Paper: Methods and Assumptions of Research in Behavioral Genetics

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Mendelian is…. outdated. Dominant/recessive doesn’t work on the level of behavioural traits we observe, for the same reason there isn’t a “gene for X” as the papers declare, the interactions alone require a great deal of processing power and the outcomes will become clear over the coming decades.
But the gist in this is good.

Criminals are genetically predisposed but triggered

Doesn’t mention which groups. I wonder why.

“The study is the first in a series that will examine contributions of genetic and environmental variations to . Published in Psychiatric Genetics, this study examines the role of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), which has been linked to aggression, violence, and various types of childhood adversity in prior research. The study found MAOA genotype interacted with childhood adversity to predict self-reported criminal behavior and arrest rates for both property and .

“These findings indicate that gene-by-environment interactions are important for understanding variation in crime amongst populations with high base rates of criminal activity,” said Todd Armstrong, principal investigator of the study.”

Why do I have a feeling Psychiatric Genetics is going to become a bigger publication over time…?