The MLM for men

It’s like the college ponzi of teaching people to become teachers, ad nauseum, plus the dudebro hustle cult of status signalling (I don’t need sleep!) and a cult of personality, all in one.

I guess they got the idea from Shillshare, the website with expensive youtube videos by cucky liberals you’ve never heard of, who are apparently famous in their field. E-celeb cancer mostly. Or originally from the rare people (not celebs) who actually have world tier skills and have a course to save time. Those are rare. Can you use it on your CV? If no, not a real course.

Shillshare is literally a pyramid scheme of signing up to encourage other people to sign up.

The finance guys will definitely get sued. Buy high they’ve been teaching, that’s easy to prove in court. Hundreds of videos in evidence. This pushes up the value of their own investment. Do they mention this? No. Greater fool theory is not acumen.

The only thing worse are the cult forums where they’re like a hivemind of negativity claiming to be blackpill. The SJWs do it, as do MRAs (fake MGTOWs, chasing after random women to harass them*). Some other groups like vegans and eco-warriors have similar gaslighting but not personal life-ruining.

“What did you spend your youth doing anon?”

“Bitching on a forum about men/women/vitamin B/the pandas”.

“….Oh. Worth it?”


It’s an excuse to be lazy and narcissistic (ruining the lives of others to soothe their own insecurity). Cluster B men do this.

Look at cult indicators, some forums are getting like that. How DARE you disagree with the charismatic leader! Drink the Kool Aid because you’re not some pussy conformist, are you? We have a monopoly on truth but religion is silly!

Blackpill is temporary pieces of confirmation about who the evil is (NWO), depressing people into sticking around and paying for your shitty courses is 1. mental/emotional abuse and 2. classic con artist.

Men can emotionally abuse other men.

Oddly, the manosphere forbids you from discussing that possibility.

If you really got a better life (rich bachelor or wife/kids, w/e), would they lose money by losing you?

If so, don’t listen to them. It’s a poison apple.

*A 14yo on youtube is not your ex-wife. Verbally abusing other women as a stand-in is classic Cluster B splitting.

Graham Stephan – Aaron Clarey reader/ripoff?

First thing ya gotta know about me. I cannot stand ripoff merchants.

Listen to this ‘explanation’ in full.

I – I – me – me. Credit thief.

Graham (Shekels) Stephan: “I highly recommend everyone do… What I call house hacking-” (12:10-45)

Do you, Graham? DO YOU.

Now read this, after watching that whole part of the video (10:36 on).

All this advice of “his” on his ‘channel’ is eerily similar…
From Bachelor Pad Economics, page number retained.
Check up on me.

“Guys this is all my idea mine mine mine!”

But how dare people now ask him for advice on his advice channel about the economy.
What do you people think he is, an economist?

I knew he had a rat face, I just couldn’t place why. Bad bone structure, lower IQ (but cunning), it’s a pretty solid connection. Credit thieves typically have that weaselly look. Look at the shoulders, a random soy doesn’t stumble across this info.

I could have done a massive post like this cross-referencing all the times I’ve seen over the years that Shekels Stephan has ripped off our favourite actual Jew Clarey but 1. nobody would read it and 2. I abhor formatting.
“When mastered, house hacking can save you thousands of dollars in monthly expenses, build tens of thousands of dollars in equity each year, and provide the financial means to retire early. In fact, the average house hacker can turn a single-family home or small multifamily property into a cash-flowing investment.”

I’ve never heard a shred of credible financial advice from Graham’s showy corner of the internet, that I didn’t first read many moons ago by Clarey, an actual economist (and former teech-eeeer).
In the screencap was Graham’s whole plan, which he steals full credit for. Funny how a kid would happen to know as much as a man one generation older with a totally different training skillset, including years in banking – when little Graham was still growing pubes.

How does Graham know all the things he ‘knows’? He never says. How convenient.

In these unusual times, he has no advice (see the pinned comment)

A note for everyone: It’s become evident that a lot of you want me to address what’s going on with the markets. I totally get it, I find those topics extremely insightful to talk about, but I don’t want to make that the entire focus of my channel right now. I’ll absolutely make videos on that each week as things progress, but otherwise I believe in the buy and hold philosophy. As bad as things might get in the short term, eventually things will recover.

based on….?

eventually you dead so…?

Stay safe, double down on work, cut back on expenses, and invest long term. And smash the like button.

As you can see, he bizarrely goes dry as a nun’s vagina for advice (or basic OPINIONS) and flees like a coward from the millions asking him economic Qs because without a Clarey script to read from, he has no expertise or knowledge whatsoever.

How odd that his bounteous wisdom happens to dry up! There is nothing to pull from. If I were Clarey, I’d put out a trivial piece of fake info (or something a clickbait ad revenue thieving moron like Graham would misinterpret from his ignorance) to watch him humiliate himself and prove it conclusively. Maybe a new “recession-proof” plan?

Book Bachelor Pad… was published way before Graham set up his channel, before anybody asks. Years prior.

I can’t stand thieves.

The least he could do is plug Clarey’s retirement book, but maybe he’s planning on releasing his own “book” written all by “himself” (and Ctrl+C).

This explains his random rage video about staying single out of spite, he’s been reading the manosphere for years. The anti-family propaganda sank deep.

He’s been reading, and ripping off its authors. I’d sue. That’s ad revenue from Clarey’s copyright.

Video: Contrepreneur Formula

NLP doesn’t actually work, though. People notice the emphasis, especially Brits since most of our humour is based on it, plus repetition is viewed as an insult. If it works on anyone, that’d be certain, greedy Americans.

Think about it. If NLP worked, you could rob a bank with it. If the military were using it, maybe, but they’d be using it in combination with torture and trauma formation – and THAT’s the thing that works.

It’s literally selling morons on magic words aka SPELLS.

Those “magic books” about “personal magnetism” have been around for a century, you can find them archived. I have read them as a teen for kicks. There are even shitty “hypnosis” ones clearly aimed at getting some random Victorian dude laid. Most self-help just rips it off… and badly.

Hell, they sold them on “Law”* of Attraction aka the Wishing Well or Be Your Own Genie.

We wuz all fairy godmothers….  no homo…

It reminds me of PUAs who slag off teachers for only producing more teachers… when they’re selling “courses” on how to …eventually sell PUA courses. At least the teacher’s subjects actually exist.

Contrary to what he says, low IQ does fall for emotional appeals because they can’t be bothered to research the speaker (before or after the talk) and the con artists are dangerous because they socialise and blend with real business people, I’ve seen them round London at top hotels, like lampreys on the genuine successes. Go grey rock on them, this is why celebrities of all kinds MUST seem aloof too. The narcissists think they deserve to spend time with only “special” people, it’s the entitlement and use Scientology type cult tactics like “raise your hand” – an obedience tactic learned at school. It could be legitimate, with a gifted teacher, but their use is telling.

These people literally block the exits – that’s illegal?

*Whose law? God’s? What makes it a law? What’s the equation? How do other forces interact? Pseudo-intellectual crap. You have low IQ sociopaths targeting the other low IQ, so usually men on men. Both are quite vapid and certainly greedy but there’s no real airhead stereotype in culture for men so they never question themselves – or they’re portrayed as oddly quirky, lovable and successful (Dumb & Dumber).

All Hollywood awards are fake

Even the illusion of clothing choices.

(And I personally know many actors wear niche perfume, do you really think Depp wears Sauvage?)

When this link is down, it linked to “Adam Ruins Hollywood”.

PG-13 films contain softcore porn for children (Titanic) and nominees go to voters’ houses for more than a chat. Find films without sex scenes even in totally non-romantic genres. It’s hard (ahem) but that’s the normalisation of softcore pornography in films intended for children. Logically, you could take babies to watch Kate Winslet’s breasts and car seat deflowering, as long as an adult is present. Somehow, that’s worse.

Porn addiction – get ’em when they’re too young to know what sex is!

Link: Common trafficking tactics, job bait

Men and women are trafficked everyday.

There should be warning about this in schools.

Schools practically deliver them by saying things like ‘follow every opportunity!’ and ‘don’t upset the interviewer’!

There should be hierarchy in legitimate work, yes, but not a huge difference in the balance of power.

This isn’t master/slave.

That only encourages (currently Boomer) elders to abuse their position.

Men also become targets for sexual harassment, serial bullies etc.

Your boss isn’t your parent. Nagging is unacceptable.

Human slavery would be nigh impossible without “libertarians” talking about prostitution as a right (it isn’t, that’s a fundamentally dishonest* spin on what a right is**).

What they don’t mention is that many of them have mental problems (so much for consenting adults), drug problems (force/blackmail, memory issues) and in American brothels the hookers are locked in and cannot leave.

Yes, the average household dog has more freedom. There’s no such thing as prostitution, only slavery. It is institutionalized rape of white men, children and women.

“But if they want it…”

Stockholm Syndrome, no.

The amount of gaslighting alone, combined with drugs, means no human would be capable of thinking clearly.

Remember MKUltra, humans are malleable mentally.

*in bad faith

**As a ‘service’,  it involves the market and by that logic, there’s also a market for bestiality, necrophilia and pedophilia. Market doesn’t make right.

If you want to finger the true cause of American degeneracy, it’s “Israel is our greatest ally, let your daughter become a hooker” libertarianism.

Think that’s a non sequitur?

And who sells her the pharmaceuticals to do it?

Video: r-types in the wild

Someone please report the cunt at 4 minutes to the IRS?

Seriously, report all SJWs pulling these cons to the IRS.

You know those socialists don’t pay their “fair share”.

Isn’t begging illegal? Harassment? No? Fraud?

Plenty of female narcissists, rare sighting.

Female narcs are only about a fifth of the prevalence.

My favourite tactic is the

“I want it, this is great, you’re the best”

(You can’t have it)

“Fuck you, it’s shit and also you’ll die alone”



Persuasion for pussies.


The FULL idealization/devaluation cycle in under a minute!

A Boomer is still a Boomer

If it looks like a moral relativist, and walks like a moral relativist and talks like a moral relativist…. how can you trust any moralistic didactic pronouncement it comes out with?

Funnily enough, the same people who idolize him hate liberal arts majors,

I tried to warn them. I told them about Peterson numerous times and they called me the stupid one.

He blocked you off from other explanations of the same shit. When you only know one breakdown, you know nothing. To get that tier knowledge, ya gotta pay for it. Expensively.

“There is no such thing as truth-” then you switch off because they’re going to rim you financially for it.

It’s literally the levels of a cult. Secret, mysterious knowledge they can’t give you an overview of up front before you buy in.

“How much can we get out of them before they realize we don’t know?”


If there’s no truth, they are under no obligation to EVER, EVER provide it.

And they shouldn’t morally offer the impossible, should they?

The deceivers in my own group are also tossers. No free rides here.

If everything is a matter of interpretation (something Freudians are rightly insulted for) then all you’re doing is listening to an old man tell you boring stories from his life. Go to the local old folks’ home, at least get range! Peterson wasn’t in a war!

He has grown men treating Disney movies like the classics. Male IQ, god damn…

The attention span of a postage stamp. He references, like, five authors. That’s one per DECADE.

Here’s my own boring story as example.

I was at a bus stop. The bus was late, the State is unreliable. Nobody spoke on the bus, technology has made people cold, apparently. Someone dropped a gum wrapper. I didn’t tell them off, society is already full of trash. It was empty, like most young people. It had outlived its purpose, at least it had one. The shape is based on convenience but what is the convenience of needing something to chew, in evolutionary terms, when it’s repressed rage? When we’re stressed? Everyone hates life. We’re so smart. Stop chewing gum.

^That is what listening to a Peterson lecture is like.

Pay me. I’m a guru.