Cultural Freudianism?

I realised some time ago that professional psychotherapy was an essentially immoral activity. But I did not properly appreciate how far it had gone in the USA until I realised on a month long visit that, of the people I met (mostly academic faculty, doctors and graduate students) all but one had had, or was still having, professional psychotherapy.

In a nutshell: from the summer of 1967, Freud replaced Marx at the core of international Leftism. 

Nowadays, Leftism is a purported system of therapy. Leftism is ultimately evil; but with the sixties New Left the excuse for Leftism changed; it changed from economic (alleviation of poverty) to therapeutic (alleviation of victimhood).

It’s obvious with marriage counsellors.

If you love your spouse, you’ll enjoy intellectually cheating on them with porn. Don’t make porn of your spouse or use an old photo, it has to be someone else.

When you fancy other people, you’re the problem. It isn’t the porn, watch more porn.

Don’t be repressed, try anal. It doesn’t make you gay.

To the other spouse: have you tried degrading yourself like a cheap street walker to make him respect you again? Spice things up because you’re inadequate?

Have you tried cheating on each other with an arcane system of car-key swapping? Marriage isn’t meant to be happy, it’s meant to be HOT.

There’s one actor I won’t name but his mother is a famous marriage counsellor and that explains everything about how fucked up he is. Imagine your mother sat you down and tried to discuss your masturbation frequency.

Namely, it isn’t enough.

Then imagine, years later, she tells the papers your sex scenes weren’t hot enough.

They needed to be raunchier.

So you take a job on a show involving basically porn (so HBO) and she still isn’t happy.

Out of spite, you never marry.

Safe spaces and Watership Down

For those who don’t know, Watership Down is the only realistic children’s cartoon.

It has a reputation for being horrifying and I was personally scarred by it. It’s become something of a legend. Don’t watch it, you’ll cry.

Cartoons have lied to us, in general, and made us feel that inferior animals have the same mind and are our equals. This is pagan. To this day, you’ll find people who seriously treat their pet like a baby (although the cat lady of old has given way to the infinitely more common Crazy Dog Guy, that would shoot a child in the face for kicking his dog, by accident). They’ve been anthropomorphized to the point that we prefer them to humans and even their real counterparts. If you forced an adult Disney fan to watch as many hours of grisly documentaries involving the same animals, it would be a schooling in the powers of denial. Stream it, someone, please! Better yet, force a hardcore vegan to do it! This is nature and it isn’t a fallacy. Kid’s films gloss over the wiser fable lessons parents used to expect (now gone entirely) and also rape, torture, sadism, necrophilia, cannibalism, of one’s own young and of course, death, long painful death.

Animals as Saints = paganism.

You don’t really hear insulting animal comparisons any more, do you?

Because most people are pigs, mangy dogs with the morals of an alley cat.

A polar bear is not a cuddly toy.

Mother tells polar bear death inquest: I believed my son would be safe

The mother of a schoolboy killed by a polar bear would not have let him go on the Arctic expedition if she had not believed he would be properly protected, an inquest has heard.

The Eton College pupil from Salisbury, Wiltshire, was asleep when the bear attacked him through his tent, inflicting fatal injuries to his head and upper body. Four others were hurt before the bear was shot dead at the campsite

Oh, NOW they want guns.
You were trespassing on the bear, you should’ve been shot.

Cuddly, fluffy, harmless babies.

So happy, so adorable.

I feel warm.

Natural Selection is God’s punishment for arrogance.
You can’t break natural law and live to gloat. Paranoia kept us alive.

Consider the snake in Jungle Book. It never kills anyone. Who is the threat in these films? Humans. What is the message? A world away from being wholesome, you can never trust humans.

The apparent villain is a tiger. Who does nothing.

Watch the Disney channel/s for a few hours. I’m serious.

Count the number of “adult themes” they’re forcing on children too young to speak.

Last time I did this, I heard multiple jokes about homosexual oral. Blatant ones.
That wouldn’t have flown in polite adult society a century ago.

But Simba is so fluffy.

It gets worse.

It always gets worse.

Tell me this is normal, I dare you.

A perversion of in-group sentiments.

The 40 year lag

I find it funny when men complain about an issue with women that applies to men.

Especially so when it applied to men first, applies to men worst and caused the social acceptability among women.

There is, give or take, around a forty-year lag between any social poison perpetrated by men and taken up over time to reach a similar mass in women, the max among that sex who are interested. Hypocritical men suddenly notice and disapprove.

A few examples, you can think of your own.

James Bond playboy culture ~ approx 1965.

Sex and the City/Hook-up culture ~ 2005.

College is the key to a good job ~ 1970.

Everyone goes to college ~ 2010.

Men party, sleep around and shirk consequences ~ late 1920s.

Women party, sleep around and get abortions ~ 1960s-70s.

Men vote for socialism ~ 1870s

Women vote for socialism ~ 1910s

Men want free stuff from the Government on a welfare state ~ 1910s

Women …. you get the picture, don’t you? ~ 1950s.

This is an interesting time range.

e.g. In Stefan’s recent video

Mid-Late 1910s – USD over-takes GBP, takes all the gold too.

Late 40s, Early 50s – USA spends all the gold, shortly comes off Gold Standard (70s). Practically one bubble every decade hence up until now when there’s no more money printing left (called it!)… America due to be ruined by petroyuan in 3, 2, 1…

[I called that too, about seven times.]

1970s obese men become normalized.

2010s fat acceptance movement in women.

1960s Beetle mania, Elvis, rock stars

2000s Reality TV and fake celebrities

1870s Victorian attire for men loses formality with each decade here on out, for convenience and health.

1910s women start loosening the corset and shortening hemlines so they don’t fall over. Exercise takes off.

1880s male crossdressing, theatrical make-up acts and BDSM in Europe.

1920s – female crossdressing, androgyny, make-up and sexual (sometimes lesbian) parties

1930s alcoholic men

1970s women begin to drink like men

1940s brotherhood social clubs

1980s sisterhood and shoulder pads

1970s Civil Rights movement among mostly black men

2010s Black women do not shut up about social justice and intersectionality.

1980s not getting married starts to lose stigma and social shame.

Close to 2020, the general consensus seems to be more shame for getting married.

1970s no-fault divorce? multiple marriages take off

2010s everyone divorce, cohabitation (living in sin) takes off

1960s Men: too many people is bad for the environment.

2000s Women: too many white babies is bad for the environment.

In at least 9/10, men started it. Men could finish many social ills, they don’t want to.

40 years is just long enough for it to feel fresh and daring again because everyone forgot the first time.

1980: you’d have to be an idiot not to invest in the stock market!

Now: you’d have to be an idiot not to invest in bitcoin!

A good way to predict the next decade is what themes happened 25-35 years ago.

Posting is gonna be patchy, I’m running out of content recently. Not much good going on.

Your damage control sucks

and what’s the excuse for hosting them, love?

Still yet to be impressed.

God, I hope so.

One more thing to add to my bonfire of hate.

Link: Psycho politics

‘Liberalism’ is the most profoundly corrupted word in political history. Without any exaggeration, rhetorical license, or metaphorical latitude, it’s the leathery sliced-off face of something murdered long ago which now serves to disguise a foaming chainsaw-wielding maniac sharing none of its DNA… Liberalism, from this point forward, means nothing at all like state-happy progressivism.

At no time in recent history have liberal concerns been less relevant to public policy – even as foils, or ‘neoliberal’ bogeymen. It might be necessary to return to the 1930s to find a time of comparable eclipse. They aren’t being listened to, and they certainly aren’t the object of any animated conversations, unless to slip into social media banter as the butt of jokes. Their concerns seem eccentric, and even identifiably dated, to some point between the end of the 1970s and the Baby Bush quagmire. Where the right once nursed a secret ambivalence for Pinochet, out of admiration for the Chicago Boys, today it’s only interested in the helicopters.

Prosperity Politics won’t work anymore.

You’re late-stage Rome.
The time of options is over.

Welcome to the downslide. We have charts.

When did British morality die?

The recent interest in the Eisenstadt v. Baird case

might make it look like I’m picking on the Yanks. OK, I was, but I can also pinpoint a moment we were morally doomed too.


Subsection (1) above shall not affect the offence of conspiracy at common law if and in so far as it may be committed by entering into an agreement to engage in conduct which—

(a)tends to corrupt public morals or outrages public decency; but

(b)would not amount to or involve the commission of an offence if carried out by a single person otherwise than in pursuance of an agreement.

Anything “consensual” goes, quite a powerful label.

We could technically make online porn illegal over night, since it’s cinematographic and children frequently view it, which is not only grooming but corrupting.

(3)In section 2 of that Act after subsection (4) there shall be inserted the following subsection:—

(4A)Without prejudice to subsection (4) above, a person shall not be proceeded against for an offence at common law—

(a)in respect of a cinematograph exhibition or anything said or done in the course of a cinematograph exhibition, where it is of the essence of the common law offence that the exhibition or, as the case may be, what was said or done was obscene, indecent, offensive, disgusting or injurious to morality; or

(b)in respect of an agreement to give a cinematograph exhibition or to cause anything to be said or done in the course of such an exhibition where the common law offence consists of conspiring to corrupt public morals or to do any act contrary to public morals or decency.

(4)At the end of section 2 of that Act there shall be added the following subsection:—

(7)In this section ” cinematograph exhibition ” means an exhibition of moving pictures produced on a screen by means which include the projection of light.

(5)In section 3 of that Act (which among other things makes provision for the forfeiture of obscene articles kept for publication for gain) at the beginning of subsection (3) there shall be inserted the words

Subject to subsection (3A) of this sectionand at the end of that subsection there shall be inserted the following subsection:—

(3A)Without prejudice to the duty of a court to make an order for the forfeiture of an article where section 1(4) of the Obscene Publications Act 1964 applies (orders made on conviction), in a case where by virtue of subsection (3A) of section 2 of this Act proceedings under the said section 2 for having an article for publication for gain could not be instituted except by or with the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions, no order for the forfeiture of the article shall be made under this section unless the warrant under which the article was seized was issued on an information laid by or on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Wonder why nobody wants to see plays anymore?

Abolition of censorship of the theatre

1Abolition of censorship of the theatre.

(1)The M1Theatres Act 1843 is hereby repealed; and none of the powers which were exercisable thereunder by the Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty’s Household shall be exercisable by or on behalf of Her Majesty by virtue of Her royal prerogative.

(2)[F1In granting, renewing or transferring any licence under this Act for the use of any premises for the public performance of plays or in varying any of the terms, conditions or restrictions on or subject to which any such licence is held, the licensing authority shall not have power to impose any term, condition or restriction as to the nature of the plays which may be performed under the licence or as to the manner of performing plays thereunder:

Provided that nothing in this subsection shall prevent a licensing authority from imposing any term, condition or restriction which they consider necessary in the interests of physical safety or health or any condition regulating or prohibiting the giving of an exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism within the meaning of the M2Hypnotism Act 1952.]

Health and Safety overtook the concern for public morality.
That’s why actors can get naked and perform sexual acts in a play.

There’s our own Race Relations statute (we never used to need one….) and hate speech was only written in once the original protection of the natives, White Christians, was written out.

That is the year we officially became second class citizens in our own country.
It just so happens to be around the time left-wing batshittery became intolerable.

No comment

Whenever my faith in humanity begins to eek back, it’s gut-punched again.

At least it isn’t Satanism like the last one. Maybe it’s worse that it isn’t religious?

There’s other stuff but this is low. Like, Kardashians don’t stoop this low.

Update: I can see this is popular. There are others. Many others.

I like keeping posts short so they are actually read.

Say what you want about poor Kanye. YEEZY AIN’T EASY. YEEZY HAZ STANDARDS, BITCHES. Yeezy didn’t send a tip-off to a paper about his own piece of meat. Occam’s.

I think I managed to shock a lot of people with this one. Oh, boy. The things I know.