“My relationship status is ideal” narcissism


Explains the singleton cults of SJWs and MGTOWs.

“No one should be married ever, that’s evil oppression!”

Explains the baby cult of crazy married people.

“No one should be single ever, they’re just depressed!”

The retardation of the left


I wanted to post how cognitive dissonance doesn’t even apply to these people because they cannot see contradictions, not understanding basic logic, but then I also saw how Emma Watson has been showing off her threads surrounded by poor black kids. So I doubled up. The great thing about Twitter is picking on their stupidity in real time.

The cognitive dissonance on white supremacy

This absolute gem from Vox Day.


WTF face

I am in awe.

And people think he’s intelligent?

High IQ sure, but a copper for common sense, surely. Someone who can write a paragraph that doesn’t totally contradict itself at every turn.

I needed to take a solid five minutes wondering whether it was very subtle sarcasm before screencapping. I didn’t even take it out of context. Google-fu it if you want.

It’s like;

First of all, he isn’t white, despite being paler than most English people. (I doubt he’ll keep claiming to be Red when/if white tribalism takes off, then magically he’ll start minimizing it and bigging up his literal skin colour).

But then!

  • herp derp White supremacy isn’t real tho.
    White people totally exist, but they’re not the best.
  • …But they are the best – at all the important stuff.
    That totally isn’t the same bro. Reality n stuff.



Why doesn’t he just come out and call White Supremacy evil?

Simultaneously calling for the White Christian male role is culturally and historically illiterate.
What the fuck does he think white supremacy even is? And where did the sudden sexism come from, is this from his dalliance with V? Men can do whatever they like, but if women don’t support them, there is no society. Don’t Catholics worship Mary, more than Jesus? Really, which sex has always been vital to civilization?

Clue: Which sex is more important on a desert island? Sure as shit ain’t the sperm donors, in evolutionary terms.

I guess that’s too much reality for fuckwits like this to comprehend.
I distrust anyone divisive between the sexes and especially shit-posting about white people, when they aren’t even white. Where do you get off?


A non-white’s opinions on whites are totally irrelevant.

Let me repeat that for the people at the back.

On the subject of white people, who we are and especially what we ‘should’ be doing, non-whites don’t get to boss us around, capiche? 

That’s the entire reason we’re in this mess. The outgroup are not advisers, they are saboteurs.

I mean, the Bible wasn’t written by Redskins either, was it?
So really, what’s his opinion worth on the matter? Let’s ask a Jew about Muslims! Let’s ask an atheist about theology! People can totally put self-interest aside, as history has shown!

But which race made Christianity into the civilizing force it is in modernity?

I think this is the point people like him cannot abide.

Just because somebody claims to like/sympathize with the White Man, doesn’t mean they actually do. This is a perfect case study in anti-white hatred. Rather than giving us our due, he takes a Lefty approach and smack-talks us. As if we didn’t get that enough already. Claiming to be allied with us makes it worse, but claiming to lead us?

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how

Who are you, mate?

Writers with delusions of grandeur, honestly. In a hundred years, nobody will give a shit about some mulatto writer of pulp fiction’s opinions on why white people shouldn’t think they’re good at stuff. Cos pride is never justified in whites, right?

Why follow the White Man, which the author most definitely is not?

The guys who invented basically everything, including Science?

Who keep most of the world from starving from the goodness of their hearts?

Who needs those assholes?

~HBDers groaning in the distance, laden down with charts~

Asia is corrupt, not creative.

Asia is corrupt, not creative.

If we went by Vox’s tribal claims, he’d be blogging us with fucking smoke signals, were it not for Whitey.
His people are quantifiably low-IQ substance abusers. They weren’t even the first on American soil, they’re genetically a type of Asian who killed the people they came across there (including some intrepid Europeans).
Are these hatefacts the origin of his white loathing? That his ancestors were scalping our scientists like savages?
The fact his People are known the world over for being failures, dying out due to self-pity?

These tosspots need to learn some goddamn respect, and I know I’m not the only person reaching the end of my tether when it comes to White bashing. We’re literally letting them invade us at this point and it’s still not good enough for some people.

On a more recent post he tries to ingroup Non-Whites into White politics, as if they have any valid say over how we run our shit.


Meanwhile, in the real world.

Both these mud/kebab/choose a slang term ran away like little bitches from America and took refuge in Europe.

They can’t fix their own fucking country, why should we listen to their opinion on what Whites ‘need’ to do, anymore than we’d listen to an SJW? Hell, at least the SJWs are white.

And if anyone actually takes Roosh seriously after-

rooshv anti-white rooshvdefaultopinionwhoremisogyny

let alone anyone white and in the AR respecting him?

…I don’t have a sufficiently absurd metaphor for this one, it’s frankly impossible.

He’s a joke. He’s a laughing stock.

Vox sides with him because he thinks Roosh is his friend. Truth be told, Roosh is a skeezy opportunist who’d side with Satan if he could get traffic (and hence, shekels) out of it. He’d have sided against VD (also lol at seriously calling himself by VD) if that’s the way the traffic ran. Capricious as a weather-vane. Why do they think the manosphere went down on his watch? Coincidence, really? The kebab has no principles apart from gratification (mud dicks’ muh dicks) and most of his ‘articles’ are bashing the White Women he so desperately, desperately wants to ‘bang’. He’s tried to jump ship to the AR but we rightfully rejected him (considering the pretty persuasive evidence of rape from the horse’s own mouth) and refuse to apologize for it.

If you liked white people, you would encourage them to have children together. Be creative, build a future.

If you’re a narcissist, you don’t want people to be happy, especially the outgroup. You’ll give them bad advice.

Pitting the men against the women makes you as anti-white as the feminists. There are good ones if you aren’t one of those middle-aged creeps cruising the club circuit for a girl young enough to be your daughter and flogging bad books which amount to fanfictions about oneself.

pushing promiscuity culture and time preference

The solution to the white man’s problems isn’t the r-selected bullshit artistry of a few bad pick-up lines, imitating the dregs of society for shekels (black men are not role models, look at Africa) and genetic suicide. The future is K and anyone who denies this is arguing from bad faith.

Unlike Roosh, who wrote the cheesiest rip-off of The Matrix I’ve ever seen and tried to pass it off as original, Vox can write and he’s pretty good at trash talk on Twitter. That’s why we like him. He’s over-reaching and as you can see by the cognitive dissonance, it’s apparent he’s being irrational.

Nobody really cares for his opinions on race since he’s sucking down on the POC cock with his Red-dressing.

Personally I only follow him for news and GG. Heartiste is better on race and doesn’t bait so hard.

Both these twerps want White society, without the powerful White Man. [see magic white man]

done with this shit downton

They’re either stupid or intellectual dishonest. I vote both.

Hey, you are the immigrants.


If we Whites are so terrible when in power and acting on our cultural heritage, why are you sponging off us by coming here? These people are like locusts.

When the resources run dry, they’ll abandon us.


““In nature, stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” ~ Robert Heinlein”


“Crucial point:

A man contributing to the fucked-up sexual marketplace by sleeping around in it is not allowed to complain about the modern r-selection consequences (we have heard this). Since they chose their strategy and actively contribute to the problems. It’s like a feminist saying “why does no guy wanna marry me”?”