Democrat nominee 2020

Bernie FTW.

Openly Communist, at least.

They have one chance to win against a re-running Trump outright.
Outdo him with the only reality star who’d have a shot at becoming Democrat nominee.

Kim Kardashian for POTUS.

VP at least, don’t be sexist.

You can’t get more immigrant-friendly than a woman from a successful immigrant family or more sex positive than a woman famous for her sex tape. She’s married to a black guy, she’s perfect!

Look at the signs. Read the tea leaves, Neo.

It would be foolish to laugh. People laughed at Trump too, when he said he’d run.

Don’t pick Hila-reeee again. Unless you wanna lose.

Democrats before/after



They know hypocrisy is a sin, right?

This was rather spicy.

They don’t figure that the non-whites, as they’re politely dubbed, do not recognize a distinction in their white nemesis. You’re blind to your race, the rest of the world is not. The cuckiest cuck, whatever they do or say, is lumped in with the most volatile Eastern European Hitler fan. You don’t get to leave your own race. Transracial is a lie. Their self-loathing and reaction formation is the basis of their ideology e.g. brown people aren’t stupid but they can’t survive without our help. #AidAfrica

Tolerant, until you move against them.

My cup of fucks is empty.

Study: Conservatives are smarter than liberals


•Individuals who identify as Republican have greater probability knowledge
•Individuals who identify as Republican have higher verbal reasoning ability
•Individuals who identify as Republican have better question comprehension
•Cognitive ability’s effect on party identity works through socio-economic position
firework celebration yesh/t Right Stuff

Feminist Laurie Penny showing herself up as a moron for Occupy Wall Street

Blame everyone! Ask for everything! Explain nothing!

Notable excerpts;

Laurie Penny: “we don’t have debt because of the public sector, we don’t have debt because we spent too much on public services”

Someone can’t read a spreadsheet.

“Governments were forced to take those debts from the banks”

This is so wrong I’m not going to bother making fun.


Smart Republicans don’t want Obama impeached

“I vote to let him remain president. I’m going to stick him to you. Vote to let him remain in office knowing full well what a screw up he is. Knowing he’ll screw up again; sink your portfolios, bankrupt your industries, make such a mess of defending this country there’ll be blood in the streets and crowds are going to be looking for the guys who endorsed this man into office. He’s going to bring the whole thing down, and you with it.” source

Clarity of thought! I must be dreaming.