Most women don’t cuckold

Buss is a #1 resource of social studies, whatever your opinion of this website. However, I would feel more comfortable if paternity tests were compulsory, we have the technology.

Women high in mate value can get it all from the same man

High SMV women aren’t being “entitled”, they know their value (and lower value men can’t stand it, no amount of parlour tricks can bridge a certain scalar gap).
I don’t understand the redpill trope of marrying a good girl (high SMV/MMV) later on. You cannot “Have it All”, nobody can. No good girl I’ve ever known would want a washed-up burned-out player (they mentioned the STDs, it was a very big deal, and the sexual comparison/trust issues). It’s the closest the manosphere gets to feminist delusion and it’s worrying. It’s like those types (virgin MGTOW poseurs no doubt) are just bitter that women still have options (when attractive enough) and could dare to reject the “player”. Or can’t they perceive female selection rationale from a female perspective?

10-12% of women pursue a dual mating strategy

It is no coincidence that this minority is the same size as the number of women who identify as promiscuous, seek short-term flings and go for bad boys who don’t commit.

And make up the majority of college hookups on campus. There is only a hookup culture among a minority, most students stuggle with simple dating.

In short, the men who diligently rehearse their pickup lines in hopes of getting laid are aiming for a small minority of women with probable low mate value who select exclusively for good genes indicators. Which would explain the very high failure rate of “manufactured” players.

I would add the players have no intention of marrying these women. Failure rates just demonstrate how short-term people (r-types) can’t pretend they’re K. Promiscuous people should never get married, for everyone’s sake. You don’t have to, no one is making you.