Peterson’s puppets

It’s so blatant I bet 100% of them never figured it out.*

You’ll always need his opinion, no other psychiatrist online and certainly not your own opinion.

Identify with something with no agency, an external conscience and wood for brains.

*Below a conscious level.

He knows that.

How to spot a cult leader?

After years, men immersed in his materials are more dependent. On him.

Well, the first time I saw the Disney videos I laughed because since MK Ultra became well known, surely people aren’t that stupid?

I said to myself “I’m not a puppet, there are no strings on me”.

Unless you accept his, of course. Isn’t that the point?

Really, undeniable on this count.

Why doesn’t he mention Svengalis, given the material?

And a long monologue on Pleasure Island but omitting the subject of male, life-ruining vice? HOW?

Like PI isn’t a “den of iniquity”? Why not mention the vice? Why omit what should be passing censure?

Pinocchio was totally selfish, wanting his cake (a good life) and eating it (but being a bad person) . The plot took away the ass’s ears but IRL, there is no magic and certain things cannot be undone, having a personal deserved reputation as an ass publicly brands you for life, as it should. He doesn’t mention CONSEQUENCES in a story about morality and maturity.

He wouldn’t dare do an hour-plus video on Peter Pan, his followers would kill him.

They’re too weak to ask the hard questions.

All I see is ten minute hints. WEAK.

Dorian Gray would be a laughriot.

The current year in summary

Imagine living in the current year and thinking Nato and the UN, EU and Co were made for our benefit.


I’ve got my eye of Sauron on Deutsche.


I’ve long predicted this but I’ll abstain from happy-dancing just yet.

See “Racking up” especially.

Is Kate Upton oppressed?

They aren’t a Marxist if they wouldn’t strip all middle-class savings (including their own).
If there shouldn’t be a (low) cap on earnings and savings, they aren’t Marxist.
Naturally, they refuse to quantify, being dishonest. 30k a year is rich here.
Class is actually defined by income and lifestyle. Both quantifiable and tangible.
Don’t trust the CM definitions. They’re wrong. It isn’t about whether you’re hired. Most people don’t work in factories anymore.
Real Marxists should be calling for income caps and a total ban on luxuries including drinks, clothes and cars.

Personally, I find the mudshark fat, dumpy and over-rated.

Who owns all the MOPs?

The banks.

Who should be nationalised, fully?

The banks.


However, loss of social mobility in a meritocracy is due to IQ.

GDP is tied to IQ too. It isn’t personal.

However, myths of high IQ in certain groups are…. fake news.

Verbal IQ shouldn’t be included but Jewish IQ would be trash without it.

Who said we needed a verbal section? Jewish psychiatrists.


The best part of these discussions about Marx is asking why all the books on him cost money.


Technically, Communism is more oppressive than a tithe.

Most workers would love a tax cap of 10%, they refuse to do that.

Why no tax cap?

Rent controls won’t save as much money to the poor as a universal tax cap.

A flat tax. The only “fair share”. Maybe the “Government” (BOE is private) shouldn’t take more than its “fair share” from all, in equality.

Churches are more Communist than SJWs, they give out books for free!

I’ve literally never paid for a Bible.

I have one of those faces where people assume I’m a sinner so they just give me Bibles.

Marxism is the classism that brainwashes the poor into letting the rich (middle-class) tell them what to do, because slightly richer people exist and must be stopped! (As the middle-class obviously get these marching orders from the even more wealthy). Talk about false consciousness.

What they appeal to:

Marxism is the opiate of the masses. Original virtue signal shekels.

Why do you think it was called Das Kapital?

They repeat the same thing as the Papacy without the kneeling and funny hat.

Luther was right, all you need is a Bible. You don’t need a Church.

Perhaps race would be more apt.