R-types using the word cuck are my fetish

The eternal ‘r’…
If they can’t fuck it, they don’t understand its function. They’re desperate animals.
I once heard of a man: “he would fuck a tortoise if he could hold it still long enough.”
A gay guy said this. You know it’s bad when a homosexual thinks you’re fucking around too much.
These ‘unhappy family‘ posts are trying really hard to sell the bachelor lifestyle of loneliness, which just so happens to reduce the birth rate and to leave many single, desperate women.
Don’t breed goyim.
Family will make you miserable.
Do not look at the pro-natal Israeli policies.

Video: not an argument

People miss how beautiful that expression is. However, in specific cases, they should be able to break it down precisely why or they themselves have no reply, no argument, simply an assertion.
You have no requirement to answer a non-question, it’s a habit of socializing that we speak upon the completion of a sentence, it doesn’t require that sentence have merit. The Burden of Proof rests on the initial speaker, still.

Yet it can’t be used to outright deny or dismiss without having a specific reason why.

Meanwhile, the only way to effectively deal with r-types, ignore them, however loudly they scream.

See Best Post.

You only protect your own, but they have made it clear they are against you. Don’t lift a finger.
They say strength is bad until they want you to use it on their behalf.

Hey, if they’re so strong without their weapons, if their arguments have the same calibre as a bullet, go right on ahead and let them stand independently, you oppressive shitlord, and die that way if necessary. It’s what they would’ve wanted.

If evil imports evil, what is there to save?

Yourself, is the answer to that question.

Self-interest is rational. Pathological altruism is insanity.
You help those who would help you, the other side of the golden rule. Darwin’s rules. Sacrifice for people who would sacrifice you is patriotism dialed up to the incredible level of a cartoon character.

I swear most of Molly’s job is talking down the autistic from their pedestal of self-righteous stupidity.
If anyone deserves the Rasputin treatment, it’s a terrorist. Thankfully, your taxes go to pay people with guns already. The Parliament attacker guy? Shot, if memory serves, by a white guy with glasses. In a country that stupidly restricted guns. Even we don’t need you, Gun Bro. If the State can’t do the basic thing of shooting the bad guys for us…

I’ve never, ever heard of a liberal defending a conservative from any attack, ever.
They are not like you. They do not like you. Partially because you would defend them, implicitly stating they’re too weak to do it themselves. If you respect them as adults, leave them be. Let them live (and die) free. You are not their precious State, you have no duty to them, you are not getting paid, that is not your job ~z-snap~. You can’t play hero to two villains. They have engineered this setup on purpose. By importing violent left-wingers, they get the distraction to sneak off (reward of cowardice: survival) and the claim to victory (reward of victory). They literally do not lose.

If they don’t value their own safety, why should you?
America is too diverse to be united. You have the Diverse States of America.

He’s wrong about signalling (thinking) as a sign of tribe. Anyone can signal, its value is nil. How many of those diverse callers would help him, if he needed it? The odds are against, aren’t they? There are plenty of r-types signalling K as the idea spreads to new groups and creeps into mainstream awareness. The other day I heard a random cafe-owner say, “I want to protect this country, I’m like a wolf.” R-types invade by signalling. It’s a social invasion, they’re the fifth column, the barbarians sacking Rome from the inside, a swarm of locusts crying out as they hit you. History has taught us the hard way that ideological unity comes from genetic homogeneity.
The culture war is one of ideas. The weapon is a meme. A tiny little piece of information, a snippet of truth.

Signallers are, more often than not, liars.

They signal whatever ‘virtue’ is powerful, hoping for scraps from that table.

They are the begging dogs of society, asking you to hunt for them. It’s like every time Roosh calls for “someone! do something!” and his little internet boyfriends scurry to rescue the damsel and White Knights whatever he asks for. What are you, his wife? At least “think of the children!” defends the helpless. Adults have no business defending other adults. They rise and fall on their own merit, raised or dashed on their own petard.
K-society says: They do it themselves or it doesn’t get done.
R-society? It’s very espionage, ultra deceptive.
They offer you friendship while holding a knife in their other hand. They extend an olive branch first because it’s less effort, not because they like you or believe in the healing power of metaphor. There is a bargain they author, that you never asked for, and if you don’t like it, the carrot, they’ll ‘offer’ the stick. This is called a con. Con artists rely on confidence and trust. Virtue signallers rely on confidence and trust…

They want control over you, that is their power, to wiggle you like a little puppet.

In a victim culture, they are the biggest victims. In a K-shift, they are magically K-leaning.
Occam says: It’s all a lie.

I warned you, years ago. I knew these interlopers would pop up like fleas.
They don’t mind you dancing the right-wing jig as long as it’s to their exact tune.

Guess which is which.

If your friends are your enemies, you’ll never succeed. How to test?

A k-type invented the expression: actions speak louder than words. Until I see you sacrifice for this tribe, it owes nothing to you. If all you have are words, speak to the birds.

Just because someone is smoke-signalling your tribe doesn’t mean they’re on your side. Indeed, this makes it less likely, a friend doesn’t feel the need to keep reminding you they’re not a foe, not a threat, like they’re anticipating something…


The incongruence should ping to you. What’s in it for you?

In the super-complex theories of strategy, this is called A Trap. It’s a primitive form of distraction by claiming Ally while wearing the coat of your enemy to cuckold him for whatever reason before attacking when factors are on your side and you can turn your coat back and show your true colours. This is the problem with games like chess, where the colours never change sides because they were bribed or got bored. You never get betrayed in chess because the enemy never falters and it’s all very polite and open, two equal lines fairly opposing one another with Queensberry rules. That was 2nd generation warfare, we’re on four. Then again, maybe it’s a commentary on the reality that a leopard can’t change its spots. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

“Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.”
They don’t fully quote it for some strange reason. The Bible is actually very witty.

Ask – why do they want your trust? Why aren’t they doing literally anything else? What’s their game? 

It’s a great way to buy time when you know you’d lose in a fair fight.

aka cheating

If this was the 15th century, a ship running up your flag is probably pirates.

And they won’t kill you with rum.


Back to terrorism. All the way back, centuries and centuries and centuries, like the ideas.

Self-proclaimed liberals have a lot in common with the mythological ‘moderate Muslim’; that is to say, they will claim to be loving and giving until they have power and numbers to be the opposite of those things.

The ‘American Indian’ only gave with the expectation of receiving more in future.

A liberal is a dictator waiting to happen. Biding their time until everyone else has disarmed and made nice.
They know exactly what they are doing. That is what guys like these do not get. Everyone else is slowly waking up. We make memes.

“So if I’m understanding Stefan’s argument correctly it is: “While you certainly have the right to defend yourself, you have zero obligation to defend anyone else against a threat.” Is that the argument you are taking issue with? If so, what is your counterargument? If there is an obligation to defend others where does it come from?”
They want all conservatives to rush to protect them, like the police. While we are occupied, they survive and screw over the next batch of rueful idiots. The type who, at the Gates of Saint Peter, would claim the moral victory is more important.
The self-styled ‘liberals’ scoff at loyalty to children, nuclear family and country… until it comes to discussions of noblesse oblige (without class???), pensions, the social contract and human rights (without property rights). Then it’s all about universalism, collectivism and helping those who can’t/won’t help themselves. They are morally relative, liberal with logic ….wrong, in bad faith (100% deliberate). What they say is usually ‘not an argument’ because it comes from a hypocrite (no-proof), a deceiver (valid use, not ad hominem) and they argue it from bad faith, really pushing something else entirely under the radar.

They are loyal to their own body, especially the neck. They don’t want to save the pandas, they want to save their own skin.

In common speech here, they’re ‘trying it on’ i.e. they know they’re lying to get what they want and disappear when their half comes due, but they’re hoping you don’t know that.

All their virtue signals are overt pleas to get, without giving. 

Argument and clause. Devil and detail. Plan and plot.

Essentially it’s;
and that, my friends, is why we mock them.
See: Why mockery?

It is also why you shouldn’t trust ambassadors. 300 was right.

That diverse cast of people calling into Molyneux are attempting to appease him while he gains power (they smell a whiff and cannot yet crush him) and then to advise him to his destruction once he has gained it (and after they have gained his trust). That is what high-IQ r-types DO. The toxic friends of the world. The fairweather traitors and degenerate preachers.

Clinically, they have many names. Sociopath tops the list.

Question a normal person: #crickets

Question a sociopath: you are (lie), (lie) and (lie), evil person! Appease me! Account for your sin!

They’ve found a scapegoat to slaughter.

Sociopaths especially detest those who describe their tactics to the masses for protection.

You can’t defame the truth, though, can you?

The male c-word: CUCK

I’ve been waiting to do this post for a while. Biding my time. OK, let’s go.Even better, give them a pitying look and smirk no matter what they say.

Heavy on meme. Short on brain.



It isn’t the fetish. It refers to a brand of traitorous self-proclaimed conservatives that don’t even talk the talk. A milquetoast inefficiency born of fear of disapproval. An ideological traitor but fence-sitter and desperate people-pleaser. They will betray their ingroup to please the outgroup that will never accept them, and they know this.

A peculiar kind of betrayal charaterised by ingroup loathing, as opposed to self-loathing. In fact, all they care for is reputation, being densely narcissistic.

Cuckservatism: Seeking approval from other (usually liberal) men like they’re your wife.

Example? Exhibit A:



Yes, that’s the reason. Some of you may remember my use of this meme.

It has nothing to do with the paraphilia, it’s the sound a chicken makes.

It’s the male c-word because it attacks the inconsolable male weakness: cowardice.
This is intentional. It precisely targets their masculinity, since they push androgyny.
It points out their non-traditional sexual practices, for mockery. As manwhores.
This is intentional.
Obviously I knew this but I question how many others do?
Technically, the first man I called a cuck was Roosh. I don’t think he got it.

It’s psyops. It attacks their lifestyle.

By comparison, ‘cunt’ attacks the source of femininity and female power. It doesn’t really work unless you hate women. What’s so bad about having one? Men go into debt to rent one.
Everyone hates a skeeze and a traitor. They don’t care for truth but for selfish profit. They signal altruism but sell your future down the river, counting your shekels.


cuckecheese cuckfb cuckglenn cuckhappen

It relies on a tropism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_faith#Psychology

“While self-deception may be a tropism, not consciously done, it may be guided by “projects” one may set for one’s life, such as a desire for personal pleasure, wealth, power, or to get into heaven”

cuckles cuckonme

‘a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’


We’ve been cucking for political parties for years, I simply pointed it out.
Fetish secondary definition: Voting for them while they screw us.

cucktales cucktrump everyoneisacuck




To be perfectly frank, I’m surprised it spread this far.
I just thought the chicken anime thing was funny.

I suppose it demonstrates the finer principles of ‘why mockery?’ I discussed.
The truth won’t get a cuck’s attention. All they care about is reputation. Tell the truth about that, and he’ll listen to you. We keep using insults in circulation because they work.

I never thought pigs were the appropriate metaphor for bad men. Chickens.
Bland and annoying.

Well, there we are.


Bonus question: in the original yodel video, it sounds like he’s saying another meme.
Which one could it be?


I recently became a meme so I’m trying to restore my meme karma.

EU-cucks hate their own families too


I bet he’ll double down and keep on cucking.

And normies wonder why these people sicken me.

I knew it I'm surrounded by assholes

Mundane people are saying well done police, like we’re going to see more charges.

No. Don’t you see?
They only found this one because she’s the daughter of someone important.
To the machine.
That covers up rape and murder etc.


Every European is important, every victim, especially in their homeland.

I wonder how many rape kits have gone missing. On barenakedislam I was reading about one Muslim who raped his dog to death and then kept raping its corpse. Those people are hardly human, are they?
While America is bitching about comedy, pay attention overseas.
This would’ve been your tomorrow under Hillary.

One Jew out, bitching in

It’s a funny old world. The Liberals (Lib Dems) are celebrating booting a Jew out of office (and a Goldsmith at that) while refusing to understand what citizenship is (undivided loyalty).

non-British citizens who have made the UK their home, has told the home secretary it would take the Home Office 47 years to process applications from EU citizens for permanent residency (PR).”

non-British, non-citizen of Britain
the linguistic trickery of CM is very real
when you have a home to go back to, it’s called a vacation
made – sounds like right of conquest to me
if it would take 47 years, surely that is a reason alone to deport them, since they can’t have been let in to any standard?
nope, they seem to believe the emotional appeal is the way they’ll remain, because IQ isn’t real but their SAT scores are legit

give us, today, guarantees that all EU citizens living legally in the UK will be able to exercise their right to remain before the UK leaves the EU.”


You are nothing to us. We owe you nothing. This is not your home.
Gimmedats are the reason people hate you. Whose pocket pays for you?

What is ‘legally’ too.
If your application hasn’t been processed, as you just admitted, you are not fully legal.
What right to remain.
If I go to Donald Trump’s house and sit in his living room, do I have a right to remain? No?
The UK has never joined the EU, we joined the EEC.
What do they think Brexit was about? Having anchor babies won’t keep you safe, they’ll get deported with you.
Or sold to a Tory pedophile ring. (I hate to slam the Tories since it’s popular but these are 80s Tories)

“I travel about 20 times a year and I have been here for 18 years. It is ridiculous.”

Why are you still here? You aren’t even really here then, are you?

“If the government requires all non-Britons to join the non-EU immigrants in the permanent residency queue, up to 1 million could face deportation the day the UK leaves the EU.”

Didn’t they say that’s never going to happen? Isn’t there a legal case?

“The Home Office said there had been “no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK as a result of the referendum””

They’ll regret that.
What do they think the vote was about? Local competition.

“As such there is no requirement to register for documentation to confirm their status,” a spokesperson said.”

That was clever.
In legalese, requirement is tricksy.
It isn’t a requirement you breathe to live, but it’s advisable.
It is advisable to fill in the paperwork and get in the queue. Brits love our queues.

As such, to confirm their status for welfare purposes, the Lefty would also complain we’re registering them a la Final Solution. Hey, you built a surveillance state with Labour, we just inherited it.

They have some other article with a smiling white blonde woman saying how she feels “betrayed” by the Brexit vote. Why? We aren’t your people. You have somewhere to run when this goes ‘tits up’. We owe you sweet FA. If this were Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, you’d get nothing.
What should they be concerned about?
We all smell a red herring.

There won’t be an EU to get back to.
They know this, deep down.
The people aren’t putting up with it anymore. No more cultural cuckoldry.
The brainwashing train is stronger than ever.



I like Goldsmith, he’s an alright bloke. Based AF.

Also, as far as kebab is concerned, we did it first and better. Spitroast hog is the superior flesh on a skewer and our cultural tradition.


Cuck: People who voted me out a “tyranny of majority”

This is so Orwell.

You have a guy handed the Tory leadership by a woman* and who let victory slip through his fingers – and Tony Motherfucker Blair on your team.


Americans, you wanna know what John Major is known for?

He’s like a bland version of Clinton.

While preaching family values for the conservative party, he was balls-deep in adultery with a woman called Edwina Currie. Look them up and picture it if you want a permanent cure for premature ejaculation, you’ll never come again.

He is the original cuck for Labour, handing us New Labour with Blair and his ‘rubbing the right’s nose in diversity’ mass immigration policy, with the traitor himself who took treason off the list of grave punishments and nobody questioned it.

Even Guardian readers must be sniffing some of their own bullshit at this point.

*Proof that there are competent women and incompetent men.

Btw, Blair wants back into politics. Have we not suffered enough???

Why Trump won, explained by a Leftist

A white guy is still telling you what to do, morons.
Cultural Marxist blasphemy code. However, the Left hasn’t debated anything since it took over academia. At this stage, they’re incapable of it, which you could blame on student-body sum IQ or teaching standards, it’s a spiral.

See, most of them are like this. Most of them are fully aware of what they stand for (“I would rather vote for Lucifer!”) and what they do and they are self-aware as well as self-loathing. They are destroying themselves but taking you down with them.

Why is the self-aware r-type suddenly discussing tactics? Loss after loss, they spot a pattern.

I love how they’re outing themselves nowadays, so convinced they’re on the right side of history…

2017 will be even better, I promise you.

“Being offended doesn’t work anymore.”

trans. Words don’t hurt them! Why don’t words hurt them?! Change the words!

Why is the Right suddenly winning, now it’s finally fighting back after decades of irrelevance? It isn’t playing nice. It isn’t ignoring identity for ideology. The two are the same, look at voter patterns.

To replace the culturally relevant, you replace their social circles, creating alternatives, and you replace their art.
We have the internet. We have the memes. We are unstoppable.

It’s like the new Anonymous, you can’t kill a Hydra by lopping off one head at a time and they’re slowly coming to the conclusion that they rested on their laurels. They keep trying to find a leader to blame. That’s old media tactics. It has no relevance to this battlefield. Tested by GG, these tactics beat the SJW. Formalized in SJWAL, they beat the whole regressive structure, the facade built up over decades slowly and sneakily. The West is waking up. Like a parent coming home to a trashed house, they’re pretty pissed.
Personally, I can’t wait until the Chinese knock out their White quislings. The expression on the cucky faces… they think non-whites are incapable of betraying them, you see. They think they, as white men, can always control and keep the others in line… The Red Dragon rises and Trump might shift Putin to us over them, West over East. He is the Kingmaker and we have Christianity in common, as well as, you know, genetics, which helps. China is getting desperate and has a lot of gold. A grasp for power, openly in the West, before it fully comes to its senses would be logical.
Ad hominem means you lose. They’re learning this the hard way. They sided with the over-sensitive, the low IQ and the lazy. Naturally, this was fated to be their outcome, it simply came sooner as a result of meme magic and internet shitposting. It’s almost like people who spend most of their time crying on the internet about the scary world outside don’t represent the average voter. You know, who does not, in fact, live in their parents’ basement?
Something I’ve noticed with the cucks – when the straight white men crack, they all crack. When they eventually kick out those guys because no words will account for their sin of Whiteness anymore, they’d better have enough Asian men [(((IQ)))] to replace them or it’s game over. The white and ‘white’ and whatever men have kept that boat from sinking with their competence and classic education despite the endless flow of refugees threatening to capsize it like the door after the Titanic, if we’re sticking with economic metaphor.
“Persuade people of your argument, it’s so easy-“
This is going to be fun.
I’m not going to say why. It just is.

I wonder when the sex will stop. The sex tap controlling them. The rice-chasers, as I saw VD call them, might not think so highly of the people calling for their elimination from power and the planet when the sexual conditioning and neurochemical appeasement of endorphin squirts wears off. Nobody really considers this and I hate pointing it out. However, it is a primary motivation in men and salient to concerns. There is predictive value in it.

I do wonder if the Asian women will go back to their men as they gain power in the West. I think so, generally. Being collectivist in gene and belief, they’ll go where the power is. What to do with their spurned lovers…

Update: in a word, they’re closed-minded. We aren’t even listening to them anymore. They are so used to the media babying them like this character ‘parodies’, they always expected we’d sit down, shut up, listen and believe. As it is, the people currently listening are doing it for the lolz, we rational folk stopped respecting their opinion right around the time they argued sex chromosomes aren’t real. What’s next, roll back germ theory because it influences sexuality? They are this deluded, they think their world, their social bubble, is greater than reality. That’s what we call coddled. Mollycoddled. I’m starting to think the entire liberal complex is rooted in imposter syndrome. Why else support the people who keep losing, if they don’t secretly think it would include them? It would explain the guilty Hollywood elite, who know they don’t deserve those 7 figure checks.
Americans finally learned what a Punch and Judy show looks like.
The reason we try to shut them up for five goddamn minutes is to get them to listen.
They can’t afford to be conceited.