Jordan the Janus

“This guy is playing the game to try and become a pied piper on the right, while pushing us left to get media mentions and Cabal support:”


Greetings, fellow nationalists. Don’t focus on the world, avoid it.

I tried counting once how many people he ripped off in his talks and lost count.

I knew he was fake when he refused to debate Millennial Woes, who was prepared to pay his fee. Avoided like a scared little coward. Woes is a sweetheart but logical, difficult to trick. Who’s scared of an ex-art major? Jordan Peterson.

He mostly rips off basic bitch self improvement guru shit too. Men are prime targets because they don’t habitually read that shit like women and think it’s original. The Secret was based off a 20s leaflet.

“Now he tries to mitigate the damage. But he still got it out there like he meant it at a critical moment. And he defended the idea as plausible afterward. And now he is setting himself up as a thought-experimenter, who can never be held responsible for any future tweet that supports evil at critical moments, because it was just part of his process. I’d love to see a real time graph of his books sales, and see if there was a sudden spike of bulk sales right after that tweet.

Like Roosh’s rape fantasy, where, despite world press, nobody brought up pedophilia.

Funny that.

If you take him at his word, then every tweet he gives should be ignored.


Now everything he says is not his opinion, or even correct. Every tweet is basically just him talking out of his ass randomly and spouting whatever pops into his head at that moment.

College professor.

If you want that, there is no shortage of people you could follow on twitter who will provide it, and many will be funnier and more entertaining than Peterson…..”

He’s the standard Boomer cuck. They’ll mock SJWs on meds and liberal arts majors but not him.
Clean your room? What’s next, do the dishes? Are American men Cinderella?

Look up Charlton, Scruton, Haidt. Men without moving goalposts.

Final jab

“Even his premise – Kavanaugh was horribly slandered, but the people who oppose him, and slandered him, should have their wishes considered – is totally ridiculous. This is a great thinker?”

It’s ironic considering how many of his followers are shit-scared of rape accusations.

“False” accusations, Kavanaugh’s arse. And if they’re so scared, sleep with sober people? Don’t sleep with people who hate you? Be less of a whore? It’s only really a false accusation if you never slept with them, otherwise a question of consent.

Kinda like standing in a bank on the CCTV while it’s being robbed and being triggered that you’re a suspect.

Admitting half the deed casts valid legal suspicion. That’s exactly what rapists do.

It’s funny because men make various sexual slanders about sleeping with women they didn’t but they don’t care about lies and life ruin then. Sex is serious, slanders about it too. If you can’t handle that, avoid the opposite sex.

When guys lie about sleeping with a woman when they didn’t, that’s a joke. What reputation? When women lie about sleeping with a man they didn’t, it’s serious. Their life might be ruined by a rumour.

Beige America?

You think I’m fucking with you, don’t you?
Yes, a real study paper.

“This article examines the impacts of the race of the future theory on the U.S. population. By and large, the theory posits that the mixing of different races—due to the process of miscegenation, especially in marriage, cohabitation, or sexual relations—will blend all races, so much so that, in the future, the end result of this mixing will be a panracial formation (i.e., one race). In this analysis, the authors attempt to determine whether the mixing of colors currently happening in the United States will lead to one race and what the race of the future in the United States will “look” like.”

For once, I was not, in fact, fucking with you.

“One of the major conclusions is that, although the possibility of the existence of the race of the future has yet to be established, the degree of multiraciality in the U.S. population is rapidly growing (based on data and statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census).”

They’re planning this whether you like it or not.

Your tax monies fund this.

Behold your future, America.

Look long and hard. Such vigour!

Isn’t diversity your strength?

Aren’t you on the right side of history?

Don’t white people deserve to go extinct?

Simmer gently in a slowly boiling pan of fact.
Remember, the most common nation to immigrate isn’t Mexico, it’s China!

Welcome to Asian-majority America. I’m sure you’ll be treated well.
They’re so nice to dogs.

The projected rise of Asians as the nation’s largest immigrant group has its own implications, among them potentially increased education levels. Among immigrants who arrived within the past five years, Asians already outnumber Hispanics, in part because of a sharp recent drop in immigration from Mexico.

This is from 2015.

This slowed Hispanic immigration also will have a longer-term impact: In 2065, Asians will outnumber Hispanics among all immigrants – 38% to 31%. (Today those shares are 26% and 47%.)

The increased share of Asian immigrants among all immigrants means that education levels of the foreign-born population could rise sharply, because Asian immigrants tend to be better educated. Among recent immigrants from Asia, for example, 57% have completed college, compared with 13% for recent Mexican immigrants and 28% for immigrants from other Central or South American nations.

Worship your new supposed high IQ rulers, don’t question it!

The rise of the Asian share of the immigrant population also could have implications for the political debate about immigration over the next 50 years. Americans today have mixed views about the impact of immigrants on society, but tend to have more favorable views of Asian (and European) immigrants than other groups, according to a recent Pew Research survey.

Other white guys are rolling over for some soypussy*, so you should too!

The survey also found that most Americans (56%) would prefer giving priority to immigrants who are highly educated (or highly skilled), compared with 37% who favor giving priority to those with family in the U.S.

Cucks. You can train your own people.

(and *soy sauce makes white men fat, sorry to tell you this)

“Soy sauce also contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body.”
Phytoestrogen levels in various soy products study measurements.

Asian women with tits have just faked it by eating tons of (GMO) soy. That isn’t genetic, note the facial masculinity.

Transsexuals consume it for this purpose too.

Tolerant left wants to censor private conversations

The Left always become tyrannical oppressors over time, who end up mass slaughtering the people who won’t tolerate it. Lefty bigots.

Trump, when is he banning companies from getting involved in politics?

This is anti-democratic.

I told you not to talk to them. They have nobody to attack any more, nothing to fight – this makes them impotent. If you don’t cut the head off the Hydra, it can’t grow more! Avoid the control freaks (isolate them like they want – safe space?) or they will get you arrested. You can’t fix the stupid. And you’re making them stronger with your eyeballs on their twitter etc. They feed from attention and they’re starving.

She wants to ban jokes.
Seriously. Why not make it the Meme Banning Bill?

State sponsored sense of humour! When do we get a list of requirements!

Vice police of the mind!

This is anti-safe space, does tumblr know?

All the fandoms that would die?

Most fandoms are millions of people in groups online.

Hey, they arrested people for making public opinions known so people hid in DM and PMs and the like, how is this surprising? But how will they ban any forum? (members 500+)


They want to break up large groups so they can pick off each group and the others aren’t warned about this or tactics in good time to respond. A group of minds is essentially a supercomputer and trained on political info (e.g. Q) can uncover many things.

The sluts have the most to fear from this, because if they ban private conversations, all your flirting online will have to be public. All the girls will see all the tactics you try on the others.

This ruins freedom of association, including intimate (emotionally intimate) conversations. They’re trying to call everyone else a cult… the New Church Ladies.

It isn’t about women, that’s a straw man. They don’t like being questioned, especially journalists, anyone with bias. There shouldn’t be “protected groups”, we must be equal under the law? They’re allowed to judge us, we aren’t allowed to judge them (r-types fear The Mob).

She should fuck off and take her menopause meds instead of taking it out on us that she isn’t getting enough follows on twitter. Yeah, you can’t force people to like your message, Mz Hitler! All their signals are turning against them, because their mask is slipping….

And by banning all others rhetoric, that’s what they’re trying to do, they think they can force people back asleep.

She could start a blog but people have to be dedicated to read those and you can’t really shame people for seeking out ideas, a liberal principle. It’s freedom of speech. One reason I don’t advertise or shill. I’m not harming a fly over here so…. where’s the grounds?

Logically, she’d have to ban large social gatherings, including pubs. In London, the largest social gatherings happen in mosques….. so…. nothing will happen. Khan won’t let it.

She’s carping about online harassment, when that’s an SJW-pushed thing. Well, wouldn’t this then apply to all the SJWs who go around monstering random, normal people? Trying to ruin their lives? One rule for plebs, is it?

And you wondered why nobody wanted to vote for “I’ll make upsetting Muslims illegal!” Miliband? We know that ends in a very literal test of the phrase “sticks and stones…” or a gay club shooting. Let them all have their bloody diversity, don’t lift a finger.

She implicitly admitted she starts arguments with people then gets all triggered when they argue back? Like people? Maybe don’t get angry at everything?

You can’t win without having the debate first, you dumb cow.

You people have been politically retarded since the Blair era, they haven’t adapted for the times whatsoever and expect the rest of us to slow our roll.

You don’t have to have a twitter account. You don’t have to use the internet. Go home, old hag, you clearly hate what the internet is about. Nobody gives a shit if you’re an MP if your points suck donkey balls. Those people disagreeing were trying to help you! Become more relevant!

The internet is not for people like her, she isn’t tall enough for this ride.

Young people aren’t buying papers these days, let alone The Guardian (its readership is dead/dying, look up the data). If they had a paywall, their traffic count couldn’t justify all those journalists – and you know they wouldn’t fire all the white ones! The Guardian’s white journalists rake in the majority of their traffic because the Boomers reading it only want to read them (e.g. Toynbee).

This is Old Media (dying media) protectionism.

If politics is a “science”, they can hide data behind paywalls far, far away from the voting plebs!

Comic: The Routine

Every. Fucking. Time.


Alternate title: Damsel in distress, pathological altruism edition.

This toxic colonialism is bullshit. Deport the cuckians first.

IQ has nothing to do with gullibility. Predators have their own intelligence.

It isn’t charity with somebody else’s money. Damselling is pride.

(And by all definitions I know, treason!)

If it’s about love, why do they want money? – hookers come in many forms

Behold, the savage prostitute. A dog turd spray-painted gold still smells like shit.

“I don’t care if she’s a stripper, we’re in love!” Geopolitical edition.

World, you aren’t a damsel, you aren’t even a dame. Whitey is not your husband, we owe you nothing.

Okay, I’ll be happy to give them a one-time lump sum if they 1. leave us alone and STFU on it forever and 2. are forbidden from using White developments, all of them. Globalism is expensive.

Technological multiculturalism is killing us. Literally.

Comic: Canute cucks

I love that someone already made this meme. I was going to make this reference and someone beat me to it.

I was going to mock my own kind too, the online types who think talking will accomplish anything. The “Well ‘Ard” keyboard warrior pricks who practically have knitting circles.

Aaaaah. Yeah. That’s the stuff. That one hurt even me.

It’s becoming quite obvious that in many parts, political correctness is the codeword for the white genocide plan.


White person: exists.

(Nameless): exterminate the Nazi bigot! By hook or by crook! It’s oppressing us by breathing!

You can’t have a “debate” with people who want you dead. This is like one big libertarian conference, we’re wading in autism on that point. You cannot talk your way out of genocide. They don’t care if they’d be worse off, that’s why they’re stupid! If they’re going to die, they’re taking you with them. Low IQ, high in spite. I almost admire it.

Libertarians assume the rest of the world is WEIRD, just like them.

No. No, it isn’t. It’s collectivist, prejudiced, high time preference and pissed.

There is no “fair” in this equation, that’s a White construct from Western, Christian Medieval chivalry. Queensberry rules applied to boxing, it would be less archaic to challenge them to a match. Meritocracy took thousands of years of our own bloodshed to accomplish, it is not the norm. Your rulebook is wrong.

It’s bizarre to see vile anti-Monarchists push a rules system based in the monarchical caste where the upper caste must play nice with the lower orders.

First they dehumanized Alex Jones, took away his human right to publicity, and I said nothing because it’s just one white male….

Bigger picture, please.

Image template:

Nosejobs and make-up

Why do foreign trains need nosejobs and make-up to look attractive?

It’s like the fucking Onion.

We’re living in The Onion.

All your white cultures is belong to us.

We knew when Rosie of Rosie and Jim fame suddenly turned up from pale as Irish Jim to greyish medium brown.

But they’re offended by Golliwogs?

I’m sorry, that’s basically the same thing.

And they even made the nose bigger and the accent more ethnic.

And the hair, look at more pictures and the hair is hilariously stereotyped.

This all just reinforces stereotypes that make everyone look bad, especially the people who think kids won’t notice.

Kids notice everything and they’re brutal about it.

This is going to backfire in the most amazing way. Kids are not and never will be PC. Have you seen their reaction to ugly people? What are they gonna do, handcuff a toddler for staring? Asking questions authority figures they already hate, dislike? You might as well draw their attention to the white minority thing with flashing red neon arrows. Fuck, they do better redpills than I could ever pull off!

Note: Gen Z grew up with diverse children’s programming.

Way to train amygdala, shit.

Kids are not as stupid as the PC Police adults ordering this.

This will be a case study in future propaganda textbooks.

Nobody will believe they were actually this stupid.

Yet, they are?

And the false reality will become incredibly obvious.
Kids hear on the playground what really happens.

When does one of the Asian trains get murdered for being female?

When does she have to get raped by her cousin in an underage sham marriage?

When is she forced to leave the yard and never return because the male engines are there and a woman’s place isn’t taxable labour, to look after her five children because she wasn’t allowed to use contraception?

Or are they all Twinkies? Are they all going to be allowed on the show as long as they Act White?

Yes, what glorious diversity! Everyone not-White is OK – as long as they act like it!

This BIG LIE won’t backfire on them, AT ALL.

When’s the special FGM episode?

Big Lie: you can keep white culture, as whites become a minority.

_______ swims Left

“I genuinely want a real answer to these objections.” – neon’s last post

Well, you asked for it.

Repeated here:

“Socialism is halfway toward Communism, it’s the Marxist halfway point. National businesses are socialist and they always suck, e.g. National Rail, there’s no incentive to run them well. Then look at the NHS “death pathways” for the fruits of socialist healthcare. Socialism fails for the same reasons Communism does, because the economic basis is partial Communism. It’s the spectrum of Marxism, it limits freedom. You oppose the EPA for example but Hitler had environmental policies. You’re confusing the economic production with nationalism, which is military e.g. borders, defense, culture. Socialism is as dysgenic as Communism because it sacrifices the stronger and punishes them for being stronger, resulting in everyone equal in misery.

Your autism is causing you to miss the point. Hitler certainly worked with the Russians long enough that the leadership was dodgy whatever the truth about Der Volk. We knew about Red Army rapes but evidence would indeed be nice. Capitalism never requires usury, that’s socialistic, the cronies in crony capitalism because there’s no free exchange of any currency, inflation from fractional reserve banking is a socialist tax.

As simply as humanly possible, who wants to take resources from others, from all workers? Statists! Communists and socialists – Marxists.

Who wants to earn their resources and believe in property rights inc. meritocracy (inc. the right to fail)? Capitalists, the right wing. Socialism is just serfdom dressed up in un-Christian charity (it isn’t charity with somebody else’s money and it’s taken by force). Why should you have to pay the “Party”? For being born? Why do you owe (national) debt incurred by dead people? Everyone who lives under socialism hates it, here recently in the UK they’re making it so anyone buying energy drinks has to be over 18. Seriously, ID will be required to buy a non-alcoholic drink. That’s real socialism, with the state-sponsored “healthcare” black hole of funding, they need to become more and more of a “nanny state” taxing the middle class into poverty and the poor into death. “It’s for your own good” should make you reach for the gun, their Parliament alcohol remains taxpayer funded. Look at how shit our schools have become under socialism, your Common Core is socialist. “Cthulhu swims Left” aka Communism always starts with socialism, historically. It always starts with halfway policies boiling the frog. Tall Poppy Syndrome! A little debt (supposedly for the vulnerable, emotional appeal) is addictive. Now you have the unfunded liabilities of a Pensions Ponzi (see Greece) because they were too lazy to save, since socialism’s Santa Claus would “bail them out”. Bailouts are socialist theft. At least the Communist admits the theft.
The Vatican City isn’t the cheese, it’s the City of London for money.
Cross could be the Rosicrucians or the Knights Templar. Former also has a rose, cross and an eye symbol in a pyramid.

Guess that rings NO bells, does it?

Unions (“worker’s rights” to hold others/ the economy to ransom) are always up to something and funded from unusual channels. “The Party” protects itself while The People starve.

Champagne socialists.

Sickle/hammer is a worker’s symbol but do we know any others? Stonemasons! Again, using the prole symbols to mock them.
By killing spies in China, any war would already be lost.”

NR: “Anons… honestly… stop whining. You’re not in this until you’re intentionally offending people and willfully, even gleefully burning bridges.”

Do I get a cookie for starting so early?

How long have I been in this? Is there a pension contribution scheme?

Do we get dental?

I’m surprised so many are so weak. Did someone take their sippy cup?

Did pajama boy run out of poisoned cocoa?

Do they think these things are easy? [yes]

“Tribunals can start happening after the 1st of January, 2019.”
I said next year, nobody listens to me.
Probably a good thing, actually.

It’s gonna be a merry Christ-Mass. When everyone’s at home, with no work to do, consuming the latest news….

Post over,

nostalgiafagging ramble incoming.

I remember posting about Satanism in Hollywood a few years ago, once, a link to a blog on it, to test the waters, then a post about Catholic occultism and the reddit-tier skepticism made me laugh. Like, you wait and see, plebs.

We throw around the word “oppression” too much. Do you know your own history? I don’t. At least I can admit it. I want to know. Enough oppression constitutes a genocide, which is the most extreme war crime and cannot be prosecuted via the regular court channels. Who does Mockingbird hate?

What did their post-war world look like?

Why did I keep predicting doom? Which fruit did I dislike before Wikileaks? Why come back to blogging? Why not leave in 2016? What would I be going back to? Are nations on the List? Are religions on their List? Are races on their List? What is UN’s optimal global population? Where would it be easiest to source? What language are you told to learn if your life depended on it? Who has no space, no money and increased birth rate recently? Why? Where to spread? Enough to ring around the world. Test big news: 14GG autism as weapon, 16B,T people fight back, 18_. Reaction? All hands on deck. How did I know Q was real, with minimal circumstantial doubts?

(I haz no affiliation with Q, sadface).

2018: year of culture.

NR: “it looks like Q is suggesting this is part of a larger “impeach Trump” operation…”

Mock the mockingbird.
Cabal, get ready to crum-ble.

Best timeline TBC.

The hate comments I get on here are just so shitacular it’s actually heartening.

I don’t need to advertise. Why do I want this on public record, bitch?

I’m quietly confident future readers won’t think I’m so stupid.

Yes, I’m a total fag today, sorry.