If they lose



Free2steal, go ahead.

That’s a salty meatball. I would come up with more had I time or deeper knowledge of your system.

In the meantime


Link: Liberals, reject your privileged scum or lose

TLDR for ya.

h/t https://www.datalounge.com/thread/19290429-liberals-can-win-again-if-they-stop-being-so-annoying-

comment 2
“Liberals can win again when they stop their muslim and tranny ass kissing.”


“I honestly believe we are overly PC and somewhat precious, but more importantly we need to have a simple message.”
It’s the SJWs, they’re popularity poison.

6 might be me, in astral form
“You can choose to face the problems of the world and try to do something about them, or you can stick your head up your ass and pretend everything is hunky dory.
Progressives prefer the former. Deplorables, being the lazy shits that they are, would prefer to chow down on burgers and watch football, as the article states.”

Controversy means nothing nowadays, it’s whiny people getting their knickers twisted about something that will never be any of their business. Goes for the signalling right too. We used to call those people busybody nosy Mrs Grundies. They still are.

“Do you guys understand that people are tired of feeling like an extra on the “The Crucible” and the Puritan morality is becoming slightly boring and frustrating?. It is guilt and condescending guilt at that.
The working Class should be the base of the Democrats. The fact that so many think they are above them makes me feel I am writing an essay on the Anciene she Regime in France pre 1789, rather than a Democratic Party.
You look down on Deplorables. Tell me your plan to win 2020. Let’s be honest here. Tell me me your plan to win 2028. Cause if we continue down this way, that’s the next time we have a real chance.”

Yes, it’s 100% class. Look at the voting metrics by demo.
Democracy coming from demos, for demographic.
I stopped quoting at comment 14 but it’s a superb thread and proof of why I read these things.
They’re actually not all dumb.

The Labour party could learn a thing too.

Democrat nominee 2020

Bernie FTW.

Openly Communist, at least.

They have one chance to win against a re-running Trump outright.
Outdo him with the only reality star who’d have a shot at becoming Democrat nominee.

Kim Kardashian for POTUS.

VP at least, don’t be sexist.

You can’t get more immigrant-friendly than a woman from a successful immigrant family or more sex positive than a woman famous for her sex tape. She’s married to a black guy, she’s perfect!

Look at the signs. Read the tea leaves, Neo.


It would be foolish to laugh. People laughed at Trump too, when he said he’d run.


Don’t pick Hila-reeee again. Unless you wanna lose.

Democrats before/after



They know hypocrisy is a sin, right?

This was rather spicy.


They don’t figure that the non-whites, as they’re politely dubbed, do not recognize a distinction in their white nemesis. You’re blind to your race, the rest of the world is not. The cuckiest cuck, whatever they do or say, is lumped in with the most volatile Eastern European Hitler fan. You don’t get to leave your own race. Transracial is a lie. Their self-loathing and reaction formation is the basis of their ideology e.g. brown people aren’t stupid but they can’t survive without our help. #AidAfrica

Tolerant, until you move against them.

My cup of fucks is empty.

Study: Conservatives are smarter than liberals



•Individuals who identify as Republican have greater probability knowledge
•Individuals who identify as Republican have higher verbal reasoning ability
•Individuals who identify as Republican have better question comprehension
•Cognitive ability’s effect on party identity works through socio-economic position
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