Cultural heritage is a human right

Sue for defamation and lost earnings, make them hurt financially. Witch mobs are illegal.

You don’t have to prove they really didn’t believe it, just that they didn’t care about the truth.

Malicious gossip is illegal, make the trial public and don’t settle out of court.

Demand your pound of flesh.

That is how defamation law is structured.

It’s a white sport and art form.
That means they make the rules and can exclude whoever they please. Like a pub or a club.

Expand this.

Old books

Remember, in 1984, old books were illegal.

Most of those books are 1. free 2. expose the modern rip-offs and 3. make you superior.

The Left hates when people ape their faux sophistication with the real thing.

Their worst nightmare is poor people doing it. There are no free liberal arts MOOCs for that reason, entry barrier. You wanna kill them, smash up their Ivory Towers? Put up all their material without the nonsense online. Lesson plans already exist.

Virtue signalling with real virtues make them nigh suicidal.

Ah, I love the sweet smell of thoughtcrime in the morning.


It smells like tea and doubt.

Culture makes your brain better

Switch off the Top 20, switch on some Classic FM.

However, this study is poorly designed.

In the case of dyslexia in particular…


You can’t draw normative assumptions from a pathological population.
This reminds me of the billionaire’s breakfast articles.

It’s well-known nowadays that dyslexia was just the old PC term for low IQ.

The new one is ADD/ADHD.

I have covered this. People have studied this. It is no longer opinion.

back to this study

Comparing illiterate individuals and adult readers highlights repeatedly just how much learning to read changes our brains. 

No, it’s a personality of the highly intelligent, who are more likely to read than the normal population.

You’re comparing above and below average, cutting out the middle.

No wonder you had a significant result!

Sampling bias, children, look for it.

On the other hand, you can also test for those traits and they have biological bases too.
Different sides of the same phenomena.

back to study

According to a study by French and Spanish researchers, people who are unable or barely able to read not only find analysing sequences of letters more difficult – they have similar difficulty processing sequences of images.

Literally like a monkey.

The difference between a human and non-human primate’s brain is its “difficulty processing.” Language is symbolic. Symbolism isn’t something they’ve really evolved for, their culture is crude to show for it.

I bet they couldn’t find funding for that study. It would actually help the illiterate though. Head Start didn’t work because it assumed too much about the brains’ equality to begin with. It’s amazing how upset people get when you frankly acknowledge evolution in the broadest sense and the personal genetic one. Regarding biology cases.

Oh but Christians are the bigots.

Atavism does exist in some cases, I have linked to language studies previously and language has a genetic basis too, and some of those genes which are halted in the individual organism will code for brain function.

Brain function or destruction (noise). We shouldn’t lie to brain damage patients about what is wrong with them. It’s like telling a person in a wheelchair that they aren’t praying hard enough.

A further study in Portugal found that illiterate persons also find it harder to distinguish how an object is oriented in space—for example, a hammer depicted diagonally, where the head and handle can point in various directions.

Compare them to a chimp.

No, I’m totally serious.

Watch this thing.

Animal models are the only answer.

According to my lawyers.

Working memory is a significant component of IQ, yes. The researchers above are intentionally hiding this from the public. PC culture is killing off scientific curiosity. Asking particular questions about abnormal performance groups is considered ‘hate speech’ although it needn’t be enforced more than socially. You can’t have censorship without censoring censure. Whatever happened to let’s agree, to disagree? AKA the non-bigoted response.

Only the wrong fear they can’t persuade an audience if their opponent is allowed to speak.

Cultures are defined by what they oppose (hatred). Diseases by what is damaged.

You cannot understand their work without salient facts on the subjects.

If you are uncomfortable with discussing those, work in something else?

Being nice will just doom them to more of the same or worse suffering. If a sufferer’s ego is more important than their condition, maybe they were misdiagnosed. The more rotting degrading aspect of political correctness is its perversion of medicine, where recently they’ve been forced to treat disease like a good thing.

You are not your illness. It isn’t personal. There is something wrong with you. Common sense? Diseases shouldn’t have PR campaigns. Technically, there is no such thing as mental illness, it’s just illness presenting with psychological symptoms. Stop distinguishing where there is NO objective difference.

Neither is a person with a condition an automatic Saint beyond reproach. It absolves you of sweet FA. Look up how many disabled people are physically violent to their carers. The PR groups cover it up. So much for caring.

The standards of reality don’t drop, they get higher. Society’s should reflect this. If they really are ill, they shouldn’t be happy about it! That sounds an awful lot like malingering. If their condition magically presents exceptions when they have a desirable motivation, they do not have that condition.

To de-stigmatize disease runs contrary to the entirety of medicine.
Stigma encourages people to seek help and last through treatments.
To glamorize disease is evil. At the least it induces helplessness. It promotes human suffering, it’s vicious and cruel and inhumane.

His diabetes isn’t a disease, that’s mean! You should be locked up for saying this person is any different from another person!

No, because if there’s nothing wrong with them, they cannot be treated differently. They cannot be made allowances, treated specially socially and especially, given any money.

Being a victim (different from the norm) is something you’ll have to accept if you want the recognition of that status. You cannot be both normal and abnormal, bad and good, special and ordinary. It is impossible.

We shouldn’t be listening to the mentally ill’s opinion of their own conditions anyway. With mental disease, they cannot see it clearly, that’s the whole sodding point! Otherwise, there’d be no need for a whole profession, you could send them back home to toddle off and spend a little time on WebMD before ordering their junk off of ebay.

You have to be dominant in a power hierarchy over them, to HEAL them.

nb Programming is not a difficult skill, as you can see. It’s called a code monkey for a reason. Any idiot could learn it with enough time.

There is no shortage. Look at India’s population demographics for proof positive of that.

back to study, minor notes

Practised readers can only guess at the disadvantages faced by those who have never had the chance to learn to read and write.

Wait. Wait, you DID control for race, right?

If you’re comparing East Coast Jews in prep school to some rural Indian girl, that isn’t scientific.

You control by age, race, sex and education, maybe class (or some proxy like diet) This is basic medical methodology. You can’t do anything less and say it counts.

You don’t look for prostate cancer in middle-aged women and report zero findings.

Well, maybe these people do.

Have you seen their national IQs? Ninety-fucking-five.

Why don’t researchers study themselves?

Why not? EVER.

What are they afraid of?

One area to which little attention has been paid is the cognitive tests used by doctors to diagnose early stage dementia in the elderly.

brain damage, like I said

Greek researcher Mary H. Kosmidis points out that these tests are designed for people who are literate.

How high is that horse? Shaming people for reading, FFS…. now I’ve seen it all.

The abilities they test are often trained by reading and writing, and results from these tests are likely to be skewed accordingly when employed on individuals who are illiterate. In Europe, there are still numerous older people in particular who are unable to read and write.

Prove they are trained before you claim that. Sociologist’s fallacy.

You can’t just say it’s nurture automatically, you have to rule out nature first.

He argues that the effects of


literacy do not end when children have learnt to read, but that it has profound and lasting effects on their cognition and knowledge.

If you’re born into a society that lasted long enough to become prosperous and prosocial enough to teach you to read, your genetic load must be low. Test that and then get cocky about how we need a new Head Start for the world.

Start with the small fish, like reducing corruption in Asia. India has a billion people, many illiterate but the Government is useless. Genetic load leads to cultural problems including corruption. I can’t prove that but I have seen no study to refute it. The disease rate backs me up. There is a connection (also to cleanliness).

Cleaner societies are less corrupt.

The hilarity of “perceptions” to one side, given the topic.

Notice anything about the Top 10?

One race is decidedly over-represented. Looking for genetic explanations (the hardest science here) would require scholarship, a set of balls and a mighty big calculator.

China is at the same ranking as Brazil. Go look. Keep scrolling….

Sure, I believe HK/China’s self-reported IQs. As they position below Greece on corruption…

Back to the study for the last of the lies.

The ability to read and write is essential to the ability to analyse complex problems


other way around

and you know it

The ability to process information is essential to learning many skills, including reading and writing. Pick up a biology textbook sometime. Babies can process in the WOMB.

No Cat on the Mat there, bitch.

Why do schools have sets, if we’re all the same in the brain? Why have year-based classes? Isn’t that oppressive?

and for the flow of ideas and critical thinking.

Since English is the most complex language, doesn’t that mean it’s racist?

Aren’t you basically saying that simpler languages are for idiots? Or certain language speakers (subraces) cannot think properly?

Or maybe, as in the studies of the genes, language is fucking genetic you potatoes.

It facilitates informed public debate and sensible collective decision-making.

no, IQ

higher IQ people also vote more


And education isn’t a proxy for IQ either
found that exams had become progressively easier over the last ten years, with exam boards competing for business by making it easier for pupils to obtain higher grades.”

What’s the average IQ of each university (total/students) and their vote? Compared to subject requirement minimum? (not UCAS points)

What you want is a magical POP! where all the severely mutated genes die out. You want a higher proportion of genes in the country for higher IQ on average. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a process, a eugenic process.

We have had a few pandemics to get there in NW Europe, hanging to finish off the remainder (High Time Pref) and I don’t think you’d like them.

The more literate people are, the better they are able to exercise control over public affairs and contribute to genuinely democratic government.

Democracy isn’t bottom up. They only want literacy to continue the brainwash train.

The average man on the street doesn’t care how the streets are paved, just that they are. We should not all become mini despots, politicians on a micro scale. That’s what SJWs are and it makes them mad. Little control freak thought police drunk on the facade of power of a Little Emperor. No. Make the representatives transparent (no NGO bribes) to the nation and accountable (for outcomes) and legally responsible, personally. Everyone else is responsible for what happens on their watch at work. Actually represent the tax payers. Yes, the tax payers, and NOT the voters. It is the taxpayers’ money they spend, NOT the voters’.

They used to mean the same thing. No longer.

Aside from a citizenship model, anyone who pays tax in this country should be allowed to vote on what it’s spent on. If you don’t care enough to earn enough to pay in, you don’t care enough to take an interest in how it’s paid out (self-interest needs to be shamed but every vote is by nature, self-interest incarnate). Yet it’s self-interest backed by investment.

Back to the corruption index.

23 France (LOL)

24 UAE

28 Israel

31 Taiwan

50 Rwanda

60 Cuba

60 Italy

64 South Africa

69 Greece

75 Turkey

79 Brazil

79 China

79 India

166 Venezuela

173 Syria (those lovely refugees)

Birth rates and Western culture

I don’t think I linked to these.

Malthus and the Making of the Modern World

On the characteristic individualism of Western cultures.

“Weber suggested that one of the central causes of the emergence of capitalism and its associated features was the disappearance of extended family structures. … ‘freeing’ the market and the individual.

The individual didn’t exist beforehand.

It’s a common question so here you go, either you can read it or stop circling the same three questions like clueless vultures.

1.How did we get here? – Libertarians who thought they could share without loss.

2.What’s going on with our demography? – r/K but read Malthus first aka Who is alive and why?

3.Why are we different? – Individualism opposes collectivism (non-Europeans) and those differences are irreconcilable, because they are genetic.


Nationalism must come before any capitalistic position or you lose all your resources to the outgroup. You must be fair on your own citizens or no good will come of it.

Video: Do Whites have culture?

It’s a ludicrous question considering we’re the standard of culture.

The term Western Civ?

Try applying that to anything else, it doesn’t work.

The true question: how civilized are white races?
[e.g. Nordid, Faelid, Celtic, Saxon, Angle, Alpine, Iceni, Basque tribes…]
The genes live on, at least in part, like Neanderthal, the forgotten human race.
Well, that’s a comparative question. Compared with our own history? Compared between nations? Compared outside of the racial umbrella of White (which includes Russian)? Compared with a back catalogue of achievements?

You see it’s impossible to answer because your opponent will simply request a proof that cannot exist. The goalposts exist on wheels, they’re so easy to move. Besides, the question is invalid (or is the term invalid ableist?)
It’s an apples and oranges point, it is unfalsifiable.

How can you claim white people have any privilege, if we lack any culture?
The one relies on t’uther.

This is sociology 101: you exist, you have a culture, shit happens. 
Under nurture theory, this is the only thing humanly possible.

Best explanation in SS (social sciences) is WEIRD society, except that isn’t racial,it’s structural. What is racial and genetic? Individualism, rare among a world of collectivist masses. This explains the explorers and high proportion of madmen, on opposite ends of that trait’s curve in the populace.
Yet America is completely FOUNDED in the traditions of individualism. It is inextricable.
Please, other people talk about this.

Being scientific and counting versus ourselves, we fought wars to determine this question, to a point.
Is it possible to appropriate white peoples’ culture e.g. English? Does every English speaker implicitly endorse colonialism? Why didn’t America invent its own language, perhaps a pastiche?

However, since we invented the Scientific Method, our art is the height of sophistication while it crumbles, even our furniture has an export quality par excellence and white people across the globe have developed the bulk of technology (mostly upper-class whites) then I’d say we’re doing okay.

The real question is – compared to whites, what was everyone else doing?
Before whitey showed up, what had the Native American, genetic Asians done?
Are we supposed to ignore the category error of the question, whites v. the world?

The premise is spin. It’s like asking Is up down? Aside from a revolted tut, there isn’t much to add.

I say let them call us ignoble savages. It only serves to make the speaker look bad.
After all, we could always retract most of the statute such people rely on. Homosexuality could be re-inserted into the DSM or ICD, there is plenty of just clinical cause. Our human rights in this country have an interesting caveat – the protection of public morality and safety, these can be used to justify many returns to tradition since, after all, it’s just our culture.

Looking at the brutality of our history to one another (sawing people in half) I don’t know why anyone would want to fuck with white people. Pick up a book on medieval torture and someone do a video on that, our reasons for it.
Took the Lord’s name in vain, for example. I don’t imagine the atheist cult would like us to bring back blasphemy laws, that’s all hate speech law really is, reformulated.

They’ll remember.

This includes America. Without our Magna Carta and English Bill of Rights, your legal offerings would be paltry.

Little mentioned on the Iceni – why fight? Well, Boudica witnessed her daughters raped before her very eyes as punishment for opposing the Roman Empire. The male-dominated historians rarely bring that up in their quest to make Romans look honourable, so they make it sound like she was just a crazy bitch. There were tactical reasons as well but that was the last straw, as you can imagine.

Video: Mollyboo on Hollywoo

Sure, you can judge me for that title but you know it was too good to pass up.

No such thing as international playboy, there’s an international pervert who pleads ignorance of consent laws. I’ve said before to AC, nearly all the creeps have private jets. They fly beyond jurisdiction and their passports are some tax haven.

He added: “I don’t want to be in a place where those people are working, I don’t want to be around it.

“Any decent man or woman wouldn’t want to be. Hopefully it’s the start of something better.”

This isn’t a question of innocent until proven guilty. That is based on reputation. He tarnished his own reputation, it was never clean. Nobody ever considered him a good person but some were more willing to cosey up to the big blob of cash than others.

Also, well done Kate for pissing him off before it was #trending.

The line between Hollywood films and porn films is a scale. Look again at the adult jokes on children’s only channels, embedded and fleeting. Grooming is conditioning. Sex and sexuality as normal, then expected, finally …demanded. Parents think this is for them, it’s normal. They expect it.  Should parents expect the safe kid’s shows to have any adult content?

Note how the quiet celebrities usually have children. What if they enter the business. Vengeful business, spiteful and nasty.

They’ll make this go away, and you never find just ONE rat, but it’s the ripple effect.

Let the Left be phagocytic. Culture must become photosynthetic again.