Bread and circuses seller

PR was a direct rebrand and Hollywood, to its shame, uses that openly to attract young women and children to the meat grinder.
Also famous is the “engineering of consent” line which probably sparked a genre of dystopia novels. He regarded democracy like a belligerent farmer who detests his sheep.
He considered himself one of the “intelligent few”, who was “charged with the responsibility of contemplating and influencing the tide of history“. Yes it’s very ‘heal the world‘ and smacks of CM. Nowadays we’d call that a high information consumer but… you know what it really means. You don’t even have to look it up, do you? They replaced nationalism and being a good citizen to your in-group beginning about a century ago into your precious 1950s*, to being a good little worker and atomised urban leech to be a perpetual GDP machine, family be damned. God forbid we have a deflationary spiral and standard of living goes up!
Mad Men was trying to white wash the history of this grubby little industry, which targets the class-insecure poor, men who want business contacts to support a family and women who want husbands.

[*Personally I’m more of a 1850s gal. Minus crinoline. Dickens was full of shit, like a typical slut.]

You know how fetuses are damaged by cigarettes? Well, this guy (((Bernays))) also encouraged white women to openly smoke.

Since we’re entering the 20s again, let’s discuss universal suffrage by actually doing the research, first? The Left is known to lie about voter patterns, unless Great Aunt Gertrude defied death to vote Obama, such was her conviction. ALWAYS CHECK. The bigger socialist gain were originally actually men, factory workers, (that means low IQ generally, sorry) voting in gibs they never expected to pay for from the “evil” owner of the MOP. Now a vote isn’t enough and we call them unions, like anti-fa, still a sausage fest. The Bernie guys were always… guys and the Yang wankers were not only race traitors hoping a Socialist Asian** would save them from adult decision-making, but again, also low IQ men. Spot the pattern. Women sure do. Judas was paid. How much to betray your nation? Turns out, not much at all.

Pictured: in the centre, people who deserve a vote. Since they earned it.

By all means abolish teacher’s unions or make them fire-able for criminal offenses, but wouldn’t that logically extend to ALL unions? The MRAs just want their gender cake and women’s too, huh? Financial transgenders.

The push for universal suffrage was, in reality, legally based on “no taxation before representation” and thus inevitable (based on citizenship and the right to contribute to society), nothing to do with some BS gender war, WHATSOEVER.

I think a lot of women wouldn’t mind having to dispense of a useless vote if we could keep all of our income, that would make us very bank-independent. Don’t threaten us with a good time, foreign internet misogynists larping as a fellow white. We are not your low IQ wife-cousin, white women have higher averages than brown men – by far. You can’t really threaten us economically, as a weak link in the white Western group (which we otherwise are, the current gender war psyops target it’s trendy to blame). We were happy with (thriving) cottage industries before, in literal cottages. The prospect of banning another adult’s economic production, especially in the internet era, is downright hilarious. You can’t. It’s impossible. Women worked for millennia alongside their families before paying the fiat banks a special serf tax. Just abolish income tax (ancient slaves paid it) and make it all capital gains, which isn’t personally earned but arse-sitting money. You could spend more on investments then if you wanted, or save, or spend. It’s an ideal system. For the people who produce things, that is. Banks HATE IT.

Women can be shockingly… practical, if you push us. You wouldn’t exist if we weren’t.

CBA, tbh

Women can always go back to working in a non-taxed way, do not fuck with us.

What, you gonna tax us for cooking our own food, cleaning our own houses and caring for our own relatives? If only more men were so responsible, as to act like full adults.

The commonly accepted domestic code for it is “waste of money”, women have been the biggest tax avoiders, well, ever? Trans. waste of MY money.

If the bottom falls out of this powderkeg economy, men most affected. You didn’t see bread lines of useless women who only specialised in doing one thing forever. Go ahead, foreign shit-heads, threaten us.

This is our house. They literally don’t know how the West actually works. What keeps it going is cooperation. 

(There’s a reason the white SJWs don’t even take Muslim men seriously. The famous mummy’s boys who can’t do their own laundry or washing-up. You want war, huh?)

Threaten people with an IQ gap you cannot conceive. See what happens to the laffer curve once women go into financial hibernation to freeze out the leeches. [The Russian method.]

~whispers~ It’s already happening. The stagnation isn’t coming from the men larping as a social media CEO. They’re buying/spending/taxed more than ever. Women have just mutually agreed to consume less and pretend it’s about muh environment*** so they don’t try to tax it. When you think about it, that’s very Darwinian phrasing. Women ebb and flow like this financially, historically. We sense things before you do. Men didn’t invent prepping, most of it’s home ec. with macho rebranding for morons. Prepping is literally just feminine nesting instinct, dipshits.

By all means, lecture us about carbon skillets. Not like we grew up with them or anything…

“Ya gotta buy this slow cooker, I just discovered them and it’s perfect for the bachelor life, this isn’t like your grandma’s, it’s CAMO, dude!” – literally this, constantly

When you grew up with an inter-generational teaching process (Youtube domestic information is often wrong) and decades of learning by the time of reaching adulthood, it’s easy to feel smug when the opposite sex arrogantly thinks they can even catch up. Sure, try to replace us. TRY.

Foraging? You mean, like, herb gathering? The thing Disney princesses were shown doing, it’s so feminine? How manly of you, yes. We iz impressed, now go away.

And these soyboys bitch to us about the trend of androgyny and dare slag off trousers. Go back to wearing tights, if you’re so traditional.

Lotta women already going Galt by taking up dressmaking, cooking, gardening and other things we used to outsource to foreigners, just saying? Men cannot multi-task like that. What, you think the hobby choices were a complete coincidence? We just magically picked all the ones that save us the most money and reduce our need to pay state taxes, huh? Aw. Bless your cotton socks. Encourage spinsters at your peril. Nowadays everyone needs a ‘side gig’. We wuz all spinsters. I love how women are just quietly teaching one another apocalypse skills but men think they’re prepping by buying plastic bullshit.

The super secret code among non-trash women is “depression era recipes”.

Not deliberate at all, y u ask? No aforethought whatsoever, mindless men, carry on, carry on.

Keep going for that IT certification. Be the best code monkey you can be.

**Owe the State compulsory debt, I’m sure this ends well and not in Communist firing squads when you refuse to pay back at hyperinflated interest nor do corvee labour (slavery). UBI is easily debt bondage to the State. Like all Leftism, it’s such a good idea, it must be compulsory.

***Er yeah we love the birds, the bees, the …trees, the flowers and shit. Yeah, guess you have nothing to tax. The banks can’t steal my shekels. What a tragedy, I know. But muh Greta ist gut. Girrrl powa, yah. Please go tax the foreign people buying on credit, thanks. I know, we’re such martyrs. We’re so conscious. Tax breaks? Sure. If you insist. I’m just terribly concerned about my carbon footprint, it keeps me up all night while counting my shekels.

Insanity is contagious

The delusion decoupled from reality is spread by social contagion (fear of non-conforming) and later via mass psychosis and state enforcement (gulag without the building). Asch’s lines and Moscovici’s blue/green study have proven insanity can be verbally transmitted.

“I’m just as British as you are, fellow white.”

“I’m just as womanly as you are, pregnant lady.”

Magical thinking is psychology’s polite term for insanity.

The cases THEMSELVES are propaganda. To make an example of.

If everyone ignored the tranny shit for ONE YEAR, they’d go ape shit. It’s an outcrop of narcissism, cross-dressers and eunuchs existed during the time of Rome.

Autogynephilia is the fetish of a man forcing you to see him dressed as a woman, then later call him one… and later sleep with him. AA for freaks.

More broadly, they either want access to unavailable (in their mind virginal) unwilling women (rapist, sneaky fucker strategy) or they’re gay and want to trap a straight man (the Queen book was linked here years ago) to take his resources without putting in the female side, because they literally can’t (sneaky fucker, r-select theft).

Starve yourself for the Global Warming Gods

Rationing …without war?

Overt depopulation huh, quietly accept a lower standard of living every year.

Don’t buy good food, don’t buy new clothes, just keep acting like a medieval peasant.

Trust the Government, keep calm and starve.

All the people skipping meals so their kids can eat are fine, at least they’re not wearing Primark. Oh no, we won’t lynch the business owners, socialists are classists so we’ll shame the impoverished customers who, thanks to the welfare cliff, aren’t allowed to have over £600 in savings before having their payments cut! Socialism cares about the worker, the little guy! Until he gets uppity, of course..

Gaslighting you against your own existence, you air-privileged shitlord. Pay extra taxes!

For a thing we can’t prove!

There’s clearly some sort of war being waged. An anti-human one.

h/t Ice Age Farmer

If only we could reduce our consumption peacefully… by deporting people.

b, c, d just by their huge family presence and outsized consumption of public resources

Population goes up, standard of living goes down. That’s why K-types have fewer, more robust children. Immigration is treason, a betrayal of the native people.

Deport for the planet.

If we’re entitled to live anywhere we like, I choose Buckingham Palace. So does Meghan.

Marxism is a cult of mass murder. That’s why they don’t teach Holodomor in schools. You’d spot the signs.

Auberon’s slavery reference (1890)

 " Why should either two men live at the discretion of three, or three at the 
discretion of two ? Both propositions are absurd from a reasonable point of view. 
If being a slave and owning a slave are both wrong relations, what difference 
does it make whether there are a million slave-owners and one slave, or one 
slave-owner and a million slaves ? Do robbery and murder cease to be what they 
are if done by ninety-nine per cent, of the population ? Clear your ideas on the 
subject, Mr. Bramston, and see that numbers cannot affect the question of what is 
right and wrong. Suppose some man with the cunning brain of a Napoleon 
were to train and organize the Chinamen, and then should lead them to annex 
such parts of the West as they desired ; on your theory of numbers, if they 
exceeded the population of the country they appropriated it would be all right." 

" I do not say that it is a satisfactory answer; but might not a majority inside 
a country afford a right method of decision, without extending the rule to the case 
of one country against another?" 

" On what ground ? " said Markham. " From where are the rights to come 
which you have so suddenly discovered ? Do you think that the moral laws that 
govern men are made to appear and disappear at our convenience ? Forget that. "

The Victorian translation is “Do one”.

The rationale of mass invasion. It’s even argued by postmodernism a lifetime before it ‘came out’.

Democracy applies ONLY if the people are homogeneous (A People), mature adults (not manchildren or feckless fake tradwives pretending not to be leeches) and not weakened by sexual degeneracy (or they’ll vote in others’ resources to pay for their medical care, welfare, girlfriend’s cohabiting (living in sin) abortion. Sin begets sin.
CHINOs present historically too:

The pamphlets at first denounced Catholicism from a radical Lutheran perspective, but soon started to proclaim that the Bible called for the absolute equality of man in all matters including the distribution of wealth. The pamphlets, which were distributed throughout northern Germany, successfully called upon the poor of the region to join the citizens of Münster to share the wealth of the town and benefit spiritually from being the elect of Heaven.

What did they actually do? Rape the women and children. Kill any men who hadn’t deserted and tried to stop them.

The first commune. And they called for immigration to do it.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Berean Literal Bible
For even when we were with you, we were commanding you this, that “if anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat.”

29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

so Marx didn’t actually invent Communism, it was CHINOs

a plagiarizing Jew, really?

31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

SJWs are hardly new.

But we urge you, brothers, to excel more and more and to aspire to live quietly, to attend to your own matters, and to work with your own hands, as we instructed you. Then you will behave properly toward outsiders,

Relying on foreigners for your employ is hardly anti-fragile.

This includes remote workers relying on Asian IT.

without being dependent on anyone.

Go Galt as much as possible and dedicate your time to worthy people of your choosing, not a civil servant tyrant.

MGTOW are acting like they invented being single because if they’re not edgy, bachelor doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. They might be compared with the dreaded spinster.

I haz questions.

Is rape evil? Yes.
Is slavery evil? Yes.
Is porn the acceptable cover for exploiting trafficked slaves? Yes, statistically. Check with the charities and research.
Is it the entire demand behind slavery, for public profit? Yes, statistically. Check with the charities and research. There is no product without demand.
Should the government shoot all those involved in slavery? Yes. As public deterrent. Also audit for corruption and confiscate past funds.
Would porn still exist? ..No. Not new, Western porn.


Does Porn/Hollywood (hardcore/soft) pay taxes on the money it admits to making? No.
Does porn cause known neurological issues such as hypofrontality? Yes.
Can those be reversed? Usually a little but not fully. Window of opportunity during development. Neural pruning.
Is it used to groom/corrupt children? Yes. In every case.
Is it being progressively normalised as softcore with the slippery slope over time into ‘Hollywood’? Yes.

See “The Kiss” scandal. Now adverts portray children passionately kissing. No chaste cheek pecks. Not anymore. Did you notice? A non-porn user would. Then there’s the obvious subversion:

If that happened in the 1950s, what would happen to the people who made that video?

1850s, what would happen to the producers and distributors?

What is that video, which was screen-capped from?

Did you immediately know it for what it was?

Why not?

You think you haven’t seen child porn.. but they start subtle.

This is cognitive dissonance.

Is watching rape legal? No. Aiding and abetting, duty to intervene or report.
Should watching filmed rape of trafficking victims be legal? No.
How can you tell the difference?

Trick question, there isn’t one.


A non-groomed person capable of consent simply refuses to produce such videos. It is a symptom of a warped mind.

Is the purpose of porn sexual humiliation? Yes. Both viewer (Jesus warned of voyeurism’s evil and we all know about the cucks) and serial rape victim (see life outcomes of that trauma unless you’re a Guardian lefty, look for them).

Is it legal to violate your own human right to intimate privacy? Is it possible? This seal can only be broken ONCE. Consider Hollywood celebrities who strip off in films and imitate sexual acts for money. If their ‘nude photos’ aka intentionally created porn, are released, how can they be outraged? Category error prevails. There’s something lost already, they already withdrew their right to that type of privacy, their violation has been publicly witnessed. Apart from expected privacy (fair) of the photos themselves and profit of the photos themselves, what is the issue? Stigma. Like calling a porn “star” a whore when there’s video evidence. Category error. How can a celebrity with a ‘sex tape’ not be fair game for public scrutiny of who they’re fucking in future? Surely this becomes public information, acceptable fodder? You can’t have it both ways. Right to publicity has limits e.g. crime taking place, public interest in that. They surrendered that sanctity of intimacy by their own volition.

For the ‘define porn’ crowd – salacious nudity in particular situations intended to stimulate the libido. Most people wouldn’t even pose nude for an art class, finding that alone too ‘degrading’ (objectification for non-sexual purposes). Women used to produce ‘porn’ (really erotica) all the time minus the nudity condition for their husbands alone. Men didn’t carry around cameos of their wife’s face for sentimental purposes. That way, it isn’t cheating, since she can satisfy his libido on long journeys when she isn’t present to do it herself. Isn’t this, moral? So you can’t forget the issue of audience: purpose and anonymity. You can’t suddenly pick and choose who sees your material of published crassness if it’s hypothetically offered up to the world. That audience consideration is either supporting a relationship or degrading.

Middle-class white-washing of perversion pisses me off. It isn’t an art film, it’s a skin flick with subtitles.

WW2 guys encouraged to paint their planes started this.

Now rap is played to kids, subtitles of porn: ooh, aaah, yes, baby.

Targeted sexualisation of children already has a name: grooming.

Can masturbation be outlawed? No. Don’t be absurd. Strawman.
Does a healthy man need “porn” to do so? No. That is erectile dysfunction, or impotence as it used to be known.
Is porn designed as a supernormal stimulus? Yes.
Who principally uses it? Men with a surgically mutilated penis. This has been researched. Look into it.
Why? Psyops. Disenchant the white man. Attract non-whites to our shores also. A baited hook (called hookers).

Is it art? No. Modern art is also psyops. It was admitted (CIA). Meanwhile, how can there be a copyright on sterile reproductive acts, it’s medically impossible. If non-sterile, ancient therefore where is the right to charge for a thing when I can watch two flies fuck outside my window? Claim to exclusive right dismissed, where is the profit, then? Ah, subversion, distraction (bread/circuses) and international mental damage of otherwise stronger populations. Like the SJW hiring and plots.

Are people ashamed to admit they watch it? Yes.

Why? They sense the evil.

Does crime go up or down when porn is highly accessible? It goes up, see attacks on Japan’s schoolgirls for a good example. Predators are inspired by videos and practise mentally with them.

Do incarcerated prisoners show the same pattern? Yes.

Does it reduce libido? No, it actually stokes it (testosterone) and keeps the flame going, most predators have a low IQ and terrible imagination and therefore rely on external stimuli, including stories in forums about how to conduct certain attacks. Pathological populations do not behave as normal ones would predict.

What are the outcomes of porn ‘stars’, when tracked? Trauma, disease and suicide. All antisocial and preventable.
Is participation of the result, an endorsement of all practices related to it? Yes. Unless you’re a hypocrite.

Is the internet for children? No. Parents must be strongly shamed on this point.
Did erotica (the 2d non-damaging form of paper ‘porn’) exist pre-internet? Underground with legal restrictions on access from practicality.
Do kids or parents groom younger kids? Yes. Tragically.
How do they do this? Smartphones, mostly.
Do the search engines push this material on children? Yes.
Is general smartphone use in minors medically harmful? In many ways, yes.

Why aren’t smartphones/computers age restricted in sale and use? …..Apple stocks.

Customizing for wider market access, how shockingly libertarian.

And everyone gains in freedom from the situation, so it’ll never happen.

Remember degenerates, you’re probably watching people trafficked as kids, being raped.


[postmodern r-types are BTFO by this line, it’s been field tested on Guardian types for maximum potency]

Think about it, what is a “pimp”? A sex slave owner.

If the threat of a beating or death looms, is that consent, shitlibs? No. No it is not. Coercion vitiates consent, likewise duress to signed contracts.

Bonus: according to whom was the Prohibition a failure?


What actually happened?

Crime tanked, including rape of adults and children (alcohol is the most common date rape drug used to weaken ability to resist or plain knock kids and lightweights out) and domestic abuse of adults and children went down too (with no oh-so-convenient “drink” excuses). Why weren’t you taught that in school? Why did the People want Prohibition in the first place? They were noticing things. Consider the timing. Pre-Nazi.

As for driving things underground: should they be? Isn’t that better? Wouldn’t the thrill of taboo be better for users too?

Where is the right of healthy people to live without being bombarded by porn? It’s even outside for the “go outside” types, it’s on billboards! We do not consent, it is forced upon our minds. WHY?

How much does the stress of adverts cost us in the health service?

It is in soaps, in adverts, in kid’s films. It doesn’t sell, actually so WHY is it there, WHY isn’t there a choice in whether to consume it knowingly, beforehand? Bring back the CODE, Hollywood fears it.

Even young male toplessness in “kid’s films” would’ve disgusted your recent ancestors. Is nudity always sexual or not, Hollywood? Then why include it, or not? Rationing levels of clothing certainly don’t apply now, do they?

You want high culture? Bring back the laws about what theatres can and cannot show (previously covered). Most people want to go to the theater – if they had ratings systems like films – nudity, political propaganda, sexuality bullshit. We want to see real plays, not facsimile brothel shows. Most plays aren’t selling because we don’t want to see naked strangers, on stage or in the gym, thanks. Goes for most young people, actually. In surveys.

As for the white issue with ‘sexbots’ – they creep us out as lifeless humanoids. It triggers our disgust to necrophilia (or rape of the vulnerable and unconscious). The slow ones in motion and ‘speech’ seem mentally backward, like children (or physically looking like children). A chosen people who produce them and attempt to normalise their use in the MSM do not view the group they resemble as human, so to them it’s more like bestiality and they enjoy it as a sign of their superiority. They also have no historic qualms with rape. First they must produce dependent customers in the out-group by alienating them from the loving thing it seeks to cheaply replace. Seen any bots like that lately? Any youtube comments seem weirdly repetitive or targeted in this direction? Why does youtube allow them? Finally, they seek to monetise the constant online feed of spying data… for updates, of course. There won’t be a Tinder-like database of your fetishes and intimate photos. That’s impossible.

They wuz warned

Never smile at a crocodile.
“For thousands of years the Aryans will work, struggle and achieve; they will clear the swamps, they will bring out a beautiful world, and make mankind a free humanity living on a free earth; but then the Aryans will die.” – Harry Waton, 1939.

One less Lib Dem voter in the world.

I’d rather him die than some innocent little girl get raped.