Cultural heritage is a human right

Sue for defamation and lost earnings, make them hurt financially. Witch mobs are illegal.

You don’t have to prove they really didn’t believe it, just that they didn’t care about the truth.

Malicious gossip is illegal, make the trial public and don’t settle out of court.

Demand your pound of flesh.

That is how defamation law is structured.

It’s a white sport and art form.
That means they make the rules and can exclude whoever they please. Like a pub or a club.

Expand this.

Chinese girls wear white fashions constantly

Sure, you hand over yours first. 90% of your wardrobe is white clothes.

If the girl wants to look like a cheap waitress, let her.

Long silk or satin dresses are also found in European history. Embroidery is more European than Asian and brocade is definitely European. If she wants to wear a manly neckline, so be it. Rihanna dyed her hair blonde and nobody said a thing. Beyonce lightens her skin, nobody brings it up. Asians are getting white eyelid surgery, that’s a slightly more insulting way to rob someone’s culture, by acting like you possess their genetics. What are they going to call the rare weeb who wants to look Asian, genetic rape?

“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress” – says a guy who called himself Jeremy to get better prospects. Maybe if the Chinese students quit stealing white names while they’re studying abroad… you might have a point.

Dark blonde hair, not Roman. Hand over the dress and sandals.

The surgery to look like you have a white’s body is reaching uncanny valley. This one looks like she super-glued a child’s face on a white Barbie doll. I don’t recall cowl neck sheath dresses being Asian? If she were really so sexually mature, it would show on the face. Hormones don’t stop applying at the neck and those anorexia arms wouldn’t exist with proper T&A. Altogether, an unnatural effect.

But one dress, sure. One dress is the problem.

If you have a problem with that and not this

you are the problem. That top is from the same era as that Asian dress.

When Asian upper-middle brats stop wearing WASP (or worse, upper-crust Brit) clothes, you might have a strong case. Anglophilia is fucking CREEPY. (As are the other xenophile variations). Anglophilia is especially creepy because they’re still playing the fiddle on the British Empire and it’s based on a religion (that they mock). The very quaintness they seek to borrow is rooted in the Church of England. There’s no such thing as Anglophilia, really, there’s COE style. They reject pre-COE ones. It’s comparable to watching an atheist wear a cross. At best, confusing. Don’t get me started on Americans wearing tiaras. No, you wanted to leave the monarchy. Stay out. (Married Christian Brit women used to wear tiaras, at a certain class level, lady). Those are many rites of passage they will never, ever have (like Maori tribal tattoos). I’ve seen Asians claim they “own” pearls, oblivious to how most of their pearls are the cheap cultivated type (a technique they stole from an American in the last century) and many of the world’s best pearls come from cold Atlantic waters (Britain). European royalty was draped in local pearls. Chinese potato types were considered vulgar. The people who recently carved a “pearl” 5ft high from a toxic rock. It’s so funny if you know the first thing about high living. It’s more declasse than gold taps, designer t-shirts and two Chihuahuas. All they know is fashion and celebrity tat. They don’t have their own taste. Modern Asian style is just a cheap knock-off of whatever Milan and London are doing. They’d wear fossilized shit if a celebrity did it. Next they’ll say rice wine is better than champagne. Sure it is, sure.

Tea isn’t even Asian, it grows everywhere. Including Europe. England grows its own chamomile and mint teas, FFS.

They’re just embarrassing themselves as New Money is wont.

It reminds me of all the women gushing over Charlotte Tilbury’s toxic crap, that makes them all look like men. Sure, eat the parabens and silica in your anemic off-white or shit-brown lipstick. We’re all incredibly jealous. That’s more of a white woman gripe but these people exist everywhere. The bland copycat people with no culture.

It goes both ways, bitches. Next they’ll be saying white people can’t eat rice (although you shouldn’t, it makes you fat) because that’s appropriating food away from the land-poor Chinese people (technically, it is).

“The style then began to merge with Western culture over the decades; it became shorter, featuring slits and tapered waists, evolving into the tight-fitting style that’s well-known today.”

They copied us, we know. So that girl was actually wearing an Asian (furniture) fabric in European style (but so-called mandarin collars existed in the Regency era before the Victorian’s turned down ones…). They’re more European.

It isn’t actually Asian.

Sincerely, someone who knows their shit before talking it.

These people are so proud of their own culture they wouldn’t wear their own hats. If you encouraged them to celebrate their culture with a rice hat, they’d refuse. Their issues are not our fault.

But they’ll wear berets. Metric fucktons of berets and other white millinery.
You will never be French, FFS.


Someone woke up and thought that looked good on them.

No white fashion is safe from these slappers.

Literally, every thing a white person has ever worn, they stole.

Quite the fashion statement.

And before you think I’m biased, the Asians uniquely rip off everyone, that’s how devoid of cultural product they’ve been since opium.

We can actually grow our own opium, FYI. Their land was cheaper because they enslaved themselves. Thank God they don’t do that anymore, huh? Right, guys?

This isn’t a purely white problem, is it? Yet they haven’t started having Standards TM of one another. It isn’t just racial, it’s cultural, it’s class/caste-based, it’s many things. Like, should a weeb be allowed to draw manga?

“I learned that there’s always people who are going to hate and I can’t control that.”

Good, I’m glad she stood up for that fact that if they do it, we can too.
I think they were just pissed off she filled it out better. We still have clothing laws, we can bring in more! If they really want! Europeans excel at clothing laws. Fine, we give up the cheap satin with tacky designs, you give up the Scottish wool and tweed! Fine by us!

No more cotton, no more linen, no nice lace, those fabrics were produced by the British Revolution.

Seriously, for a moment.

If they wear it a lot in their own porn, it’s a fair target, since they’ve already disrespected it.

“Culture has no borders,” wrote one user.

“There is no problem, as long as there is no malice or deliberate maligning. Chinese cultural treasures are worth spreading all over the world.”

Never give up on the imperialism, China. Maybe sort your debt-GDP ratio before getting cocky. After all, Communism has never been tried.

They see it as imitation, the way they do. They’re copying us so we must be their superiors.

If looking Chinese is a status symbol, they tell themselves being Chinese is superior.

Technically by arguing against imitation of white culture, I’m being the opposite of whatever a white supremacist is. A white supremacist would want everyone to eat white, speak white, dress white and act white. This is an overhang of Empire. Since whites are minorities globally, and a key minority (no other race has so few members), it’s like arguing against wearing an American-Indian head-dress. We need our own reservations, especially in London.

Here’s a picture to trigger everyone.

Meanwhile, the rest of us see 80s fashion based on cop films and a vague fetish. If the Chinese respected themselves they wouldn’t live in a Communist police state and they’d stop mass-murdering each other every few decades.

East Asian beauty demands

With over 270 million monthly users, Chinese technology company Meitu is in the business of vanity. The company has several apps, but their most famous one is MeituPic – China’s number one photo retouching app. It gives users the ability to alter their appearance with surprising flexibility and specificity.

Yet what is most notable about Meitu Pic is its uniquely Asian features and filters. There are functions to smooth skin, slim the face, add makeup, attach cute stickers, and enlarge one’s eyes.

And change their eye shape, by rounding it out, there’s no other way to do that.

And you thought Snapchat was weird.

I’m starting to think the guys who claimed a lot of makeup was witchcraft might’ve been right. If you’re trying to look like a whole other person… something ain’t right in the head.

Similar to MeituPic, Japan’s Line Camera and South Korea’s Snow also offer facial enhancement features.

catfishing premium

While these selfie apps may differ in terms of functionality, they all help users to beautify themselves in ways that are telling about the markets they serve. They provide an interesting lens on how women in three East Asian countries view beauty ideals – and why certain beauty products succeed in an increasingly influential region…..

look more white has always been their ideal, prior to any contact with white people

paler women have higher oestrogen

thinner faces are more feminine (especially the curve of the jaw) and White women have mathematically thinner faces than Asians

There are studies.

recessed chin there, in case you wanted to know what that was called

nose is similar to African, which has slightly more flared nostrils

European nose is straighter, stronger bridge, pointed, nasal tip can point up

Do they mention this?

Heavens, no!

“Traditionally, East Asian women have been held to a standard of feminine beauty that suggests they should be sweet and gentle. “

Geisha were prostitutes, see other posts.


They were hookers. Not just strippers, there is plenty of art depicting them rolling around with men, penis out.

If they weren’t hookers, nobody would have paid that much for tea. Why did men never learn such a respectable ceremony, hm? Nor would they be depicted with their genitals exposed, like a hooker.

Asian men are broader too, it’s a racial thing before you go there.

Oh, did you think these studies didn’t exist? Yeah, MSM never mentions them huh?
There is categorically less sexual dimorphism in Asians i.e. the men look more feminine, technically, and the women more masculine, since their range is closer in both cases to the androgynous mean.

Eyebrows also vary by race, Asians have that garish Audrey brow but naturally, softer. Flat as a ruler and pointing upward in surprise. Asian women do a lot to change this about their brows (normally by cropping the Shock Tail) because otherwise their eye shape looks more extreme (and alien to Western eyes).

Is this right? That isn’t the point, they do it.

This is the female mask, most beautiful of all races.

Which sex does that resemble to you? Now, which race?

Neither hips nor mathematics lie.

Koreans do though.

You can’t use plastic surgery women in a study of natural (genetic) beauty. Don’t be absurd.

Europe used to be full of those women. This is a Louis Vuitton advert.

It was the ideal of beauty for millennia.

You don’t get to claim that because someone got creative with a scalpel.

Asians don’t have eyes like that. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

I find it suspicious that whenever Asians study beauty, the result is always pedomorphic. There is never any sexual maturity (sexual dimorphism + maturity) in the features, which must be a deliberate, false omission of: high cheekbones, but gracile jawline (rare combination), cherry chin (strong teeth), larger philtrum than men (see Marilyn), smooth but not baby nose, full but not huge mouth, soft brows, higher forehead than men.

They erase all the masculinized features of their own women, it’s unfair. That’s an unrealistic standard.

The method is completely wrong, the aim of the studies is to search for an adult model, a real model. It’s disturbing many of their supposed results could be in primary school.

Compare with similar high contrast (pale, dark hair) but sexually mature.

Please tell me you can see a difference. Only the sexual opinion of (non-pedophilic) normal men (within a race) counts for these types of study into NATURAL, ADULT FEMALE BEAUTY (not popularity, classic beauty). It’s been proven you can only really perceive accurately your own race best. Nudging it into other categories is…morally dubious. Is it right to expect an Asian woman to look European? Is it right to expect every Italian woman to resemble Monica?

Yet I know sexually who men would SELECT – and that’s the problem, Asian variations of this study are prone to emphasize surgery and popularity. It isn’t historical or evolutionary (therefore instantly wrong, you cannot study it without this context). This is Darwin, accept it or don’t pretend to study it.

Some Western studies make the same mistake, fixating on Hollywood (celebrity, popularity) like they’re the best looking people you’ll ever meet (they are not, travel, they are actually subpar even within their own races historically).

Back to Asians.

They choose the Asian-specific features and say that’s the ideal, of all times and periods. …No? It reminds me of fat acceptance. If that were true, they wouldn’t be getting quite so much surgery to resemble a mulatto, at best (philtrum reduction). Both women listed in the Korean article have entirely the wrong bone structure, it is impossible to change the eyes and they are the root of the face. Bad nose jobs aside (like Paris Hilton’s and many stupid women, they got them done too small) their faces are too broad to fit (a racial trait), their mouth is ghoulish (too broad, too wide and fat lipped, Asians shouldn’t get injections it makes their eyes look tiny) and the face is too flat looking since it’s difficult to add (structure) where there’s nothing there.

For comparison, since I’m not denying Asian women can get very good quality surgery, power to them for hoodwinking the stupid marks with a fetish, here is a woman who resembles their template better.

Wang Fei Fei, but she is Chinese so they instantly discount her. Asians hate other Asians.

The stellar example of surgical improvement I have ever seen is this woman.

Im Ji Hye

but she made it obvious with cleavage work so despite being Korean… they immediately discount her.

Again, who is beautiful in the sexual selection sense, little Miss Nine Year Old or Tits McGee?

Their children won’t look like this and it isn’t hard to guess who they’re trying to look like.

Here’s a morph of Asian celebrities (mostly actresses).

Not that they’re getting surgery at all, no. I’m sure Scarlett Johansson’s nose is untouched, like Angelina Jolie’s….

so this isn’t a racial thing but a natural beauty point. None of these bitches have it.

They must wear contacts, for example, to hide the dead-eyed stare. Like a serial killer.

Pic or it didn’t creep me out:


Same huge-breasted woman as above. Instant loss of two points imho once she stops appropriating white women’s eye colours (phenotype range is important to classification). I would be scared to encounter that in an alley, she reminds me of a sexbot. Her neutral there looks murderous. On the contrary, as you can see, getting fuckdoll surgery makes a woman look far less innocent.

The entire purpose in all those cases to purposefully get surgery is sexual enticement (one husband or lots of boyfriends, doesn’t matter).

The breast work just makes it obvious to foreigners.

The so-called perfect Asian face is based on a genetic lie (surgery).

Let’s look at method

One Korean researcher decided to apply Asian features through computer graphics on top of the mask layout, giving the results of the “perfect Asian face”.

No. That isn’t how the mask works, the data is already infused INTO the mask, which can be separated by RACE and SEX. He has essentially scribbled over the truth with only the positive features of surgical, trendy women he wants to fuck. Is that science?

When I say scribbled

I mean scribbled. And with the exclusions (so the whole thing is a sham), it fits white women better.

Yes, very Asian…..

The “perfect face” has an egg-shaped head, big bright eyes, a narrow and sharp nose, and medium-sized lips.

Because the sampled women were all trying to look like THAT.

You can even see through the mask to the way it discounts Asian female features.

The Asian mouth is broader than the mask (mouth corners upturned, width remains constant), the Asian nostrils and nose are bigger than the mask, the Asian face size is bigger than the sketch and should be horizontally broader, the mask brows are lower and curved than the (cropped) Asian ones, the nasal tip and chin of the mask are more defined than the Asian girl, it’s all right there!

I hate noticing things, really. It’s such a burden.

Look at this horse-shit.

“Chinese herbalists have concocted special tinctures, tonics and elixirs for over 5,000 years to specifically address individual skin concerns. This knowledge has passed down from generation to generation and is what we use today to formulate many of our beauty concoctions,” Brian explains.

No, you’ve been giving them plastic surgery, developed in the West, not rubbing their face with tiger’s nuts. Next you’ll claim you invented pearls (Scotland’s had a roaring trade in them too before China stole cultivation methods in the last century).

Anglo-Saxons had herbalism too, you didn’t invent shit (you can’t take credit for inventing a fucking PLANT) but Cheryl Cole’s face is still pumped full of plastic shit. As it is, Europe has better biodiversity of plants and more (most) useful ones for skincare e.g. rosehip, lavender, orange blossom…

why lie?

As for Fan Bing Bing (what kinda name…) any woman who relies on eye makeup to get her eyes to look that beautiful way…, isn’t actually beautiful?

White example

Asian example

The problem with so much deep, structural surgery is that with less makeup, it looks Uncanny Valley.

If you’re going to go to such great lengths to look like us, be decent enough to admit it?

Artist’s “Asian” inspiration, now VS. Victorian Valentine, typical face.

Update: let’s throw this in, why not? re the philtrum and smaller mouth

 When it comes to the face there’s just one shape-shifter and that’s the entire mouth area (i.e. upper lip, lips, and chin). The mouth area is capable of articulating many, many distinct sounds. Just like frequently using the hands, frequently using the mouth results in a slender, lean, and petite mouth, including the upper lip and chin. Also like the hands, disusing the mouth produces a loose, flabby, and enlarged mouth area.

speaking better, being classier = more feminine mouth (small range possible, muscular on top of genetic)

The main muscle involved here is the one surrounding the lips, the orbicularis oris. If you’re trying to achieve a feminine face, I suggest speaking speak with great frequency and articulation. Not all languages are equal though—some neglect the orbicularis oris while others heavily rely on it. French, for example, seems to have a lot of words with the “oo” sound, like “beaucoup.”

dialect too

Many more muscles that attach to the orbicularis oris (mouth) and I believe they are all gender-neutral, or slightly favored by males. This is my conclusion after observing many faces and seeing little to no sexual dimorphism in this area. This is much like limbs, between the chest and fingers or between the butt and toes. They are not nearly as sexually-dimorphic as breasts are to a male chest, but the muscles seem to be slightly favored by males. So the updated picture now shows the orbicularis oculi and masseter muscles in opaque blue to denote that they are greatly favored by men.

but cheekbones are bone structure, literally

zygomatic arch

The final archetypal male and female faces.

                Unlike muscles of the body, some facial muscles aren’t attached to bone at all; some muscles are attached to other muscles. This means that tighter, more-developed muscles can pull on weaker muscles and facial organs. Tight midface muscles (in translucent blue) can enlarge the mouth area—including the base/wing of the nose—if the mouth muscles are weak. The average male partially uses some of the midface muscles and disuses/underuses the mouth muscles. Thus, the average male develops a wider mouth and nose than the average female.

well hold on the jaw is broader, larger and the lips thicken

The average female underuses the midface muscles and fully uses mouth muscles, which results in a pull towards the mouth. This produces a narrow nose, defined philtrum, small mouth, and narrow chin.

smooth nose (defined structure from bridge to tip), higher (length) or more well-shaped philtrum, rosebud lips and cherry chin

but philtrum especially is genetic in pronouncement and an indicator of fertility (men are under-studied)

The entire mouth area is large and loose for men and compact and tight for women.

This is not my opinion as you can see but plainly observable fact. Women have a longer philtrum and smaller mouth by breadth than men. Ah, some troll demands, wouldn’t we observe this in Marquardt’s masks?

We would.

That is the most feminine face humanly possible.

Video: American on chav makeup

She doesn’t know that’s what it is, but damn. She burnt it to the ground and she’s dancing in the ashes. The best reviews are actually the black girls because they don’t hold back. They don’t care about your feelings. It’s magnificent.

I spat out my tea.

Do you know how rare that is?

Do you know how expensive this tea is?

If only the likes of Beyonce had half her personality.



can we all

take a moment

to appreciate

this expression.

You would never catch a white girl doing this, mad respect.