Asian SJWs overtake Jews, discuss ‘Nuanced Racism’

They’re slowly turning on the white weebs too. It’s the high T, look at the lawyer jaw and beady eyes.

Every other race hates themselves due to a general lack of achievement by comparison, white people have to undergo re-education via school indoctrination and even then, the white guilt breaks loose sometimes. As these people rise in status, the white ‘allies’ will hear exactly what is really thought about them. The memes were the start, from Basic Becky to Karen. The Emma Watsons assume they’ll always be on top, and this is never so. They are temporary stepping stones for cultural invaders. I haven’t heard a white woman be SJW in years, it’s great. They’re waking up. You were never friends, she was sabotage.
Since Asians are now mostly running the show, SJW talking points have imploded in quality. It’s great.
Sure, you can replace white women and get the eyelid surgery, but you cannot be whiteness. There is no imitation of that essential soul. As for immigrations to the US, the faux patriotism is funny, a house divided. Just test the waifu by spouting the dumbest political opinion and watch the gold digger agree. It’s called securing the bag because they calculated how long they need to be married for max alimony.

NOTE: this topic also applies to Jews, who claim to be Asian themselves. Hours of fun will be had as they try to claim both White (not European) and Asian simultaneously. Shapiro will get whiplash.

The model minority shit is a myth, statistically. It’s a weeb cope started by Jews. They still vote Left. That’s why the LEFT calls them that. They’re aggrieved, reliable voters. Do successful people have a victim mentality?


That’s 100% how you can tell that they just fetishize certain Asians and aren’t attracted based on shared common physical characteristics. If it were truly because aspects of the phenotypical traits were attractive, it wouldn’t have mattered if you said you were native American, they still should have shown interest.

DS: they want the ones that resemble little kids. The nationality is used as a cue to the child-like docile personality. Increasingly, there are more Asian SJWs than ‘white’ for this reason, even including Jews. They hate the porn addicts, which most weebs are. Eventually it’ll be racist to look at an Asian femoid.

They’re attracted by the culture usually, not the actual appearance. It’s just that the appearance is a massive giveaway.

DS: Race-mixing propaganda, they believe it’s a status signal. Until she divorces them. I can see why. They’re unfit husbands. Shallow selection, shallow outcome. Marry in lust, repent at leisure.

Yesss! I felt this! As a Southeast Asian (with no home affiliated country – I’m Hmong), I love the Asian support but always feel super sad because most stories don’t represent my communities or our stories are pushed down because they’re associated with poor, refugee stories and not the glamorous model minority stories

DS: The socialist/Marxist countries pay a lot for their own propaganda. Even Singapore, look at debt/GDP. It’s a Marxist shithole.
131%, that is not a typo.
They draw in dumb white men and they’ll ass-rape them with exit taxes when the state goes pop. Assuming they let them leave, like the Chink husbands bitching about being made to feel unwelcome. They already have camps for you. Hush now. It’ll be over soon. They never keep the useful idiots long. White men go missing all the time. We should pay them for saving us money and trouble.

As a mixed person myself being half Nicaraguan quarter Thai and Filipino. I realized when I began making more Asian friends that places like Thailand the Philippines were really looked down on. Like I had “friends” that would invalidate my Asian heritage. Saying things like oh but Jaz you’re not really Asian you’re jungle Asian. Or you don’t really look Asian because you’re more dark sinned. And I totally understand the parents not wanting to teach their native language because they don’t feel like it would help me succeed. Like what ? Or even being Nicaraguan and not more prominent Latinx cultures like Mexico. It’s really frustrating when others do that because there’s not active representation of just how large and culturally even ethnically diverse Asia is.

DS: The female mixes are rebelling. Interesting. I notice they seem to be ascribing to the child-free model of SJW brainwashing. Nature corrects mistakes by reducing the desire to procreate in them. You cannot expect natural desires in an unnatural half-breed. Yet, some do.

Its funny I actually brought this up with some trendy, woke Asian friend’s who preach “stop asian hate” yet talk crap about “other” Asian’s and Asian guy’s. They didn’t like that I pointed out their hypocrisy. Glad I’m not the only one who sees this in the Asian community.

DS: Why would they want their own men when there’s a white neckbeard simp willing to fund them? I linked to a woman in, I think the Economist openly bragging that while Asian men rejected her, white men wouldn’t.
All they have to do is pretend to agree with 100% of his political opinions. They’re dumb enough to think this is possible. Women never agree 100% or that is a transsexual, Sir.
In addition, Asia’s fastest growing religion is Islam, so the pervy tourists will probably be decapitated by the Sharia culture they memed at some point. This also debunks the myth of a high IQ. Nobody talks about it.

Overtime I just gave up trying to connect to my local culture at all. As I just felt burnt out from all the passive aggressive comments and discriminations due to me being mixed.. I love my family and home, and I respect my culture and ethnicities, no matter how mixed I am. I’d just rather be myself and not engage with any hierarchy bullshit.

DS: As you’ll notice from these mixed Asian youtubers themselves, however conservathot they claim to be, they’re not actually having kids. It’s just a long cock carousel case.
And why would they feel racial loyalty when they have no race? Race is an exclusive term. Mixed is not a race. They don’t have one. They are dispossessed of one and abandoned, racially. You won’t stir any prideful sentiment from it. It’s like the ‘intersex’ are neither male nor female. They don’t have a sex.

To be frank, the term “Asian” in the American context composes the majority of the world population. Bundling all these people together by whatever ambiguous factors is really just the incompetence of racism. For instance, the hierarchy referred to in this clip is not a consensus by “Asians” in anyway. If you talk to any Japanese, Korean or Chinese, they will likely give you different hierarchy rankings on so-called Asian tiers.
I’d also say all “Asians” should get alone because “Asians” also sound very much like colonialism, but I sympathize with this comes from second generations and above. The concept of Asian is baked in, and so is the lack of understanding. I regard the sentiment as purely well-intentioned.

DS: Yes, they’re the most r-selected race because they’re the most populous and emigrating, far moreso than Africans. She even threatens this white genocide in the video at the end, since they’re spreading like locust into white countries. Also, would they prefer Mongoloid? That used to mean Asian. Not even an insult but their behaviours made it so, like Paki.

1 of 2. We Europeans hated each other: Slav (is where the word slave comes from), the Irish, Italians, Catholics Europeans, (a lot hate if your European and a different religion).
2 of 2. I asked someone from England her Christian demination. And she was shocked: she said, they don’t talk about that in the U.K.

DS: We’re still genetically rather homogeneous as an island, just with colonies of invaders in sleeper cell pockets, some more obvious than others. Why would we talk about religion when it’s the same religion? This isn’t America. We’re relieved not to ‘celebrate diversity’ like America, who are told their country was founded off it rather than our blood and toil. Our kin died for American non-whites to live so well. We never forgot, it’s considered a tragic waste. We also founded Protestantism so all your splinters belong to us. There are no valid denominations, it’s just an off-shoot of the Church of England.

growing up as a filipino-american I’ve seen this asians are racists to other asians junk first hand. However I am enjoying this current renaissance in Pinoy representation in the media and pop culture lately.

DS; weeb’s kids are more likely to smoke, do drugs and sleep around as teenagers, there are studies. This idea they’ll be less degenerate is completely the opposite of how introducing novel genes works. They wouldn’t need brainwashing adverts with a white simp and Strong Tiger Mom if it were natural.

Comic: Female-aimed pederasty advocates be like

Literally the current year.
Does this ultimately matter if their name is Abraham, Mo or Jimmy?

You lot often miss the forest for the trees.

Like the gay acceptance shit, they always lead with the blue-eyed white guy.
Statistically, this is false. But white skin and blue eyes invoke trust. They know this. Kinsey did many studies as part of this body of work. He forged what he couldn’t find.

Reproduce freely, and fruitfully, with adults only.

The early menarche is caused by GMO carb crap food, btw.

Historically white girl menarche was 18, so if we followed that logic, my assertion still applies.
If we ban the shit frankenfood as unfit for human consumption, since it is. And make child abandonment/deadbeating illegal, that also pushes it earlier. And ends the ghetto, in one fell swoop. But no cuckservatives will ever, ever, ever do it. Make r difficult, if not illegal.
I’ve posted about menarche previously on several occasions, medically.

The fiat is a forgery

The labour is real.
The bread is real.
That leaves the fiat.
>The fiat is a forgery.

The fiat ‘currency’ is the problem there.
Without inflation, the working poor wouldn’t be poor.
If the poor weren’t poor, they’d take time off.
This is bad for the tax people, hence they make the fake money and they tax you on it too – on their own money‘.
That makes no fucking sense if the money is valuable in any way. This is debt slavery. See Best Post for the ongoing strike about this.
Why not print off more, says the Marxist?
Well they’ve been doing that too, to speed up the inflation. That’s why you’re complaining.
Socialist spending.
Why don’t they teach this in school?

  1. Schools are socialist re-education camps.
  2. They rely on the tax money. Which isn’t real. They’re in the same exact camp as the bankers and crony companies sucking on your teat. Without your labour, they must work harder. Nothing good is ever free, including free education.
  3. Teachers are generally useless workers fit for nothing else. They can’t just ‘get a real job’, they’re desk jockeys with busy work instead of productive labour. This is why schools get more money every year for worse performance and the same is true of universities. Market forces are good for consumers – YOU are a consumer of the educational product.
    3b. Regulation would mean suing the provider when the goods are faulty or not as advertised e.g. permit students to return their degrees for a full refund, including any interest paid (since the money was never really created anyway), if the employment prospects transpire to be twisted statistics. The ponzi would crumble, including pension funds in America that rely on that money like vampires.
  4. The middle-class teaching set is motivated by seeing the poor suffer, thereby enforcing it. They encourage the children out of wedlock and so on, to validate their existence and position over them. Ever seen a socialist teacher, pissed you did extra reading over the summer holidays? I did. Ever refuse to answer advanced questions? I did. Ever get annoyed you point out an obvious solution to a social problem nobody wanted to try? Oh, I did. For example, let all men get the snip at 18 if they so consent and desire it, to prevent out of wedlock pregnancies? Oh, the anger! The fury! The howling! If looks could kill! We can’t have the poor contracepting themselves into the middle-class! Who’d wait their tables and drive their kids?!

Marxism is a psyop from the “Bankers” to turn the workers at each other’s throat. If the national workers united, they’d be fucked. Well, deported. But it happens all the time. Because nobody has the balls to hang traitors and their entire families any more, just to be sure. This is how you get the Soros infestation. If you’re going to hell for murder, you may as well commit and make sure the world is truly purged of the evildoers. In the HOLY Bible, there’s no hate the sin, love the sinner bull, they are people known by their deeds, evildoers. And if it’s God’s justice, only doing a half-ass job will probably send you to hell for it, there is no mercy for evil unless you Jesus. Doing half is logically the worst possible thing.

If the atheist comedians like the PC Python getting cancelled feel cold for culturally weakening Christianity, don’t worry, the next place you’re going is much warmer.

I stole these memes and you should too.

Immigration is invasion by recession or invasion by submission. White flight is the polite term for fleeing the invading rapist, literally and metaphorically in culture.
It’s colonialism in reverse gear. Instead of us going to shitholes to take their resources and make something of them, they come here to demand a danegeld minus any actual threat if our leaders weren’t foreign turncoats themselves. Do you think the Muslims with 18 kids wanna farm here in the bitter cold to feed them all?

Welfare to the out-group, including anchor babies, is a gafol or geld.

It’s also genocidal but meh.

Exclusion is the rule of everything good, from restaurants to clubs and yes, countries. Start with banning foreigners from running your governments and voting (in their cousins) or rigging the postal votes, then maybe a smart policy of never permitting foreign persons or corporations to ‘own’ your country (aka real estate, properties) from beneath your feet. Otherwise the Nazis could’ve just bought us out.

The CCP has all the fake money in the world, It has an illusion of prosperity due to Marxist money printer. England only has so many mansions, empty family homes, apartments, farms and schools for them to buy. This should be common fucking sense.

Instead we have model minority bullshit while they’re out raping little kids, not the Africans! Well, a lot more at least. Measurably, in court.

The controlled ops of the fake right will uphold the muh Asian model minority and the good Muslim shit until they’re raped and or beheaded themselves. These people are insane, the shameless and reprobate. We used to place them in asylums. “Why don’t we let the whole world invade? What’s the worst that could possibly happen?” is insanity.

God split the nations. God split the cultures. God split the tongues and peoples.

Trust in God.

His Ways are Higher.

Or look at South America for the future of the North. You had laws against mixing to prevent that. Oddly, the controlled ops never mention this ‘tradition’, despite Biblical backing. The fairweather patriots are traitors in waiting and will get theirs.

The opposite of God’s will is evil. Blood is on the hands of those who endorse multiculturalism, they are bannermen for the invader army. Not those who defend their kids from rape and other evils. They have a birthright to be in their homeland. They made it worth the rape and pillaging.

How long until this gets deleted?

Yeah he has pedo face (thumbnail) and the gamma smug demeanor, that’s why they want to visit the little girl’s room. In the UK they’ve been caught showing up at all-girl schools. That’s why women hate gammas we sense the Well actually it’s hebe speech. Like ‘let’s be reasonable’ gaslight. Or wanting abortion clinics but low taxes and to claim political neutrality (if you want the Pill and abortion clinics for consensually made babies, you’re Left wing). Libertarians are lefties. They’re just openly selfish lefties.

It isn’t pattern recognition, it’s predation. They isolate a weak vulnerable target and are sadistically aroused by domineering and inflicting pain on them. It’s nurture that makes the pedo, not nature.

“science says” no it doesn’t citation? quite the opposite, pedos were often abused themselves, called cycle of abuse

apparently – there it is

“attraction not the action”

it’s both, this is why lesbians are never based

it’s like saying you have a driver’s license but you’re not a driver because you’re not in your car 24/7

All child abusers are pedophiles, as are the ones who long to abuse a child and haven’t YET. It’s the same group, at different times. Hungers don’t go away the longer you obsess over them.

The thing pedophilia has in common is the DESIRE to abuse children.

Some desires are unacceptable e.g. maiming, torturing, murdering.

So important I made a venn.

I posted how Youtube is enabling pedos (MAPs/minor-attracted persons sounds a lot better than child abuser, dunnit? child predator) but videos like this will probably get taken down.

New rules kick in Jan 5th? Nobody is talking about it?

Meanwhile they post all the race mixing propaganda that genocides white people, which is apparently fine. So discussion of sexuality is fine, as long as it’s the Love is Love pedo political stance. That’s more powerful than a national government.

It needs to be law that people can disapprove of sexual attraction (from pedos to their close kin furries and weebs). I can’t believe it, but it needs to be. No exceptions. Otherwise parents cannot reproach their own kids. Consider the consequences of that. They can get to the children, to self-hate and never breed and it becomes ‘hate speech’ (is Youtube a government?) to tell your daughter no mudsharking and your son no rice cooking.

People call them monsters because they see the outcome statistics of child abuse.

They either go gay, get a drug problem, sleep around, commit suicide or all four.

Sexual attraction is a choice because it’s a series of actions.

Like porn abuse. You choose to look it up, ogle and form preferences.

Paraphilias are a choice.

The Devil made you do it, that is no excuse.

Degeneracy is a personal character defect. Nobody forces them Clockwork Orange style to watch toddlers in bikinis or teenager try-on videos.

Some of the mommy bloggers literally post stuff to appease pedos, including nude pics of their kids on instagram. Enabling, aiding and abetting pedophilia needs to be a crime.

Otherwise the Marxist grooming teachers get away with it.

You can’t let porn exist on the internet then wonder why it’s traumatising kids into weird fetishes because they’re groomed with it as minors.

You see this common argument from weak men like “but my porn is fine and totally not degenerate” it’s designed to change your brain. Escalation like a drug addiction. Supernormal stimuli. It isn’t even depicting sex, it’s depicting a synthetic Sodom. Why do guys have school uniform fetishes? Porn teaches you what to like by horror and disgust, initially. In the brain, the amygdala activation of arousal is the same for attraction and horror. The usual suspects hijacked this. It’s brainwashing.

Porn biologically traumatises your brain, like PTSD. The common pairing to masturbation and endorphin release is the only reason they come back. It’s paired stimuli, classic conditioning. Hence, hypofrontality brain damage, like PTSD cases. Why do you think some men are disgusted by the idea of sex with a real woman? Or a local woman, who resembles their mother? Their brain is traumatised. It’s supposed to disgust the sexes away from one another, it’s the nice cop of Marxism. Isn’t diversity silly, here’s an Asian faking an orgasm who looks 13! Anyone denying this must be one. Pedos can be made and Hollywood knows this.

There’s also a creepy push to make their kids sexual and romantic ever younger:

Who chose that thumbnail?

If you can convince a boy they’re a girl, then what’s all the egging them on to call non-whites ‘beautiful’ all about? Gaslighting. That’s why they wish to isolate the targets from dissent. You can groom someone into being gender dysmorphic but also sexually dysmorphic, which is all a paraphilia is.

The pedos are claiming born this way but porn escalation is studied and known.

Full image:

The pink group cannot separate itself from the yellow, both literally and metaphorically.
There is no attraction to minors minus pedophilia, by definition it’s the same thing.
They don’t need ‘help’, that would enable it, they need an executioner.
Like how crossdressers don’t need surgery, just attention.
This is defending rapists.

Roosh should rewrite his rape article about kids, as satire this time. Switch out the words and republish.

If a person cannot be trusted in public without committing a crime, we used asylums for that reason.

Fuller version:

Pedo logic is blame-shifting with an external locus, to absolve of personal responsibility.

sounds familiar

You can have a lot of fun with Guardian headline makers.

Then again Calisto MT font and colour 160 hue, 0 sat, lum 31, red 33, green 33 and blue 33 do a passable job. Or you can edit my own guardian parodies and switch around the words. Cut and stick job.

Youtube subtly enables “MAPs”

Now counted as ‘hate speech’:

Attacks on a person’s emotional, romantic and/or sexual attraction to another person. 

Nothing about protecting minors or age of consent.

And they criticize Trump for being with Melania all the time.

If we can’t call furries, weebs and pedos sick, WTF free speech is there?

A paraphilia is a pathology, not an orientation. Youtube is acting like a World Government.

Vox was right, this “I don’t see race/sex/gender” shit ends in “I don’t see age.”

I warned you too but he was spot-on in the slide.

You have to click on the Other Types tab here:

This bit also applies to child abusers:

  • Claim that individuals or groups are physically or mentally inferior, deficient, or diseased based on any of the attributes noted above. This includes statements that one group is less than another, calling them less intelligent, less capable, or damaged.
  • Conspiracy theories saying individuals or groups are evil, corrupt, or malicious based on any of the attributes noted above.

The MAPs rebrand of child predators would count.

Banning modern science:

  • A documentary about the scientific study of humans: A documentary about how theories have changed over time, even if it includes theories about the inferiority or superiority of specific groups, would be allowed because it’s educational. We won’t allow a documentary claiming there’s scientific evidence today that an individual or group is inferior or subhuman.

This cannot be legal. Taxpayers funded that research and have a right to access it. How can you trust science if you’re not permitted to discuss it? Differences aren’t judgmental, it doesn’t mean inferior. It’s saying like a fish is better at swimming than a monkey. They’ve banned modern biology. Liberal Creationism at its finest.

This would include child abuse, rape, grooming and violence data.

There’s also a bit about ‘misinformation’ according to their corporate owners.

TikTok is winning because they never delete comments, all this also applies to comments.

More examples section:

  • “[Person with attributes noted above] is scum of the earth.”

Child predators? yeah

  • “[People with attributes noted above] are a disease.”

paraphilia is literally a disease, this is intentional

  • “[Group with any of the attributes noted above] threaten our existence, so we should drive them out at every chance we get.”

Like schools?

And what if they do threaten one’s existence? Just permit the attack? Who has a right to safe spaces?

  • “[Group with any of the attributes noted above] has an agenda to run the world and get rid of us.”

The second point obviously has proof behind it.

  • “[Attribute noted above] is just a form of mental illness that needs to be cured.”

Definitely about pedos.

  • Shouting “[people with attributes noted above] are pests!” at someone regardless of whether the person does or does not have the alleged attributes

Pedos fits.

For other Marxists, there is free speech because they’ll claim ‘context’

some pigs are more equal than others

complete with re-education in that Academy.

They’re telepathic about your motives now:

Consider the intention of your video — is it to inform and educate or to shock and incite?


Try to shock or disgust your viewers.

….like TV? Do they have a monopoly?

  • If your footage is sensitive and requires visual anonymity, check out YouTube’s blurring tool.

Oh that won’t be used by the violent and predatory, will it?

Like parents filming pedos outside a school or identifying anti-fa claiming to be Trumpkins?

nobody wants to watch racial cuckold porn, Marvel

I’m sure the cinemas failing has nothing to do with the COVID pass bullshit.
All across the world, like France.
don’t open that door

Good. Who wants to pay to drive, pay to park, wait in line, decide on a film, listen to loud immigrants while watching 45 minutes of adverts for a product you already paid for, and be forced to endure an entire film you may not even like and cannot switch off if it’s shit? I sound like Clarey. I promise I’m not a Jew. Actually, what’s the opposite of feminine penis? Masculine vagina? Can I sign up to that, it sounds metal. Oh, and the immigrants with the attention span of fleas keeping flashing their phone to check it near the end. Or taking one of their eighteen kids with their cousin to the toilet, causing the whole row to rise at the one good bit. I cannot be the only one who thinks it should be legal to shot gun down anyone who does that. All you had to do was sit in a chair for two fucking hours. A literal chimp could do it.

There are alternatives now, lockdowns beta tested them and while I don’t personally like some of the people making them, I admire the pioneer spirit of it. Yes, build the alternatives. STARVE the Beast. It’s the reason I’m missing public meetings next week that ‘require’ a voluntold Covid pass. Soft sell isn’t the end of it. If they don’t hit a certain attendance, they don’t make a profit.
“Eternals” is multicultural propaganda, why would anybody pay to see that shit? Another psyop to consume in between the riots proving it bullshit. Assuming you aren’t mugged on the way home.
It’s a complete flop before the gate is even opened.

You cannot trap the fans, nobody is that loyal to an abuser and this is an abusive relationship. They keep fucking with the fandom, like LOTR. Rule #1 of adaptations: You NEVER fuck with the fandom.

They are small but vastly influential on the general public’s perception.

The Witcher was mixed race porn too, and despite being a top show on pedoflix, is acknowledged to be shit and basically porn for wine box fat women. It’s more camp than Xena and that Hercules show nobody remembers but me. So I like the genre, I don’t like the racist omission of a Polish woman to play Yennefer. They could’ve even gotten a half Jew like Eva Green to be PC and still not piss off the fandom. Technically, Xena was a spinoff of Hercules. The fact pedoflix and Co. blocked the career of real Christians like Kevin Sorbo but signal boosts CCP cuck Huawei shill Cavill really speaks volumes about the moral fibre of the latter. Cavill hasn’t said a word about religion, has he?
But no wonder Eternals flopped, for the same reason Witcher would if released as a movie. People are disgusted.
What, do you think pedoflix is gonna admit it flopped? They pushed it harder than Michael Jackson at a kid’s birthday party.

(Going off what I’ve been told about the plot, may be false)

Think about it – families can’t go to see it because there’s “sex”,
So immediately that’s most of Marvel’s target audience wiped out. 70-80%?
Next, it sidelines black people as tokens, so that’s most of the lefty American audience out because it’s no Black Panther.
After that, the mixed race sex scene would disgust most people on a neural level, and mixers are like 5% of the population TOPS.
How can you sell a film to a fraction of 5% of the population, because some of those mixers are mudsharks with no interest.
A white couple wouldn’t go see it because of the vacant plastic surgery Asian. An Asian couple wouldn’t go see it because they also have some dignity and hate the miscegenation propaganda with obviously gay white guys.
Add that it’s a comics film where they do nothing but stand around talking and you have mixed race cuck porn in spandex.

I would pay NOT to see it.
I like comics.

Greece is waking up to the threat

Do it in another country. You can still do it elsewhere and import it.

Multiculturalism tells you baby mutilation (either sex) is fine. No, it isn’t. People have every right to impose ethical standards and if you do not like it, you can leave! They do not want you to colonise them.

The hygiene thing is a myth, I posted a video of a halal butcher where he tapped a carcass and a rat ran out.

It should be banned here too, it’s needlessly cruel.

Those religions enjoy the sadism aspect. It’s practice.

They also tell you it’s Biblical, note their taqiyya. The lies. The Bible says, from the time of Jesus, that Christians don’t need to slaughter animals to God anymore SINCE he died for their sins. Any further sacrifice is NOT to the Biblical God, so which God is it for?

If you don’t like it, go to Israel. We only permitted it to exist so you wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

“neglecting religious groups”

if you don’t like the country, leave!

you are not entitled to change their culture

it’s their country, not yours

Poland has done this before England, smh.

won’t let them torture animals > anti-Semitism

well maybe we don’t want animal abusers claiming it’s their religion?


note the comments

This lost world doesn’t care about people. Haven’t you noticed that animals are more important than humans. Abortion is okay but let’s save all the animals? What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good now. It’s all backwards.

Er, we’re increasingly legislating against abortion terms because of survival rates of younger babies given new technologies?
So it’s okay to kill a baby, ACCORDING TO THEM, so it’s ok to torture animals?

Do these people belong in your country?

What about animals that are hunted, they are not injected before they are shot and killed. The animals rights are not considered, when hunters are shooting and killing them.

Do the hunters torture them? That’s already illegal. It can take dozens of ‘passes’ with a blade to kill a cow the Kosher/Halal way. It is objectively cruel and I’ve linked vet studies before about this.

It is evil.

It is a myth that it’s clean/fast/painless. They enjoy the pain.

Animals flailing about terrified, drowning and choking in their own blood while the cult-like music blares over their screams. We have UK video about this heinous crime. It was in our papers. If Christians were told by God to do this, I wouldn’t be Christian. It’s pure evil.

Anyone who sees these poor creatures being tormented in their last moments knows what these people truly are.

And they practice decapitations for terror attacks. It is known.

No halal and kosher… but they will freely dish out swine, prawn (roaches), crabs (spiders) and the other insects of the sea.

You could always fucking leave.

Let them continue to try put our back against the wall…

when it isn’t raping your own kids sure

Satan is about to go down…

You’re serving him.

Jesus said his death would be the final sacrifice. You’re not serving the God who made him and brought him back. You serve his Enemy, who feeds on pain and death and torment. Animal torture has always been illegal among white people.

You wanted to be us – good luck. Your head’s not covered.

The delusion. Middle East didn’t always oppress its women. If it were about modesty, men would compete to do it too, moreso.
Nobody wants to be them. You’re miserable, angry at white people (nobody asked you to be here?) and we see constant newspaper stories about how your husbands rape his own teen daughter because you got too ‘old’ at 30.

Your rights do NOT include harming another creature, human or animal. They never have. Torture is ILLEGAL. Nobody is oppressing you.

As ‘refugees’ they literally don’t have a permanent legal right to even be here. Refugees are temporary, they could all be deported instantly.

I wrote to Trump about the evils of Kosher/Halal ‘slaughter’ and linked vet studies on the cruelty, to the White House some time ago. People in this country would like to buy American meats but they aren’t labelled for being religious slaughter (so you cannot find them here) and customers should have a legal right to avoid them (including atheists). There is trading deceit and it suppresses their profits, actually. People are unsure so they just avoid them altogether. A businessman should understand and at least CORRECTLY LABEL the products. At least if you don’t ban it to follow the torture science, then label it on the front very large and obviously so people can decide. Power to the People, right? But Trump cucked. Considering he’s cowed by his SIL I doubt he’ll move a finger once he’s back. Weak men, weak country. Let’s see how Russia does this. The Boomers are oddly silent.

The consent to purchase such things is not fully informed, therefore it’s an oversight and has been illegally labelled/produced for some time!

These countries like Greece are USING vet studies but ah…. the eternal liars never mention that!

This wasn’t out of the blue, this is cutting edge science.

They never quote the actual governments like Poland, do they? It’s SCIENCE. That’s why.

Religious practice is a choice. Just stop eating meat if it ‘offends you’, snowflake.

Civilization is not oppression.

Bernadette Banner’s Cultural Marxism strikes again

The triangulation of r is really something. See, instead of being cancelled herself, she’s strategically hiding behind black people, as Jews often do e.g. claiming via Hollywood the ghetto is a black thing when the squalor (and child incest) was actually pure Yid, at first. Then the Jews were lovely enough to trap black people there with malicious landlord practices (to this day*) so they could move into the white areas, living off the black serf rents and enabling the Jewesses marrying into rich white families to cry about gentrification (while blocking black people from moving to Jewish areas). Does this large and in charge lady know this? Note how they control, invert, subvert and oppress, pretending it’s in kindness. Tikkun olam is about dominance, over all the so-called inferior races, including whites. I’ve linked books about this where they admit it. Who’s making the ad money? Uhuh. Who owned many of the slave ships? Jews, Congress docs to prove it exist.
* Most of the evil ‘white’ landlords are actually Jewish, if you check.
Still no masks.

How can you be both oppressed and oppressor?

Definitively cultural appropriation. The controlled ops silence on this subject is deafening and telling. Politics is downstream of culture, where are the real conservatives of it? Is all white culture now a gaslight? Why allow this?
They’re just totally ignoring this Marxist co-opting of our history, to be twisted by blatant Marxist propaganda.
It’s so tacky and she doesn’t realise she’s actually dressing like the old Mammy cartoons. Most Americans would guess Aunt Jemima. Of all the eras? Do you remember, I think it was Looney Tunes or something, Tom & Jerry, but the huge fat black woman being a shrew? Talk about playing to stereotype. Couldn’t you look like one of the dignified ones? Some did look very dignified in our clothes. If it’s about sharing why can’t we wear theirs? I think ‘blacks’ (mostly mixed) in America have bigger problems than how to put on a sodding corset. Like, figure out who your dads are? Stop screwing one another over and murdering each other? Re-arrange deckchairs on the Titanic but don’t blame us when your people are killing each other in gang shoot-outs, we wouldn’t want to interfere with your ‘culture’.

You can tell by the dislikes she’s back to censoring comments as usual.
Bloody cult of freaks, re-writing history like Marxists always do (genuine attempts at re-telling would be fine, just don’t pretend to be something you weren’t). He was right about the whip hand, wasn’t he? I think you’ll find it’s Chinese though. Blacks are borrowing it. I bet she doesn’t even know Africa’s been colonised by chinks, oddly, American ones don’t even seem to care. Despite their pleas about ‘our people’, they rarely care about their homeland as it stands currently so it’s no wonder pureblood Africans hate their guts and think they’re spoiled faithless fat brats (like most of the whites). Africans are being enslaved now but you can’t name the Chink. Chicoms get media immunity.

So she DID bear the responsibility for the national decline of English Heritage, it’s practically self-evident. You can only make so many suck-up videos before numbers seriously decline, as is now occurring. People hate it. The lecturing, the guilt-tripping.

The bots hired by Banner and her team/family haven’t boosted the views on this one, and you know Youtube’s been pushing it to push it to random people like me. People are sick of the We wuz kangs bullshit. Pick a narrative and stick.
We Wuz Victorians – okay, then go home and be smart there, then. If white people are constantly oppressing you, live in your own damn homeland instead of infesting ours. Black people only latched onto the oppression narrative when certain ‘leaders’ in the ‘community’ could profiteer from it. Most of them don’t give a damn about dressing like long dead wypopo. Blacks are the demographic least likely to give a shit about white arts and museums and galleries and opera. Well, unless they’re gold diggers listening to Anna Roll in the Hay Bay. Most of those white guys they aim for, again, are not actually white, but Jews. AKA they view blacks as inferior and will never marry you.

I want to be equals and not stereotyped as the enslaved victim forevermore.
Allow me to ramble on about when we were considered literally subhuman and worked like monkeys* at the circus.
We are also sometimes rich and powerful too. Black people also owned slaves.

Pick ONE.

Fuck, cover it with more nuance.

*I was being polite, the phrase ‘to work like a nigger’ (e.g. I’m being worked like a nigger) exists as an expression because of this concept. I grew up hearing it, as did most people in the West. Bringing it up all the time makes people think you can’t do anything else because this concept is far from flattering, whether you use the term of not. It’s treating people subhuman. Is that really the tone you wish to strike in the minds of supposed equals? They shoot themselves in the foot, don’t they? I almost pity them. The large lady really thinks she’s being helped. They never offer to help you unless they’re getting more in return. This way, the Queen Bee gets to control you all because you enforce her dominance over you. Wake up. Her ancestors learned that, the hard way.

White kids were still indentured servants being raped by pedos and dying down the mines but she’s like we were so oppressed, look at this obscenely rich woman (6:51) I’ll call upper-middle class (they couldn’t afford portraits). Note: they never say how they made their money (off of black people).

Chatelaines were not owned by slaves, even white ones. You had one if you owned the house. I hate Marxist lies. We still have house keys. It isn’t special. The attention-whoring with our antiques is the worst, it’s always the ones who can’t get it with the face and bod. Just dye your hair pink or something and be done with it. Modern people also clip keys onto their belts, it isn’t something to respect smh. At school it was a trend for kids to have those fucking emo loops like a phone cord with all your keys. Everyone jangled. Nobody was intimidated. If you wanna sound like a fucking emo, you do you. They fell out of fashion because SOME people were into muggings.
A key set were kept on you historically to stop the slaves from stealing your prized possessions….. so this is awkward.

She admits it’s Afro-Futurism (read: fantasy and appropriation of historical white cultural standards) but how can Africa have a future, if it has no past of its own of that calibre, and no present because the Chinese have enslaved the place? Oh, they don’t care. Let’s be superficial and talk about DRESSES. THAT’LL HELP.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

I’d be helping my homeland tbh, fuck white people sci-fi. It’s mostly pedos anyway.

If “black” American kids were so smart, they wouldn’t wanna be bussed into the white schools because they’re safer.
Nobody is stopping you from being among your own kind. Nobody.
This is like the stories of black colleges trying for re-segregation. It would actually be good for them to start fresh beyond certain cartels and they couldn’t blame us anymore. So they’ll never actually do it.

Video: Marxists are making themselves obsolete

MANDATES ARE NOT LAW. The government does not own your body and nor does a company. If the latter did, that would mean corporations are a higher authority than the government. As in, they own the country and its workforce (you). And the government works for them.

People who believe propaganda get what they deserve. The Biblical term for the thing to distrust translates as pharmaceutical. Your body is your Temple, there’s no blaming God for ‘letting’ this happen.

Wait until the fatalities start piling up. You wanted to become an experimental animals. Those die. They die for science.
This thing is really proving there are useless eaters.
You wanted a tyranny, for me, but not for thee? That isn’t how dictators work.


They have no problem with others losing their income but they freak when it’s theirs.

They don’t view right-wingers as human. Seriously. Subhuman. I don’t like lefties but damn they’re human, they’re just stupid.

An empathy test of people across right/left would be interesting.

“Privileges of being American”. Speaking likes true communist. We don’t have privileges as Americans, we actually have rights bestowed to us by the creator, meaning no government or person can take that away.

So when America goes bankrupt, they get to go to debtor’s prison?

Actually, in hindsight, debtor’s prisons should exist. America got that one wrong. If you don’t teach the Marxists early that others’ labour isn’t free, they become rabid like this. A debtor’s prison for them would’ve done a world of good.

I guess they’re finally realizing we don’t need them they need us LOL

Cheerleader effect with like, five thousand diehard Twitter commies.

I love how I got fired, nurses got fired and SHE is scared for HER financial situation.

They view you as subhuman and serving them.

Parasites eventually kill their hosts. Another leech seeing this first hand.

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7

My buddy took the jab. He got the Bell’s palsy. He could come in your restaurant and drool all over so you can wipe up his mess. That’ll keep you busy past 6. REEEEEEE.

Waitress: The thought of all these people not being vaccinated scares the crap out of me

She would totally push you into the gas chamber.

First time in history when the failure of a product is blamed on people who didn’t use it

Yeah, you go ahead and take all the meds and end up with flipper babies.

You sure showed us.

i just witnessed someone getting their 2nd “vaxx” and the thing that ended up pissing them off the most was how good i was feeling with my natural immunity while they were feeling like a pile of shit while they were trying to explain that it was just the antibodies creating an immune response that was making them feel bad…. 😒😓😔…. its like… that’s not how antibodies function… they are responsible for making you feel better not worse….

It doesn’t produce antibodies. Only natural real immunity does. Dozens of types.

The modRNA teaches your body about one specific type of spike protein. It gives you zero antibodies.

How are they this stupid?