Cultural Marxism liberated whom?

A+ you observed the obvious but still. 60s psyop.

If it were a gender war, women wouldn’t be expected to do 100% of the roles in the marriage. To what, prove we can? Who can do 100% of everything? Men can’t even give birth so it’s rational they’d have some other role instead. Shirking that is silly.

Would any traditional society allow cads, deadbeats and filth purveyors to walk the streets freely?

1920s degeneracy: could be worth fact-checking.

“The institute hosted tens of thousands of visitors each year, including school class field trips. Hirschfeld was a notorious sodomite, popularly known in the Berlin gay scene by his cross-dresser name Tante Magnesia.”

Sex ‘Ed’ is grooming, people. Random ‘educated’ strangers teaching children about intimacy. Sit with that lunacy.

A few days later the entire library was famously burned in the streets, some 20,000 books and images, along with Marxist literature and other subversive material. Ever since, without background or explanation, corporate media and palace publishers have protested against the German students emptying their swamp.””

SJWs want porn legal, ………………..why? Isn’t that irrational given their ‘principles’? Why be scared men give it up? Why be hostile when white men refuse to sleep around (the over-use of incel to simply chaste normal men) or mix (rarer discernment) unless it’s the source of their influence? Same with the messed up sexuality of the circumcised, as previously covered here. Perverse practices and no satisfaction.

The plot?

Weaken white people by vice. Starting with the men. System of control via no self-control. Morally weakened, no authority to challenge it. No racial dignity, considered cheap in body by their women. A bunch of wankers and sodomites (still counts with a woman). Ridiculous men. Ridiculed and considered inferior. Gaslighted from “try it” temptation to “you don’t know, you might like it” and “fun” to “now you can’t complain about it or you’re a hypocrite”. The asses of Pleasure Island.

French fashion too white


The hyphen Americans are funny.

In a republic, you’re not your race. That’s the whole point.

But they’re convenient Americans here, where they’re pretending this shit isn’t Chinese anti-white propaganda, yet suddenly ARE Chinese on Asian culture…..

Things that make you go hmmmm….

Plus, the algorithm is pushing this sort of thing HARD.


and isn’t she fetishizing white culture by living in America and speaking English? She also has a Victorian wardrobe video, as many of the SJWs do. When Americans say Victorian, that refers to the British Empire, owned by Queen Victoria. It’s literally the clothing of imperialism and slavery. They don’t mean gold miners wearing denim, they want to dress like London slave owners. Nobody calls them up on this.


and isn’t it perfectly natural for white people to look up to… other white people?

The gaslighting on that is extraordinary and recently, so blatant.e. French rules are primarily don’t be fat and don’t be tacky. That’s just whiteness. Only tryhard SJW types have to break out the piercings and sleeve tattoos to get anyone to notice them. Note they’re going after fundamental white self-image, that’s gaslighting. Deconstruction of self-image qualifies as menticide.

Yet the so-called Right is ignoring my many clarion calls on this topic. Odds of controlled ops…. ever higher.

nb Why do SJWs always have shit make-up? I think they lack an awareness of their own face because it’s always ugly and caked-on, like almost-black lipstick is not Victorian. Always with the cat-eye flick that only looks good on round, European eyes e.g. Marilyn Monroe, while on Asians it makes them look like a tranny because their eyes are already tilted so the effect is freakish. The lipstick looks like she ate a donut in a messy way. Why is tumblr’s SJW set like this? They assume they can just steal whatever details exist on attractive women like trend AA. Male r-types did this with hipster beard to hide soy jaw. The women dyed their hair to emulate more attractive women like goth models, cyberpunk dancers and Kate Winslet in Spotless Mind. Dying your hair blue won’t make you look like Kate Winslet, they seem visually impaired when it comes to perceiving beauty and seem to assume they can ‘steal’ whatever ‘tactic’ they presume the other woman must have used to ‘cheat’ too – they got male attention by genetics, not window-dressing. Criticizing styles they can never fully emulate screams post-hoc cope to me, like the SJW can’t copy it so they destroy it. Now it seems to be ‘I’m not like other girls because I don’t wear jeans/leggings’ – we get it, you’re fat. “skinny white bitches like Kylie Jenner” – she isn’t even white?

French girls were considered cheap hookers during WW1 (servicemen deployed, history books state they got syphilis) and before WW2 used by a certain group, usually against their will (slavery). The allure is a nice way of suggesting prostitutes.

also “global citizen” is such a hallmark of crazies

Top hearted comment:

When u talked about which french trends we should steal in 2020 I thought u were going to show a guillotine


Yes, the SJWs are plotting


“The best thing you can do is appropriate Western culture”

that’s how Cultural Marxists employ Down with Western Civ, because they know everything they touch turns to shit – vidya, books, films, music….

it’s quite genius when you think about it. Their new game plan uses their blanket incompetence as an aggressive force.

This is why they’re dressing like white patriarchs from the 40s with affectations to match e.g. drinking, smoking etc. They’re trying to out-man the white men like trannies are trying to out-slut American slutty women.

Beware of fake Ks

I’ve been saying for years. There’s a reason the Bible has the death penalty for attempted rape*. Give them no quarter in your area or they’ll corrupt and attack your trusting, naive and young. The law must protect the innocent, lone and vulnerable. Even the Nazis during Occupation carried the death penalty for rapists among their ranks, so how can anyone pretend to be better if they’re concealing or enabling such evils?

The Nice Guy compassion is part of their two-faced nature, everything you need to know about a man’s honour, his character, is in his sexual history. The Bible talks about this, to defile one’s own body is a denial of God. Bacchanalian orgies are the Satanist’s form of worship (self-worship).

Psychopaths are glib and promiscuous and parasitic. Duh.

*It’s easy to spot fake Ks and rapists generally, when they quibble that particular rule. Patriarchy protects women and girls against evil men. Paper Ks are exactly the same variety of evil as the rapist/murderers of the CHINO cult called the Munster ‘rebellion’. They claimed it was all about ‘equality’ too, except they ‘ruled’ extant Christian marriages null and void to steal the wives of other men for themselves. They stole daughters too, r has the same strategy of treachery everywhere. They also raped minors, girls. They chopped a woman’s head off in the town square for refusing to marry a creepy leader in a sham religious cult, extreme r is always like this. It’s been going on for centuries. Fake Ks literally want to rape your daughters. Patriarchy is the rule of fathers to protect their daughters (and sons) from sexual predators, bachelors and cheating creeps are highly suspect in those systems, due to… I dunno, HISTORY?


But now I am writing you not to associate with anyone who claims to be a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a verbal abuser, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.

I’ve seen plenty of tradlarping men, claiming to be white (online), criticizing white Christian women, who’ve done nothing to anyone. Where is the defence? They call it ‘simping’ to be nice to your own wife (?), don’t let foreign misogynists pollute your culture. I don’t tolerate such verbal abuse of white men (especially Christians) because it’s pure SJW tier BS so what’s with the anti-white sexism? God made women, only Judaism and Islam* view women as evil (the true religion of the larpers claiming to be ‘fellow white men’) due to Lilith nonsense and rationalising low IQ sexual criminality in those populations. Was the goat asking for it, too?

*same religion

Stop simping to people who hate white culture and mores, whether they attack your fellow brother or sister.

? – I wonder why they’re single, boys? What a catch!

For any wondering, the Bible tells women to cry out if a man tries to attack them so the mob can dispense justice i.e. kill him.

The eerie Aryan aesthetic of Ralph ‘Lauren’

Honestly, this side-by-side is all I need to rest my case, it’s like they cloned him.

Right click and save for full size.

Qualities: sporty tan, facial symmetry, blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw in men and full mouths in women, physically fit and shown to be active, affluent upwardly mobile poses.

Lots of blond, improbably….

ironically, California’s whole sporty blonde with a tan aesthetic was originally Nazi.

It’s American as Sauerkraut. 

Note the deep tan. People think they wanted Nordic white-white but nope, they wanted golden tans, to accentuate the hair and eyes.

The facial proportions are distinct of the Nazi aesthetic for blood ‘superiority’, this was even in my school’s PC as hell textbooks.

This information is hardly hard to find.

You’d think a Jewish brand would promote anything BUT that…. logically.

Unless it’s been trading on white aesthetics (cultural appropriation) from the start.

I’m not saying it’s intentional. It’s sure as shit recognizable.
Especially white on women as the Roman code for purity.

The same hairstyle and colour.

The SJWs never touch this. Why?

I cannot be the only one seeing this. It’s actually creepy.

Same poses and everything.

Even mirroring.

It looks like the same guy. Sorry, is anyone else seeing this?

Pure white again, the only thing missing is the pigtails!

Again, it’s the SAME face.


It’s like you put Nazi propaganda into a photo AI and this was spat out.

You can even shop any white Lauren model into a Nazi uniform and it fits.

Source: Pinterest, obviously.

Why has nobody ever taken them to task on this?

I’d swear it’s the same guy.

Look in high-res, it’s more obvious.

it’s the same fucking face, C’MON, it’s like someone copy and pasted their homework

The haircut, colour and literally styling is the same.

I can do this all day. It’s like some advanced AI shit. I feel like I’m watching High Castle.

The hair slick may have been borrowed, that’s all I’m saying.

Again, all day. Statistically, what are the ODDS of this?

The hair swoop is even in the same fucking direction. That’s commitment.

How do they have the same faces? This is almost literally impossible.

Literally HOW.

It isn’t that all white men look the same, I wish you all looked like models.

And how do you explain the fact it works with the women too?

All those blonde women are different women. Look at the hairlines.

Posted without comment at this point.

The anti-fa hipsters knowingly sport Aryan hair too. Aryan hair, don’t care?

So it’s okay when THEY do it?

Clown world, truly.

Honk honk.

Looks like a Ralph Lauren ad.

To the guys acting like skirts above the knee are degenerate:

imagine thinking a buzz cut is LESS Nazi

Was this an excuse to stare at male models? Maybe. You can’t prove that.

The damn tilt is the same. EVEN THE TILT.

Video: Cultural before Marxist

The snatch THEN the bait.

Making uprooting cool (hippies, Boomer gen) and by the time the tree is shaking in the wind (now) it just needs a little push….

And the origin of this premise? Das Frankfurt Schule.

Down with Western civ requires a multi-level pruning of influence, e.g. most famously anti-white gender war on both sides deter replacement birth rate.

the newfags will get it eventually, once their sperm turns autistic

They view us as a group, whether you bully half of it or not. They won’t go easier on you.

This also applies to pushing all forms of foreign culture as ‘superior’ (xenophilia, Boomers started it). Foodies and food trends (wtf) cannot push African culture on white men (Exc. music and ebonics) but they can push Asian due to a lowered guard (little dick stereotype they endure, while stealing your job) so Japanese was in then Chinese then Thai, anything non-white = good. This is sensory reprogramming of your brain. However many insects and how much MSG, it was pushed as superior because anything to boost white male colon cancer rates ist gut. This applies also to sexual behaviours (behavioural contagion and supernormal vectors) as well as clothing (“street fashion” permitting non-white societal/street/pavement dominance, no trend naturally lasts THIS long – decades- but making criminals look visibly obvious by comparison would prematurely end the game of pretending it’s about assimilation). If white men all wore top hats tomorrow, how would a hoodie rob you without being seen? They’d stick out like the outsider they are. There’s no urban stealth value if the honest signaller stops playing. The dishonest cannot imitate high-cost honesty e.g. exposed face, a white value. Much is discussed of androgynous fashion, but reject multicultural fashion too, it permits those who hate you to hide as One of you. Application is the distinction, nodding means nothing. If white people only went to white food restaurants, how many immigrants would go out of business, and go home? It isn’t just about the Netflix subscription, their system is local by design. You are responsible for your consumption choices, as a behaviour. Do you watch anti-white youtubers (this includes bashing white women, tarred with one irrational brush as ‘American’ and mysteriously leaving out the super-majority of women on the planet) and do you have the xenophilic ‘preference’ for ‘exotic’ food? That is a vote, with your feet. That is paying for your replacement.

Change your palette, stop with the politically correct ‘palette’ in home decor, ‘art’, music, clothing, ALL consumption. THAT is how you kill the Hydra, starvation. SHUN the degenerating forces.


We used to mock aristocrats for demanding foreign food, especially made by foreign chefs/slaves. How prissy, how effeminate! Now who’s the joke? Is curry really ‘British’? We haz the recipes, stop it already. If most of the culture you pay for is foreign, you are voting for the death of your patriotic traditions.

Don’t get me started on Boomer nomad ‘international’ hero James Bond and the slutty alkie death of the patriotic gentleman archetype.

I expect the manosphere to rip this off in a few years.

Patrick Bateman had a bland Ikea apartment before it was in Fight Club, and it only worked because as an American, there is no national identity anyway. There is no patriotic historical style. There is no unified aesthetic of all states. There is no hierarchy because there have never been ‘betters’ to imitate, no ‘upper crust’, no court system. There is no building with ancient-tier materials, the whole style is disposable. This is why trends emerge from America, trying too hard. Consider the cringe phrase ‘bachelor pad’. Groovy, baby.

You’re not WASPs and despite the public cope efforts of fug people like Jackie Kennedy, you never will be. Enjoy the pearls, famed from Scotland. Worn by the English monarchs to show dominance before and after we genocided some of their tribes. But an American taught the Chinks to forge them… Enjoy.

It’s like the PC boutonniere boys on Youtube wearing Brit hunting gear as a ‘suit’, as if it’s a business suit. That’s like turning up to a funeral only in bright red swimming trunks. WTF America. Another is wearing military-style clothing while slagging off the nation’s army and opposing the draft*. WTF. Clothes have meanings.

*Greece still has a mandatory military service, like Croatia and other white places, so you don’t get to call them cucks if you’re a pussy. Note – their men still look like it.
Americans are renowned in England for being such huge wimps they play rugby with child safe style padding and armour and changed the name (‘American’ football). I played rugger age 12 at school and none of the girls needed padding. Even disabled kids had a tendency to shun it.

Minimalism from the 1930s was invented by and pushed internationally by artsy Jews ‘fleeing’ Frankfurt and 1920s brothel Berlin. How many trends last almost a century, organically? Wake up. Ralph Lauren’s jumpers are Jewish like he is. The fake hollow WASP aesthetic was their entryism. The psychological punishment of solitary confinement is living in the same bland Ikea box some of you pay for!

Reject the self-abnegating Marxism of mindful/mindless ‘meditation’

Skip to end for studies.

So-called meditation is a religious practice, a form of prayer. It is communication with spiritual entities beyond one’s body. It has no place in schools. Schools want to impose it because it forms a kind of repression in the developing brain, it is cliche Victorian emotional repression (the stiff upper lip). I happen to think the state and agents of the state should have no ‘right’ to call a citizen’s emotions invalid or wrong. Children are not hysterics to be corrected into quiet submission. These mindful or mindless devotionals are used to control children, by adults, a great evil. The meditation as they would practise it is pagan in origin and cannot be made secular. One’s Higher Self is godly, the Creator. It is the thing we rejoin once we die. Clearly, this is horrendously inappropriate to ‘teach’ children in a school setting, under the guise of keeping them quiet (stiff upper lip) and teaching ‘focus’. All prayer teaches focus by repetition of words or concepts with the express purpose of drowning out personal emotion. Schools should not be emptying the minds of the students. It is a toxic concept, and you can point to all the scientism studies you like and it won’t change the fact children should not be lectured on their very thought process and censored therein, by the State! This is how docile populaces are made, and the brain changes are permanent. We call this clipping of their wings brain damage, if we’re being more accurate. There is nothing inherently wrong with their natural, evolving brain development! Being a healthy, developing child is not a sin and should not be condemned with appropriated, shallow religious practices.

Piaget said kids cannot understand the abstract before the teens, the brain is too immature. THAT’s why they want to get at the kids before then!

This is why Marxists want access to primary school kids.

Piaget believed that what he referred to as “hypothetical-deductive reasoning” was essential at this stage of intellectual development. At this point, teens become capable of thinking about abstract and hypothetical ideas. 

Capable! Prior to this, critical rejection is impossible.

But religious material is taught as RE, prior to this…..

The State cannot preach contentment and faith in devotional practices like a church. It is curious that such a ‘process’ does not work without faith and this failure would present in older children more often, so the schools push the prayer earlier. In the same way children are not physically capable of performing all the same activities, it is a violation of human rights to foist any censorship onto their emotional mind. The right to feel is human and sacrosanct, legally. Blotting out ‘undesirable’ emotions by the state agents, like anger, is cruel and unusual punishment. Not to mention, impossible. The military doesn’t go so far as to call possibly righteous emotions like anger ‘wrong’. A negative emotion is not innately ‘bad’ or wrong. If the teachers have failed to earn the respect (and obedience) of the students, however many drugs are pushed into that population, then perhaps the fault is with the adults and not the children? If we look at the league tables and life outcomes, a child’s disrespect of their teachers (and ‘misbehaviour’, aka questioning authority) is entirely valid.

“brain training” – it’s brainwashing

It’s creepy to watch those kids do qi or psi practices (those hand gestures) and think this is scientific.

Pushing Buddhism, they literally have a guy right there.

“their brains are being reshaped” – by the State
They’re encouraging ego death in white kids. See the fleeting reference to privilege, later? It forces a kind of depersonalization and derealization. Let me guess, this only ‘needs’ to be done on white kids in white schools?

If it were scientific, it’d work 100% of the time. This is based on faith.
When you drink water, you’re hydrated. There’s cause. With this, the ‘stress’ placebo only works if you believe it will. Slow breathing will literally do the same thing, but they want an empty mind.

Marcus Aurelius taught about ‘controlling the mind’ too but he was white and didn’t promote ego death for Cultural Marxism, so you won’t hear about it.

“delusions such as anger or attachment”
Like to your family, country, attachment!

“ignorance, jealousy, so when the mind is out of control”
They’re gaslighting children as hysterics.

Lobotomies have such a bad rep.

“They can’t control what they say or what they do”
I think they can they’re human beings, this is dehumanisation.
Worshipping Buddha, a man, is idolatry. It isn’t actually a religion, there is no God.

“everything we do relates to our intention”
the road to Hell
actually the West judges by character and behaviour
I’m sure there are some really nice, lonely pedophiles, they’re still evil.

“be mindful of the correct things”
WHAT correct things?
oh DO tell us!

(he does not)

“everyone needs to meditate” – some weeb larper

“clarity and peace within our mind” – you mean around authorities like school?
We had those things in the West for millennia.

“overcome anger completely”
need I point out how evil that is?
making them like sitting ducks
emotion has evolutionary purpose, Darwin wrote a whole BOOK on it.
Cultural Marxism pushes formless identity and state-censored emotion.

Prof Charlton’s Thought Prison went into this.

Why don’t you convert to political correctness?

Since you can’t do anything about political correctness, why not just make the best of it?

Why not exploit the situation instead of moaning about it?

Do what is expedient – why not?


Why not make a successful career out of PC – like so many others?

Why not surrender your private mind to PC, in the same way as you have already surrendered your public behaviour?

By having any reservations at all, you are making yourself miserable – why not simply cast-aside those reservations?

Just say an inner yes to what you will, anyway, be forced to do…


Since you necessarily inhabit the thought prison that is political correctness – then why not, at least, become one of the ‘trustys’ among the inmates – to assist with the smooth running of the gaol, and get yourself a few privileges.

Why not, indeed, strive to become one of the guards? Somebody has to do the job? Maybe you could temper the severity of the regime?

And herein lies the particular temptation for the intellectual elite – a temptation few resist.

That (literally) soul-destroying pragmatism by which (for eminently sensible reasons) we quietly, by gradual degrees, change sides in the spiritual battle of the world: that unseen warfare between The Good and that which opposes The Good.


Well why not?

There is no earthly reason why not.

In a world of pervasive and powerful PC, there is really only one compelling reason for holding back and resisting in any way, shape or form – which is that embracing political correctness will shrink your soul.


If you do not believe in the soul, this reason will carry no force at all: so by your own calculations you are stupid to resist PC.

the reprobate mind

Or, if you believe the soul is inviolable, and that nothing you think or do can affect the soul: then also, by your own calculations, you are stupid to resist PC.

If you do not believe in Natural Law (innate knowledge of The Good), and that breaking Natural Law harms the soul: then logically you should learn to love PC.


If you do not believe in the reality of transcendental good – then you might as well go with the flow, allow yourself to be re-programmed: to learn, by regular practice, to re-label lies as truth, ugliness as beauty, evil as virtue; until PC has entered into your heart and soul, as well as pouring into your ears and out-from your mouth.


But political correctness is nihilism; therefore it is not merely political: it is also existential. 

To fight against political correctness is therefore ultimately an existential act: a battle to preserve the eternal soul.


But if you do not believe that political correctness will harm your eternal soul: then you would be well-advised to suck it up.

Why not?…

BBC scum:

“as a scientist, categorically”

Mengele was a scientist, wouldn’t trust him with kids. Scientists are not a superior race, free of motive and emotionality.

The nose in the air is creepy.

It’s a placebo action, there is no actual control because the kids know when they’re doing it.

Controlled breathing would be a control. But they won’t do that- no effect!

“the stories that we tell about ourselves, about other people, aren’t necessarily true”
paging Scientology
How is this the business of the State?
How is self-image and identity their concern?

and “about other people” – such AS?
“so we can enquire into that”
violation of human rights, right to privacy
this is experimentation violating the Nuremberg Code
Can the State psychoanalyze you? Where is the consent?

“a healthy skepticism about our thought process”
well calling it healthy makes it healthy
pass the deep-fried Mars bar
this is science

can I be skeptical of your skepticism?

if it’s real, why can’t I question it?

If you guessed I was the one replying, you’d be right. Also measurement error.

the ‘get em young’ thing is a huge red flag

they go from showing teens, discussing teens to…
“8 and 9 year-olds”

and the Buddhist guy wants to be left alone around them, in a hypnotic state.


I had a feeling about this…

Can Mindfulness Help Reduce Racism?

Can we override hidden prejudice? A new study says, yes, it can be done—and the key might be mindfulness meditation.

I fucking knew it.

Every. Single. Time.

Biases are only okay if brown people have them about white people, you see.

Now, a newly published study by researchers Adam Lueke and Brian Gibson of Central Michigan University suggests another way to impact implicit assumptionsmindfulness.

In their study, 72 white college students were measured on their levels of implicit bias of blacks and the elderly using the IAT.

Was it a KKK convention? How else to only include white kids? What are the odds?

Another anti-white methodology, ignore the coincidence.

Some participants then listened to a 10-minute mindfulness meditation in which they were instructed to “become aware of bodily sensations (heartbeat and breath) and fully accept these sensations and any thoughts without restriction, resistance, or judgment”;

That’s one way pedos groom kids. So it’s beyond just steady breathing, you see. It’s self-hypnosis.

They don’t assign it as homework because then they couldn’t implant various notions while the kid is suggestible.

other participants listened to a recording about natural history, voiced by the same narrator.

Why not steady breathing? That isn’t a real control.

Afterwards, the two groups of students were evaluated on their levels of mindfulness and then reassessed on their levels of implicit bias using the IAT.

IAT is BS.

Results showed that people who listened to the 10-minute mindfulness recording demonstrated less implicit bias against blacks and old people on the race and age IATs than individuals who listened to the other 10-minute recording. In other words, the mindfulness intervention decreased students’ automatic biases against blacks and older adults.

The mind is numb, they’d be less likely to associate rabbits with carrots, too! It retards the thought process.

Why no politically neutral controls? Dogs > bones? Cats > burgers?

For example, mindfulness training has been shown to help overeaters decrease the automatic attractiveness of fatty foods, allowing them to resist eating those foods when the foods are presented to them.

It literally over-rides survival, yeah.

This is like the hen-chalk thing with people, it suppresses nervous function (fear appraisal). A fox could walk right in front of them and they wouldn’t move. Non-response is not good.

They’re doing this to your kids.

One interesting consideration is that in the present study the mindfulness training was very brief and non-specific—in other words, the authors did not specifically try to train the participants in bias-reduction.

Retardation, same thing. Stop noticing studies.

With no warning of the true purpose, the subject cannot resist – just like that chicken.

This leads the authors to suggest that brief mindfulness training may be a good substitute for—or may augment—more traditional anti-bias training. 


Even if we try to act adopt a colorblind view in the world, it doesn’t work because our brains don’t actually work that way.

They know what they’re doing.

In my own work, I identify, develop and examine the efficacy of a set of practices that intentionally link inner and outer work to raise awareness about race and racial experience in our lives, with a focus on personal, interpersonal, and systemic or structural levels. 

The resulting “ColorInsight Practices ” combine mindfulness-based practices with teaching and learning about race and color to increase awareness of how race and color impact us all, and give rise to insight and greater understanding. They pave the way to new experiences that help us loosen our attachments to narratives and other forms of suffering that give rise to biases along the way…..

Attachments are GOOD, a human RIGHT.

The Nazis wanted to end suffering, if we’re going in that direction.

Why is nobody talking about this? Controlled ops. Plenty of proof.

A Conversation on Mindfulness, Bias and Racial Justice

When Mindfulness and Racism Intersect
Discrimination hurts, but mindfulness may help: Trait mindfulness moderates the relationship between perceived discrimination and depressive symptoms
Discriminatory experiences are not only momentarily distressing, but can also increase risk for lasting physical and psychological problems. Specifically, significantly higher rates of depression and depressive symptoms are reported among people who are frequently the target of prejudice. Given the gravity of this problem, this research focuses on an individual difference, trait mindfulness, as a protective factor in the association between discrimination and depressive symptoms. In a community sample of 605 individuals, trait mindfulness dampens the relationship between perceived discrimination and depressive symptoms. Additionally, mindfulness provides benefits above and beyond those of positive emotions. Trait mindfulness may thus operate as a protective individual difference for targets of discrimination.

Discrimination is critical thought, it’s vital for cognition.

Click to access 570baaf508aee06603519a68.pdf

Brief Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Discrimination.
Recent research has demonstrated that mindfulness meditation reduces implicit race and age bias by weakening the associations of the target group with negative constructs. The current research examined the potential for mindfulness to also affect discriminatory behavior. Participants listened to either a 10-min mindfulness audio or a control audio before playing a game in which they interacted with partners of different races in a simulation and decided how much they trusted them with their money. Results indicated that the mindfulness condition exhibited significantly less discrimination in the Trust Game than did either of the 2 control conditions. The implications and importance of mindfulness meditation in alleviating bias are discussed.

As thought control, it’s more effective than regular placebo!

Because it’s more involved placebo.

Transcendental meditation, mindfulness, and longevity: an experimental study with the elderly.


Can direct change in state of consciousness through specific mental techniques extend human life and reverse age-related declines? To address this question, 73 residents of 8 homes for the elderly (mean age = 81 years) were randomly assigned among no treatment and 3 treatments highly similar in external structure and expectations: the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, mindfulness training (MF) in active distinction making, or a relaxation (low mindfulness) program. A planned comparison indicated that the “restful alert” TM group improved most, followed by MF, in contrast to relaxation and no-treatment groups, on paired associate learning; 2 measures of cognitive flexibility; mental health; systolic blood pressure; and ratings of behavioral flexibility, aging, and treatment efficacy. The MF group improved most, followed by TM, on perceived control and word fluency. After 3 years, survival rate was 100% for TM and 87.5% for MF in contrast to lower rates for other groups.

Notice that this is one of only a handful of meditation studies that carefully tries to control for expectation — the placebo effect — so it is a more robust study-design than most people are used to seeing and the findings should therefore be that much more reliable.

I cannot find a straight placebo study.

Almost like they’re the same, at differing intensity.

Why not do a study with a control that just counts their breath to 100 again and again?

When we walk slower in parks, our breathing unconsciously adjusts down to our walking pace, it isn’t woo woo magical thinking bullshit.

In a pre-industrial West, we had no problem relaxing.

Why would the Marxists push this now?

decrease ‘stress’, an evolved response to dangerous conditions?

An association between multiculturalism and psychological distress

Amidst increasing focus on rising rates of substance abuse and suicide among white Americans and extending prior research on intergroup attitudes and health, this study examines a novel factor associated with psychological distress: disagreement with multiculturalism. Using the Portraits of American Life Study (N = 2,292), logistic regressions indicate that for Whites and Hispanics, increased likelihood of psychological distress (depression, hopelessness and worthlessness) is associated with stronger disagreement with multiculturalism, measured as “If we want to create a society where people get along, we must recognize that each ethnic group has the right to maintain its own unique traditions.” For Blacks, however, attitudes toward multiculturalism are not associated with psychological distress. Future research might determine if these results can be replicated, and if so, identify the causal mechanism(s) at work

the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.

Medical definition of menticide: a systematic and intentional undermining of a person’s conscious mind : brainwashing.

systemic – check

intentional – check

undermining – check

of the MIND – check

It’s thought police censorship, a violation of human development.

Really it should be mentacide but that’s just English.*

That’s what my books say. I guess either works.

The concept of “menticide” indicates an organized system of judicial perversion and psychological intervention, in which a powerful tyrant transfers his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy or to use for his own propaganda. Modern psychiatry may deliver him several tools for this perversion. Our psychiatric standpoint toward this challenge has to be formulated. Examples of menticide are described and ways of protection indicated.

Reference Meerlo 1956 The rape of the mind

Systemic victim blaming

They’ll call it mass psychosis (to blame the boys) but it’s actually a rape cult. Like the Rotherham types, who were raped by police as ‘prostitution’. The Game of prostitution is what they did to those boys. It’s slavery, mentally enforced. Psychopathia Sexualis described sadists like this accurately, before Freud ‘corrected’ them in the public eye. Living for pleasure is Satanic, that was Sodom’s flaw and PR’d for the hippies. Man is not a beast. S&M is now normalised as ‘fun’ and harmless but once those wires are crossed, you’re damaged for life. So a boy punching a boy at school is assault, but the same boy choking a girl isn’t? Despite the latter causing death? Is that not a very Jewish misogyny, described in the sexual sadist killers of Psychopathia? The honour of the white man is dead, they killed it themselves with reprobate practices. Why does nobody respect the guy talking about muh West while choking the possible mother of his children? Guess we’re all jealous.

The Communists had sex cults with children in Germany in the 70s.

The people slagging off #metoo stuff are usually predators, trying to drown out children victims or their grown counterparts. Why suppress something if you think it’s trivial? It isn’t about film stars. They co-opted it.

The American military suicides are usually from post-rape trauma in the men. Nobody talks about it.

Brotherhood is a MYTH. It’s a multicultural lie.

I’m sickened men keep believing they have more in common with the Easterner mocking them online than their own siblings.

There is degenerate, there is normal.

There is deviant, there is healthy.

Who is We? Well, is every man an Epstein? Is every man a mother-rapist, because all men are now meant to be a hivemind? Or are they hiding again?

Race no longer works, fellow Christian no longer works. All they have is man card.

They’re still hoping for no wide study of male ‘circumcision’ among rapists. The FBI has known about that connection to serial rapists and killers for half a century.

What did Freud always blame? White women. Especially mothers. Especially Christians.

…Which group is best at sniffing out pedophiles? Which group rallies white men to lynch pedophiles?

(like that one Jewish rapist in America)

The women have been raising the alarm about this, for years. The men were cowards – or complicit. If it bleeds, it breeds pedos. Saying the child or teen ‘wanted it’. Men are the sex of action (and protection), women were gaslighted as ‘crazy’, paranoid, hysterical etc. on topics like Rotherham.

The Satanic Panic was taught to me as a case study in similar, white women (Karen) hysteria and paranoia…. with no evidence to back that up.

By making those boys hate themselves (mentacide), their race (intercourse) and mother (prospect of breeding) they damaged them for life. Do you think they married, had kids? There are many ways to kill the white man – miscegenation is overt, vice is covert, least discussed is genetic suicide from self-loathing. No coincidence Clarey is part Jew.

21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook

Corruption is still on our legal books, as grooming. Bring back the death penalty for it, corruption of the innocent is clearly child abuse.

But… America is Communist?

TYL income tax is Marxist (really just usury without borrowing, like a slave, who were taxed on earnings, the fruit of their own labour). By taxing your labour, they legally technically own your body (your MOP).

Top Ten Goals in the Communist Manifesto, Accomplished in America. Idea For Federal Income Tax Comes From Karl Marx.

Like, seriously. You can call it muh crony capitalism all you like but the Gov effectively owns the corporations and controls the markets’ entrants via socialist red tape. You’re not free to run a lemonade stand.

Then, demographically, Asia has raped your national resources at this point. China has bought up prime American farmland (and also much of the English countryside, Academic Agent should cover that) for the solar minimum and the Governments LET IT HAPPEN. The white man has a Sino overlord now, whether you see it yet or not. We’re already cowed by blood, look at the soil. The Fed doesn’t just owe China, the Chinese purchased your country. Why fire a single shot?

Multiculturalism kills, it killed Rome. Melting pots never survive, it’s the rule of history.

They know this, Gibbon of historian fame was a Freemason.

#3 is literally that one Guardian article all the champagne types reee-d at.
There are no socialists, only traitors. They know the truth, it’s class war within race.
The best article was by some girl but they seem to have taken it down.