Video: The hate for Superman shows what is wrong with people today

It’s actually accurate. Broken clock, y’know.

We refuse that an All-American hero could be a heterosexual, white male. Who is good, kind, honest, popular and super-strong etc. He’s essentially The Man in human/alien form. Not only do people fail to respect the masculine anymore, but we actively feel pressure to mock him or call the dude who can shoot frickin’ laser beams out of his eyes as unrealistic – not because he’s bulletproof or went from leaping small distances to flying, but because he is a GOOD, POWERFUL WHITE MAN.

The notion of a Good Powerful White Man is the alien here.

shock horror wtf omg no denial signs

There’s the reason Lex Luthor hates him too, it doesn’t get airtime anymore.

He is the reminder that humans are not equal. Some will always be smarter, stronger or better looking. Or just, all-around better people, that’s right – Superman is a better man, than actual human men. Depowered, he would still remain a good person. His power doesn’t corrupt him because he makes the choice to be good. That’s why people can’t stand him, he shows up modern character flaws – namely, most people in this century don’t have any.

Basically, messed-up Millennials see him as that Aryan Hitler mould, since he’s naturally an Ubermensch despite how he was used in Allied propaganda. And he isn’t even blonde.


Is Thor a tranny now?

He once dressed up as a woman in myth, but he wasn’t actually a she.

Whoopi Goldberg, The View’s moderator, didn’t mince words when she talked about the announcement. The character is a god — not a goddess — and will wield Mjolnir (and even the god’s name) just like her predecessor, who was deemed unworthy of its power.

That ugly bitch doesn’t understand linguistics. Female – goddess. Male – god. Unless Thor were transsexual.

In full, it’s that good;

I’m not sure whether this is an attempt to grab some publicity or a true appeal to feminists/transsexuals, but it’s a risky move in the long-term. While adults might tolerate the switch as an amusing diversion, comics are fundamentally children’s literature. I learned French reading Astérix as a boy, and my eldest son is now a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. As a child, if I’d seen a comic book with a female hero, I wouldn’t have bothered to pick it up, nor would about 96% of other boys. It had nothing to do with feminism, but rather the fact that women just aren’t all that interesting to pre-pubescent boys (however, just a few short years later lewd jokes about Wonder Woman were all the rage at school).

So I wonder whether this new storyline is intended for an adult audience, and if so, whether it’s a signal that Marvel either doesn’t care about the base market for comics, [yes] or has already been surpassed by other companies that appeal better to boys and has decided to give up. Maybe there’s another explanation: the company is simply being poorly managed. [listening to feminists]

Imagine what would happen if some underling came up to Steven Spielberg and said: “You know, I have this great idea! Let’s make Optimus Prime a female robot…” Whoever came up with such a stupid idea would likely be fired on the spot. Politics are one thing, but sales are quite another. Get the two mixed up, and you’ll get smeared by the competition (incidentally, this is why the manosphere can survive despite being politically marginalized: even with the huge funding advantage feminists have, lots of people prefer our material). There are, after all, only so many David Futrelles out there.

And if Marvel thinks it can make up for the loss of interest in boys by picking up girls, it’s time to think again. Normal girls (as opposed to future feminists) far prefer feminine characters doing ladylike things — not dominatrix types holding giant hammers. In fact, girls’ preference for femininity goes just as absurdly far as the over-the-top masculinity of pro wrestling and GI Joe. Wonder Woman, with her less-imposing weapon (the lasso), fashionable armor (bracelets), leggy, model physique and beautiful mane of black hair at least made some effort to appeal to feminine tastes. The new trans-Thor, on the other hand, wields a hammer, wears a helmet with a facemask and apparently has big, burly arms. I can’t see my daughter being all that interested in that kind of female character. [how long until the lesbian jokes surface?]

Finally, adult women who like Thor will not be all that happy about this. [no, we are very pissed off] Thor’s main appeal to women is as a Nordic hunk. It’s hard to overstate the appeal of manly warriors with flowing blond hair — especially to white women. Changing Thor into a woman is going to seriously anger some of these female fans; perhaps even more than the men. [the men have Black Widow in the films, why did you take away ours?]

“yet each man kills the thing he loves”

We’ve had a black Spiderman.
A Muslim Ms Marvel.
Archie is sacrificing himself for a gay guy.
We’re getting a female Thor, flying in the face of a real religion (isn’t that offensive?)
and a black Captain America.

Yeah, geek culture is rapidly de-cooling. What these feminazis don’t realize with their controlling behaviour, they are pushing out the very people, the real, genuine, Original fans, who made these things cool in the first place. At LFCC, I don’t know any real fans who went this year. I stayed away, and I know one girl who showed up, saw the number of fake hipsters forming a massive queue and decided not to bother. Like a real geek, she didn’t wanna be jostled by that many people, no matter what it was.
5 years would be a stretch for how much longer this can continue, and certain films are gonna bomb at the BO, catastrophically for the movie companies stupidly trusting the SJWPBS they read on Tumblr. They couldn’t just do a Black Widow movie and a Black Panther and see how those did. They had to fuck with the formula and characters the best part of a century old.

If they ‘win’, and geek culture is ruined (I’m not reading Thor anymore for example they could’ve used Sif), hopefully it’ll show up what these people are like. You can’t have your own subculture, they’ll take it away from you. You can’t have your own characters, unless they fit their ugly moulds for the sake of percentages over art. The fascists have crossed over into fiction, and I believe this will ruin the case for feminism for the rest of this century with young people (who love our fandom). Their urge to control normal people and what we choose to patronize or consume always poisons them. Expect the backfire.

Scientist has nothing better to do than study cosplayers

study writeup here

On a study about clothes, can you guess the sex of the Professor?

Get ready for transhumanism

The biggest question is obvious: Why, oh why, did she go DC?

The second is the unsupported inference.

Let’s apply this ‘logic’ to other things;

  • Dressing like a prostitute makes you sleep around.
  • Wearing glasses makes you intelligent.
  • Tucking in your shirt makes you professional.

Embodied cognition doesn’t operate by its own causation (X>Y), it utilizes the common cause of faith, yes, the things atheists ironically state doesn’t exist. But if you ask about self-fulfilling prophecies, they’ll say of course it does, because they believe in SCIENCE, dammit!