Demographics and social conservatism

Social liberalism = Cultural Marxism, for our purposes.

The great concern for society is whether economic and social progress is sustainable as the large number of people now in their 40s and 50s move towards retirement age, where, due to substantial increase in longevity, they will have to be sustained for decades by the numerically smaller generations that follow.

I believe the word you seek is Ponzi. There won’t be pensions for Gen Y. There is stirring discontent for funding Boomers, by the time we get to Gen X, it will be a dull roar. When we discover we shall have no such reward for a lifetime of servitude, we’ll vote out those supposed “entitlements”. Compounding the issue is the racial composition of the young. Mostly Muslim males. You think they’ll work? Let alone at the level of white men? You think they’ll work harder or be shamed into it because the society their parents moved to “needs them”? They have no loyalty to us. What about the inevitable war? Will they fight for the West? No, they’ll loot us and flee. And the demographic problem will be even worse. Plus they’ll be killing off the few white men left. Can we send the Cultural Marxists out there too as a peace offering? Make the best of a bad situation.

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add to this, white people becoming a racial minority will make us more conservative;

Surprise! Fear of losing their majority status actually makes Americans more conservative. At least, that’s the conclusion of a new study by two psychologists at Northwestern University investigating how white people react to the possibility of losing their majoritarian status. 


While researching for “On the Precipice of a ‘Majority-Minority’ America: Perceived Status Threat from the Racial Demographic Shift Affects White Americans’ Political Ideology,” psychologists Maureen A. Craig and Jennifer A. Richeson conducted four experiments to assess how people who identify as white reacted to racial demographic changes regarding three different population sets. The first study showed that making Californians aware of the shift in demographics led “politically unaffiliated white Americans to lean more toward the Republican party and express greater political conservatism.” The other experiments showed similar results.

If the effect holds moderately for Californians, imagine how strong it is for normal people.

In other words, when the majority — here the still-existing racial majority of “white” Americans — perceives, even if not statistically factual, that they have become the minority, their psychological response is fear and loathing. Fear at the prospect of having to actually consider one’s race as not inhabiting the dominant position; loathing for having to realize that they live in a multiracial world, and that they have effectively become “othered.”

The Overton Window naturally shifts to self-preservation. The genetics are dying (% compared to sum) and their (birthright) resources are being stolen, yes that’s the ticket.

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How many times must I repeat the cyclical nature of politics? It’s more apparent than economics. Boom and bust. Conservative liberty and prosperity and Leftist over-reaching and debt.

Pause to consider the non-white feeding frenzy over the slimming minority of remaining White Funds. Greedy little piggies around the Gub’mint trough. If that doesn’t jar them awake that these are not your countrymen, they are parasites who happen to live among you, then nothing will. A dwindling pool, overflowing with increasing demands upon it by people who refuse to curb the number of children they have. It won’t be pretty. There will come a crunch time and I don’t want to live in a vibrant area when that happens. House prices are a reflection of peaceable reality – white is alright. Low crime, better schools, even healthcare facilities. You want to be in one of those places, because the decline will include increasing crimes, some more justifiable than others (theft of food versus violent rape), and you don’t want to live somewhere with high levels and crucially low social trust to begin with.

Study: Political extremism is supported by an illusion of understanding

Click to access political_extremism.pdf

Cliff notes: everyone thinks their beliefs are consistent. If you ask them to reason through A-Z, you can pick apart their argument with less antagonism than just pointing out why they’re wrong, labelling them as wrong, from the opposite conclusion.

If you were in charge, how would you do it? Literally, exactly what would you do?

Again, Media Violence doesn’t cause Real Violence.

This includes books, music, games and even porn. In fact, porn access causes rape rates to plummet.
This has always been the consensus. The people who said otherwise were self-interested researchers and lying feminists. They kept lying and saying it was settled to stop scientific enquiry that would prove them wrong.

In fact, when you count all forms of interpersonal conflict, in relationships women are more aggressive than men.


Group membership can erode personal moral beliefs

study explained here;

“A group of people will often engage in actions that are contrary to the private moral standards of each individual in that group, sweeping otherwise decent individuals into ‘mobs’ that commit looting, vandalism, even physical brutality.”

Guess the sex of the person who did the study.

Guess whether it is was personal or professional.

“Once you start feeling attacked on behalf of your group, however arbitrary, it changes your psychology.”

But not yours, huh? Princeton grad? You’re immune to all effects.

“The subjects also saw their personalized moral statements mixed in with sentences about social media. Brain scans revealed that when subjects were playing for themselves, the medial prefrontal cortex lit up much more when they read the moral statements than the statements, consistent with previous findings. However, during the team competition, some people showed much lower medial prefrontal cortex activation when they saw the moral statements.”

Normal self-preservation.

“Those people also turned out to be much more likely to harm members of the competing group during a task performed after the game.”

Us v. them.

“”If you need to encode something with regard to the self and that ability is somehow undermined when you’re competing with a group -“

Somehow undermined?

Never been in a fight, huh?
Try getting someone in a bar fight standoff to contemplate philosophy, you dumb bitch.

“hopes to follow up on these findings to investigate what makes some people more likely to become “lost” in a group than others.”

Patronizing liberal cunt.

Hopefully she’ll never have to fight for her life. I don’t fancy her odds.

Hominid face shape may have evolved from fist fighting

PC science is wrong. Again.

“Carrier said his newly published research in Biological Reviews both “provides an alternative explanation for the evolution of the hominin face” but also “addresses the debate over whether or not our distant past was violent.”

“The debate over whether or not there is a dark side to human nature goes back to the French philosopher Rousseau who argued that before civilization humans were noble savages; that civilization actually corrupted humans and made us more violent. This idea remains strong in the social sciences and in recent decades has been supported by a handful of outspoken evolutionary biologists and anthropologists. Many other evolutionary biologists, however, find evidence that our distant past was not peaceful,” said Carrier.

“The hypothesis that our early ancestors were aggressive could be falsified if we found that the anatomical characters that distinguish us from other primates did not improve fighting ability. What our research has been showing is that many of the anatomical characters of great apes and our ancestors, the early hominins (such as bipedal posture, the proportions of our hands and the shape of our faces) do, in fact, improve fighting performance,” he said.

Morgan added the new study brings interesting elements to the ongoing conversation about the role of violence in evolution. “I think our science is sound and fills some longstanding gaps in the existing theories of why the musculoskeletal structures of our faces developed the way they did,” said Morgan.”

Liberal tears.