Beware of fake Ks

I’ve been saying for years. There’s a reason the Bible has the death penalty for attempted rape*. Give them no quarter in your area or they’ll corrupt and attack your trusting, naive and young. The law must protect the innocent, lone and vulnerable. Even the Nazis during Occupation carried the death penalty for rapists among their ranks, so how can anyone pretend to be better if they’re concealing or enabling such evils?

The Nice Guy compassion is part of their two-faced nature, everything you need to know about a man’s honour, his character, is in his sexual history. The Bible talks about this, to defile one’s own body is a denial of God. Bacchanalian orgies are the Satanist’s form of worship (self-worship).

Psychopaths are glib and promiscuous and parasitic. Duh.

*It’s easy to spot fake Ks and rapists generally, when they quibble that particular rule. Patriarchy protects women and girls against evil men. Paper Ks are exactly the same variety of evil as the rapist/murderers of the CHINO cult called the Munster ‘rebellion’. They claimed it was all about ‘equality’ too, except they ‘ruled’ extant Christian marriages null and void to steal the wives of other men for themselves. They stole daughters too, r has the same strategy of treachery everywhere. They also raped minors, girls. They chopped a woman’s head off in the town square for refusing to marry a creepy leader in a sham religious cult, extreme r is always like this. It’s been going on for centuries. Fake Ks literally want to rape your daughters. Patriarchy is the rule of fathers to protect their daughters (and sons) from sexual predators, bachelors and cheating creeps are highly suspect in those systems, due to… I dunno, HISTORY?


But now I am writing you not to associate with anyone who claims to be a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a verbal abuser, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.

I’ve seen plenty of tradlarping men, claiming to be white (online), criticizing white Christian women, who’ve done nothing to anyone. Where is the defence? They call it ‘simping’ to be nice to your own wife (?), don’t let foreign misogynists pollute your culture. I don’t tolerate such verbal abuse of white men (especially Christians) because it’s pure SJW tier BS so what’s with the anti-white sexism? God made women, only Judaism and Islam* view women as evil (the true religion of the larpers claiming to be ‘fellow white men’) due to Lilith nonsense and rationalising low IQ sexual criminality in those populations. Was the goat asking for it, too?

*same religion

Stop simping to people who hate white culture and mores, whether they attack your fellow brother or sister.

? – I wonder why they’re single, boys? What a catch!

For any wondering, the Bible tells women to cry out if a man tries to attack them so the mob can dispense justice i.e. kill him.

Trotsky and the FED

The Titanic dead might not have drowned.

“I see no reason why the general public should be forced to pay the gambling debts of the international bankers”.

The Masonic cult, that’s why. It’s literally on the ‘notes’. The fiat per se is a promissory note.

There is no investment in the people, the natives.

There is 100% investment in the banks. It isn’t national currency, but OWG in multiple denominations.

Find this quote:

“For thousands of years the Aryans will work, struggle and achieve; they will clear the swamps, they will bring out a beautiful world, and make mankind a free humanity living on a free earth; but then the Aryans will die.

The original cucks, the original race traitors, more crudely anti-human though.

To non-Americans it’s downright creepy how Americans happily report how some relative or other is a Mason. It’s like bragging about Scientology but worse.

Clearly you don’t know how evil their business is. Kiss the feet of your masters some more.

Where’s the corrupting coming from? No idea. It’s like all the bad guys are in a harmless ‘drinking club’.

With Scientology-like tiers and bizarre ‘secrecy’. Sure it’s harmless….

They just happen to be flooding politics and business, where nothing gets done, in every financial centre.

They’re ‘graded’ …according to their brainwashing. Cognitive dissonance defeater.

“10. The group performs secret rites
If there are secret teachings or ceremonies you didn’t discover until after you joined, you’re probably in a cult.
Cults use secret rituals as rites of passage that solidify a member’s loyalty to the group. Initiation into these rites usually only comes after a member has undergone certain tests or made adequate financial contributions.
Often, cult initiations are confusing, bizarre, or even offensive. This mental dissonance between their sense of confusion and their loyalty to the “inner circle” convinces the initiate to double their efforts in order to properly appreciate the proceedings. This only further entrenches them in a shame cycle, making them even more susceptible to manipulation.”

Drinking clubs involve a soul oath, right?

Cults strike down patriarchy by replacing family (blood, kin) with a ‘higher loyalty’ to their ‘brothers’.

Women are harder to trick, to replace family.

Baphomet sign

I’ve heard the extra lines represent the gates of Hell, where they believe they’ll be rewarded (LOL) and even rule.

The Great Deceiver, huh?

At the lodge, hunting lodge (clue: it’s people).


Little fun fact:

The triangles mean the same as the hand gesture, one points UP, the other DOWN.

Video: Cult psychology and lovebombing

Fight Club was about a cult, actually. Only a heavily insecure person would long for that as Family. There’s no security, it’s self-loathing – the talk.

There’s no such thing as seduction though, it’s a word Hollywood uses to excuse their abuses. The definition is a person doing what they do not want to – that’s non-consensual. Narcissists and cults do not respect you, nor your No, it’s abuse and the coercion is sadistic humiliation. The hunt – predatory.

Seduction is historically demonic.

Goebbel’s truth rebranded

“Illusory truth effect” wasn’t invented by (((academics))).
“The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

Click to access FazioBrashierPayne&Marsh2015.pdf

Oh, the irony of Nazi propaganda whitewashed for socialism.

And used to call others Nazis.
For Hitler’s Big Lie, no less.

“The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

Crediting people in academia is important.

“According to Hitler, the “big lie” was a propaganda technique typically used by Jewish Marxists.”
Patently false, they say.

Where have they done that?

This is why you can show PC people all sorts of factual evidence to the contrary and they’re still thick, it really is like a cult. State ‘education’ cult. How many years do you need? One day historians will show all the PC adverts in our media like we see Soviet stuff now.

[They’re scared to show us most Nazi propaganda because they’ve ripped it off again for the present.]

Actually, a propaganda MOOC about modern PC propaganda would be amazing.

This is why slander’s illegal, by the way. On an individual level, repetition for gossip does damage.

The way to actually get the brainwashed to snap out of it is allow questions, increase dissonance and apply consequences for being deluded.

Twitter’s psychosis experiment

Big Brother is only going to ask you ONCE:

Which is the straight line?

This is why we should’ve kept the old asylums open.

“Asch (1951) devised what is now regarded as a classic experiment in social psychology, whereby there was an obvious answer to a line judgment task. If the participant gave an incorrect answer it would be clear that this was due to group pressure.”

Do you believe in genetics, the evolution of sexual dimorphism or equalism and conformity?

Future cult researchers will have a field day with this attempted breach of reality.

Thought Prison was right. This won’t end.

Breaking a person isn’t a big thing requiring waterboarding and chains.

It’s very subtle and small. You force them to publicly lie to themselves, to say something they know isn’t true and believe it. This miniature psychosis causes future dissonance, they’ll go on to deny things before their very eyes without intervention.

If you can get them to lie ONCE, just once, they’re yours forever.

SJWs aren’t to be mocked as stupid or pitied, they’re psyops.

They dress like useless idiots so you under-estimate them.
If they turned up in suits, you’d know it was a conformity test.

Peterson’s puppets

It’s so blatant I bet 100% of them never figured it out.*

You’ll always need his opinion, no other psychiatrist online and certainly not your own opinion.

Identify with something with no agency, an external conscience and wood for brains.

*Below a conscious level.

He knows that.

How to spot a cult leader?

After years, men immersed in his materials are more dependent. On him.

Well, the first time I saw the Disney videos I laughed because since MK Ultra became well known, surely people aren’t that stupid?

I said to myself “I’m not a puppet, there are no strings on me”.

Unless you accept his, of course. Isn’t that the point?

Really, undeniable on this count.

Why doesn’t he mention Svengalis, given the material?

And a long monologue on Pleasure Island but omitting the subject of male, life-ruining vice? HOW?

Like PI isn’t a “den of iniquity”? Why not mention the vice? Why omit what should be passing censure?

Pinocchio was totally selfish, wanting his cake (a good life) and eating it (but being a bad person) . The plot took away the ass’s ears but IRL, there is no magic and certain things cannot be undone, having a personal deserved reputation as an ass publicly brands you for life, as it should. He doesn’t mention CONSEQUENCES in a story about morality and maturity.

He wouldn’t dare do an hour-plus video on Peter Pan, his followers would kill him.

They’re too weak to ask the hard questions.

All I see is ten minute hints. WEAK.

Dorian Gray would be a laughriot.

Cult-like belief

Note the emphasis on meditation if you look cult by cult (this is in the BITE model).
It switches off critical thinking.
Trust nobody who touts meditation, it’s a trance state.
Confession is also unholy, it’s blasphemy to think man can forgive your sins.
Prayer is silent because God won’t blackmail you.
It’s bizarre how many cult tactics remind me of state schooling.
Replace group/leader with curriculum.
BTW, they recently started encouraging meditation.
Some places push hypnosis.

Plenty of things you learn at school are blatant lies.

There are obvious political biases.*

You’re punished for knowing more than the teacher/priest.

*Then again, Guardian readers need to be told what to think, so it’s the blind leading the blind.
If prevented from reading it, they’d have no opinion.