He knows


He self-corrected and makes it clear we knew he didn’t think we were about to enter a dark age…

Sure Jan. That’s why you’re prepping for it in your life time.

He sounds dumb 90% of the time, but that 10%….

like AI is capable of more than pretty much any one thinks of it.

I dunno, I have quite the imagination.

I sense a man who foresees Calexit.


AI playing the stock market



I am interested what an AI will do if angered by a sudden crash, and naturally multiple AI will be trading against one another. That’s quite fun.

However, the real whoop moment is twofold.

  1. it’s obvious the elite running the show are incompetent and can be replaced.
  2. the douchebag trader demographic will eventually lose everything, more than if ’08 rightfully ended with kink handcuffs.

And you know the lawyer bros and lawyer cunts?


It’s almost like taking a job for the money is whoring oneself out.
That’s quite possibly the most Millennial thing I’ll ever say.

Meanwhile Big Oil China is already tipping to one side.


This is the absolute best timeline.