2016 for the Right


We’re called The Right for a reason.

2016: The year we finally responded to the culture war, and won.

I predicted last year that this one, would be the Big One.

Word is the finance thing is happening on a loop of ten, from 2008, meaning that next year, the incoming year, we’ll have the tremors before the avalanche. I hope it isn’t true, I’ve also seen predictions up to 2030, who knows?

I would say it’s the year normal people stopped trusting the MSM, thought for themselves and the year the Left lost its cool along with its social relevance (sticking up for ever-more niche minorities will lose you the common man). Now it’s pretty much a bunch of old guys grumpy round a table because they don’t get why the old words aren’t working anymore at shutting up anyone with data. It was a mirage, social power was all they had. Now, it’s barren rhetoric and empty emotional appeals.

Guardian thinks Tories are “New Right”


The Alt Right laughs darkly to itself.

amused smoking lol haha watching with anticipation

How dare the Opposition oppose us! How dare they attempt enact the policies democratically sanctioned in the highest voter turnout!

Let’s ask ourselves, we aren’t as biased as the People. 

Look around the world and everywhere you see the name of the “people” being used to insulate over-mighty states from dissent.

Like the EU?

If the judges had tried to overturn the referendum result, or parliament was threatening to keep us in the EU, you could at least excuse them.

They are. First it goes through Parliament despite already going through Parliament. Then after that second round it will probably go up to the Supreme Court, full of ex-Labour lackeys on a life peerage, then… guess where? Oh yes, the EUROPEAN COURTS. Please, Miss Merkel, can I have some more sovereignty?

You cannot say the same about the new demagogic right now in power. When checks and balances stand in its way, it wants to smash them in the name of “the people”. To escape the Europe of the present, it is reviving the language of the Europe of the past.

All democratically-elected bodies are demagogic.
They have what’s called a mandate. You couldn’t get one.
You wanted Fixed Term Parliaments, motherfuckers.
How dare we use words you disapprove of? Seriously?

Lestat laughter lol lmao haha IWTV film

Thought police? Certain ideas haz been banned?

The same linguistic trickery Cultural Marxism invented? How dare we play by the rules of your game, against you?

This is politics, not a milquetoast tea party.

Why do white people brag about being infertile?

Seriously, it’s so weird.

W.E.I.R.D. too. It’s like impotence is a status symbol?

How dare a person want the future to contain their genetic legacy, that’s so colonial. /sarc

I decided I haven’t ragged on the genuine white trash like these people in… a while so here goes, unabashed shitpost central.

… Are they seriously expecting congratulations?

This seems like a trend of competition when all their peers are being congratulated for conceiving.

If they’re jealous, they know what to do.

Kinda like BF/GF anniversaries, when the term means absolutely nothing (congratulated on being used and insufficient for commitment) to try and (fail to) compete with wedding anniversaries.

Next they’ll want a high-five after sex. Or internet feedback. Then again, there was a brief trend of after-sex selfies.


eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

This must seem so bizarre to any sane culture that isn’t suicidal/anti-natal.

On one hand I’m glad these idiots aren’t breeding but we shouldn’t be expected to reward them with attention – like babies. Many of them are actually infertile from all the STDs – player men don’t need a vasectomy (which can re-heal or leak and still get a woman pregnant, especially if he has sex a LOT) because pelvic inflammation is a common side effect of common infections among the promiscuous, from gonorrhea (now sex-positive culture has created the super variant too) to chlamydia. This has the effect of blocking the tubes in both men and women.

It’s like the recent finding that a man’s urethra also has a microbiome aka it isn’t sterile or empty. Well duh, how do you think they pass on STDs? Does it hop? Women’s STD side effects have only been studied so much because we carry children, but the manosphere doesn’t ask that science researches anything that might make them take responsibility or anything that might hurt their feelings, so while it might literally save their slutty fertility for when they mudshark Yellow Fever Edition before a brutal divorce once she has her precious mixed babies, a common pattern with those women, they refuse to admit there’s even a transmission issue, let alone giving a damn about low time preference issues. They just expect it’s easy to conceive when you’re older, fuck biology and mutation load.

When their children have health conditions, they’ll probably blame the woman.

That type of lovely individual.

Coldly, you don’t want the person, you want their genetic material.
Nobody wants sex. Nobody wants another person. We want babies and healthy ones at that. Anyone bragging about their hypersexuality better understand they can’t signal the false and countersignal the real without looking terrible.

Back to the original theme of weird white men (and a lot of very slutty women too, that tend to join in rather than mention it upfront) –

It’s so weird to see men brag about how impotent they are like “I’ve had seventeen girlfriends and never got them pregnant”.
Like, your body doesn’t crave the sex, it craves the babies. From a biological perspective you are a catastrophic failure. Hundreds to thousands of attempts and nothing to show. Genetically speaking, it’d be better if you were a virgin. The ancient emphasis on sex as virility and masculinity wasn’t based on the sex – it was based on the fertility. I’ve mentioned before that phrase they kept using “the embrace of a God is always fertile”. The cultures these fools look up to thought nothing of sex, it was all about the children and providing for the family, you know, classical masculinity? The Patriarch? You can’t be a Patriarch without children, I don’t care how much you claim to lift, preening Calhoun rat. Men are the physically protective sex (hence any man in MRA comments complaining about soldier deaths has marked himself as unfit, hence his constant failure with women, he cannot provide as a coward) and women are the physically generative sex (not the phallus, which produces nothing and the woman must still nurture the child for a few years and provide milk).Humans are the only species to use contraception to never conceive. Other animals do rarely use natural versions but only to prevent conception when it would be unwise e.g. dangerous to survival. Nature culled the ones who took the plant Pill to avoid parenthood. Nice one, Nature.

These people are moral retards, to borrow Vox Day’s phrase. They’re doing the unnatural equivalent of shooting themselves in the face. How ironic many claim to believe in evolution? LOL.

I can’t help but wonder if their own parents would’ve saved all that money and aborted them if they’d known these idiots would’ve been so inconsiderate as to brag about not only their excessive sexual appetites (never a mark of a great person, see all of human history), but their core seething hatred of humanity and its continuation?

Bragging about planned childlessness requires a deep self-loathing, as a behaviour it’s ideal for people who hate themselves but don’t want to kill themselves.

Everyone that ever became a parent did it with one expectation – to become grandparents.

I don’t think these people would even exist if their ancestors could see what would become of their line.

Sex isn’t a form of consumption yet it’s being treated exactly as that, people talk like it’s a Starbucks order and then they turn around and dare complain about the consequences. …Did you consent or not? You can’t complain about getting an STD when you barebacked it with a stranger in a club toilet. Sorry, no. When you consent to sex, you take on two risks: the risk of pregnancy (but it isn’t a disease) and the risk of catching an infection (and yes, if you consented to that physical contact you deserve to be ashamed for recklessness).

I won’t go into how emotionally damaged they are, there are studies about age at first sex and psychiatric conditions. Plenty of manwhorish men also reported dysfunction after their father walked out, it affects both sexes. Men sleep with far more women when they identify too much with their mother (stupidly called emotional incest) or when their father repeatedly cheated on their mother (and they try to normalize the humiliation at not being enough themselves). This is the reason they always spiral, get worse and burnout. Recovery is a myth.

I mention both these groups indulging in the same postmodern habit (I’m good enough to get sex, but too good to reproduce) because we have an odd case where it’s contaminating the right wing as well.
You’d expect this level of spite (i.e. not getting sterilized on purpose then acting like pregnancy was an ‘accident’ as an excuse to abort, repeatedly) from the Left but libertarians (mostly left socially) have carried this over into conservative circles.

Conserving what? It certainly isn’t dignity.

Their self-awareness fails on this, they don’t know what terrible mates they sound like and if there’s anything a woman will tell you, sexual reputations stick, for life. The majority of slander claims used to be brought by women (rarely men) accused of sleeping around before marriage, sexual reputation is the most salient in society, it affects your marriage prospects. Women acknowledge the sex-baby link and admit we generally want the babies, not the sex per se. A man bragging that he’s 1. a cheating risk, 2. an easy quitter, 3. probably infected, 4. probably infertile and 5. probably the type to murder his own children because he celebrates not conceiving (who does that?!) is not making himself more attractive. Even to other sluts, who might be eyeing him as a baby daddy.

You know it’s bad when the other sluts back off.

It’s part of pathological altruism to celebrate the death of your own family line (future potential). It suggests there is something wrong with reproduction, the most natural thing our species was designed for (by evolution or God). At the very least, they expose a hatred for the nuclear family and for this, the self-styled conservatives espousing this deserve to be shunned like the most ardent Democrat sex blogger.

(Nowadays, most sex blogs are run by men and fictional, post-SATC).

Such ‘jokes’ ring of self-hatred and not a small amount of Cultural Marxist brainwashing ( ug ug babies bad and smelly, family a millstone, woman shrew like on TV show, I will be strong independent sexual creature and make my mark on the world with memes and internet pacifiers, I’m so mature look at my haircut and my useless body).

Seriously, they are trash. In the trash-heap of humanity, they’re that crust of dried fluid at the bottom that the flies won’t touch. History will mark them as lower than Calhoun’s rats, an unnatural example of sexuality without humanity. They forget, they were children once and they owe their existence to their parents’ sacrifice and in hindsight, poorer decision. They feel entitled to their very cushioned existence and see no duties to family or country, but they’ll expect that country to pay out a free no-strings pension with other people’s kids. They’ll send other people’s kids off to die in pointless war and happily vote to screw over other people’s kids. Society requires you do certain things – for a reason. If you abstain by choice, you are outcast – for a reason. Not only do they waste space, air and other natural resources but they drag down the rest of us by requiring us to fund their lifestyle via taxation, when they already add to national debt that our children will be paying for. But we should pretend not to care? Enable it? Stay out of their bedroom?

Fuck that, if they make this a public topic, we have right of reply.

What about stay out of our wallets with your Pills, abortion money and STD tests?
What about you don’t get that support from the spoils of others (childrearing) when you scorned the practice as inferior to you?

I keep seeing signalling white people (including some with pathetic attempts to claim edgy Alt Right status despite obvious, happy conscience-less degeneracy) who hate everything that made them – including the fact they were made.

They don’t just hate themselves, which would be logical.
They hate everyone. You, me, their families, race, nations, societies. They don’t deserve the life they have, denied to so many others.

This is pathological. This is a cultural meme disease. This is not healthy.
People shouldn’t ever think like this, let alone its expression encouraged.
It’s dyscivic and anti-civilizational and those people cannot complain if they’re prematurely culled from the population by, say, famine. Hedons are a net drain on a society. Hey, what’s dying a few decades earlier? It isn’t as if they were gonna leave anything important behind. They can’t claim their life matters. Considering the number claiming to be atheist, when they’re dead, they will truly be gone. Self-cleansing from this earth. Good riddance. I wave a handkerchief in sarcasm at your departure, you won’t be missed – your own family will hate you your ingratitude. Karma and self-fulfilling prophecies are a bitch.

Side point: Atheists always want funerals? Why? I say throw them to hungry dogs. After all, not believing in the sanctity of humans as a species or religious rites, it’s what they would’ve wanted…

hm impressed jaqen nice ok

At least as puppy chow they get to live on as something people actually love?

I don’t mind that they’re hopeless, I don’t mind that they believe in nothing, I care they’re casually insulting the very people who will keep them in comfort in the retirement home, having been selfish their whole life, the beneficiary of other’s kindness when they’ll probably let their own parents/grandparents suffer. If you truly believed in nothing, you’d expect nothing in return.

Generally this trend annoyed me for a sex-based reason.

There’s bro culture (really Gangster Culture) telling men Don’t Reproduce (women are bitches) and it’s celebrated and somehow the female hasn’t picked up this anti-family streak (you can’t override a certain level of common sense). The women who wait until marriage to have children (better for the children, not a leech on society) but have them as early as possible (healthier, happier children, more time with parents) are waiting for the men to propose, so all the propagandists need to do is get to the dumbfuck men. And they have. By promising free sex. Nothing is free. Sex isn’t even a right (requiring another’s body). They’re meant to be the logical ones. They’re usually caught reading evolution and biology books. Why can’t they see this? Their bodies do not want sex, they crave sex as a means to reproduce. It’s a simple hormonal trigger to a glandular muscle mechanism. They’re fucking themselves.

They are so retarded they’re thinking exactly like a feminist (I can have all the sex I want – do you really want it though or simply believe after being told you wanted to be a slut from kindergarten up – and will never be burdened by evil children and families that will ruin my life). What life? One of the biggest regrets among the middle aged and elderly is never starting a family. It’s basically top of the list. Do you really think a few bottles at a club and false friends there for the good times were worth wasting their life on pointless shit until their credit card ran out and suddenly Pop Culture abandoned them, unable to milk any more currency from their debt-ridden carcasses?

We’re encouraged by short-term politicians to grow the economy now, not the next generation. We all know who will be replacing us on that front.

It’s so transparent once you look. Models are usually fired after conceiving, regardless of whether they keep their figure, and many of them look/are underage, so either infertile by size, low weight stopping their periods or being a literal child themselves. And this is pushed as sexy when men admit they don’t like the editorial look. Why is it pushed then?

Casually this bragging thing is getting out of hand. ‘Hook-up culture’ (threesome and orgy ‘culture’, like LGBT pozzing ‘culture’) is screwing up the participants who won’t be able to commit and pair bond, let alone have a family later. It’s like emotional sterilization. They’re being encouraged to see people as sex toys. We’re taking the worst lessons from society and these expectations were pilot tested among the gays, and we know how well they’re doing.

~cough HIV, cough domestic abuse, cough depression/suicide~

Yet women are forced to endure men bragging about much they love one thing completely oblivious to how they actually love another thing they claim to hate. This is like the male “Is butter a carb?” moment.

i don't even whatever

See, I am equally hard on white people. Perhaps harder.

No other race is encouraged to see anal as preferable to fertile sex (inb4 herp derp “it’s just better” guys who know logically it’s worse in every medical and objective way yet refuse to see homosexual man sex… as homosexual) and every time you see a threesome (portrayed as normal, like two ‘parents’ of the same sex because fuck Darwin) it’s always at least one white girl, usually two and usually portrayed as pushing for it more than the man. Hey, pre-fall Ancient Rome wants its decadent orgies back, we don’t even have the lead poisoning excuse.

This is going to be ruinous.

At risk of repeating myself, on the topic of illusory anal superiority, if you have a willing woman in front of you and you don’t go for the female orifice, you are gay. You are totally gay and merely denying it. It’s literally the same act as if you’re screwing a man and that aversion to the natural self-lubricating one is a key feature in the homosexual psyche, except you learned it in your formative years with porn abuse.
The reason women avoid men obsessed with anal, we don’t want an unexpected announcement of your boyfriend Hernando in 30 years after investing everything and giving 3 kids. Plus HIV and other vastly increased disease risks. Would they also brag about sores? Probably.

Reminder: women can still get pregnant from anal, it isn’t contraceptive. It’s called dripping. Any semen near or on the vulva can find its way home. Nature… finds a way.

Yet this type of trash to brag about their porn star impotence (yeah those guys also have HIV, sure that’s a coincidence) is also the kind to openly speak about how much anal they get, possibly going into detail about the physical sensations and positions involved, but if you mention how that’s basically like two men you hear “that’s disgusting, you’re disgusting”….

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies

From the people doing it.

The very reason I don’t pity them: stupid, arrogant – and deliberately nauseating casual acquaintances like the worst of boors. You don’t discuss politics because it hurts feelings, you don’t discuss sex because it’s sickening to look someone in the eye after that. Result?

Despite thinking it will make them more popular, I have news. Anecdotal, but conclusive for what it is.

They are always shunned. Even among liberals, there is TMI and OTT and PLEASE STOPs.

Perhaps not immediately, but slowly phased out for being disgusting, which might be acceptable, but causing others to picture it and die with the knowledge that Chad goes about 7 inches deep into a shit-bacteria infected over-stretched hole.

That level of No Personal Boundaries. Non-existent.

That detail was one of the mildest I have heard, I spared you others but I needed to convey the point. Without even seeing this guy, you instinctively recoiled.

If someone wants to know your sex life’s details, it’s probably because they want to have sex with you. If you want to tell them, it would be better to show them. Do not tell third parties, rule for life. It’s the adult equivalent of that toddler who brags about pooping. Actually these people probably brag about pubic hair and other bodily functions so scratch that as metaphor, they were exactly that kid.

The women, on the other hand, are the type to complain about trigger warnings, as they tell you about their sex life without asking if you want to hear first (and getting offended if you say No).


Hommes au ordures. 

Modern advertising = The opposite of this.

The Right Wing has finally forgotten that the natural, expected result of sex is pregnancy, NOT an orgasm. 

Neither sex needs an orgasm to become parents. Men release sperm before they complete and women push out any previous competition, neither are strictly necessary.

When a woman falls pregnant, that’s what’s supposed to happen, when you have sex.
Grown adults ‘forgetting’ 12yo biology, as an excuse to fuck up.

The definition of insanity, fucking for infertility.

Now go read your magazines about 53 Ways To Make Him Come and 4 Positions That Will Drive Her Wild.
I’m sure that was the intended purpose of your existence, to futiley, impotently pump into Nietzsche’s abyss until you shrivel up and die.

Video: Ideological Motives in politics

Ok, I’ll bite.


Conservatives don’t have a clear and positive goal, it’s all negative backpedaling on the defensive to no particular year, fearful avoidance and gritting the slippery slope (the Left denies exists except when they call it a ‘social trend’, sure, a fallacy…). Tradition is the bundle of behaviours that lead to a prosperous society, history is a good lesson and they’re classics to be tweaked according to utility. The concept of social harm, especially to the nuclear family, the most effective model of economic productivity of all time and totally natural, and the ripple effect of social damage throughout society in a costly way that must be picked up by the other, the taxpayer, to accommodate the reckless lifestyles they didn’t enjoy let alone choose (bailouts is the word). With true freedom of association and allowance of isolation (inc financial) from these adults, nobody would care, conservatives prize self-reliance and work ethic to the point of early cardiac death. Children need to be protected, more important as the future than adults, but the Left sees this as keeping them ignorant, instead of innocent. Conservatives think children will naturally ask questions when the time is right and forcing children to mature too early is abusive, psychologically distressing and overwhelming them with concerns they cannot mentally process (especially abusive if it’s someone else’s children). Equality of opportunity and hierarchy based on meritocracy. Don’t use logic correctly some of the time (e.g. weak analogy, everyone does this but conservatives are called stupid for being religious, using more logic would counter this) or rhetoric when required (let me counter your soundbite with percentages). Human nature is animal and law must work around this to protect us from the worst excesses of ourselves for the good of society. Low time preference pragmatism. Protecting the individual and their natural rights scales up to society, everyone has the same moral standard. People are different but we all have a role. Physical purity. Suffering makes you stronger. Everything is about the principle.


Liberals love globalism aka supranationalism but claim to hate capitalism while using it to screw over the little guy for power (e.g. look at what happened to black communities) and promise if you vote them in again, they might undo it. Social engineering because we know everything and better than nature arrogance. Public sector is magically more honest than private and Governments solve problems instead of causing them. Leftists want to ban things like conservatives because they know better, Maternalism, a very insidious form of gaslighting where they question your ability to make decisions if you make the ‘wrong’ one (conservatives think, hey, as long as they’re your individual consequences, whatever I don’t care). Equality of outcome and double standards based on historical grievances we’re never allowed to let go covering for innate differences. Nobody can fail, nobody can succeed (or they must have cheated because we all have the same potential) because without enforced parity there is envy and anger by the Have-Nots, regardless of cause. No solutions, but rentseeking and pointscoring. Human nature is good and we deserve luxury and enjoy pleasure without social harm, no such thing as sin because naturalistic fallacy. Ignorance of outcomes of indulgence or minimizing damage to maintain image. Protecting designated special groups (of voters) from the other groups (positive discrimination) makes society better (for the politicians playing Divide and Conquer). Hedonism in children is to be encouraged in the developing brain because childhood must be enjoyable, high time preference idealism. Emotion as reason. Bad people can be reformed so the good of society involves helping the bad and blaming the good, because nobody is bad without a reason, right? Who’s the real victim? It must be someone else’s fault, we’re all responsible for one another. Emotional catharsis (purged purity). Everything is about the popularity
Libertarians, r-types who can do math, are young bachelors. It’s the ideology for the island. They want to be and stay atomised. They want nobody to limit them, in quite a selfish way because they expect certain structural supports to back them up if their ‘liberty’ efforts fail (support network built by others). They still expect a pension despite paying in insufficient taxes, for example. There is rampant entitlement because they don’t get that small Government does very little, in fact. Moral purity (I owe no one anything nor they me). Everything is about money.

SJWs want us to be equal in misery and poverty down the lowest common denominator, death to the West. They feel guilty for existing (see TC article New Church Ladies) and wish to spread the cultish notion of Original Sin via biased social contracts that promise nothing and expect everything. Invasion of heathen spaces isn’t entryism, it’s bringing the security of the faith to others, if they know what’s good for them (or else we’ll kill them, all but literally atm). Invisible unfalsifiable systems are keeping them down, conspiracy theories always without Jews for some reason, and the Devil is everywhere. Witch hunts (monstering mobs) are acceptable because we can’t expect to live and feel safe in our ideological purity around Those People, but don’t you dare exclude that man from the girl’s bathroom! The adult has more rights than the children. This is totally different from coloured fountains apparently. Proof of harm must be fake/exaggerated/all your fault (gaslighting). No rich people, no happiness privilege because sadness and self-pity still exists. Anti-majority and anti-democratic. Emotion above fact, fact as relative, narrative above pragmatism, rights without responsibility (infantile). Government as parent. Virtue signalling to be popular when they have nothing but words to offer and claim victimhood rewards like a Mary Sue, suffering makes one special and weaker (even criminals lose agency magically in a stunning display of learned helplessness). Spiritual purity (I am a good person) confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Everything is about me, in every way.
Avoiding personal discomfort but making out it’s for the benefit of others (dishonest collectivism). Experience (being alive) as expertise (over whom?) mentioned for attention. Degeneracy is living life to the full and leaving a beautiful corpse levels of solipsism.
Reading into everything to find something objectionable, they aren’t offended, they are outraged. Offended people shut the hell up and usually remove themselves from the situation, outraged people become loud and involved. There are good reasons to be outraged e.g. reasonable expectations, but they almost never have those or expect telepathy.

Slightly OT:

The worst faith is bad faith.
Patreon is Communist. Try to deny it. Market demands….begging….celebritized opinions as intellectual labour…
The funniest fucking thing is watching a libertarian ***strong independent*** male beg for ‘donations’ like Patreon. Are you a corporate person? Are you a charity case? Oh, but bitch about self-proclaimed victims, yeah…
Victims require criminals, one agency suppressing another. No criminal? No crime, no victim.

Note: Youtube makes more off your labour than you, but they don’t own means of production. WTF are you all doing. Band together. Start your own site, with the same damn channels. Like the Communists who say being a CEO is easy and you get rich, why not become a CEO then? A good one?
If you can’t make a living off it, it isn’t a job, it’s a hobby.

#mic drop#

Totally OT and unladylike, you’ll see why:

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen one or two Youtubers (not T, he’s great and has no idea who I am), actually rip off my topics and worse, opinions for paid videos of theirs. No credit. Intellectually dishonest compulsive masturbators. Yeah, I know it’s you, bitches and I know you’re reading this. I know you’ll rip off this post at some point too, it’s bait. Full of juicy material, isn’t it? My opinions are uniquely informed and too damn obscure so don’t even pretend you just happened to come to the exact same conclusion within one or two weeks minimum of my posting, for plausible deniability. The first time it was a coincidence. This is like, the fiftieth fucking time. Credit me you cuckadoodledoo motherfuckers.

Download a brain and think for yourselves. Topics maybe OK, as for opinions, get your own! Your Patreon supporters are paying for it! Or maybe download some principles, you rabbity fuckwits.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

They call themselves philosophers, dear readers. You might know from that alone who it is. (Clue: not Molly, a real philospher and intellectually honest for the most part).
You goys are the ‘degenerate’ capitalist ‘whores’ you complain about. Smug smirking little shits are exposed eventually and nobody is going to bail your untalented asses out.


Male intelligence supremacists beaten by a girl. #irony

Link: The Rabbit immigration strategy is to import Muslims to kill Conservatives


There is no reason that this psychological urge to import dangerous foreigners could be advantageous in a state of nature, unless there is a second act in which the r-strategist’s competition pays some price that the r-strategist can avoid. That price comes in the civil war this will eventually produce, which the r-strategist will hide from. Marines, soldiers, cops, and K-strategist citizens will all be killed by the thousands. Imagine you are an alien observing Woody Allen as he imports these foreigners pre 9/11, and then watches as the firefighters and cops run into the Twin Towers. Woody Allen is navel lint compared to a firefighter or cop, but all of a sudden all the firefighters and cops are dead, Woody Allen is all that is left, and his genes move forward – and he doesn’t even need to marry a stepdaughter.

This is instinctual, treasonous, and evil, all wrapped into one. It is amazing to me that in the throes of r-selection, our kind is almost totally blind to the rabbits executing this plan right under our noses. How many good men need to die, before we recognize this for what it is?

I’ve been saying this for a while, I’m flattered he agrees.
It’s treason, they are inviting local terrorism and death. Here in the UK, Tony Blair revoked the death penalty for treason – right before going to war with Iraq. They know exactly what they’re doing, so when this happens.

There will definitely be a backlash. The question is will the rabbits switch to the K-side, and claim to have learned their lesson.

ah cannot wait to go rabbit hunting

When the time comes, focus on the cause (who made this happen), over the symptom (obvious red herring) if there is a choice.
Ask: Who did this to you?

Our response to the various excuses should be apathy.

you know what this is

r/K mindsets in psychology – liberals more WEIRD than conservatives


Naturally they’re cliche, they must be mainstream and inoffensive or they get kicked out.

Five years and thousands of participants later, we just published the findings in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

We found that American liberals think even WEIRDer, even more unlike the rest of the world, than the average American conservative.

Yes, neolibs are in fact, the closed-minded, stupid bigots.

evil smirk cheeky cavill

It’s a cult.

True sarcastic comment from an r-type;

Haidt uses the second half of The Righteous Mind to explicate a bloated theory that liberals concern themselves with only two of these moral foundations, care and fairness, whereas conservatives are concerned with all five. Haidt sees this so-called difference in moral emphasis as the reason conservative arguments resonate so emotionally with the electorate.

The data showed that, yes. That’s why he said it. When you have enough data to write a book I’ll give a damn what you think.

Video: The Genetics of Politics: Liberals v. Conservatives | Gene Wars

Part 1 Introductory video here.

First half of it is non-human species and the second half focuses more on human breeding cycles.

Part 2 (this post) delves into brain maturation, structures with a focus on the limbic system and so on.
If you’re familiar with Anonymous Conservative it draws heavily on his stellar work.