Dude BROs & birth rates

They’re bimbos, aren’t they?
Rich – check
Stupid – check
Normie – check

The hustle culture stuff is Plato’s natural slaves combined with Calhoun’s Beautiful Ones.
They have no family to pass anything they build onto, but they’re slaving away for The Man (the banks) and they’re proud of their slavish obedience. At least our favourite Jew has the common sense to be a minimalist. Why TF slave away for some other cunt’s family? No country for inheritance cucks.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Kermit is booming away, as if the losses in marriages/births aren’t compounding with every year. Every year a man and woman don’t have children, the children they failed to have ALSO won’t have children, who ALSO won’t have children, of whom ALSO won’t have children.


Does he mention this? No. God forbid the room-cleaners clean a mirror. It’s literally algebra. Undeniable.

Looking at birth rates as only women is an ignorant mistake. Takes two. This is biology, not economics. Blaming women for the birth rate (as if out-of-wedlock is desirable!!!) is like the town drunkard blaming the wine vendors for his repeated DUIs. Could ya take some personal responsibility there, champ?

Looking at births year on year is also a mistake. Generations exist in more than one n=1 trial. You cannot make conclusions intergenerationally based on one generation’s sample.

again, sorry for understanding fucking statistics, it’s kind of my thing

On par with the FIRE retards who think they can afford to move to Asia, literally the fastest developing continent on the planet. The Boomer tard 4% model from that one shitty paper never accounted for cost of living. It was ALL INCOME, NO EXPENSES. Models don’t account for expenses, they’re too personal. Hence, draw-down, which is impersonal. AKA unrealistic. As a country ‘develops’ aka sells out to foreigners like the tard expats, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE COST OF LIVING DUDE BROOOOOOOOO?

Someone pay Clarey for a video on that because I know I’m right, dammit. It’s an equation.

I want us to deport all our slutty retards, obviously, my only concern is when they’ll come back, probably with a Ting Tong and anchor babies in tow, still bitching about immigration they caused several times over like a Boomer in Thailand Neo-dodging HIV from little boys. Ban them from returning (nor their spawn, like, ever) and I fully endorse paying anyone that stupid and xenophilic to leave.

If they want Asia to be dude bro Pleasure Island, don’t let the asses back. Call their bluff.

No war is even required if we make a Whore Island.

We should build a real Pleasure Island in the Atlantic with sexbots and unlimited drugs, on condition once you show up, you’re never allowed to leave on pain of being shot as you try to escape. Our r problem would be over in a few years. It’s flawless and economically efficient and they wouldn’t even make any babies. It’s an abortion-free degeneracy model, call it Sodom Island for extra points. Love Island is the prototype for this island of whores. Plot twist: only men can go, so we get a crime rate dropping to almost zero and a reverse problem to the angry incels of India and the remaining godly men could have several Biblical tradwives. WHERE IS THE DOWNSIDE. Get them to sign a contract age 18 and hold them to it.


Every degenerate I’ve asked about this likes the idea. It’s the logical extension of UBI except it works. It works for everyone. Literally everybody would benefit, unlike Communism.

The problem isn’t suffering the degenerate to live. It’s refusing to banish them Bible style. A tree that makes no fruit is burned. It wasn’t talking about trees. Instead of fleeing immorality, isolate it.

Otherwise you get the white flight problem but with degenerates. We cannot live in the same system.

The future is segregation by anti-natalism to pro-natalism. It’s sin prison, sold like a resort. Absolute degenerate anarchy, any fetish goes and the ‘women’ are literally robots so who cares? With the misogynists and psychopaths gone, both politicians and feminism dies. Stop letting them drain us.

They’d literally move to Antarctica like fucking Pingu if the beer were cheap, BRO. The manosphere in the past five years or so has become full of these degenerate normie asshats. They’re total NPCs. These videos send them up P E R F E C T L Y. Nothing they say indicates a capacity for original thought.

The future will consider the Boomer genocidal maniacs for that coompounding* effect, that will continue to apply until humans go extinct. Later generations including my own, who mock the Boomers for this will also be held responsible if they’re rutting without reproducing. If you act like a Boomer, the future will hate you. Will call you evil just the same. Have a nice day and enjoy your dollar beer, BRO.
I hope Downing Western Civ was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

*funny typo so I’ll allow it

Comic: CHINOs, Churchians and other cucks

You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?
You aren't gonna put me in the garbage dump, are you?

Wait, is this mansplaining? Did CHINOs invent it to talk over the Word? It is, isn’t it? Wow, it’s real. A dismissal and cover story lie.

“What you really mean is-” a subtle type of gaslight.

They are asserting you already believe the proposition they haven’t made yet so they don’t need to prove it as a positive claim. Assertion without argument. Time-travelling propositions, what a time to be alive. SJWs do it too, like that Channel 4 interviewer with Peterson. If you think the arguments are indeed the same thing ultimately, it is still on you making that claim to explain precisely why, with reasons.

So violation of burden of proof hiding behind a gaslight (you already believe this) appears to be mansplaining. Interesting.

SJW example parodied here.

Manchildren lecturing women on how to grow up has come to an end


The projection has run out of film. The manchild needs to stop z-snapping now. It’s too ghetto for a suburban white child of divorce. It isn’t womankind’s fault your dad cheated on your mom. Also it was years ago. Move on.

Please direct your Grundyish attentions to any of the following list;

deadbeat fathers

petty criminals



con artists

pornographers for ‘ruining Your women’

men who keep getting re-married while being objective failures as husbands

men who refuse to pay child support so you’re taxed for it

players who slept with your girlfriend first


Hollywood actors re-making masculine characters into twats

George Soros

the FEMEN guy (founder)

Bill Gates

welfare kings

all the white immigrants from Eastern Europe in Western Europe prisons (dat IQ)

border people not doing their one job

hipsters on EBT

socialist men who vote for you to pay more taxes.

As you can see, most hypoagency is statistically in men. Women cannot be single mothers unless a man made her that way. This is overt cause and effect logic. If you cannot control your feels, you belong in an asylum. If you’re addicted to anger, the problem isn’t everyone else.

If you want home-cooked food, learn to cook like every other F-ing grown-up including those closet gays you idolise homo-erotically in the military. Sandwich jokes make you sound like your longsuffering mother microwaves you pizza rolls wondering when you’ll finally move out (never).

If you, a man, think men in society need to man-up…. starts with you, dude. Starts. With. You.

Kicking down at women is cowardly, you can’t procrastinate growing up forever, Peter. Women respect men, not boys.

UnPC comedy 2

Let’s see how much I can signal boost this one.

7,600 views as of now. Needs to be longer. Like the rope The Guardian is using to hang itself.

The more you know about ye olde public hangings, the funnier that joke gets.

Greta is literally weaponised autism. ...It isn’t very effective.

This is also worth a try.

There needs to be an UnPC ezine of some description recommending this stuff.

The Guardian is the jobcentre of obnoxious twats because your parents were so ashamed they cut you out of the trust fund. If you’re too dumb for academia and too bland for acting and too serious for politics, you’ll fit right in.

If they want a million views, half an hour on why Islam is toxic masculinity and toxic masculinity secretly means Islam, because it does. Everything they slag off – harassment, lechery, rape, oppression of wives (equal yoking), all of it. It literally is a pop. They want all men to act more white Christian and less Anything Else. It’s psyops to bring back white supremacy culture a la British Empire (which was multicultural) but without men in charge (coughs Victoria was a slag and sold out our identity like a cheap whore*). Now THAT would get da views.

*Now every arsehole calls themselves British because they drink tea.

No. That’s Chinese. English people secretly hate tea, we’re just addicted.

British died with the Empire, why are we still using this word? Nobody means Welsh do they? They all want to be English. It’s actually a race, no. This isn’t like Doctor Who psychic paper. “Hello, yes, this is my white privilege, as you can see here it says British, cuckold of the Greater European Empire of Supreme Woke Values. Praise be Allah-Gaia.”

Surprised they haven’t run an “initiative” called “pegged against Patriarchy”.