Formalising equality

This is both futile and a power move.
1. those rituals belong to white people exclusively
2. outsiders are not entitled to partake in our societies (appropriation, colonialism)
3. you can put a monkey in a butler costume but it can’t make you a drink.

This is intended to blockade a sense of the sublime and unique among the traditional, by making their culture into a costume.

“But the freedom of informality comes at a cost. Formality is the bulwark against some of the nastiest human impulses, and acts as a vaccine against our most dangerous tendency: forming in-groups and out-groups.”

Those form as babies.

“There’s nothing you or I or the Pope or the United Nations could do to stop humans from forming clubs, inventing or elevating meaningful markers of difference, and building fences and corrals that keep one’s group together while keeping the ‘others’ out.”

They’re trying to ban free association and free thought. Oh you can want not to hire someone, but the Race Relations Act forces you. Oh you can dislike someone but you can’t tell them.

They’re trying to conduct Batesian mimicry on white cultural signals.
It’s a new level to the evil and nobody is talking about it.
Well, ‘cept me for years calling them paper Ks.

How long til they find imitating anothers’ happiness won’t work? And they’ll blame us. But you can’t LARP as civilized, it isn’t a costume.

But r-types live to blend and imitate.

You cannot feign amygdala development for very long.

“Groups can form around any distinguishing feature, from the harmless, such as sporting teams, schools attended or favourite novels, to the nefarious, such as race, class or sex. Each person can disavow some marks of difference while clinging to others – and no person can disavow them all.

This mental virus might be incurable, but there is a vaccine: formality. Formality gives us something harmless around which to form an in-group: namely, knowledge of the rules of that particular formality, with its own trials of membership and rules of initiation.


‘Ah yes, the dress code is a bit difficult to understand… You see, it’s based on Edwardian standards, of course, so “semiformal” actually means black tie! No, no, don’t worry a bit, it is unusual…’”

Being white = mental virus. Was it Stalin or Lenin who pathologised his political opponents?

“The opportunity to be a crowing pedant about the rules of formality gives one something to do instead of in-grouping around more exclusionary traits, such as to which expensive school one went. More importantly, the rules of formality are ultimately accessible to all. Anyone can learn the etiquette and wear the tie, and so become part of the ever larger, ever more diverse in-group that practices the formality of the event.”

Traditionalists need to be talking about this.
Immigration = colonialism. It’s code for colonising our ways and holding their own as exclusive.

Dressing up like us for Halloween.

“This is a common pattern. While the London gentlemen’s clubs are well-dressed and traditional, they’re largely devoid of ceremony; instead, they’re well-appointed places to relax over meals or drinks and sniffingly observe shibboleths of the upper classes, from which syllable to stress in ‘patina’, to why one ought not to own fish knives. Meanwhile, foundationally working-class clubs, such as the Knights of Columbus or the Freemasons, deck themselves in formal ceremony and ritual. The already powerful can afford not to make too much fuss. For the up-and-coming, or the downtrodden, formality gives an unparalleled sense of membership to a grander body.”

Gentleman’s clubs violate segregation laws. I said it.
The Freemasons are rather powerful but as a cult it lends formality to its ‘religion’.

We exist to entertain non-whites apparently:

“watched as various members of the leadership tried – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – to strike away little elements of salubrious formality, when they felt the striking was good. And so, dinner’s fourth course went, but second dessert was preserved. Another night of the week became informal, but Sunday was still black tie. They chip away at traditions, forgetting that, for students, visiting fellows and new academics, these are the very things that cause rapture and delight”

Like a cultural human zoo of white archaic practices?

People give me a funny look when I say I still have roast dinner with the family. So it isn’t about certain things being nice for all, they’re trying to create a cultural hierarchy with whites at the bottom, mocking their historical practices. Look at the Karen meme mocking white motherhood.

We need cultural protection laws. Including sumptuary laws.
Funny how fuddy duddy unis had a great reputation but now run by Marxists, their rep has gone to shit.

“insist that in this brand-new, modern building, at our very first dinner, we would wear academic gowns, say grace in Latin, and pass decanters to the left. It was harder still to say the same to a dozen busy and seasoned academics who joined us. But it was the right choice, and the college is better for it. In this modern university, my students and academics come from every political, religious, social and economic background one can imagine; they don’t have anything extrinsic in which to believe together. College gives them something to believe in as a whole.””

That is a cult.

It’s a ritual, posing as tradition.

The whole West has become a human zoo, complete with larpers ogling at our culture. White people are going extinct, this is the open air reservation.

“It takes a formal, traditional, ritual-filled ancient college to make them all feel as though they’re truly of one kind – even if that ancient college is only a year old.”

Parody history.
It could be a Punch comic.

Paper Ks, told ya so.
Non-whites are being racist when they take up the mantle of white culture. There’s no other way of looking at it. It’s mocking us.

We’re not allowed to show up in a rice hat or wearing an African mask, this is 100% about white humiliation.

‘We can wear white clothes and eat in white buildings but if you do, we’ll have you arrested as a supremacist’

Like year 1 teachers insisting “everyone” share nicely – especially little white Timmy. Did you notice the darker the kid, the more often the teachers ordered you to let them steal from you? I thought No means No? Early reinforcement – nothing belongs to you, nothing is exclusively yours. 

I’ve had to teach adults to properly use cutlery (after they accused me of doing it wrong in public and looked like morons). Let’s face it, they’re never going to fit in. Clown world denies group IQ, especially the national.


First they claim emotional appeal for the outgroup (19th C.) – pity your inferiors! (Pity is Christian pride).

Then they claim human flaws only for white culture (20th C.) which must be ‘dismantled’.

Then they become vultures to the token powers of white culture, for status signalling (cultural appropriation).*

Then they hold those up as universal tokens, still following a white power (Empire) hymn sheet.

*They literally admit they’re doing it now.


This whore:

lol dressing up like dead whites bitches – cunts

Note the Satanic gesture

Skin so bleached she now looks ill

And we’re not allowed to say anything

They’ll keep doing this until the controlled ops pretend to finally notice. The appropriation stuff is projection of what they’re doing (main CM tactic) and the right wing just leave it as a topic, they don’t touch it with a barge-pole aka what they want.


Why are white women wearing gold jewellery?

  1. why do black Americans think white Americans = all white people? Europe exists. It’s a whole continent of white people. Theoretically.
  2. why do black Americans think everything they do is original when they’re in a country built by other people? With a culture legally based on, among other things, the rights of Englishmen? “Hispanics” get offended when you point out they’re speaking and culturally pulling from Spain, a white country.
  3. why do ‘black’ Americans think they’re even black? At best, they’re mixed, raceless. They’re not the standard of black. There’s a whole continent full of black people, Africa still exists, full-blooded people who don’t give a shit about petty “American” problems. Get over yourself.

American privilege?

You cease being African when you become American. That’s the point. You have a homeland to move to, if it’s so oppressive. Why is there no European American? Hyphen Americans aren’t real.

But like they do with so many other trends, non-Black women often latch onto and let go of the latest craze with little regard to where it originated, while simultaneously perpetuating a pejorative narrative about the demographic group responsible for the trend in the first place. Of course, fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but true allyship acknowledges and pays homage to the community responsible for said trend and doesn’t criminalize the community while essentially gentrifying its style.

Their so-called nameplates are often in Gothic Latin scripts (fonts). Not to mention English.

Don’t try to fucking correct me on jewellery and medieval fonts, I will come for you.

Like a thief in the night. The Ls give it away.

You’re trying to trick an Englishwoman – about English fonts. You’re bound to lose. I grew up reading it. We all grew up seeing it. Why do you do this, America? We still have shop signs in that script. It’s the least edgy thing ever. It’s like a fudge shop sign.

And name plates in general?

Hello this was our Queen.


Literal slave owners wore gold hoops first.

Pictured: Roman snake bracelet

wikipedia “Snake bracelets were often worn in pairs, around the wrists as well as on the upper arms

So no, the way you wear them isn’t African either.

Although they did own Africa, kinda.

Pictured: Roman armlet

Pictured: Medusa pendant

Pictured: Roman cameos

WHERE WERE YOU? Note: they’re pale as Casper the ghost.

Pictured: ancient European gold body chain. Hoxne hoard. Roman gold, design found in Britain. England specifically.

We invented this, shove off.

Pictured: Greek earrings. Cherubs!

Pictured: more Greek gold earrings, Eros!




Maybe them and the Asians wouldn’t be so insecurely thieving our clothing if they could establish a thriving culture in the present day.

Is our culture a costume?

They look ridiculous.

Credit: Stop being a pleb

Nobody says a word. To know who rules over you…. find the biggest Marxist with the deepest pockets.

Smells like weeb spirit.

Next they’ll steal the Gregorian calendar.

Disney is doomed

I was just told this exists. I had no idea this happened. I thought it was a 4chan thing.

Bad animal CGI films need to stop. They needed to stop about 15 years ago.

They’re trying so hard to pretend anyone wants to watch that Tessa woman.

All she does is smirk and be ugly in a variety of outfits (Westworld). And make some tasteless bi joke. Even as a voice, she is grating.

She already ruined Thor. She’s just so dull.


I don’t rly like the way they made Lady sound so pompous when she shouldn’t be

That’s just Tessa.

And changing the main couple…. who would pay for this?

Even Midwestern parents are now smart enough to boycott demon mouse and the Satanic head honchos.

Disney is gonna bomb so hard. They dare not even release this to cinemas.

Money doesn’t buy class

Worse of all, it isn’t her money.

I’m actually starting to warm to her for the gall of it.

Because Harry is a bigger dick than her. The “whites are always right” numpties are just trying to excuse bad behaviour.

This is a rant.

I don’t trust any woman with a personal brand blog and no sarcasm, especially fashion. Wearing clothes is not a skill. The craziest bitches are weirdly sincere about their ‘blogging is work’ choo choo cuckoo train. Whether it’s this or the stay at home whores (no kids!*) claiming to be “traditional” as an excuse to grow their ass and accrue sun damage while being just as oddly narcissistic as instawhores and thots. Stop it.

*Technically, a married woman can be kept and it’s just as trashy as adultery, if not moreso. Get off your arse and work, bitch. Sloth is a deadly sin.

There’s a definite rise in gaudy people in society, instructed by social media.

The tackiest thing are the abusive Asian parents who force their child to learn white music on the violin, of all the cultural appropriation, that’s the tackiest. There are videos of them all over the internet being snobs about it, like anyone cares about the grandiose delusions of rice farmer kin.

This isn’t the sodding Regency, where we gather in living rooms and humour controlling parents. Stop.

Most white people haven’t even listened to any Mozart in full, nobody gives a shit.

Your parents worked in a gift shop, fuck off. That’s your level, go back from whence you came, culture thots!

Likewise, Sparkles is hardly the next Dior or even Ted Baker.

Forced association was a mistake, it shows multiculturalism up for the lie it is. The farce would be harder to detect otherwise.

They can go to the same events, pretend to have the same hobbies, wear our clothes (which almost all of them do) and listen to our music, it changes nothing. Culture is chromosomal, you cannot buy into it. They shouldn’t even want to, they would do better embracing their own and shunning us, rather than riding coat-tails their whole life as a token joke (all tokens are long-running jokes), how exhausting, how humiliating. How do they think whites became predominant? The biggest white supremacists right now are all ironically non-white. 

By dressing, speaking and acting like us, you’re telling us we’re superior.

It’s uncanny valley. You don’t ape inferiors. That’s the signal.

White people around race LARPers:

You’re not allowed to tell them how fucking stupid they look.

I imagine it’s the same with blacks and white guys with dreadlocks, or the white guy dressing in bright Buddhist robes and being a prick. The pure utter fucking CRINGE of these people.

STAHP race-larping. STAHP it. I blame cosplayers for starting this shit.

Picture Cindy from CA in a rice hat, this is so dumb.

The American red flower dress from 80s cop shows that people associate with Asia is actually American as a design as well, so it doesn’t even work the other way. They have to face the fact there’s nothing we want to imitate.

Cherry blossoms are a big deal 100% because of Van Gogh.

Meanwhile, they have plastic surgery so involved to make a Russian blush

Looks like a Mr Potatohead Nose and the jaw is ….broken.

Note: she isn’t white, Jewess. That damn nose. I doubt the left pic is the original either. They’re notorious for coming back to school after summer holiday age 14/15 with a new nose. It doesn’t help.


You can alter the shape but not the fleshiness or the harsh bones of the face.

There’s also the saying “when a girl with a nose job smiles, her old nose grows back” for that reason.

The underlying bones and musculature do not change. Reason instahoes no smiley but all pouty.


The race larping goes to such extremes among the non-white

-yet they still want 8 year-old looking faces…. not weird at all.

One easy tell for surgery, the sexual maturity of face and body do not match.

A woman with those hips would not have those lips. A woman with those tits would not have plain eyes. A woman with that waist would not have stick arms or a piggy nose. Following all the trends at once doesn’t fit, how many of those traits were In the first time she was seen with them? e.g. was she curvy before it was the thing, when athletic skinny was? They can only come after if they’re following. Do they express dissatisfaction if the In shape changes from ‘their’ type? If it’s real, a level of idgaf occurs. Personally I want my body shape out of style so the thots fuck off.

They come up to me and ask about my surgery. Yeah, my ‘clinic’ was called DNA, you whore.

“Where did you get X done?” Er… My conception? Like, what do I even say to that?

No feminazi DARE talk about THAT sexual harassment. And they try to make it sound so casual too. There’s no casual way to say “I think your tits are fake” to a stranger.

or whatever body part or feature

This is not the Real Housewives of Fuckwhatistan. You just don’t speak to people like that. This happens to other natural women I know (some with huge breasts, just amazing how they’re walking upright really) and we’re disgusted with our own sex for it. It might be behind declining SJWism, as the fake people assume everyone else is fake too and try to make that behaviour seem ‘friendly’. If I’m in the frozen section of Waitrose during a heatwave, fuck off commenting on my arse as I bend over to get the better ice cream. This actually happened, I almost slapped her. A man can’t get away with that shit.

They make lewd comments about men too, the skanks. Our men are not your fresh meat, mystery meat.

The things you hear in the Harrods cafe are similarly abysmal. I am literally here for a cake. One, one cake. A tenner is not that much, really. This is not a special place. It’s a shop. Stop treating it like a brothel. If you try to seduce the same sex, they’ll assume you’re a lesbian and also reject you socially. I’ve been told I’m fat** (but jk, lol, right?), I’m going to get fat or too much sugar (how do you know what’s in this cake, bitch? Do you have x-ray vision for calories?) will make me fat (literally none of your f-ing business). Buying one cake. One little eclair size cake.

I did not sign up for negging, I got off the train early for a cake.

It’s like, 300 calories. Tops. You can’t get fat over that. A small Diet Coke is more! The good shit isn’t pumped with fattening chemicals and filler, that’s why it’s expensive!

**I have never, ever been fat. Also, calling my ‘ass’ fat is NOT a compliment. Why are people like this?

I also get the look up and down when food shopping of any kind because it’s not vegan rabbit carbs. Sometimes the cashier gives me shit about ‘cancer’ and ‘the planet’, unless it’s Waitrose. You can wear a clown costume with a wizard hat and princess sceptre in there and nobody gives a shit. Meanwhile: There’s a reason you’re a cashier in a Tesco in a train station, Chan, stop doling out wrong medical advice with a side of muh global temperatures. Ring up the fucking custard creams and STFU – I say with my eyes.

Pretty sure the professionalism is 90% why people go to expensive shops. Vive la robot replacement.

Unmentioned: 75% of the time this is from OTHER women, although the 25% male is objectively worse (rape threats, mostly).

It’s such an insult to assume everyone’s had surgery, especially as an icebreaker with a stranger. And no-touchy, I don’t want your herpes. Only in London do you run the risk of more cold approaches by some expensive slit than trashbag men. I hate it. I can vent that here because it’s relevant and clearly not for attention or praise. I wanna move but then remember, no, I belong here, THEY move!

I don’t want to be befriended by some chucklefuck Kazzimski from Jewish Russia thinking I can get her “In” with a rich crowd she can gold dig from, with her grubby stubby dwarf hands. They see women as softer targets when actually the opposite is true in fact but it’s still bloody insulting. Like, you’re standing in my country, don’t act as if you own the place. You’re a tourist.

Your cultural visa has expired, you’ll be deported shortly. Brexit, war, whatever.

You can tell if a person is for real because there’s a strict no gold diggers policy. Anyone trying to look ‘expensive’ in layers of beige cotton (cough Sparkles cough) or giving off that distinctly Russian prostitute vibe is a fucking black ball to a social re-invite, because you’re held responsible for people you introduce. If they turn out to be prize cunts, you suffer in reputation because everyone trusted your reference. They were under your roof. So they target the women as ’emotional’ or some shit, we see them coming a mile off with their pink Chanel beach totes (this season) and 2.55 crapbags (black caviar, silver hardware, the tacky 80s clasp, taken every-where like we care or some garish colour like chunder green) and it’s like… no. No, ho. No.

We protect our kind, step off from my fren.

I’m actually put off getting a 2.55 or a Chanel tote purely because of these people. The sociopathic ones who imagine they’ll ‘steal’ all your rich friends. Rich people don’t spend money on their friends, though?

I don’t care if they’re poor either, stay the F away from my person.

There’s a principle of possessiveness, a protective one, that a lot of whites seem to have lost. Do not introduce your friends to new people, to people you barely know or who seem The Type. You can keep them at arm’s length to better avoid them. That’s the new segregation. Table scraps, because they’re dogs.

Begging for attention.

The Asians with Chanel are the absolute worst for this. Head to toe in trendy bullshit. Black women are usually smart enough to keep it to accessories, which they can actually pull off.

Non-shallow men find them dull but off-putting. Women don’t wanna deal with them either. Then there’s the jealous fatties, loud fatties who had lipo, just so much bullshit.

I think all the cowardly ‘racist’ baiting to get college places et al is really a projected self-hatred because they want so badly to be white, thinking the grass is greener. Nope, plenty of tacky, miserable white people too.

Being good at imitation is not culture, there’s no soul, you’ll never be one of Us so you’ll never get soul for that music. Sucking up to the outgroup is FIRM middle-class ponce.

Jews and Irish Catholics aren’t allowed in country clubs (because they’re also tacky and take it over with relatives), Asians are considered dog-eating social climbers. The epitome of the vulgar Riche.

The violin, in particular, is an instrument you hire OTHERS to play FOR YOU.

It’s the HELP.

It’s only cute if it’s YOUR child. They might as well be playing fireman.

When you know, you just know.

The New Money always assume they can buy certain hobbies and position but it’s a way of life and seeing it that they’ll never, EVER get.

I know snobs, I can be a snob at times. Well-heeled snob is genetic, you can lose all the monies and be one. Being a snob as an act isn’t enough and the act falls flat on any topic of controversy to outsiders.

For instance:

There’s also furniture colour. Namely, the observation that if most of their furniture is white, their children probably aren’t. If most of their furniture is brown, their children are probably white.

If it’s clear, they most likely have no children (bachelors). Glass is unsafe for children and acrylic both cheap and sharp cornered.

There’s my proof of all the above. Regular people don’t notice this shit until you point it out. There’s a parody song in that one waiting to happen. Do it, TRS.

The midwit people who white-wash antiques or chop up books for ‘art’ have a special layer in Hell.

Credit: Stop being a pleb

There are linguistic turns you won’t hear on TV (therefore, largely unknown in common tongue, either). It can be shocking to snowflakes and the foreign. It find it hilarious to drop them in conversation e.g. no use of gay, they’re homos. Just very literal speech.

To cry about that is to imply those things are BAD.

Asians are lumped in with the other browns, because they are. See BBC use of “Asian” for their rep.

Only trailer trash people or middle-middle class race mixers in parts of cucked America “consider” them white. It’s like “identifying” as a different sex, you can’t.

But tongue posture varies by language (or race)

Given the lookism data and non-harmful, non-genetic nature of this, it seems fine.

However, it may only be possible to enhance certain races e.g. NW Europeans and native, dominant speakers of certain languages e.g. English, Old English.

I’m not messing with you. This once.

I haz receipts.
Peter Ladefoged wrote: “Many BBC English speakers have the tip of the tongue raised towards the roof of the mouth in the general location of the alveolar ridge, but many American English speakers simply bunch the body of the tongue up so that it is hard to say where the articulation is”.[6]


The ‘orthotropic’ principle!

The extension to the IPA recommends the use of the IPA diacritics for “apical” and “centralized”, as in ⟨ɹ̺, ɹ̈⟩, to distinguish apical and domal articulations in transcription. However, this distinction has little or no perceptual consequence, and may vary idiosyncratically between individuals.[7]

Culturally, actually. Close.

How many of these guys with facial issues speak American, not proper English?

Not judging, per se, just ….noticing.

Why are the Brits considered generally better looking than comparable American men?

Could it be that, to us, they sound stupid because, among other things, they sound drunk? They literally sound like they’re slurring.

Again English English is the only real English, tongue posture is immensely important. It would be like using a hammer wrong and wondering why it hurts, this is important. Common Core is opposed to elocution lessons, wonder why.
And reminder, language is genetic in origin.

“Mutation rates are required only for adding a time scale to both trees. Based on the topologies of trees generated from both the genetic and linguistic data, the inference of the parallel evolution of genes and languages in Caucasus is supported, despite controversies about the mutation rates.”

Parallel evolution, you can’t just take another race’s language and expect fluency on par with a genetic native. This might contribute to, say, Africans’ lower tests score, at least a little.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree etc.

The blogs full of historical handsome men leads me to believe Victorian English was particularly good for male facial structure (on women you don’t notice so much)

e.g. the difference to now in

“Flapped” or “Tapped” R: alveolar flap [ɾ] (About this soundlisten) (occurs in Scouse, most Scottish English, some South African, Welsh, conservative Irish and Northern England English, and early twentieth-century Received Pronunciation; not to be confused with flapping of /t/ and /d/)

A lot of Welsh models, almost untouched pristine language rearing, just saying. If a beautiful Welshman moves to America and adopts the accent, over time his facial beauty weakens.

18th and 19th century Americans (listen on youtube) sounded British. Rural British.

This faded out mid-20th century, with the rise of TV monoculture, when the American man’s face seemed to weirdly cave in like a child’s.

Gay men with excellent facial beauty (women admire) also have precise language, old-fashioned dialect. They know, they’re shallow.

How many Hollywood actors are posh?

Schools used to teach elocution. Why no longer? It’s part of speaking a language.

I’ve actually had to tell men that texting over talking will weaken their jaw.

They didn’t know. It’s a MUSCLE.

The digital native Millennials have overall worse jawlines than Gen X. Coincidence?

When old people age, they have fewer people to talk to, speeding up atrophy.

I have met researchers on these disparate topics so can bring you these threads, albeit short of resolution. Research needed, obviously. It is just really interesting. Like, even eating with cutlery made white people have more civilized jaws.

But forcing the proven brain delay of bilinguilism is bad for them, not to mention could be impossible due to differences.

Genetic variations of the COMT gene and a measure of the strength of the brain’s communications network — known as “white matter”— jointly accounted for 46 percent of the reason for why some students performed better than others in the language class.

So girls are better at it.

A waste of a class, must never be compulsory.

But being well-spoken literally makes men hotter to women. We can see it in how their face moves.

How many rappers look like mouth-breathers? [Whites invented rap, called flyting].

Flyting is a ritual, poetic exchange of insults practised mainly between the 5th and 16th centuries. The root is the Old English word flītan meaning quarrel. Examples of flyting are found throughout Norse, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval literature involving both historical and mythological figures.

Crushes on matinee idols are not a coincidence. Speech, song, poetry. All of it helps.

Etiquette had benefits. I very much want to benefit from telling men this.

Celebrate your replacement

I wish bitchute allowed embeds.

And different play speeds.

And right-click URL saves.

Ah well.

Can’t help but notice the Purge didn’t touch shills like Stefan.

He still putting white men against white women? Huh.

His friends still multicultural cunts? Huh.

He constantly complain about demographics and offer no real solutions but the same circlejerk for literally YEARS now? How many years can he pull the same 5 topic videos up before his fanboys notice?

  1. single mothers but never the father
  2. women are whores but only white women, ignore data and white men spreading STDs, becoming sub-fertile and becoming deadbeats is fine, goy
  3. muh IQ but don’t remove kebab because freedumbs, mention citizenship and never birthright
  4. crime but don’t bother looking at neurogenetics, holy shit balls no, this happened because somebody got slapped
  5. the big SJW thing you wouldn’t know nor care about to waste your time on, that he wants you to waste your life on instead of actually being Western culture yourself

Pink pill bitches still trust Stefan and his Gorilla Dick, Muslim-impregnating fren.

He keeps you in a lower state of vibration, prevented from full awakening. Isn’t allowed to talk r/K anymore and JF’s channel got nuked.  Huhh.
Cares so much about the West he tells rare white men to move to populous Asia (killing Christians) and kill their heritage with medical issue mixed kids. Talks about divorce rates but never actually goes into mixed race unions, domestic abuse rates (his specialty? odd) and their lower mongrel IQs. Nor the higher crime rate of mixed kids (even Eurasians!), mental illness and higher promiscuity…. but he knows about r-types. Huh.

Never plugs Anonymous Conservative though, which isn’t suspicious at all.

IQ of the West is lower? Which eugenicists in the 20s could’ve possibly predicted this? Don’t look at national IQs of Asia, don’t look at regression to the mean (Galton) and with repeated crop failures, don’t you dare look at the Malthusian trap brought on by zero spare arable land globally.

Let’s blame single mothers who weren’t allowed abortions like women can conceive magically by themselves, not politicians, Soros, Boomer voters, various immigration and Race Relations Acts removing freedom of association, pathological altruists, statists etc. Kick down at people with ruined lives because white and female. Such a nice guy, definitely a nationalist, insulting most of the national white populace!

Don’t look at the data of most white women who say they are not feminists.

Don’t mention that most ‘gender politics’ is inherently just classism. White/male/whatever privilege is middle-class privilege, it’s all class war. SJWs aren’t allowed to talk about classism you see. The focus on other demographic details is false consciousness they must keep you plugged into, so Suzy at WaPo has less privilege than the guy doing her sink. Who does most blue collar work? White people. Who does most middle-class work now? Asians, according to the UK census of wealth averages. Who’s privileged, Suzy?

[OT but I wish “it was my privilege” came back as a phrase, so much potential]

Brexit wasn’t a male vote, neither was Trump. It was class and then race.

“Class splits emerged, with the rich and well educated beaten Out of the 28-nation bloc by poorer, working class voters.”
“Lord Ashcroft ’s research also found no difference between how men and women voted – despite eve-of-poll claims women were more likely to vote In.”

That’s called psyops.

“The rich and middle-classes were more pro-EU.”

pro-cheap nannies

“The AB group backed Remain by 57% to 43%, while the poorer C2DE category was almost two-thirds in favour of quitting, voting Out by 64% to 36%, according to Lord Ashcroft .”
“Ethnic minorities and Muslims were Remainers, while whites and Christians were Outers.”

Stefan ignores this. For three years. He just forgot?

“White voters voted to Leave the EU by 53% to 47%.
“Two thirds (67%) of those describing themselves as Asian voted to Remain, as did three quarters (73%) of black voters.
“Nearly six in ten (58%) of those describing themselves as Christian voted to Leave; seven in 10 Muslims voted to Remain.”

So don’t tell me Abdul off the boat from Asia is more patriotic than the tea lady down the road. They’re hiding this data from you on purpose. Disinfo. The Left cannot force women to vote for them so their best bet is making their own men turn against them and push them leftward.

What are the men doing? Well, have you looked at union membership for the past century?

Don’t look at the data of Far-Left activists being 84% MALE and living at home.

He still interviews emo boy after emo boy and coerce them to blame women their age, instead of…. anyone else? Like the economy and bankers? Yup.

Who has been untouched is a who’s who of controlled ops.


Note: On the Offensive is 100% legit. We love you, man.

“Pirate” accents are classist and anti-white

That’s just how we originally sounded. Still should should.

Estuary is an improvement on the pretentious modern bollocks of RP.

The comment about heritage hit me in the gut. At school it’s common to be told you’re speaking wrong because you sound too “regional” as an insult aka not right off the banana boat.

Learning the wrong dialect actually shapes the palette of your mouth in childhood.

So really it’s a minor attempt at cultural genocide.

Tongue position is also a major factor in attractiveness.

The 50s deliberately tried to eradicate regional accents at school. People write papers about British accents. Like rhotic and non-rhotic.

Skin lighteners are whitefishing?

She should’ve laughed and said “what are you gonna do about it?”
Now they’ll never leave her alone, they smell blood in the water.

You don’t get to police another’s skin colour, right?

Top comment
“It happens in every culture. You see Blac Chyna out there acting as a spokesperson for a skin lightening cream… so how is ‘blackfishing’ a “cultural appropriation” but when black people lighten their skin or straighten their hair, it’s not? I’m really sick of the double standard.

They’re just jealous.


If she looked bad, would they care?

“Oh the double standards, but it¿s perfectly fine for the opposite to dress, put fake hair, even put whitening cream on. Please people can be whoever they want to be, this world of judgemental attitudes needs a cleanse.”
Nothing about blue contacts and blonde wigs.

“It’s okay to be white.”
I know plenty of black girls with no arse actually, and Brits with huge ones.
Funny they assume all white people look alike. Her pretty face still looks white, she looks Polish.

Caked in muddy foundation but still.

“Kim made ugly popular”

I think they’re just pissed off she looked how they get surgery to look.
they say ‘accused’ like it’s a crime, so sad

U jelly?

You can tell there’s no facial plastic surgery (except lip fillers) because her old nose doesn’t grow back when she smiles like the rhinoplasty people.


She doesn’t have classic Jew girl nose that magically shrinks one summer over the school holidays, that’s another thing they hate.

Imagine one month with no make-up, it’d be hilarious.

Empirical appropriation?

Read it and weep, intellectually dishonest history re-writers.

From link in this.


They’ll claim Newton was Asian next.

You didn’t write these formulae or the many treatise on empiricism that makes science formally a method. It’s like when they try to call ancient philosophers ‘psychologists’ when Galton is probably spinning in his grave, clutching all the mathematics he brought to invent the field of psychometrics. He invented correlations and developed fingerprint technology when most people were still starting fires to cook dinner. Sure, give dick-measuring Freud credit, sounds fair.

Psychology is a “behavioural science” aka it needs maths!

The National Science Foundation (NSF) definition of STEM fields includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, computer and information sciences, and the social and behavioral sciences – psychology, economics, sociology, and political science (National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, 2009).”
Wilhelm Wundt opened the Institute for Experimental Psychology at the University of Leipzig in Germany in 1879. This was the first laboratory dedicated to psychology, and its opening is usually thought of as the beginning of modern psychology. Indeed, Wundt is often regarded as the father of psychology.”

Freud opened his office in Vienna in 1886, for comparison.

Get over yourself. Even the Gutenberg press making the wide publication of scientific materials possible was European.

[inb4: Engineers aren’t scientists either.]

Nowadays the Method could actually be patented so ownership claims are valid and vital parts of legally-protected cultural heritage.

“Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values. Cultural Heritage is often expressed as either Intangible or Tangible Cultural Heritage (ICOMOS, 2002).”

Ideologies too, including the invented philosophy of secular empiricism (not religious-based).

“Driving force behind all definitions of Cultural Heritage is:
it is a human creation intended to inform (John Feather, 2006).”

Methods of information in a race.

The more formalized, the better!

“Having at one time referred exclusively to the monumental remains of cultures, cultural heritage as a concept has gradually come to include new categories. Today, we find that heritage is not only manifested through tangible forms such as artefacts, buildings or landscapes but also through intangible forms. Intangible heritage includes voices, values, traditions, oral history. Popularly this is perceived through cuisine, clothing, forms of shelter, traditional skills and technologies, religious ceremonies, performing arts, storytelling. Today, we consider the tangible heritage inextricably bound up with the intangible heritage. In conservation projects we aim to preserve both the tangible as well as the intangible heritage.”

culture (includes precise philosophy and its movements) and technologies as a result of culture, what could that refer to?

On another note, white people have a legal right as a race to the exclusive use of our own symbols, including art, stories, architecture, fashions and food!

Give it back, you racist bigots.

They didn’t tell you that, did they?

Brief detour before the big reveal.

You have exclusive rights to your People’s

“traditional skills and technologies”
“objects, artistic expressions”

Picture Trump in a rice hat. Imagine their reaction. ….But this is fine.




It’s embarrassing when you have no culture of your own to wear.

I’m big on earring archaeology.

“The ubiquitous coin necklace makes for the perfect starting point when layering—let it be your focal point and build from there.” “Pair a wider chain link necklace with your dainty pendants for the perfect contrast to your layers.” “Play with texture by mixing and matching different style chains with one another so each individual piece stands out.”

You mean like this?

Plagiarizing the style of dead Athenians from their very tombs. Shame on you.

On food, for fun.

It reminds me of the food lies (Dutch baby is an American name in the 1900s) like Americans stealing Yorkshire puddings and abusing them by covering them in sugary bullshit.
“Manca’s Cafe claimed that it owned the trademark for Dutch babies in 1942.” – wikipedia
“The prefix “Yorkshire” was first used within a publication by Hannah Glasse in 1747
or how pizzas date back to 1570, long before America.
Mac & cheese to the 15th century


Further reading: an important philosophical figure on par with Newton

was English.

Technically, Science (Method) was invented by the English.


That’s why everyone hates us, we invented pretty much everything.

“Francis Bacon discovered and popularized the scientific method, whereby the laws of science are discovered by gathering and analyzing data from experiments and observations, rather than by using logic-based arguments.”

Discovered = invented.

It isn’t a natural phenomena so ‘discovered’ is an inaccurate legal term.

Older books say invented.

It also has a true, academic name.

The Baconian method marked the beginning of the end for the 2,000-year-old natural philosophy of Aristotle, unleashing a wave of new scientific discoveries, particularly in the hands of devotees such as Robert Boyle.

Philosophy is not science, no math, no method. Bacon really invented falsifiability.

OT but

The above points were important because if you were taught these core fundamentals, you’d know 7 points in IQ is gigantic, especially in one generation. You could lose less than that with blunt force head trauma.

Since it’s rooted to a norm value of 100, that’s 7% of mind power. Compounding, heritable mental degeneration.

So Jews really aren’t white?

They’re pissed off at genetics. Are they going to buy me a straightener?

I think they’re confusing Europeans with Asians, which is the worst part.

Asians don’t have curly hair. But they say white people.

Okay, ban hair styling treatments as a kinda cosmetic racism? Nah, they wouldn’t. They don’t have the ladyballs.

Shape and hair growth are genetic. And RACIAL, yes.

You’re appropriating long hair with your weaves?

And what’s with the red dye? That’s racist against the Irish.

Contact lenses? What’s wrong with looking black and having dark brown eyes?
You seem to have internalized racism, bitches.

See, it’s worth pushing this point because cultural heritage triggers them.

Freedom of appearance is part of freedom of association.

Think how circumcision is “justified” for Christian Americans, aka it might make Jews feel left out, no freedom of choice!

And differences in appearance allow you to make informed choices about who to associate with. It’s critical information. Personally, I avoid forearm tattoos, there’s always some abuse background there.

First they ridiculed looking white, then acting white…

Believe me, I know. This is how they eventually boiled the frog until they could steal a MAGA hat because suddenly they can dictate your racial appearance.

It’s like biting into a fruit, to get at the seeds, they must start with the skin (appearance), then attack the flesh (personality, behaviours) and then finally they can outright attack the seed (whiteness).