Why won’t women be right wing?

Because you date and marry the slutty Lefties.

Reinforcement, look it up. Women will become whatever gets them the wedding, as much as I hate to say it. What men actually, actively decide to prefer becomes the norm. Where’s the incentive to be anything other than a fat, ugly slut when you’ll get the guy who pretends to have principles anyway? Meanwhile, laughing at him behind his back. They really think these women respect them. They treat their man’s right-wing politics like a parent treats their kid’s crappy crayon drawing and make no bones about telling everyone they ever met (I have heard the long-suffering rants) how silly and crazy he is. Look at her expression. Note the regular piggish features further warped by sneering contempt. When she eventually burns him (probably in divorce, biggest predictor is contempt) he’ll blame all women… when this was totally r/K. He made a shitty decision and shitty things will happen. Men have 100% selection power in who they ask out and propose to, and selection is most of what makes a marriage a success or failure.
The cucking right brings shame on us all. If you can stand to tolerate that shit tier of human being, let alone love it, don’t pretend to be so hardcore.

Sex is deliberately the bait, the one thing they have to attract good quality men and you’re still falling for it? What kind of red pill is that? They have nothing else to offer but these guys are so deluded they assume she’ll change her mind or dating won’t become marriage and kids. “30 is not the new 20”, never date shitty people.

You think women don’t notice?

Families used to have to filter out slutty women from marriage considerations because yes, men are really that dumb (Defoe bitched about it!). They will ruin their whole family and entire line for endorphin pumps. We forget arranged marriages restricted men too, and also to protect them from their own stupidity. The divorce rate is largely the fault of men thinking that lust matches are somehow smarter.

The manosphere falls on deaf ears or mockery because it claims men can be ruined by women… except they’re not actually “ruined” (way to sound like a dunce, contradict yourself)…. and somehow women can’t be ruined by men, ever. Lies to evade guilt.

Men vindicate the worst women by approving them in how they behave. Every “man” is nice to the sluts hoping to get a leg over. So for fifty years, more sluts. It isn’t shallow to want to be treated nicely, that’s a big thing for women. Sluts are treated now, how ladies used to be treated. Stop paying attention to the sluts (shaming works but isn’t necessary) and younger women will notice.

Then there’s how fake right-wingers treat the good women:

“Let’s talk to all women like whores! …Why do they hate me?”

Basic dignity?

Peterson, poor man’s Jung


False prophet, will ruin a good life.
“I have no idea who it was who first introduced me to Jordan Peterson”
You know who.
“And, too, the marital problems and selfish, sinful decisions I had made incentivized me to look for an escape from God’s judgment. Sin always looks to justify itself, and sinners are no different. I wanted to justify my sin, justify myself, and avoid the consequences. All of it together brewed into a perfect storm, which subsequently broke. I told my wife I didn’t know if God existed, that I doubted, and that I hated Him for imposing restrictions on my life. It was hardly coherent. She was understandably shocked and appalled.”
Making men fail.
She’s right to abandon a man who refuses to do his duty as the spiritual head of the household. That isn’t a man let alone husband, or the man she swore to serve. He failed to serve her.
See, they want a head shot. Instant kill of the family unit.
“I never doubted God’s existence prior to Jordan Peterson. Peterson’s philosophy shook my belief and deepened my despair and destructive spiral.”
Know them by their fruit. A good tree produces good fruit. A bad tree produces bad fruit. A bad tree must be cut down and burned.
He isn’t even right-wing. Don’t listen to any profane sentiments on the sacred. They’re making it up. It’s a game to them.
Narcissists enjoy destroying the happiness of others.
Don’t marry, don’t breed, don’t be happy. – not your friends
Your instincts to survive and thrive are natural and holy.
He infantilizes you like the SJWs do everyone.
Whatever, you’ll figure it out eventually.

A classic manipulation technique is to distract you with mundane life e.g. chores, to keep a good brain distracted from purpose and higher calling.

What does Peterson’s ideal culture look like? ….Nobody can answer this.

They all have different answers. He’s an inkblot for gullible idiots. The “fuck you, Dad!” philosopher.

Losers want you to sit around being miserable and useful idiots for their ends.

The manosphere is one big excuse to let white men cuck for non-whites.

The gator will bite you.


Remember, they aren’t “your women”, you sexist pig, even if it’s your wife/mother/daughter.

Those African men are real manly alpha, they have a right to your homeland. As they chase those little girls down, don’t worry, they wanted it! All white women are whores and want to be raped, right?

They can’t be raped if their ideology (cult) thinks all women are whores. Result: no obligation to defend anything. How convenient, and principled!

It’s a great way for white men to be cowards but portray it as strength (fucking gammas).

Because obviously, if there’s a Taharrush game near you, that’s just their masculine culture and you should side with the men 110% of the time, even as they’re raping those “little sluts” that said No like feminists.

What happens when the white men say no? They act like non-whites don’t ever rape white men or boys.

First they came for the white children.

I did not speak out because I am not a child.

Next they came for the white women.

I did not speak out because I am a man.

Finally, they came for the white man.

Everyone said he deserved it.

The false Right and Cultural Marxist infiltration


““Conservatism” is now defined as waging endless wars in the name of universalist values that any other generation would have called radically leftist. And Cultural Marxists themselves now define what we call “Western values”—for example, accepting homosexuality.
The takeover is so complete, we might even say “Cultural Marxism” has outlived its usefulness as a label or as a description of a hostile foreign ideology. Instead, we’re dealing with “conservatives,” who are, in many ways, more extreme and more destructive than the Frankfurt School itself.”

Sell-outs of civilization for shekels.

Ole ole ole ole

1. cuckservatives lost
2. Brussels-raised Boris will ruin Tories
3. Third parties will rise with every attack on the EU
4. the alt right can meme it all and win hearts
5. the Guardian set know pooling all their numbers, still losers, their ‘Progressive Alliance’ plan failed

Ideal result for the true right.
All my 3D chess paid off.

Now deus your god-damn vult.

Comic: No cucks to the right?


Jews founded Hollywood. As almost completely an Anti-Hitler propaganda vehicle.
The strange part is how they deny this.

Also, they keep telling us Jews aren’t a race, but sure, they go in for genetic studies….

and have a unique genetic profile….

and even prevalence data for unusual diseases….

in the blood….

If social science were to study the minority of Jews in the West, where would they look?

Do Jews have White Privilege?

Video: Milo finally shanks Whitey in the back

Is he still your token fag, redditfags?


“give up goyim”
“winning is mean”

What we told you he’d do all along.

Don’t listen to science saying these people are different, listen to ‘reason’.
Appreciate that we’re all equal…. citation needed.
Don’t self-determine because that isn’t a human right.
Let the SJWs keep dictating social policy because I’m whore-positive.
Let us degenerate your culture because you shouldn’t care. You shouldn’t care!
Let me cuck for you, straight white man, and speak for you and control the narrative of identity politics for the right.
You can trust me, Christian White people.
Ignore all HBD and proof of social harm by antisocial behaviours. Nothing is wrong. Don’t get angry.

He isn’t a cuck really at this point, he’s a mole and a saboteur you allowed to burrow deep into your…. movement.

I said he’d turn on men eventually.
This sounds straight out of the social justice handbook.

let’s have a conversation, you need to listen (and obey), let me lovebomb you and flatter you into apathy, we are never a threat despite opposing everything you literally are

White people not hating one another is their biggest fear.
Because white people actually accomplish things when they aren’t punching their neighbours (male, female).

‘Give up Europe to my future boyfriends’.
We don’t need women, well, you do, but I won’t ever reproduce so I can afford to shun them.
I don’t care for the future of the West because I don’t even have the foresight to wear condoms and I’m neither fully Western nor will I live to see that shit.

“What do you want, a fucking parade?” taken too far, this is the homosexual event horizon.

Note the shame on you tone.
He has no moral authority to judge anyone. If they want a strong nation, a non-terrorist West they need strong men, which includes not fucking around like a dog and being worthy of respect.

It’s been taken too far, you need to stop – controlled opposition says what?
That’s literally what the SJWs have been saying. Appeal to moderation.

I’ll believe all people are equal when they behave like it.

That nurture I heard so much about.

A lot of times when SJWs say bigotry, they mean integrity. White people aren’t allowed a culture or any heritage, unlike everyone else, according to him. You can tell he really wants to use the B-word, when he’s full-on anti-white and revealed his true colours, finally.