Beauty has become a hate crime

to see it, to think of it, to feel it, to judge it, to parse it

…There is no discussion of it because by convincing the public that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Left has placed it beyond the realm of discussion. According to the Left, beauty is a matter of taste, and arbitrary taste at that. There is no discussion of taste because to give reasons to prefer tasteful to tasteless things is elitist, nasty, uncouth and inappropriate. To have taste implies that some cultures produce more works of art and better than others, and this raises the uncomfortable possibility that love of beauty is Eurocentric, or even racist. To admire beauty has become a hate crime.

Syphon off the blood supplies to the beast

When the societal split comes, they can live among their primitive ‘art’ in a hut and we can live in the Roman columned-mansions. Personally, I prefer the Greek style, but w/e.

Apply maths: Feminists cause inequality

Inequality is encouraged by divided decision making outcomes.

If Group A of women have no children, Group B have one and Group C have two, will their finances magically align at some point despite the pressure of expenditures caused by childrearing?

This is why societies need to actively encourage the family unit, you leftoid idiots. Children are an investment with a future taxable benefit to society. Your benefits and pensions are paid for by the investment of parents if you have no (productive) children of your own.

A palpable lack of correct information about the outcomes of different lifestyle choices e.g. partner count and divorce rates, age/fertility levels, drives natural discrete divisions into extremes.


To take a non-sexed unbiased egalitarian (even Communist) example.

Give everyone in the world £2,000.

Check in a year later.

How can anyone deny that some people will be doing well, and others will be doing poorly?
Inequality is driven by fundamental differences between people. In other words, human biodiversity. Where’s the celebration of ideological and intellectual diversity? Why should idiots be supported by the intelligent for freely made choices?

In an ideal feminist utopia, everyone is a feminist.
Where are all the productive people? When you take away the motivation, the carrot e.g. quality men from offering the commitment of marriage, the system falls apart. Productive people will not work when the fruits of that labour, their natural right, is stolen from them by broken societal decree. They strike from action because they are not stupid, that is why they are productive.

Feminism isn’t a war on women per se. It’s a war on productivity, a la Cultural Marxism. On good men and good women, who might’ve found each other. It might’ve worked before globalization, pushed by the same stupid groups who expected widespread financial ruin would turn people to their anti-capitalist alternative. Now, a single SWPL princess’ faux journalism can be outsourced to a very grateful girl in India supporting her children. Hallelujah, karma is sweet.

Quick Wisdom: Every man goes his own way

Men strike silently.

When a man has a problem, he acts.
If you want to know the solution to the marriage/fertility/settling decline, consider that until it sinks in that men ultimately cannot be controlled.

If men aren’t talking, they have already decided.

Quick Wisdom: Why aren’t young men marrying young women?

Men marry for logical reasons, they believe they need to secure a woman to keep the benefits of a relationship going (or she will leave). Women tend to marry for emotional reasons, excepting gold-diggers.

Given this, why are more men choosing to marry less?

It is illogical to do so.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Why? Ant and grasshopper.
If a man wanders off and makes a success of himself (attractive prospect in the marriage market) in the same time that a woman is wasting her youth (and yeah, that’s important for fertility reasons), there is no logical reason to buy in, especially when they can get a woman younger than themselves and less entitled (age does that).

What is the solution?
Women aren’t going to like it….

Become better wives.

Like a job, you need to demonstrate the skills before you get that promotion. It requires effort. Hey, just like a marriage!