Post-Rotherham, white people distrust Labour, this is why

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Labour party.

There is so much medical and psychiatric evidence of child abuse that at this point in time, anyone denying it is practically outing themselves as a pedophile. Life outcomes, suicide, these are not ‘relationships’ and consent is medical, so if anything it should be 18. Enforced rigorously.

“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”

Victim blaming. Why Rotherham happened. It was deliberate. It was a social experiment.

Lib Dem (basically). All the freaks and deviants in that one, they’re famous for it. You can look up various stories.

Almost as if they have a …Common Purpose.
Read UK Column people. Before it’s exposed, if ever.

Common Purpose could be nominated as the first SJWs, they are far, far Left on all matters degenerate and especially sexual. Animals? Fine. Kids? Whatever. Dead people? Clump of cells, nobody in there to consent or object. Even the acronym CP is also internet slang for child pr0n. Their symbol is an innocent little butterfly apparently.

I would write more but I am scared, truthfully, because they get to people. Anyone who speaks out openly, in public, you don’t really hear from again.

A lot of their fellow travellers are known to police, and travel openly, untouchable by national law because they’re rich and registered overseas.

They deserve the same treatment as the other kinds of rape gang. It makes me sick to share a city with these scum.

Meanwhile, the Tories toast to their glorious opposition’s stupidity in hiring a senile white man.

Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed by flood of memes after claiming ‘for all his flaws’ Fidel Castro was a social justice hero

Social justice, social work and Agenda 21

To quote: “Did you think it was just chance that there were so many pedophiles in the uppermost echelons of British society? They just happened to all be there en masse, enabling each other?”

“CP has been rather reluctant to explain exactly what change they are seeking, but clues are to be found in their widely pro-EU approach, and their desire to fill the ‘invisible space between the individual and the State with their people.'”

“In targeting young minds with their quasi political change agenda, CP under the hand of Sir David Bell has worked to use the secretive Common Purpose networks to tap into education budgets and thus spread their ‘charitable’ political agenda at the expense of the taxpayer. Moreover this has been done by using staff who have not always been police CRB checked, but who can use powerful and largely undeclared applied behavioural psychology. ”

“Scriven selected Sheffield City Council’s own Executive Director of Children and Young People and Common Purpose trained ‘leader’ Sonia Sharp to investigate and report. Sharp had previously been in the same Director’s post in Rotherham during the widespread abuse of youngsters in the town and  under the protection of the Rotherham Council.”

“To date, CP has ‘trained’ many tens of thousands of children and young people in Britain alone, with countless others overseas. The exact number is unknown because CP regards training programmes, exact content and the names of attendees as secret ‘commercial’ information.  The lack of clear information on CP’s penetration of schools, colleges and academies should be of immediate concern to parents and those involved in child safeguarding. If CP is such an open trustworthy charity, why is it so secretive about its real agenda around children?”

“Access to children via schools, colleges and other venues, coupled with powerful psychology to change the views and values of children must surely be a dangerous cocktail. Couple this with secretive networks of Common Purpose graduates, and their declared interest in “leading outside authority”, and surely this charity becomes a ‘sweety shop’ for perverts? Does Common Purpose recognise the risk of their operating procedures? From their aggressive stance, it appears not.”

“uniform re-education of children into the new world view.”

*cough cough Cultural Marxism cough cough*

A lot of people fret about government control.

Governments are accountable.

Private companies and charities are not.

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Bring back the age of consent

Enforce it. HARSHLY.

You would think this is simple. Alas no. The feminist “sex positivism” allowed these widespread rapes of white girls because “sexual freedom”, “empowerment” and “choice”….. despite the clear rule of law. No, they cannot consent, they are not old enough. That is the law. No, they can’t. It isn’t a choice. This protects the vulnerable children.

hahaha fuck you

dismissed complaints by such girls on the grounds that they were ‘little slags’. These agencies were writing off an entire class of people as low-lifes, whose wretched condition was only to be expected from their debauched behaviour. That in itself was awful.

Criminal charges and lawsuits against the personnel responsible. They shouldn’t be exempt from the law and they neglected their duty. They SERVE those girls, not the other way around.

Even those charged with children’s protection have not regarded premature sexual activity as a problem.

Common Purpose. Cultural Marxism. Charge them for breaking the law and aiding that end. These people essentially pimped out poor white girls.

…For many children, the age of innocence has disappeared and with it the understanding that parents should protect that innocence….

Worse, the parents are egging them on.
Their parents are essentially selling their child’s virginity, trying to be their cool friend instead of a parent.

In 1885, in response to child prostitution scandals, the age of consent was raised from 13 to 16. The motive behind this progressive reform was to protect children from sexual activity which was deemed grossly inappropriate to childhood. We no longer want to protect children from this. We have gone backwards to a less civilised age.

When The Left cared about children!

When we desacralised and casualised sex, didn’t we realise that our children would be harmed?

We? No. Feminists. Lay the blame where it deserves. They encourage paedophiles.