Marxist heritage

The enemy cannot create, only destroy.

Going full woke? wow, they are going to lose so many donations.

According to UK law, charities also aren’t allowed to be political organisations. Campaigning for any political cause means they could be stripped of their charitable ((tax-free)) status.

They won’t commission indigenous people or local artwork, but they’ll go to a whole different continent and celebrate that? Not fit for purpose. Shut it down.

English Heritage has commissioned a series of portraits depicting six historic figures from the African diaspora whose stories have contributed to England’s rich history. Each artist has been supported by our curators and historians to creatively portray their subject, and the paintings will be hung at the English Heritage site connected to its subject.

African colony. They have colonised England, especially London. People did not want them here and still don’t. They have contributed absolutely nothing, ever. Even to their own continent. You didn’t build that, we did. We were down the mines, not you. We were slaves to the Romans, not you. You are leeches who came over largely after two world wars to suck off the new welfare state. You have no reason to be here and we keep voting for you to leave. What do you think the next step is? White people are nice – until we’re not. Tick tock goes the debt clock.

“creatively portray” lie, you mean lie

Get woke, go broke.

Traitorous scum.

English refers to a race.

The first was Queen Victoria’s pet. She was the first virtue signalling Karen. You can tell the pose was traced. Among white people, it’s famous. This one:

You copied and pasted the pose and just switched the face. We know because that’s a white royal pose. We all know the exact painting you ripped off. They really have no creativity, do they? She even copied most of the white woman’s features, erasing some of the blacker ones. What a damning testament. The bottom of the dress is unfinished and odd-looking because she ran out of things to trace. A race of tracers, apt metaphor. Also why the figure isn’t aligned properly. The tracing paper moved, did it? Should’ve used Photoshop or had a real artist do it for you on fiver.

We wuz Russian Princesses.

The second was a rape baby (slaves don’t consent). “We’ve always been here” – no.

Third enslaved white people “he attempted to subjugate the local tribes there” murderer of the natives, also code for rape. “That area of the world was so multicultural” a colony. It was colonialisation and slavery. You might as well have painted this, in blackface and a toga:

Fourth is white. He’s paler than a Greek. He was also Christian, which is skipped over. Oddly similar to other Saint paintings but that could be a style choice.

Fifth was another military import. Hitler also hired black people, and Muslims, I don’t think that’s a point.

“I didn’t see myself represented in it” because it wasn’t yours. You’re trying to appropriate it.

“black Europeans” oxymoron

Sixth was a ‘servant’. So nobody of any accomplishments? A chamberpot washer? That’s the best you could drag up? He lived in the 1600s but the dumb cunt painted him in later 1700s clothes. It’s supposed to be historical. She couldn’t do it, could she? Details are hard when you’re a diversity hire.

The GCSE tier art is literally the best they could find (with the Saint painting guy having the only talent). I could do better in primary school and I know others who could. That level of ‘talent’ is common which describes my whole attitude to this insult and the army of dislikers they hid.

Netflix wokewashing

Isn’t a black guy creeping on a minor ‘problematic’?




Our culture is not a costume, stop fetishizing it/us. Throwing on a cravat doesn’t make you a gentleman and wearing a long dress doesn’t make you any less a thot. The white fever is disgusting.

The ‘historical expert’ tumblr bitches on youtube are marxist agents. I don’t discuss someone without reason. Youtube is pushing them for that reason, while white-run channels are pushed down. The Cold War psyops was Red Scare, this is Purple Hair Scare.

Spot the common denominator, gatekeeping white people from discussing our own culture.

and Darcy made his fortune off of black people so

they’re coming for the fashy aesthetic

So they can wear police uniforms, asylum hospital uniforms, colonial uniforms and fascist outfits, but it’s okay because they’re the ‘right’ skin colour?
I warned you they’d be doing this. SJWs steal symbols of order and ideology all the time, they’re sartorial phagocytes.

rebellions require aesthetics, that’s why, so this is important

culture war require uniforms

they cleverly prevent rebellion against their ideas by being superficial turncoats to all rivals e.g. the shaved side haircut a few years ago, making group differentiation all but impossible online, which is a visual medium

so this is really important, strategically

not ‘just fashion’

fashion demonstrates power, a king with his crown

Also SJWs only wear crosses, which is either really bigoted in the sense they don’t dare wear Jewish (they claim same religion) or Muslim symbols (all monotheism) and it is both an endorsement of Christian values embedded in the aesthetic, as well as flagrantly disrespectful if you don’t practise that religion but appropriate the symbols to seem ‘edgy’. I’ve asked people wearing a cross if they were Christian and what type and they looked at me like I was the idiot. That’s like waving an Islamic State flag and wondering why you got arrested. Yet they slag people off just wearing guns for self-defence…. hey, it’s their aesthetic, right, tumblrfags?

why do you think Psycho was all about aesthetics? – POWER

aesthetics are a tool of domination, all empires had them

technically, wearing a cross in mockery or parody could be considered a hate crime so there’s that

(the Christian cross was invented specifically for Christians and doesn’t mean anything else, that’s why)

humiliation by trivialising the sacred, like Pussy Riot trashing a church

so yes, it’s important

standard SJW strategy, like it or not, this is how the Cultural Marxists are coming for us

Western patriarchy IS an aesthetic and nobody is saying anything while they’re stealing it. Just wow.

false flagging with aesthetics is like the female v of ‘sneaky fucker strategy’, it’s fake femininity like an ugly person becoming a gym rat to obscure or cloak their deficits in Darwinian fitness. SJWs are dressing up like tradwomen (cottagecore) so tradmen listen to them or stop listening to tradwomen, suspecting them as SJWs (both outcomes destroy the traditional family unit and group harmony)

fashion is war for women but it is also national (pride) and this has been forgotten recently with “”international publications”””

yet the manosphere never talks about fake femininity…. they just so happen to keep netting NPD and BPD women, who fake their femininity…. to control men….. ….and wonder why this keeps happening

Hollywood won the white West over with aesthetics, wake up! This IS important. They don’t make neoclassical buildings anymore because they fill us with HOPE. What about clothes? Are some more healthy and inspiring than others? It isn’t about hemlines, it’s the whole aesthetic and its philosophy underpinning it!

Meanwhile, in the comments are people saying Americans shouldn’t expect other cultures to change to suit them… ok… then let Poland be Polish, Germany be German and England be English? The gaslighting is amazing.

Yet the controlled ops of the right uses none of the appropriation discussion and continues to ignore it, an easy win in the culture war. Sometimes I think the right doesn’t exist anymore and it’s 99% controlled ops with the odd weirdo like me. I should’ve taken the ticket, perhaps.

SJWs create nothing, they can only steal/appropriate. They stole pop culture music, drama, comedy, painting/art and now they’re coming for fashion and the right flops over like a dying dog exposing its belly because it’s ‘just stupid clothes hur dur’.

I’m thinking of giving up, the real men are long dead. They’re all nihilists at this point making stupid podcasts and edgy youtube whinefests, why bother?

Instead we have navel-gazers ignoring this stuff, controlled ops shills and peter pan syndrome in search of a replacement mommy. Mummy issues are not right wing. A wife won’t be your mommy. Stop. Waifu is peak Oedipus.


I don’t understand why is that outfit so offensive, like, it’s lolita fashion, we’re dressing like rococo period children but it’s not like we agree with or romanticize the political climate of 1700’s France

but they do romanticize it, specifically the framing and murder of an innocent mother. A con artist stealing a necklace led to an innocent woman’s gorey death but YAY ruffles!

it’s like walking around dressed as Lincoln with a bloody gunshot wound to the head, WTF

and you wonder why French people hate Americans? REALLY?

mocking their brutally murdered relatives, maybe?

but the mongrel at the end made a joking-not joking reference to decapitating anyone she calls an oppressor….

she’s wearing clothes made by slaves… she’d be the one decapitated

French fashion too white


The hyphen Americans are funny.

In a republic, you’re not your race. That’s the whole point.

But they’re convenient Americans here, where they’re pretending this shit isn’t Chinese anti-white propaganda, yet suddenly ARE Chinese on Asian culture…..

Things that make you go hmmmm….

Plus, the algorithm is pushing this sort of thing HARD.


and isn’t she fetishizing white culture by living in America and speaking English? She also has a Victorian wardrobe video, as many of the SJWs do. When Americans say Victorian, that refers to the British Empire, owned by Queen Victoria. It’s literally the clothing of imperialism and slavery. They don’t mean gold miners wearing denim, they want to dress like London slave owners. Nobody calls them up on this.


and isn’t it perfectly natural for white people to look up to… other white people?

The gaslighting on that is extraordinary and recently, so blatant.e. French rules are primarily don’t be fat and don’t be tacky. That’s just whiteness. Only tryhard SJW types have to break out the piercings and sleeve tattoos to get anyone to notice them. Note they’re going after fundamental white self-image, that’s gaslighting. Deconstruction of self-image qualifies as menticide.

Yet the so-called Right is ignoring my many clarion calls on this topic. Odds of controlled ops…. ever higher.

nb Why do SJWs always have shit make-up? I think they lack an awareness of their own face because it’s always ugly and caked-on, like almost-black lipstick is not Victorian. Always with the cat-eye flick that only looks good on round, European eyes e.g. Marilyn Monroe, while on Asians it makes them look like a tranny because their eyes are already tilted so the effect is freakish. The lipstick looks like she ate a donut in a messy way. Why is tumblr’s SJW set like this? They assume they can just steal whatever details exist on attractive women like trend AA. Male r-types did this with hipster beard to hide soy jaw. The women dyed their hair to emulate more attractive women like goth models, cyberpunk dancers and Kate Winslet in Spotless Mind. Dying your hair blue won’t make you look like Kate Winslet, they seem visually impaired when it comes to perceiving beauty and seem to assume they can ‘steal’ whatever ‘tactic’ they presume the other woman must have used to ‘cheat’ too – they got male attention by genetics, not window-dressing. Criticizing styles they can never fully emulate screams post-hoc cope to me, like the SJW can’t copy it so they destroy it. Now it seems to be ‘I’m not like other girls because I don’t wear jeans/leggings’ – we get it, you’re fat. “skinny white bitches like Kylie Jenner” – she isn’t even white?

French girls were considered cheap hookers during WW1 (servicemen deployed, history books state they got syphilis) and before WW2 used by a certain group, usually against their will (slavery). The allure is a nice way of suggesting prostitutes.

also “global citizen” is such a hallmark of crazies

Top hearted comment:

When u talked about which french trends we should steal in 2020 I thought u were going to show a guillotine


Yes, the SJWs are plotting


“The best thing you can do is appropriate Western culture”

that’s how Cultural Marxists employ Down with Western Civ, because they know everything they touch turns to shit – vidya, books, films, music….

it’s quite genius when you think about it. Their new game plan uses their blanket incompetence as an aggressive force.

This is why they’re dressing like white patriarchs from the 40s with affectations to match e.g. drinking, smoking etc. They’re trying to out-man the white men like trannies are trying to out-slut American slutty women.

The eerie Aryan aesthetic of Ralph ‘Lauren’

Honestly, this side-by-side is all I need to rest my case, it’s like they cloned him.

Right click and save for full size.

Qualities: sporty tan, facial symmetry, blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw in men and full mouths in women, physically fit and shown to be active, affluent upwardly mobile poses.

Lots of blond, improbably….

ironically, California’s whole sporty blonde with a tan aesthetic was originally Nazi.

It’s American as Sauerkraut. 

Note the deep tan. People think they wanted Nordic white-white but nope, they wanted golden tans, to accentuate the hair and eyes.

The facial proportions are distinct of the Nazi aesthetic for blood ‘superiority’, this was even in my school’s PC as hell textbooks.

This information is hardly hard to find.

You’d think a Jewish brand would promote anything BUT that…. logically.

Unless it’s been trading on white aesthetics (cultural appropriation) from the start.

I’m not saying it’s intentional. It’s sure as shit recognizable.
Especially white on women as the Roman code for purity.

The same hairstyle and colour.

The SJWs never touch this. Why?

I cannot be the only one seeing this. It’s actually creepy.

Same poses and everything.

Even mirroring.

It looks like the same guy. Sorry, is anyone else seeing this?

Pure white again, the only thing missing is the pigtails!

Again, it’s the SAME face.


It’s like you put Nazi propaganda into a photo AI and this was spat out.

You can even shop any white Lauren model into a Nazi uniform and it fits.

Source: Pinterest, obviously.

Why has nobody ever taken them to task on this?

I’d swear it’s the same guy.

Look in high-res, it’s more obvious.

it’s the same fucking face, C’MON, it’s like someone copy and pasted their homework

The haircut, colour and literally styling is the same.

I can do this all day. It’s like some advanced AI shit. I feel like I’m watching High Castle.

The hair slick may have been borrowed, that’s all I’m saying.

Again, all day. Statistically, what are the ODDS of this?

The hair swoop is even in the same fucking direction. That’s commitment.

How do they have the same faces? This is almost literally impossible.

Literally HOW.

It isn’t that all white men look the same, I wish you all looked like models.

And how do you explain the fact it works with the women too?

All those blonde women are different women. Look at the hairlines.

Posted without comment at this point.

The anti-fa hipsters knowingly sport Aryan hair too. Aryan hair, don’t care?

So it’s okay when THEY do it?

Clown world, truly.

Honk honk.

Looks like a Ralph Lauren ad.

To the guys acting like skirts above the knee are degenerate:

imagine thinking a buzz cut is LESS Nazi

Was this an excuse to stare at male models? Maybe. You can’t prove that.

The damn tilt is the same. EVEN THE TILT.

Tumblr proves to be mostly cancer once again

I have PROOF.

They look ridiculous. And most of this has nothing to do with academia.

They’ve watched every Youtube video saying how to ‘look expensive’ and it’s pure cringe. Like, rich people can afford to put down the Oreos. Rich people don’t eat their feelings.

Yes, the bow makes you feminine and you’ll definitely get a rich white husband…..

I love the way the turtleneck makes the manjaw really POP and the piggy looking nose from that angle, adorable.

Was all on that tag.

When non-whites try to dress in a white supremacist sort of way, it looks ridiculous.

They’re trying to deconstruct the aesthetic to rewrite the history associated with it (see their BS below).

^From the good part of tumblr.

It’s like Halloween costumes for some Tim Burton shit.

He’s standing near books, therefore r smart.

The thots and the fatties are using it, this is an optics issue whether y’all like it or no.

Imagine being that thirsty you stand in front of the ocean with your Third World starving Ethiopian aesthetic.

You are never going to look like this.

Compare. Never ever.

It’s like competing with a god. You can’t win.

There is an appeal unique to our flesh that cannot be stolen.

First they stole our TVs, now they steal aesthetics.

Ho no.

Next they’re doing WE WUZ KEATS

“I would just like to say that I am a (decently) large dark academia blog and am also a woman of colour, the idea that dark academia is created for/by white people (particularly white men) is absolutely hilarious to me. I know for a fact that my ancestors wrote some of the best poetry, music, made some of the most groundbreaking discoveries, which were later copied by European men who received all the praise.

We are academia and anyone who says otherwise can kiss my pretentious ass, don’t let these little moodboards fool you.” – theparistimes

Look at the WAP song, now back to me. The WAP song, now back to me. Your ‘culture’ is pure whore.

It’s a culture of STDs and baby momma crotchfruit.

Shit group IQ, shitty artistic production. Sucks to be you, wap-wap.

POC is still really funny because in optics (the academic study) black is NOT a colour, but a shade.
You are shading yourself.
White people are the coloured ones, with the widest phenotype too. (Biology is also a study, like Darwin).

It’s like the hipster glasses “I’m such a nerd” thing plus cheap 80s romantic goth.
Please make it stop. It’s the new rawr. Proof enclosed:

You might say this ‘doesn’t matter’ but aesthetic is ours, that’s our culture swirling down the toilet of crap appropriation.

Should take the manosphere and alt whatever about five years to catch up to my sentiments again.

I await your responses, gentlemen.

The cultural appropriation of Queen Marie

re the fetishisation of Marie Antoinette as a vapid tyrant:

They’re larping around as an innocent woman who got decapitated as if it’s a joke. Like no, you whores, people died. Innocent men, women and children, it was a tragedy felt even across the pond with their former enemies (the English). They were murdered in cold blood by proto-Commies and you’re acting like this particular icon ‘deserved it’ because her role expected her to be a clotheshorse. WTF is wrong with the Republic’s trashy, skanky women? They don’t understand monarchy (to this day*) and think they’re playing dress-up. No, princess and queen means something real here. Those were real people, some of their relatives are still living. It would be like if they dressed up as camp rescues by the Allies or the doomed Romanov girls. WTF. Ghastly (usually black) trash.

*paging Meghan

The Right wing shouldn’t let this go without comment. This is picking up the pace as part of their humiliation plan.


“It is unclear for certain if and how many children were subjected to the guillotine during the French Revolution, but some sources imply that they did in fact guillotine children.”

muh freedom from tyranny (bitch just MOVE)

muh pro-science atheistkult

“Anyone with any suspected connection to the elite ruling parties were typically beheaded, including prominent scientists like Antoine Lavoisier, so it could reasonably be assumed that the revolutionaries would have been willing to use the device on innocent children.”


Rip-off your own gorey culture, you absolute, anti-white whores – oh wait.
You don’t have any.

We’re encouraged to dispense with her title Queen in referring to her, for God’s sake. But you apply it to a fat singer? Really, America?

They’re mocking us, to our face, AND picking up the pace of it. Could you imagine the insensitivity of white people wearing mock shackles used on blacks?? As a ‘fashion statement’?

She was smarter than her husband, frankly. It took a con artist stealing a necklace, as her, to bring her down publicly (aka not her fault). Read on, it’s real history.

“I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.”

“It is the nature of human beings, and especially of the mediocre ones, to wish to change everything. They desire it all the more because they know popularity will accrue rather to those who disturb than to those who maintain order.”

Describing Cultural Marxism before it was formalised.

Chaos is a ladder ripped this off.

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.”


“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”

“We had a beautiful dream and that was all. The interest of my son is the only guide I have, and whatever happiness I could achieve by being free of this place I cannot consent to separate my self from him. I could not have any pleasure in the world if I abandoned my children. I do not even have any regrets.”



“No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother.”

muh but I’m a fan of her ‘style’

“No, do not love me, it is better to give me death!”

muh ‘But poor people hated her’


historical record to the rescue!

Click to access french_revolution_stations.pdf

June 14 1773
On Tuesday I had a fête [party] which I shall never forget all my life. We made our entrance into
Paris. As for honors, we received all that we could possibly imagine; but they, though very well
in their way, were not what touched me most. What was really affecting was the kindness and
sincerity of the poor people, who, in spite of the taxes with which they are overwhelmed, were
transported with joy at seeing us. When we went to walk in the Tuileries [gardens], there was so
vast a crowd that we were three-quarters of an hour without being able to move either forward or
backward. Such excellent order was kept the whole day that, in spite of the enormous crowd
which followed us everywhere, not a person was hurt. When we returned from our walk we went
up to an open terrace and stayed there half an hour. I cannot describe to you, my dear mamma,
the transports of joy and affection which every one exhibited towards us. Before we withdrew we
kissed our hands to the people, which gave them great pleasure. What a happy thing it is for
persons in our rank to gain the love of a whole nation so cheaply. Yet there is nothing so
precious; I felt it thoroughly, and shall never forget it.

(They) lied about her.

Her son, Louis-Charles, was locked in a dark, fetid chamber where he was fed meager rations, prevented from seeing any outside visitors and physically abused by his jailers.

Isolated and scared, the boy began to display signs of emotional instability,


likely exacerbated by the false accusation he was forced to give by his jailers that he had been sexually molested by his mother and aunt, Louis XVI’s sister. That false evidence was used during Marie’s trial, a charge his heartbroken mother fiercely denied. Following a grueling two-day trial, Marie was found guilty of crimes against the state and followed her husband to the guillotine on October 16, 1793.

Less than two years later, in June 1795, 10-year-old Louis-Charles died, likely from tuberculosis worsened by his mistreatment. A sympathetic physician smuggled the child’s heart out of the prison following his autopsy, where it set out on a centuries-long odyssey, being passed to royal relations across the continent before finally coming to rest alongside his parents’ graves in the church of Saint-Denis in Paris in the 20 century.

haha so fun right? It happened to white people so just sweep under the rug….
so why does Hollywood insult the family to this day, and portray Marie as a bimbo, especially downplaying the surviving daughter?
Maria Theresa:
“Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”
And you all go on about Kennedy. He wasn’t the first to oppose them. By a long shot.
“If I could wish for immortality on earth, it would only be for the power of relieving the distressed.”
So bitter of her, right? Clearly unfit to be queen.
You get to women by attacking and demeaning their cultural icons. Wake up.