Just the Tip-Off

I’m getting so many comments and questions on random pages I decided to make a shit-slinging page.

Ugly people who love Jesus porn’s fight against the Patriarchy of a happy marriage rejoice.

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Personal attacks and abuse are unacceptable. If you have a claim, substantiate it with evidence.
You don’t own me, I don’t owe you shit either. Whether I choose to pick up a lead or not has nothing to do with your intellect, quality as a human being et cetera and likely what sort of mood I’m in that day and whether I’m on the rag et cetera. Yes, I am capable of taking the piss out of myself. My French knickers remain untwisted.
I don’t know everything so don’t expect me to. Sometimes I just don’t know or feel incapable of commenting without sufficient time-consuming research. I have opinions and various personal theories like many educated people. I try to include evidence where I can/can be bothered to look it up. Search engines exist.
I will ban trolls, including concern trolls and sealions. Do not try to convert me into your BS social crusades. I do not care. I will never care. You cannot make me care. See Comment Policy for further details.
Topic suggestions, current event details, juicy (evidenced) gossip, science links, funny stuff, anti-SJW comics and your soul are all acceptable forms of currency.

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Tumblrinas and other people completely out of touch with the harsh realities of life are usually good joke material but there are entire tumblr blogs mocking these people if you care to look and it isn’t my speciality to kick a lame horse, so to speak. We try to take the high ground here.

I have trackers here but I approve of using AdBlockers on this blog. I only keep it up as a precaution in case some nutcases try to stalk me. If you’re sane, you’re safe with me. I can delete comments after reading/replying at your request. I respect your right to privacy if you respect mine. Sometimes I disappear for bursts of time, this is normal in my line of work and I always come back …eventually. Longest absence to date was ~3 years. Deal with it.

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If you post bad porn I will disapprove. If you post good porn for some reason I will merely pretend to disapprove, you scamp. Please don’t post porn though, as I’m usually in public, in meetings or at conferences. You’re enough of a dick I don’t need to see one, I can sense the rippling disturbance in The Force.
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How my comment policy works

The 3 rules are right there. Above every comment box.
Can’t miss ’em.

1. Be civil.
2. Be logical or fair.

And most of all,

3. Do not bore me.

I will ban you if you try to push your ideology without proper logical rationale and evidence.
Dancing around the issue, and the rest of your box of heuristic fallacious tricks, do not work on me.

If you’re an SJW or other extremist, do not bother. I nor my readership care what you think. Or feel.
Go back to the sad part of tumblr and bother them.

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Trigger warning: science, logic, sarcasm.