Comic: European identity and multiculturalism replacement

my edit, riff off it and use elsewhere, it’s the far Left’s original attempt to meme on this issue, pre-internet

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the piss out of Captain Euro and it’s high time more people knew about him. The overt rip-off of the early 90s Action Man cartoon style. Read a few of the comics, read his Twitter (@captaineuro) it’s total cringe. They’re meant to be politically neutral. How is he not a re-appropriated meme for the Alt Right yet? He’s like Superman, a classic white male protagonist hero. Comics are sold to schools.

Funny how they use the image of Ubermensch strength, in this and Commie propaganda, while denying hierarchy and liberty that leads to it. The SJWs should start a petition calling for Captain Euro to be replaced by an African Muslim lesbian. It’s been three decades.

BTW the Eurokorps already exist, for all this talk of a federal European army.

Cropped version for stealing

How’s that for a ‘conversation’ starter?

Comic: Illegal immigration is theft

Theft of a future, too.

Not to mention the genocide angles of depriving natives. Tragedy of the commons, outgroup favoritism has a time limit.

I’d love to see an EU/Euro and a GB/£ version of this.

It’s r-selection in practice.

Comic: Intersectional Feminism

United we stand…

the real joke?

They’re all claiming to be the Biggest Victim. They’re literally all losers.

Cultural Marxism is finally turning on its henchman and proving, among other things, that multiculturalism doesn’t work. There will always be competing genetic interests. The intersectionalists are calling for segregation. Just like the trans-acceptance ones wanted to end the very concept of ‘Woman’ as an exclusive signalling claim.

Comic: Punching Up (and the victory of Trump)


Ah, the self-fulfilling prophecy.
Eventually they consider it and think, hey, that’s not a bad idea….

compared to the prolonged torment of pacifism.

At this point, we just want them to shut the fuck up for five minutes. We’re all tired of the moralizing when they don’t even believe in Jesus, so there’s no critical redemption potential.
They’re punching up.
We’re better than them.
We actually run shit.
This is the silent social backlash and only the beginning.
A smackdown they deserve for acting like they can order us about.

Eventually the turns switch.

Fine, we order you about.

The Golden Rule is based on the wheel of fortune. You are now on the downslide.

I think returning to a broken German state model would be a waste of modern potential…
a United Europe might be a good idea if we accepted differences instead of quashing cultures.
EU rebranding. Toast.

Amazed they haven’t started on Trump for being teetotal yet.

Why did they lose – aside from the obvious?

[Being insufferable pretentious cunts.]

(((Echo chamber))) is deeply ironic.
They don’t get how they project – they’re anti-science, they confuse rationalization for rationality (main reason) and They don’t know how sheltered they are from common people (they don’t even read The Guardian!)
They’re antisocial in the politically segregated sense.
Their ideas are based on shit theories proven wrong since the hippies shouted it in the 60s.
They are establishment.
They never teach the political controversy.
Society doesn’t need more gender studies majors.
I suggest we replace all tenure with Syrian refugee children.
Tenure is racist and feminists should be banned from marriage for their own safety.

They think I predict the future by fucking MAGIC.

How about LISTENING.
People do have reasons, even if you think they’re shit.
I can explain their own reasoning back to them then deconstruct it, which triggers them to buggery.
Ironically, I can explain all this post-referendum and post-election, freely, because?

I know they won’t listen.