The Dark Age of Islam

The Mohammedanism, like the Stalinism who came later, demand history be abolished, and are responsible for the burning and loss of nine tenth of the known lost ancient manuscripts of history. The destruction of the Stone Buddha statues in Afghanistan, or the famous museum in Babylon, was not a mistake or the act of some odd extremists: it is a central part of mainstream Sharia. Christian churches and relics are destroyed whenever they fall into Mohammedan hands: to this day, the Church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople is used as a mosque, in triumphant mockery of the defeated Christians.

You have no doubt heard that there was a Golden Age of Islam, where Muslim scholars preserved the works of Aristotle and the ancients, invented the zero, or made great strides in astronomy and mathematics. This is all an outrageous lie, the precise opposite of the truth. There were certain Spanish scholars, mostly Jews and Christians, conquered by Muslims, but who preserved the ancient texts despite the Muslim program of destroying them. The Byzantine Empire preserved what we have of ancient learning, and scholars fleeing the downfall of one Byzantine theme, province, or city after another in the relentless onslaught of Mohammed reintroduced them into the West. The Moslems not only were not the preservers of the knowledge of the ancient literature, they were the main force destroying it.

Stealing something and translating it into your language doesn’t make it yours.

We translated the Rosetta Stone, still not ours. It’s childish as the I Made This meme.
Idiots revile smart people, they cannot stand to see someone doing better. The solution is to destroy the smart or themselves. They destroy the smart then eventually themselves because God/Darwin/Nature is just on a long enough time scale.
Remember, envy and wrath are deadly sins.

If aliens visit us, I kinda hope they wipe us out.

I wonder if you can use Time to Civilization as a negative number?
In the cases where they destroy those further along?

By comparison, the ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe are essentially an Enlightenment myth.

Beyonce becomes bigger narcissistic whore


As if the inflection over the ‘e’ wasn’t pretentious enough.

I’m over her and the loop ‘ugh’ music since I read she’s a creepy skin-lightening bitch. Rihanna I expected but she dyes her hair blonde and gets paler every few years and it’s sick. She obviously hates black people and being black herself and she’s trying to look like this SWPL Nordic blonde type unless it’s time to sell out with her increasingly desperate music and only mediocre dancing. Mostly, she stomps like an elephant. Sexy, it is not. She also did that Black Panther shit to sell tickets, so in addition to hating whites she also hates the security and police that keep her rich mocha ass intact. Yet she’s held up as a black icon for having thunder thighs despite obvious liposuction and Kim K gets dragged all over the coals for being less of an attention whore and marrying a black guy…
Ever since Destiny’s Child she shoved other women (in her own band) down and she dare call herself a feminist too? Talk about a shameless bandwagon jumper. You can look up stories, she is not a nice person. She is obsessed with money, fame and image.
Plus, you know if Kim K were to dress up in a crown with a scepter the internet would never forgive her. Appropriating French monarchy culture to hock a sickly-sweet perfume no better than Paris Hilton’s offering – people died, you whore.

I bet you anything her people started that Queen Bey thing. In fact, I’m certain of it.
She would not be queen of a jungle gym in a normal society.

Why do I bring this up?

What’s she doing now?

Here she is,  done up as the Virgin Mary.


Extra-ass bitch.
No, she ain’t Catholic. *z-snap*

She’s implying her children are Jesus and called one of them Sir. She has a serious mental problem.
In the comments on Buzzfeed alone;
“Did they mention the part where she had a entire floor of a hostpital cleared so that she’d have all the staff waiting on her whilst she was in labour? But did she need an entire floor? No she didn’t. Women had to give birth on the floor as there was no space for them. You have the money? Great, you can afford a private room not an entire floor for 1 person!”

Feminist par excellence.

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

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She’s a whore of Babylon.

Her own husband cheats on her, because she doesn’t want to look bad in a divorce.
I am not surprised, she’s fake AF.

None of her shallow fans would like her if she hadn’t had white-looking surgery.
Thinner nose, different eye shape now, the hair texture difference is obvious.
Botox on the brows, they missed that. Probable chin implant.

This is very deliberate.

There are other pictures with the same Virgin Mary reference.
How dare she?
I sat on this and waited for the sobering moment of regret in any normal person but at this point, she can burn in Hell for prostituting herself cloaked in the Virgin Mary’s humility. What was the punishment for heresy again?

I decided to expand this a little because you probably miss just how terrible she is as a person.

She appeared at first to be dressed as a pagan oracle or goddess, adorned in an elaborate see-through stripper outfit and a golden halo. She quickly proceeded from there into outright sacrilege, recreating the Last Supper and the Ascension with herself playing the part of a sexualized, female Christ. By the end, it wasn’t clear if she was trying to be Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or some sort of Egyptian divinity. I’m sure she’d answer “D”: all of the above. Not satisfied with merely being a “Queen,” as she so often refers to herself while instructing her fans to “bow down before her, Beyonce now demands to be hailed as messiah.

Please, end her career. Kill it before it – wait.

But there’s actually a ruthless and disturbing consistency between this behavior and their actual views, if not their rhetoric. They believe that the value of human life is an entirely fluid and subjective matter. The worth of a child’s life is relative to how desirable his life is to those around him.
The media wants them. Beyonce wants them. It is our subjective view of them which grants them life. Life is not something they possess of their own nature, but something that Beyonce and her fans bestow upon them.

The opposite of what Mary stood for, sacrifice.

She is up-staging her -lets. What did you expect?

“How can anyone look at that photo and not think these people have an awfully skewed sense of importance? I don’t care what color their skin is. She’s a singer. She’s not goddess of the known universe.”

“Your child is not Sir anyone . Sir is a title earned . Not a name given …Children are not extensions of the parent to be used as the see fit .”

I guess the greatest revenge is how ugly God made her kids.

I know I’m not the only one seeing this.
People say Madonna is bad…

Ripping off Egypt. But it was bad when Katy Perry did it jokingly?

Ripping off Europe again.
Can you really deny the cultural appropriation and narcissism?

India, she got away with it because she’s black.
I’m sick of defending this ice-cold cunt. She looked better before the surgery.

But there was another message from her endless Virgin Mary/Sun Goddess routine: Pregnancy is sexy.”

There is nothing she won’t profiteer from, she’s a cash cow.

The Washington Post called it a “re-appropriation” so they’re admitting it, but when black people do it to white art, it’s OK! Cultural welfarism, it really is.

My God, maybe that’s why He kept aborting her fetuses, it was a sign. Stop being such a vain cunt.

Thank God.


Stop appropriating white culture

You look like you fell out of a student production of Shakespeare.
It’s like putting Tarzan in a three-piece, you look silly.

Asians don’t suit white clothes unless they’re vaguely slutty-looking because they retain their boyish figure. The fabric dwarfs them. Look at all the Asian sites selling our 20thC. clothing – high hemlines, tight on the chest, no sleeves, bedroom fabrics.
You can’t be white, please stop trying. The fake eyelids take the cake.

white-puff-sleeves-vintage-medieval-blouse asian model
There aren’t many ladylike or high-class non-white fashions, are there?
And they can never pull them off, most insultingly.

Renaissance Italy and previously Medieval Europe. Victorian buttons.

Rococo gilding, NW European. Gold ball, bead and stud jewelry, ancient European.

Celtic tribal knots and Arthurian coronets. Yes, stealing regalia. Find me an historical non-white Princess monarchy, Princess culture is a white invention, and a key stock character in our fairytales. Does Africa have fairytales, which are traditionally set in dense forests?
The metallurgy on the right is distinctively European and looks ancient Briton, which included examples of twisted silver work.

None of these people are original.
In artistic circles, that’s theft.
Traditionally, only conquerors wore the tokens of their defeated, replaced enemy. To mock them.

Just because SJWs are too dead above the neck to beauty to study fashion history doesn’t mean the rest of the world is fooled. Two of these photos came out in the past week.
The double standards of these people make me sick.
While you’re at it, give us back the antibiotics and die of leprosy.


Some examples of proof, you can look up for yourself as well. In many cases, these things look directly lifted.

We had these before you had a culture.
Some respect is in order, if you’re going to steal our stuff and then cry White Supremacy for liking our own, advanced metallurgy.

Above: This is ancient Irish, not Egyptian.

Celtic tribal torc.

Shield detail, tribal warrior motif from the 1st century BC.
While you’re crying about the Maori.

Think very carefully before you segregate textiles too, because Europe invented most of them due to the constant weather changes and the manufacturing standard is pure British Industrial Revolution.

Racebending casting decisions

Fantasy versus Reality


It isn’t even full of white people, it’s a gynoid machine, it isn’t people!


Most anime is perverted white culture culturally appropriated by greedy Asians for shekels, to sell us back our own culture piecemeal with crappy production values. South Park is honest about that.

I thought race was a social construct?

Apparently, race mixing is only wrong when it comes to casting decisions.


Hipster food now cultural appropriation

Good. Finally, they’re following their own bloody rules.

Next up, styles of makeup (stop painting it on to look like a different race, it’s creepy) and period or country-specific clothing (if I can’t wear a toga or a kimono, fine, but you can’t wear tweed or English Rose dresses). The Asians are worst for this, they signal with all the European culture, even the chavvy crystal tat. But if you wear one Indian silk thing that an Indian person TOLD YOU to wear, they walk up to you and start the verbal abuse train. Choo choo I don’t think so you hypercritical superficial prats.


Living in a monarchy, seeing Asian tarts wearing Princess tiaras with all the hashtags makes my blood boil. I actually want to break out #my culture is not your costume hashtags at that. The people cosplaying royalty always look like the help. Beyonce was the funniest because she was so deluded and ignorant about basic social history, through all her layers of photoshop (she is not attractive, fat and looks like her tired husband) she looked like a decorated pet covered in the kid’s party section of a shop called Clintons. A sex slave, the original kind, they were originally singers and actresses so her choice was especially amusing, I saw people in person give those ads a second look like ew, nice try, what was she thinking. She was trying to look all sombre and respectable… when you can clearly see the fold where vulva meets thigh. One of those orange sellers you see in the TV shows, it’s an invitation to make an offer for their juicy bits… do they really think dressing like a whore, won’t make them look like a whore too? Yet she was standing there, still looking fat in a shopped corset, certainly not very Christian or modest as she stood in a cage skirt (I know) and sneering down her piggish nose at the camera like she could be Queen of anything other than the black girls who hate themselves for not getting surgery like her. Terrible role model. She keeps dying her hair blonde and getting it straightened, but she’ll never be white. Rihanna accepted this and I respect her for that. Rihanna actually has fun.

Don’t get me started on the Asians that get surgery to look white.
It never works. It’s like a misshapen mannequin because their bones lack our proportions. Why ruin yourself like that?
It’s uncanny valley and makes people trust you less because you literally wanna hide your face. We know what you’re supposed to look like, we are not stupid. It looks like a serial killer with a doll fetish butchered their face.

I just don’t see why they can prance around in a crown and nobody points out they look like a total prat.

If I wore an American head-dress or one of those Caribbean displays or an African wooden mask, I’d look less bad than these people, who are claiming to a bloodline that colonized them because that colonizer had wealth, it’s twisted and disturbing to watch them round the good shops. What are you doing here, this isn’t for you. Would they wear ermine Y/N. Bring back Elizabethan clothing laws, stat. They would’ve been kept in service, round the back, deemed too ugly for presentation. Yet they smother on the Playboy makeup to look worse. They’re signalling the fact they’d never in a million years be accepted into that society, it’s very, deeply weird.

A cane and monocle is about five or six social layers down from white head wear but ‘these’ baffingly pretentious people don’t even wear gloves, peasants used to wear gloves. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was Asians trying to do Ascot. You don’t look like a lady, you look like an escort. You can’t purchase Whiteness. The men looked better, possibly waiters or butlers.

Who do I blame? The wimpy fathers.

Rich daddy tells them they’re a Princess growing up… well, that has to bloody stop. We don’t tell our children they’re an Empress, do we? It’d be a bridge too far. They can’t even pull off a 20s hat or a schoolgirl headband without looking like a porn audition, there’s a jarring element to it. Foreign stuff always looks like a costume, you do not blend. Be happy being yourself FFS. Life’s too short.

Too many Asians are ‘Anglophiles’, a polite term to refer to grandiose personal branding we’re supposed to accept and encourage as complimentary (no), which is actually racist because it’s always very niche (by class and county) and acting like they can do it better than us (our culture, usually in our country) but they swan around like Prince Charles faking a dodgy accent and going on about Earl Grey. We don’t drink Earl Grey, it’s pigswill. Buy a better taste in tea, love.

Have you seen how much they spend on crockery? They don’t even heat up the pot. It isn’t cast iron like yours. It’s either enamel or porcelain. We get it at Argos, mate. It’s made in your country.

The tiara thing is very solidly European, and it’s based on ancient religious pagan rites, like weddings. They’re not to play with, it’s obnoxious like those Maori tattoos but moreso. You don’t go around with a sceptre and orb, do you? Those look less obscene. Essentially, they’re claiming colonial rule over us. They think we’re too dumb to notice.

I guess they don’t have much modern culture to signal themselves, so they have to wholesale steal ours. Make your own.

Remember that flower crown trend? Druids. They use specific druidic flowers too. There are precise rituals and uses you can look up and read about. They would feel awkward dancing around a maypole and doing many of the chase/rape games but they’ll wear the uniforms like a trend? Where do they get off?

Did anybody call them out, the little tarts at festivals doing a duckface and peace sign? noooooooo

Follow your own fucking rules.

Culture whores have none.

Colonization is purely cultural. Cut it out.

story time

The one time I almost went full SJW (never go full SJW) some lower-middle class Chinese cunt in tatty threads was hogging my space in a corner, right up in my face like she was ghetto and well hard, telling me about scones. Well, ordering, really. Like I was a child to scold about licking a knife at breakfast. Little did she know I outranked her*, but she found out later when she got the sack and blacklisted for being rude (this happens a lot in Britain, we don’t tell you, we just do it). Still to date one of the most shameful displays of arrogance I’ve ever seen, other people looked at me from across the room like do you want help and I serenely looked back like oh, I’ve got this, I’ve got this bitch. It’s like making tea with the milk first, you just don’t do it. I have tons of these stories, seriously. It’s really bad, they think because they’re foreign they have a pass on being obnoxious. I straightened up from sitting correctly (she told me off for that too), smoothed my dress (she told me to buy better dresses), gave her a pitying look, just scoffed at her and said “well, I’ve seen how the Queen does it” and tapped off in my tiny heels.

When Asians complain about ‘racism’ in the West, especially GB, they never account for their own rudeness. Worse than a pig. I’ve met nicer micropigs.

Previously, the cultures didn’t interact much and ambassadors already knew the rules. Try the food the way they tell you to, don’t signal the clothes, you can’t. Multiculturalism has been unleashed without any ground rules, and the everyday respect that used to exist has vanished as well. It goes both ways or it goes full stop. I wouldn’t need to mention this topic and I’d save a lot of hassle at benefits and galas talking to these credit card bitches if they possessed just a bit of worldly perspective and international respect. It’s all about respect.

*Know your place is about being polite because the powerful people are who you least suspect. She assumed because I was timid, I was weak and went in for the kill. I could’ve stabbed her with my stiletto. Instead I was ladylike and ignored her until she half-grabbed something off my lap. Asian women are rude cunts when the facade of fake femininity comes down. Look at the Uni students, they’re incredibly racist in their choice of friends. I can’t wait until their debt bubble bursts and Princess has to find a job in a shop where she belongs.