The old are leeching from the young

Households headed by older adults have made dramatic gains relative to those headed by younger adults in their economic well-being over the past quarter of a century, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of a wide array of government data.

The graphs are great too.

Better than words.

If you prefer comic form, this expresses a similar sentiment.

Automation is the Joker in the market deck

The Socialist Student body that votes in these policies will be the first to suffer. And since most occupational power is made in the 20-35 bracket, they will suffer the rest of their lives for that folly.

The Bible made a slight error, it seems. It isn’t the meek who inherit the Earth. It is the geek.

Video: We are in stagflation

Your money is worth less, because of debt. Government, corporate and personal.
Prices are going up (RRP) but the intrinsic value (production) is the same or lesser (growth stagnation).

Who’ll tell the anti-austerity marchers that Gov spending is at a record high?

article here

“When interviewed by the Russians, Owen Jones wisely spoke about other things: the Living Wage, housing problems and cost of living, which is related to inflation, wages (and productivity) rather than government cuts. Jones speaks about flexible (or ‘zero hours’) contracts, but knows he can’t complain about unemployment which is dropping like a stone. And to his credit, he also mentioned he’s protesting against repression in Russia.

I suspect he knows that his fellow marchers have got their sums wrong, or perhaps that multi-millionaire types like Russell Brand never much cared about sums in the first place. Britain does have several economic problems, but austerity just isn’t one of them.”

Interview referenced;

Self-selecting stupidity: If they understood the economy, they wouldn’t be there.

Most of my generation and I am so so very sorry