater’ where they both should have been left, men couldn’t show their waistcoat at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Casual or modest, pick ONE.

I heard this meme from Clarey on YT years ago – he immediately began to criticize every modest fashion going, with an emphasis of vitriol for the maxi skirt. …That’s just a skirt. It’s a term for a proper skirt.

This stuck in my mind because I assumed it was a joke and waited for the punchline, the hypocrisy was so overt to a non-American. You have no idea what you want, but you know how much you want it!

He hated totally normal skirt lengths, pictured in the Edwardian videos, because it covered women up and he couldn’t ogle them, no more than five seconds after saying, to paraphrase- Why don’t women dress like ladies anymore?

The problem is male demand.

Male demand for risque fashions. Rappers are the main problem.

You can see how years of this from Kindergarten can make for avoidance of anyone who tries to pull it.

You can’t countersignal if nobody values your opinion to begin with. Look through the photos of the men saying these things and you’ll quickly realize they attract casual women because they are casual men. I haven’t seen a single one that owns a single (ONE) good suit. A good suit, by style standards and formality rules. Not a great suit, not an impressive suit, not an elegant suit, not a gentleman’s suit. A single decent item.

Which brings me to my next point: how do you intend to pay for that?

More fabric, more $$$$$. That is not a typo. A suitable wardrobe is 4-figures, a good one is five. This is based on wear and variety for activities. Being formal is more expensive, rappers lie.

Look at the guys making these claims about ladies. Are they gents?

Any woman looking at these guys will immediately notice the discrepancy, it’s like…

Which fork, Forney?

They have no clue of basic etiquette and try to prattle on like a stage mother.
They are alcoholics who couldn’t tell you the difference between a white wine and red wine goblet if their lives depended on it.

Nobody takes this ‘advice’ seriously. They have nothing to offer but opinion and personal complaint.

The funniest thing my society friends ever heard about women’s fashion was one drab man telling, loudly, anyone who would listen, that spaghetti straps were the sign of a slut.

This story still does the rounds and I’ve heard people quoting it without getting the joke.
Guess the nationality. Go on, guess. I think we all know.
Guess what he was wearing with his bad tan and fake Rolex he kept showing to people who could tell the difference.

These are the guys who refuse to buy a drink to assert interest (formal politeness) or buy a dinner they invited their intended to (the formal rule) but they want a woman with expensive taste?

Are you quite sure?

They slob around in t-shirts and shorts, in general, and wonder why the women draped in £3,000 Dolce don’t give them a second look. Class does come into it. The problem is, they have none.

Therefore, they refuse to see it as an issue…. because it IS the issue.

Women do not qualify to men. Eggs are expensive.

However, not looking like ‘Kevin the teenager’ helps.

Would you show up for a job interview wearing this? Are you using it for a sport? If the answer to both is NO, do NOT wear it out of the house and for the love of Christ get a good suit before you start spouting off on Patriarchy and the dire need of male leadership.

You don’t care how you look? Yes, it shows.

Hate sluttiness? Push to ban all contraception and sexual health clinics. Yes, all.

Hate immodest clothing? Push for Elizabethan clothing laws. Yes, in social history, there are many, many actual, literal laws that restricted things like length for modesty, and most women are aware of these. It would also mean strippers are illegal and you can’t pretend to be rich in clubs without actually being rich.

I don’t expect these guys to grow the balls, you?

Conformity is a feminine virtue, as I mentioned earlier, so don’t blame all women for the actions or obscenity of singular examples, otherwise, all men are like Jack the Ripper; non sequiturs about men would be far more insulting.

Why aren’t women virtuous, they ask, not a virgin themselves.

Because none of the previous words will get through to ‘these’ people.

We mock idiots like you.

5 types of sexual coercion

A lot of men don’t realize that rapists often get a Yes on something else (foot in the door technique) then act like it means something else after the fact.

Just look at prison rape. You accept a free muffin at lunch, you’re later told you agreed to be their bed buddy.
That’s a male example of sexual coercion and men are rightfully terrified of it.

Coercion vitiates consent. It’s in the law, on the legal books.

“You’re my wife/girlfriend, you are supposed to be having sex with me.”

A girlfriend owes you nothing.
A wife owes you something, but not constantly like a servant.

Many cultures teach us that sex is an inherent part of marriage. Many people take that a step further, and believe that being in a romantic relationship with someone makes you entitled to have sex with them.

They don’t believe that. Believing something doesn’t make it so. They’re lying to blackmail that person.

“You owe me” isn’t a belief.

The problem with that skewed thinking is that it leads some people to act as if taking on the label of “wife,” “girlfriend,” or “partner” suddenly makes your body their property.

I guess this relates to the idea of owning one another, which is true in a spiritual sense with spouses but doesn’t extend to constant entitlement, it relates to the idea that men always have to be up for it like robots and projects it onto the woman as her fault if he isn’t.

Unless you’re Catholic and never use contraception, it has nothing to do with Go forth and multiply, and has nothing to do with Christian duty. Prior to any duty, you should know what you’re agreeing to.

“If you don’t have sex with me, I’m breaking up with you.”

“If you don’t sleep with me, I’m going to sleep with someone else.”

“If you don’t sleep with me, I’m going to tell everyone you are a prude.”

In those cases it’s more obvious that nobody should be sleeping with them because they’re immature.

If Mommy won’t let me have the toy, I’m gonna smash it.


If they don’t respect your No, they don’t respect you or your body. Leave immediately. Run, don’t walk.

Logically, they shouldn’t respect a Yes either, if they doubt your ability to consent. Think about it.

What’s the subtextual thought process here?

You’re not allowed to say No to me.

ding ding crazy



Blackmail doesn’t apply to any agreement, including written contracts.

“If you really loved me, you would have sex with me.”

That isn’t love, that’s prostitution. A prostitute pays for things with sex.

“I wouldn’t have taken you out to dinner if I knew you were just leading me on. If you didn’t want to sleep with me, you shouldn’t have been flirting with me either.”

Again, (tends to be) male entitlement. Neither sex is owed sex.
That’s a non sequitur. If they didn’t want a date, they shouldn’t have asked for a date. That’s the real logic.

Don’t then complain that you thought (lie) it meant ‘something else’, like a ONS assuming it’s now a relationship. But that’s female entitlement, so they’d probably agree if the example isn’t close to home.

It is very easy for someone to try to ply you with alcohol as foreplay to a sexual encounter — because they know that if they can “relax” you enough, you may drop your resistance due to your impaired judgment, and agree to have sex. If your partner knows that you don’t want to have sex, and you find them repeatedly topping off your glass

that would be the point to tell them to go fuck themselves

If you find yourself saying yes to sex as a means to avoid harm, then there is no excuse for your partner’s behavior; please consider talking to someone and getting help.

The police, because sex is not a form of appeasement.

No seriously, many date rapists use these tactics because it gives them more plausible deniability in court later.
I once heard of a serial rapist who’d lure women to alleys threatening to hurt them while a friend played lookout then he forced them to say they wanted him before raping them. Eventually he got caught. Eventually.

The ‘game’ of getting the woman to agree is part of the sexual thrill, because they can take that choice away from her too.

A No doesn’t change into a Yes. That’s called nagging. The coercion thing isn’t widely known although rape by fraud is old as the hills, so the rapist also assumes they’re covered as long as she says the ‘Magic Word’ (until they’re in front of a judge).

There isn’t a magic word that makes rape OK. That’s kinda the point of rape, taking, as in taking away.

Date rapists are harder to catch because the women involved believe it was their fault and he isn’t like that with others (he is). So yes, report it. Others might not get away and you can do everything right and still get raped if they drug you (that’s why date rape is yes, actually, very real, and anyone who tries to argue otherwise is flagging as one of them).

Rapists fear healthy personal boundaries.

Update: I’ll throw this here.

Stalking isn’t romantic.
Harassment isn’t brave.
People don’t owe other people anything.
There are no excuses for shitty behaviour.

I cba to go into this one.

Short version – women are not men and don’t have male libido, even porn stars aren’t really into it/you.

It’s stupid to assume all women are coy like some 19th century Austen novel and further, coyness is lying. Coy women don’t sleep with you. It is exclusive from sluttiness. Sluttiness is anti-coy. But I guess that wouldn’t make porn as fun to watch.

There’s no such thing as playing hard to get. You’re either hard to get or easy.

Imagine if we flipped it and said everything men do, they do for female attention and approval. Good career? Wants to attract a good woman. Nice car? He can’t appreciate cars for themselves, it must be to get women. Nice body? He doesn’t care for his health, it’s all about us. It’s incredibly narcissistic and spoiled to assume the choices of others have ANYTHING to do with you.

It’s also sexist to assume that clothing choices based on temperature e.g. male shirtlessness, female mini-skirts, or other practicality, have anything to do with their moral character.

Adult men have no excuse to think as stupidly as teenage boys.
They want an excuse for their actions, they want someone else to blame.


I don’t have anything much to add to this except to say that I do really appreciate the article. It is frustrating to deal with guys who simply refuse to accept ‘no’ as an answer, because there is no way to ‘really’ refuse once ‘no’ is off the table. Short of fleeing the scene, what the f**k can you say?

That’s the point. It’s a trap.
They think if they can rationalize it, it isn’t rape and you’re the ‘crazy’ one.

Ahh, gaslighting again. Notice how this often crops up with the shit of the species? Because obviously, it can never be sociopath/borderline/plain jerk’s fault. You know, the consequences of his actions. Like a man. You push him away, kick him, bite, scream or punch him? You’re a crazy bitch! But him initiating physical action goes unmentioned. It ‘doesn’t count’ as assault, in his mind, because his consent to your body over-rides your human rights. They never mention what they did just before and claim not to see anything wrong – but they don’t mention it unless forced. This is why they rarely harass women in the company of other men – they know it’s wrong and fear punishment for the crime. This is why they usually stop hassling a girl if she says ‘I have a boyfriend’ (women have to lie to be left alone, minding their own business alone, in public. In the West). They’re cowards trying to exert control over others, women are simply the sex less physically equipped to defend ourselves.

They think No means Yes and Get Lost means Take Me I’m Yours – a Disney cartoon figured this out.

They don’t really think that, they’re pushing their luck and the boundaries of the law.

No means No because that’s literally the line. That’s the legal line we shouldn’t have to reach when there are other forms of rejection men are willfully blind to. It’s been proven men assume sexual interest where there is none. It’s a defect in their programming. However, ignoring many indicators to the contrary (emotional intelligence) isn’t an excuse. Women are people, first and foremost, and respect should be given when asking anyone for anything, since you are in the position of desire and need them to oblige you.

The whole tone of that article is a theme I call Poor Men, via Women.


How enlightened, feminist guy.

You’ve gone from acting like a black guy (where all this ‘sexual culture’ comes from) to just a plain misogynist, who can’t understand that women aren’t billboards for male attention. via People is terribly dehumanizing as a message.

It isn’t about you.
It isn’t about you.
It isn’t about you.

Assumptions make a what?

The feminists do the opposite, like Emma Watson signalling Poor Women, via Men. Still wrong, still sexism. You don’t self-actualize or seek attention/sympathy via the opposite sex. Or any other people, really. Your business is yours, not every stranger who piques your fancy.


We seem to have a form of sexual politics like consensus reality. There’s no such thing as consensus morality. Let’s assume coercion doesn’t apply for a moment. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Two people can agree to something, doesn’t make it less wrong. Evil can be mutually agreed. So no, getting a Yes doesn’t get you off the hook for what you choose to do with your own body.

Update: Rape gangs are illegal because it’s organised sexual coercion of women (not just minors).  It’s organised crime, it just happens to be rape than common theft.

Which brings me onto a valid point.

Playing the Eve Teasing line “it’s her fault for being too attractive”, I don’t get to rob a bank and go “but, your Honour, it’s their fault for having too much money!”
You’re responsible for your own impulse control, you monsters. Impulse control is heavily tied to IQ, Westerners have no excuse. Rapists are the sexual Marxists of the world, willing to steal what they can’t earn. You are not allowed to reject a Marxist’s claim to your income, the fruit of your body.
Do regular white women have to be like children in Sweden and wear wristbands saying “please don’t rape me”? You’d ignore those too. Almost like you don’t consider the target group as people, like the rape gangs.
Erotic capital is not a choice, men have it too, expression of sensuality is cultural, social, not necessarily sexual (the culture says we need to look somewhat sexy to conform! and too many things are labelled sexy when they aren’t) and what one person does e.g. tight clothing, is not a super-secret, erotomanic code for burning desire to random observer. It isn’t about you. If a woman wants a man, in this culture, she can ask him out. He doesn’t need to “chase” her, he isn’t a lion about to eat a gazelle. To compare their fun to murder really shows their character, dunnit?

Hipster food now cultural appropriation

Good. Finally, they’re following their own bloody rules.

Next up, styles of makeup (stop painting it on to look like a different race, it’s creepy) and period or country-specific clothing (if I can’t wear a toga or a kimono, fine, but you can’t wear tweed or English Rose dresses). The Asians are worst for this, they signal with all the European culture, even the chavvy crystal tat. But if you wear one Indian silk thing that an Indian person TOLD YOU to wear, they walk up to you and start the verbal abuse train. Choo choo I don’t think so you hypercritical superficial prats.


Living in a monarchy, seeing Asian tarts wearing Princess tiaras with all the hashtags makes my blood boil. I actually want to break out #my culture is not your costume hashtags at that. The people cosplaying royalty always look like the help. Beyonce was the funniest because she was so deluded and ignorant about basic social history, through all her layers of photoshop (she is not attractive, fat and looks like her tired husband) she looked like a decorated pet covered in the kid’s party section of a shop called Clintons. A sex slave, the original kind, they were originally singers and actresses so her choice was especially amusing, I saw people in person give those ads a second look like ew, nice try, what was she thinking. She was trying to look all sombre and respectable… when you can clearly see the fold where vulva meets thigh. One of those orange sellers you see in the TV shows, it’s an invitation to make an offer for their juicy bits… do they really think dressing like a whore, won’t make them look like a whore too? Yet she was standing there, still looking fat in a shopped corset, certainly not very Christian or modest as she stood in a cage skirt (I know) and sneering down her piggish nose at the camera like she could be Queen of anything other than the black girls who hate themselves for not getting surgery like her. Terrible role model. She keeps dying her hair blonde and getting it straightened, but she’ll never be white. Rihanna accepted this and I respect her for that. Rihanna actually has fun.

Don’t get me started on the Asians that get surgery to look white.
It never works. It’s like a misshapen mannequin because their bones lack our proportions. Why ruin yourself like that?
It’s uncanny valley and makes people trust you less because you literally wanna hide your face. We know what you’re supposed to look like, we are not stupid. It looks like a serial killer with a doll fetish butchered their face.

I just don’t see why they can prance around in a crown and nobody points out they look like a total prat.

If I wore an American head-dress or one of those Caribbean displays or an African wooden mask, I’d look less bad than these people, who are claiming to a bloodline that colonized them because that colonizer had wealth, it’s twisted and disturbing to watch them round the good shops. What are you doing here, this isn’t for you. Would they wear ermine Y/N. Bring back Elizabethan clothing laws, stat. They would’ve been kept in service, round the back, deemed too ugly for presentation. Yet they smother on the Playboy makeup to look worse. They’re signalling the fact they’d never in a million years be accepted into that society, it’s very, deeply weird.

A cane and monocle is about five or six social layers down from white head wear but ‘these’ baffingly pretentious people don’t even wear gloves, peasants used to wear gloves. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was Asians trying to do Ascot. You don’t look like a lady, you look like an escort. You can’t purchase Whiteness. The men looked better, possibly waiters or butlers.

Who do I blame? The wimpy fathers.

Rich daddy tells them they’re a Princess growing up… well, that has to bloody stop. We don’t tell our children they’re an Empress, do we? It’d be a bridge too far. They can’t even pull off a 20s hat or a schoolgirl headband without looking like a porn audition, there’s a jarring element to it. Foreign stuff always looks like a costume, you do not blend. Be happy being yourself FFS. Life’s too short.

Too many Asians are ‘Anglophiles’, a polite term to refer to grandiose personal branding we’re supposed to accept and encourage as complimentary (no), which is actually racist because it’s always very niche (by class and county) and acting like they can do it better than us (our culture, usually in our country) but they swan around like Prince Charles faking a dodgy accent and going on about Earl Grey. We don’t drink Earl Grey, it’s pigswill. Buy a better taste in tea, love.

Have you seen how much they spend on crockery? They don’t even heat up the pot. It isn’t cast iron like yours. It’s either enamel or porcelain. We get it at Argos, mate. It’s made in your country.

The tiara thing is very solidly European, and it’s based on ancient religious pagan rites, like weddings. They’re not to play with, it’s obnoxious like those Maori tattoos but moreso. You don’t go around with a sceptre and orb, do you? Those look less obscene. Essentially, they’re claiming colonial rule over us. They think we’re too dumb to notice.

I guess they don’t have much modern culture to signal themselves, so they have to wholesale steal ours. Make your own.

Remember that flower crown trend? Druids. They use specific druidic flowers too. There are precise rituals and uses you can look up and read about. They would feel awkward dancing around a maypole and doing many of the chase/rape games but they’ll wear the uniforms like a trend? Where do they get off?

Did anybody call them out, the little tarts at festivals doing a duckface and peace sign? noooooooo

Follow your own fucking rules.

Culture whores have none.

Colonization is purely cultural. Cut it out.

story time

The one time I almost went full SJW (never go full SJW) some lower-middle class Chinese cunt in tatty threads was hogging my space in a corner, right up in my face like she was ghetto and well hard, telling me about scones. Well, ordering, really. Like I was a child to scold about licking a knife at breakfast. Little did she know I outranked her*, but she found out later when she got the sack and blacklisted for being rude (this happens a lot in Britain, we don’t tell you, we just do it). Still to date one of the most shameful displays of arrogance I’ve ever seen, other people looked at me from across the room like do you want help and I serenely looked back like oh, I’ve got this, I’ve got this bitch. It’s like making tea with the milk first, you just don’t do it. I have tons of these stories, seriously. It’s really bad, they think because they’re foreign they have a pass on being obnoxious. I straightened up from sitting correctly (she told me off for that too), smoothed my dress (she told me to buy better dresses), gave her a pitying look, just scoffed at her and said “well, I’ve seen how the Queen does it” and tapped off in my tiny heels.

When Asians complain about ‘racism’ in the West, especially GB, they never account for their own rudeness. Worse than a pig. I’ve met nicer micropigs.

Previously, the cultures didn’t interact much and ambassadors already knew the rules. Try the food the way they tell you to, don’t signal the clothes, you can’t. Multiculturalism has been unleashed without any ground rules, and the everyday respect that used to exist has vanished as well. It goes both ways or it goes full stop. I wouldn’t need to mention this topic and I’d save a lot of hassle at benefits and galas talking to these credit card bitches if they possessed just a bit of worldly perspective and international respect. It’s all about respect.

*Know your place is about being polite because the powerful people are who you least suspect. She assumed because I was timid, I was weak and went in for the kill. I could’ve stabbed her with my stiletto. Instead I was ladylike and ignored her until she half-grabbed something off my lap. Asian women are rude cunts when the facade of fake femininity comes down. Look at the Uni students, they’re incredibly racist in their choice of friends. I can’t wait until their debt bubble bursts and Princess has to find a job in a shop where she belongs.