Darwin on extinction (from Origin)

“The old notion of all the inhabitants of the earth having been swept away at successive periods by catastrophes, is now generally given up. On the contrary, we have every reason to believe that species and groups of species gradually disappear, one after another, first from one spot, then from another, and finally from the world.”

Too many men

I have seen this painting, it has quite a fascinating story behind it. You can look it up, I’m not an art historian.


It’s a return to the state of nature, where MOST men do not pass on their genes. It sucks but the overall fertility rate is too low in Europe as well so women aren’t exactly living it up either. But eggs will always be worth more than sperm, and we are the walking clone machines, there is bodily value too. Men need to compete for opportunity, same old story.

Lots more men than women are childless, and it has ever been thus, the researchers say. source

We’re returning to the natural pattern. No big deal. Like the old coots say — We need another war.

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Dysgenic study: sub-replacement native fertility and high immigrant fertility to cause infrastructure breakdown and civil unrest

Click to access nyborg-2011-the-decay-of-western-civilization-double-relaxed-darwinian-selection.pdf

This article briefly describes Lynn’s view on what makes modern populations rise and fall. It then pro- vides a demographic analysis of what happens to modern sub-fertile high-IQ Western populations when Internal Relaxation of Darwinian Selection (IRDS) combines with External Relaxation (ERDS, in the form of super-fertile low-IQ non-Western immigration) into Double Relaxation of Darwinian Selection (DRDS). The genotypic IQ decline will ruin the economic and social infrastructure needed for quality education, welfare, democracy and civilization. DRDS is currently unopposed politically, so existing fertility differ- entials may eventually lead to Western submission or civil resistance.

Who would’ve guessed?

Reading material: The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin


In full.

From Part 1, Chapter 7;


… Geographical distribution is often brought into play unconsciously and sometimes consciously; so that forms living in two widely separated areas, in which most of the other inhabitants are specifically distinct, are themselves usually looked at as distinct; but in truth this affords no aid in distinguishing geographical races from so-called good or true species….

He covers his wider ideas on the evolution of Man in this one (not, as is commonly held, Origin).

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Link: Human Biodiversity Reading List



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Is Telegony the reason why everyone hates a slut?

Study here.

Probably. Genetic aftereffects. Need more research!

Telegony is the belief that the sire first mated to a female will have an influence upon some of that female’s later offspring by another male. Although the reality of telegony was acknowledged by such authorities as Darwin, Spencer, Romanes and many experienced breeders, it has been met with scepticism because of Weismann’s unfavourable comments and negative results obtained in several test experiments. In this article, alleged cases of telegony are provided. A search of the literature of cell biology and biochemistry reveals several plausible mechanisms that may form the basis for telegony. These involve the penetration of spermatozoa into the somatic tissues of the female genital tract, the incorporation of the DNA released by spermatozoa into maternal somatic cells, the presence of foetal DNA in maternal blood, as well as sperm RNA-mediated non-Mendelian inheritance of epigenetic changes.”

The inverse social outcome is a marked subconscious preference for virgins in male-run societies (read: all).