Are Eco Marxists a legitimate government?

Nobody voted for the Marxists of SAGE to control the country and the Tories aren’t being conservative. The trials must continue until 2023, which means lockdown for emergency powers until 2023. This is anti-human. If the Anglo Saxon plan is true, nuclear war imminent. If there are white hats in the Western military, I don’t see how they could prevent it. Switching over from pandemic narrative to war would be tricky however. They sold multiculturalism on being peaceful. We need Trump back, I can’t think of anything else. If Supreme Court could overturn the election fraud this year, nothing less would work. Then again, if UK has the system go live for “vax”ID, wouldn’t Americans have to comply to visit for work? Tricky. But yes next lockdown is permanent, the holiday morons don’t see it coming. Medical martial law, full out. No Christmas. Signs you live under a tyranny.

I wonder what the real ModRNA numbers are, and broken by race, religion etc.

If over 80% of adults had it, that’s well over herd immunity they claimed, and America is aiming for 70%. Natural i.e. real immunity was in April. Maybe it’s to rush the NHS passport system in but I sense something else. Dunno what.

First autopsy of a jabbed corpse

Almost every organ had high levels, almost. Almost total infestation. Almost like someone injected it!

Boosters push and more explained at bottom.

“The first-ever postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19 has revealed that viral RNA was found in every organ of the patient’s body, meaning that the vaccine is either ineffective or the coronavirus actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals.”

Both. But more Latter. And more fatal. I already covered the jabbed dead versus normal. Jabbed are literally more likely to die from it. MSM is hiding this and going on about symptoms. Dead people have reduced symptoms, can confirm.

paper here

“A previously symptomless 86-year-old man received the first dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. He died 4 weeks later from acute renal and respiratory failure. Although he did not present with any COVID-19-specific symptoms, he tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 before he died. Spike protein (S1) antigen-binding showed significant levels for immunoglobulin (Ig) G, while nucleocapsid IgG/IgM was not elicited. Acute bronchopneumonia and tubular failure were assigned as the cause of death at autopsy;

however, we did not observe any characteristic morphological features of COVID-19.

Postmortem molecular mapping by real-time polymerase chain reaction revealed relevant SARS-CoV-2 cycle threshold values in all organs examined (oropharynx, olfactory mucosa, trachea, lungs, heart, kidney and cerebrum) except for the liver and olfactory bulb. These results might suggest that the first vaccination induces immunogenicity but not sterile immunity.”

So to save 86 year-olds, for like, six months, we need to damage all young adults and children? Fucking locusts. Are the Bad Boomers in power pushing this a Biblical plague? Maybe the jab itself is more Boomer Doomer than the wild virus.

It makes sense the liver would be clear because the liver’s function is clearing that shit but finding it in the heart? Goner. Dead man walking. Kidney? Suggests liver moved it there. Cerebrum? Yep, zombie.

Maybe the liver pushed it out of the liver, and back into the bloodstream, infecting the brain?
Old people and some heavily disease-burdened (like STDs) have thin blood brain barrier.


The cerebrum or telencephalon is the largest part of the brain containing the cerebral cortex, as well as several subcortical structures, including the hippocampus, basal ganglia, and olfactory bulb. In the human brain, the cerebrum is the uppermost region of the central nervous system.Wikipedia

Brain damage.

All we need is psychosis and they’re literal zombies. Maybe the psychotic break happens later, once it’s really stewed in the brain juices for a while. It’s written off as dementia in old people so may already be happening. Maybe they get a form of terminal agitation in addition. I do actually know my stuff. When it’s in the basal ganglia you are absolutely screwed. That’s motor control. It’s in the hippocampus possibly explaining the terminally stupid decision to get a second one. It’s damaging memory then, which suggests senility symptoms oncoming. I wonder if it’s more likely to kill small or large amygdala people faster. Likely smaller.

What is the overall effect of this death stick? Advanced cellular senescence? Meaning the average age of death would be those with least lifespan left, presently seen, but that will just keep getting younger and younger and younger. Logan’s Run modRNA mod? So a basic model we assume their remainder lifespan is cut in half.
Does this help pension plans and national debt?
Well assuming 80 is lifespan (slightly shorter in men, who are dying faster from this…)
then a 60yo would die at 70,
a 50yo would die at 65,
a 40yo at 60,
a 30yo at 55,
a 25yo at ~50.
a 20yo at <50,
a 10yo at 45
a 5yo at 40 … etc. Down to school age.

Nobody would die before 35 except anomalies. Do we see this? Why try to deny those unless pattern?

Anomalous deaths would be acute advanced senescence. Intention may be largely chronic.
They can blame global warming.

So, yes. That’s very neat. A lot of younger fertile people getting it would die around menopause/manopause. Hence, perfect economic efficiency is achieved. The aging (genetic void) population dies off as soon as reproduction is achieved. We’d need at least ten years to see if average lifespan has gone down (80 to 70). Assuming this simple model. Younger Boomers and Gen Xers are the ones to watch. A reversal of lifespan is unprecedented. This is the slowest kill model and explains the push until 2023*. We’ll begin to notice by then en masse. This is why new techs need a decade PLUS of human trials. They look at lifespan.

*MPs love the book Nudge.
Has the NHS guaranteed treatment for genomic ‘vaccine’ damage? No. Nobody is talking about this.
Experimental subjects are considered consenting adults, so may not be eligible for NHS treatment.

Add in a sterilising effect especially in men, STD transmission, and the guidestones would be about right.

If that basic of the most basic models is correct, then the kids currently injected will die shortly after their feckless parentals.
Remember, saving the NHS also means fewer old people burdening it like lampreys. They could come out later and thank you for your willing participation, since you did technically save the NHS – by dying younger.
Experiments are permitted to legally deceive you, so long as they debrief you. In 2023.

By accelerating aging population, that’s very eugenic technically but deeply wrong re family. Surplus of orphans. Pedo paradise. Adult IQ would be higher (and GDP shoot up) since the morons would’ve happily skipped along for the euthanasia, children in tow.

The average age is 80-something now because they have no remainder, so it becomes weeks, not years. It fits.

And there’s no known time limit on shedding those synthetic SPs, secondhand smoke-like. At a certain uptake, society may be fumigating itself. Birth rates already have tanked. We may need a leper colony. They could be lifelong biohazards. They could easily test their exhalation at different points post-experimental injections. PE majors have a tube you breathe into, they could easily do it. The fact they don’t means they know the result would make them hated. Could be like the Island 2005 film.


The basal ganglia are a group of subcortical nuclei, meaning groups of neurons that lie below the cerebral cortex. The basal ganglia is comprised of the striatum, which consists of the caudate nucleus and the putamen, the globus pallidus, the subthalamic nucleus, and the substantia nigra The basal ganglia are primarily associated with motor control, since motor disorders, such as Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases stem from dysfunction of neurons within the basal ganglia. For voluntary motor behavior, the basal ganglia are involved in the initiation or suppression of behavior and can regulate movement through modulating activity in the thalamus and cortex. In addition to motor control, the basal ganglia also communicate with non-motor regions of the cerebral cortex and play a role in other behaviors such as emotional and cognitive processing.

If it retarded them, I doubt any of us would notice.

An earlier coronavirus vaccine paper: why boosters and well, all of this really

Vaccines against infectious bronchitis of chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) have arguably been the most successful, and certainly the most widely used, of vaccines for diseases caused by coronaviruses, the others being against bovine, canine, feline and porcine coronaviruses. Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), together with the genetically related coronaviruses of turkey (Meleagris gallopovo) and ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus), is a group 3 coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus being tentatively in group 4, the other known mammalian coronaviruses being in groups 1 and 2. IBV replicates not only in respiratory tissues (including the nose, trachea, lungs and airsacs, causing respiratory disease), but also in the kidney (associated with minor or major nephritis), oviduct, and in many parts of the alimentary tract–the oesophagus, proventriculus, duodenum, jejunum, bursa of Fabricius, caecal tonsils (near the distal end of the tract), rectum and cloaca (the common opening for release of eggs and faeces), usually without clinical effects. The virus can persist, being re-excreted at the onset of egg laying (4 to 5 months of age), believed to be a consequence of the stress of coming into lay. Genetic lines of chickens differ in the extent to which IBV causes mortality in chicks, and in respect of clearance of the virus after the acute phase. Live attenuated (by passage in chicken embryonated eggs) IBV strains were introduced as vaccines in the 1950s, followed a couple of decades later by inactivated vaccines for boosting protection in egg-laying birds. Live vaccines are usually applied to meat-type chickens at 1 day of age. In experimental situations this can result in sterile immunity when challenged by virulent homologous virus. Although 100% of chickens may be protected (against clinical signs and loss of ciliary activity in trachea), sometimes 10% of vaccinated chicks do not respond with a protective immune response. Protection is short lived, the start of the decline being apparent 9 weeks after vaccination with vaccines based on highly attenuated strains. IBV exists as scores of serotypes (defined by the neutralization test), cross-protection often being poor. Consequently, chickens may be re-vaccinated, with the same or another serotype, two or three weeks later. Single applications of inactivated virus has generally led to protection of <50% of chickens. Two applications have led to 90 to 100% protection in some reports, but remaining below 50% in others. In practice in the field, inactivated vaccines are used in laying birds that have previously been primed with two or three live attenuated virus vaccinations. This increases protection of the laying birds against egg production losses and induces a sustained level of serum antibody, which is passed to progeny. The large spike glycoprotein (S) comprises a carboxy-terminal S2 subunit (approximately 625 amino acid residues), which anchors S in the virus envelope, and an amino-terminal S1 subunit (approximately 520 residues), believed to largely form the distal bulbous part of S. The S1 subunit (purified from IBV virus, expressed using baculovirus or expressed in birds from a fowlpoxvirus vector) induced virus neutralizing antibody. Although protective immune responses were induced, multiple inoculations were required and the percentage of protected chickens was too low (<50%) for commercial application. Remarkably, expression of S1 in birds using a non-pathogenic fowl adenovirus vector induced protection in 90% and 100% of chickens in two experiments. Differences of as little as 5% between the S1 sequences can result in poor cross-protection. Differences in S1 of 2 to 3% (10 to 15 amino acids) can change serotype, suggesting that a small number of epitopes are immunodominant with respect to neutralizing antibody. Initial studies of the role of the IBV nucleocapsid protein (N) in immunity suggested that immunization with bacterially expressed N, while not inducing protection directly, improved the induction of protection by a subsequent inoculation with inactivated IBV. In another study, two intramuscular immunizations of a plasmid expressing N induced protective immunity. The basis of immunity to IBV is not well understood.

Serum antibody levels do not correlate with protection, although local antibody is believed to play a role.

Adoptive transfer of IBV-infection-induced alphabeta T cells bearing CD8 antigen protected chicks from challenge infection. In conclusion, live attenuated IBV vaccines induce good, although shortlived, protection against homologous challenge, although a minority of individuals may respond poorly. Inactivated IBV vaccines are insufficiently efficacious when applied only once and in the absence of priming by live vaccine. Two applications of inactivated IBV are much more efficacious, although this is not a commercially viable proposition in the poultry industry.

However, the cost and logistics of multiple application of a SARS inactivated vaccine would be more acceptable for the protection of human populations, especially if limited to targeted groups (e.g. health care workers and high-risk contacts). Application of a SARS vaccine is perhaps best limited to a minimal number of targeted individuals who can be monitored, as some vaccinated persons might, if infected by SARS coronavirus, become asymptomatic excretors of virus, thereby posing a risk to non-vaccinated people.

Looking further into the future, the high efficacy of the fowl adenovirus vector expressing the IBV S1 subunit provides optimism for a live SARS vaccine, if that were deemed to be necessary, with the possibility of including the N protein gene.

Nanolipids gather in ovaries, adrenals and liver

Imagine my shock.

“We have documented the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of lipidots, synthetic 55-nm-diameter lipid nanoemulsions with potential applications for diagnostics and drug delivery. After intravenous injection in healthy mice, lipidots are stable in blood and taken up preferentially in liver, adrenals, and ovaries, where they release their lipidic cargo. Lipidots depict an original biodistribution, not previously reported for other inorganic or organic nanoparticles, toward organs involved in steroid hormone synthesis and storage (adrenals and ovaries) and localize to precise sites in these organs, suggesting potential applications for imaging and drug delivery.”

The nanolipids are the modRNA carrier. So where lipids go… I think we have our organ sequester, gentlemen.
NLs are in at least the moderna and Pfizer ‘vaccines’.

A friend suggested the Pfizer one may be ‘safe’ because rich areas are buying it. That was Boomers avoiding the heart effects reported from AZ, possibly to push them to the others, none of them are safe.
Potassium is also used in lethal injections, to stop the heart. It’s in Pfizer. Talk about red herring. Watch deaths from heart disease in, say, the next three years.

In this country, they don’t give you even the illusion of choice, it’s largely based on age and supposed availability. There is no safe one.

The lipids preferentially allow the modRNA to ‘slip into the cell’ of those organs, as the enclosed PDF plainly states.

nb The effects described in Malice or Mistake? in the brain are prionlike, they needn’t be actual prions.

The Florida Bill hides…

The GPs here do actually have lists of people who refuse, which I’m guessing is a longer list than they’ll admit, based on their desperation.

This looks nice until you read it

1056 (d) The State Health Officer, upon declaration of a public
1057 health emergency, may take actions that are necessary to protect
1058 the public health. Such actions include, but are not limited to:


page 38 on doc

1097 4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested,
1098 vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable
1099 diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and
1100 present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are
1101 unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or
1102 treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be

But it doesn’t prevent transmission, the NHS ADMITS it’s non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing. You can still pass it on, that changes nothing. This is an admission the Stab does NOTHING.

It’s insanity, the poorest of logic:

My mask doesn’t work unless you wear a mask.

My vaccine doesn’t work unless you get a vaccine.


I told you herd immunity is a myth. If you insist on 100% uptake, there is nobody to ‘protect’ and vitally, no control group to show them up for legal reasons.

1103 subjected to isolation or quarantine.
1104 a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be
1105 performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health
1106 Officer.

1107 b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health,
1108 the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation
1109 or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or
1110 quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any
1111 means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.


At least they admit ‘vaccination’ is distinct from treatment. It treats nothing.

Authorised by the person Just Following Orders!

How are they gonna pass that here, apart from the already linked blame game conspiracy of Jabbed Dead caused by Normies? Rather than the thunderingly obvious explanation a la Occam it was the common denominator the Stabbing.

They claim to have nabbed 81% of adults here last I heard, why not stop? Didn’t America want 70% for so called herd immunity by artificiality (impossible)? At what point do they dial back? 100%. It’s about the domestic ID to take a piss in a public toilet.

Meanwhile, UK reached herd immunity the natural real way in APRIL. The papers also admitted this but proceeded to gloss over it.

Wait, there’s more!

1112 c. Any order of the State Health Officer given to
1113 effectuate this paragraph is shall be immediately enforceable by
1114 a law enforcement officer under s. 381.0012.

People forget they can legally enforce the law on duty.

Except as otherwise expressly provided in this
1191 act, this act shall take effect July 1, 2021.

Tick tock.


Amid fears a sizeable proportion of the population are still sceptical of getting the Covid vaccine, those who have so far turned down the chance to get inoculated may soon get a knock on the door to find out why. 


And Boomers wonder why we never answer the door.


Door-to-door services have had some success during the pandemic with contact tracers and testers deployed to reach those who authorities have been unable to contact via other means. 

No, they’re intimidating people. Legally, it’s intimidation. They chose to ignore you.

Mr Zahawi has declined to say whether the Government is recording data on everyone who has so far refused the vaccine.

so far? try always

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday, he confirmed that everybody who had had the vaccine went into the national immunisation vaccination system.

They don’t like being told no.

NHS workers are being abused in Covid vaccination clinics by people who are refusing the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine due to fears of side effects, it has emerged.

They’re saying no, it’s their body.

Health boards have appealed to the Scottish Government for help to address a rise in “unacceptable” incidents in which members of the public have angrily demanded Pfizer or Moderna jabs instead.

That’s hilarious. They’re coming out with side effects now.

However, individuals do not get a choice over which vaccine they receive and those aged 40 or above are likely to be given an AstraZeneca dose, due to shortages of the others.

However, Prof McMahon also reported concerns that high numbers of missed appointments were impacting on the performance of its vaccine programme.

Recently, more than a quarter of appointments were missed in Lothian, mainly among those who were scheduled for a first dose.

Take the hint.

What’s your life worth to them?

The NHS is supporting this through a £10 payment to general practice for every COVID-19 vaccination they deliver to someone who is housebound, in line with JCVI prioritisation.

But we must not be complacent; we know that there is variation in the level of uptake across different geographies and communities and we will not rest until everyone who is eligible is protected.


That’s eerie and dystopic. Shades of Borg. All of them.

But they’re not protected, the NHS admits you can still get and transmit it. That’s zero protection personally or socially.

There’s no evidence that any of the current Covid-19 vaccines can completely stop people from being infected – and this has implications for our prospects of achieving herd immunity.

No such thing as protected.

In fact, most vaccines don’t fully protect against infection, even if they can block symptoms from appearing. As a result, vaccinated people can unknowingly carry and spread pathogens. Occasionally, they can even start epidemics. 

Remember this. DIY Pandemic since the natural route failed.
So the only asymptomatic cases possible are the jabbed.

“There are two main types of immunity you can achieve with vaccines. One is so-called “effective” immunity, which can prevent a pathogen from causing serious disease, but can’t stop it from entering the body or making more copies of itself. The other is “sterilising immunity”, which can thwart infections entirely, and even prevent asymptomatic cases. The latter is the aspiration of all vaccine research, but surprisingly rarely achieved.”

Asymptomatic isn’t how the natural immune response works. Yeadon covered this.

no working total, not suspicious at all

here it is

they claim 83.3%

God help us all.

They’ll have no excuse come autumn. 6/7 covered definitely qualifies as nationally covered. Either it protects the stabbed or, as evidence suggests, it’s more fatal to them due to ADE. That counts as a jab reaction.

I was in a class once and a bleeding heart asked why we used so many animal models. The professor rounded on her and asked Would you rather we kill your relatives instead? Shut her right up. I think about this a lot.

It was a biology class. He also went into a short burst of a lecture on longitudinal effects.

If they actually got even 60% (which they admit is basically mostly white people) then bye bye native population.
I hope to God I’m wrong. Alas, the trajectory of the data by reaction gets worse by the day.
Maybe this was a punishment for Brexit, would explain Boris.

I’m not sure I want to see what the world looks like, after this horror.

Tea worth a try

Dosage: 3 cups per day or more of any desired strength (based on the quantity of needles added to a french press or teapot) with an approximate 1-3 tablespoons of needles per cup of near boiling water. This is a maintenance health-building dose.   

maybe pine needle essential oil applied topically before seeing the doomed? wrists?

or liquorice root? Honestly I doubt breathing can cause infertility in women because it isn’t direct enough but I could be wrong. Maybe it’d cause miscarriage in the already pregnant but fucking a man with it is the grander risk. I wonder how long they’re taking the drug, I guess until the shedding stops? When is that exactly? Then again secondhand smoke gets into our bloodstream so why not secondhand spike proteins? Do the lepers have to die to stop shedding or is there a limit, suggesting why boosters? I’d say a month minimum shedding based on probability.


“Jacques Attali was an advisor to François Mitterrand (former President of France) and wrote this in 1981:  

“In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old man, because once he is over 60-65 years old, man lives longer than he produces and it costs society dearly.  

Then the weak and then the useless who do not contribute anything to society because there will be more and more, and especially finally the stupid.  

Euthanasia directed at these groups; euthanasia must be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases.

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or organize camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.  

… We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!  …

We will find something or cause it; a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the elderly, it does not matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb.  

The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.  

The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone. “  This fragment is excerpted from his book “Brief History of the Future”, published in France in 2006.”  

Understand that we are smart enough to find our own solutions, and apply them. Those willing to take proactive protective measures, maintain their health, and become more self-reliant will rise from this period of change and transformation successfully.   

Why Midazolam?

Midazolam is given to people in NHS hospitals, it suppresses respiratory function. This is genocide. They also gave them morphine and put them on a death pathway, no food or water. They’re giving huge doses to people and it isn’t supposed to be used in over 60s.

… Midazolam is also a drug that has been used in executions by lethal injection in the USA, combined with two other drugs. Midazolam acts as a sedative to make the prisoner unconscious. The other drugs then stop the lungs and heart working. However it has been the source of controversy as several prisoners took a long while to die and appeared to be in pain when midazolam was used.

Midazolam can also cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death.


Midazolam is also used before medical procedures and surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event. It is also sometimes given as part of the anesthesia during surgery to produce a loss of consciousness.

Proof we bought it

A spokesperson from Accord Healthcare, one of five manufacturers of the drug, told The Pharmaceutical Journal that it had to gain regulatory approval to sell French-labelled supplies of midazolam injection to the NHS, after having already sold two years’ worth of stock to UK wholesalers “at the request of the NHS” in March 2020.

A spokesperson from Accord Healthcare told The Pharmaceutical Journal on 11 May 2020 that it was out of stock of midazolam injection after the NHS requested it “place all of its stock of midazolam — equivalent to around two year’s forecasted supply — into its wholesale partners”, even though the manufacturer “does not currently have any NHS contracts in England” to supply the drug.


How Does Execution Drug Midazolam Work?

“States can still use the sedative drug midazolam in lethal injections, according to today’s Supreme Court decision. But how exactly does the drug work, and why do some say that it’s unreliable?

In a 5-to-4 vote, the court ruled that using midazolam does not violate the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.” In executions, the drug has been used to induce unconsciousness before other drugs are administered to stop an inmate’s breathing and stop the heart.

However, midazolam was involved in several botched executions last year, including the case of Clayton Lockett from Oklahoma, who lived for about 45 minutes after he was administered drugs for lethal injection, and was seen convulsing and writhing before dying of a heart attack. (It was later determined that the IV line used to deliver the drugs in Lockett’s execution was not properly placed.)”

So the NHS combines it with morphine.

“The defendants who brought the case before the Supreme Court, who are all death row inmates, had argued that midazolam could not reliably induce unconsciousness. The drug is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as an anesthetic by itself. [Mistaken Identity? 10 Contested Death Penalty Cases]”

Try adding morphine?

“According to Lubarsky, midazolam produces a sedative effect because it facilitates the binding of a brain chemical called GABA to brain receptors, which hinders the flow of electrical impulses in the brain. However, other drugs historically used in lethal injections, like sodium thiopental, have a greater effect on the brain because they can also mimic GABA’s effects. Midazolam does not, Lubarsky said.”

“This means that the effect of midazolam “is capped at a lower level of sedation,” wrote the justices who dissented with the decision. Lubarsky cited scientific studies and textbooks to back up his arguments, according to the Court’s dissent, written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.”

Better stop water, that kills within three days.

“Another expert who testified in the case disagreed, saying that the dose of midazolam that will now be used in Oklahoma, 500 milligrams, would keep a person unconscious throughout an execution, because a very high dose of the drug would effectively paralyze the brain.”

“In the decision made today, five justices on the court sided with Evans, agreeing that a 500milligram dose of the drug would work. But the other four justices disagreed, writing in their dissent: “In reaching this conclusion, the Court sweeps aside substantial evidence showing that, while midazolam may be able to induce unconsciousness, it cannot be utilized to maintain unconsciousness in the face of agonizing stimuli.””

The drug midazolam – a sedative used by several states to cause unconsciousness – has proved so controversial that, in 2017, Alabama inmate Thomas D Arthur asked to be executed by firing squad. Arthur lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court to postpone his execution on the basis that midazolam, one of the drugs in Alabama’s three-drug lethal injection combination, could contribute to ‘prolonged torture’. The Supreme Court denied the appeal, and Arthur was executed (by lethal injection) in May 2017.

The controversy around midazolam became particularly heated at the time of Arkansas’s ‘mass executions’ in April 2017. The state’s plan to execute eight men in 11 days ultimately became the subject of the BBC Three documentary series Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution

Each of these is delivered at a dose that could theoretically kill the inmate; however, each drug has drawbacks. A cocktail of all three is used to mitigate the other drugs’ disadvantages.

Midazolam is a benzodiazepine. At low doses it has an anti-anxiety effect. At around 10mg, it knocks the inmate unconscious. On death row in Arkansas, the dose is 500mg.

What doses did the NHS buy? Four of them was it?

During the 2014 execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio, which used a combination of 10mg midazolam and 40mg hydromorphone, McGuire was seen ‘gasping‘ for air for 10 to 13 minutes of the 24-minute execution. There were reportedly similar scenes during the execution of Joseph Wood in Arizona.

Separately, in a 2015 legal challenge brought by several death row inmates in Oklahoma, numerous experts testified that midazolam has no pain-relieving properties, and does not produce the deep, coma-like state of unconsciousness necessary to relieve suffering.

To stop the heart, potassium chloride is administered directly after the vecuronium bromide. Without proper sedation, this stage would be extremely painful. The feeling has been likened to ‘liquid fire’ entering veins and snaking towards the heart.

If the procedure goes according to plan, the inmate should be dead less than 10 minutes after the first drug enters their system.

From The BBC

Midazolam can slow or stop your breathing, especially if you have recently used an opioid medication. Midazolam is given in a hospital, dentist office, or other clinic setting where your vital signs can be watched closely.”

MHRA/CHM advice: Benzodiazepines and opioids: reminder of risk of potentially fatal respiratory depression (March 2020)

“The MHRA reminds healthcare professionals that benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like drugs co-prescribed with opioids can produce additive CNS depressant effects, thereby increasing the risk of sedation, respiratory depression, coma, and death. Healthcare professionals are advised to only co-prescribe if there is no alternative and, if necessary, the lowest possible doses should be given for the shortest duration. Patients should be closely monitored for signs of respiratory depression at initiation of treatment and when there is any change in prescribing, such as dose adjustments or new interactions. If methadone is co-prescribed with a benzodiazepine or benzodiazepine-like drug, the respiratory depressant effect of methadone may be delayed; patients should be monitored for at least 2 weeks after initiation or changes in prescribing. Patients should be informed of the signs and symptoms of respiratory depression and sedation, and advised to seek urgent medical attention should these occur.”

Higher doses are associated with prolonged sedation and risk of hypoventilation. The co-administration of midazolam with other sedative, hypnotic, or CNS-depressant drugs results in increased sedation. Midazolam accumulates in adipose tissue, which can significantly prolong sedation, especially in patients with obesity, hepatic impairment or renal impairment.

May cause drowsiness, impair judgement and increase reaction time, and so affect ability to drive or perform skilled tasks; effects of alcohol increased. Moreover the hangover effects of a night dose may impair performance on the following day.


The above exchange took place in a parliamentary committee meeting on the 17th April 2020 between Matt Hancock and Dr Evans, who is a fellow Conservative MP.


They knew, the monsters knew.

London booking morgues

The Authority seeks to procure a framework agreement for temporary body storage in the event of an excess deaths situation for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London, led by Westminster City Council. The framework agreement will appoint a single provider and will be for a period of 4 years. This will be a contingency contract, only called upon in the event that an excess deaths situation arises in the future and existing local body storage capacity needs to be augmented.


coded 45215000 – Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences

I’m not a fan of immigration but that’s excessive.

Vault Co’s 2009 prediction

A talented man forced to delete his blog due to being accurate.

“Exterminate the useless eaters”

funny how the rich and depraved never view themselves as lotus eaters

The WHO organization has been perfecting genocide in the three-dose killshot in third world countries for decades and now the technology is finally perfected enough to use on the obsolete and troublesome inhabitants of the West it was intended for. It is likely a two-doser today, with perhaps the first half of the key already there.


Soon the campaign for mandatory vaccinations will begin and if your children go to public school then sorry, it will simply be administered with or without your permission.

The plan will be implemented because there won’t be anybody left to oppose it. Whosoever depopulates his enemy, defenestrates his opposition.

also relating to my post about the royal children

Two Vaccines : One For the Elite, Another For The Cattle

Of course it will work slowly, over the course of many years. It will get the job done, however … which is disposing of those “useless eaters” as Henry Kissinger described them. (Including all those who will not be useful to the regime)

Yes, devil horns.

They learned from T4. A delay is better, legally and psychologically, people will go to their grave in denial they could line up for a euthanasia shot. The same generations who were a-ok with abortion.

134 minutes in

It’ll take two generations before we know the full effects of the genetic engineering. Why are basically only white people doing this? Why this pattern of uptake? Well, have you seen the Military Power Index? Who’s stopping Russia/China? Us. I have covered this, at length. They’re already in one legal union, I think the SCO? See below.

Woman speaking from 134~ minutes is Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

“there’s no such thing as pure scientific consensus” starts about 1hr44 after that
“to hide this unknown, some scientists are on one narrative, some on another, we’re blind people trying to make light of what we don’t know” someone write a transcript!

“lethality now similar to flu” “do we proceed?” “this point is completely critical, revise the status of the pandemic”

“Portugal pointed out it was the wrong test, wrong to use as diagnosis, basis of number of decisions”

“forbidden, misunderstanding again, they are not vaccine as we have been using and developing them they’re different, based on strategy of wear masks which are not efficient”

“if masks, distance, and confinement are inefficient why go to ‘vaccine’ strategy?” “keep changing parameters”

“no one is using mortality parameters, it is not used as the consensus parameter”

“those ‘vaccines’ so-called vaccines, I prefer to say those genetically engineered experimental vaccines, exactly what they are, are dealing with our genetics” ~1hr52

“genome, heredity, not in old view that messenger RNA is very static” 1hr53

“based also on epigenetics, they have same DNA, same genetics yet you see morphology is different, in queen and worker bee, behaviour and organs not the same, epigenetics makes them look so different and behave so differently” Eloi and Morlocks. I wonder how r/k fits in.

“changes environment brings to your genomic information altogether,we are talking of DNA RNA and recently of circulating factors all influence epigenetics” 1hr54

“not only in your nucleus but also in your mitochondria so …we know 1% of protein coding sequences” 1h55

“all the rest is unknown, humans are composed 8-9% is viral sequences, we interact all the time and we put in our genome some sequences from the viruses, this so-called junk DNA, not the 1% tip of the iceberg”

“they didn’t plot according to complexity, just ratio of non-coding DNA to total DNA, you have complexity of living that goes… fantastic, should bring one conclusion, be really humble when we do anything with our genome” 1h56

“talking of the 1% this is much more complex than presented, like a cake in france, within the gene, greater number of RNA sequences embedded into gene actually very important in cell to bring flux of information” 1h57

“RNA we talk of all these information embedded in sequence, what do we know of RNA biology? Brings information how it works, possibility that will induce chromatin modifying, through interactions, RNA-RNA interaction, cascades of regulation with proteins and idea with predecessors for other small RNA” 1hr58-9

they are like brake to Ferrari, RNA, alter one of these cables of brake you think you’re safe because your Ferrari can still be used” 1hr59 Is it cruel to call dead men walking zombies or accurately mutants?

“like RNA function bring power of inhibition to system and can be viral or pure origins, if you cut one and try to brake, you don’t have full power, so number of consequences may not be seen immediately but may be seen in the long term” 1hr59 – Live 9h59 (entier) Post=Covid-19 Stockholm Peace Summit, uploaded Dec 2020. They knew.

because you have to face the situation where you really needed this information, the common assumption was simple DNA copied to RNA but actually you have more than that -2hr

your RNA can get edited, known since 1986 and other versions can be made onto this RNA distinction in 2014/6. – 2hr to 2hr1m

RNA is not something stable it can be edited in manners we still not know of, they exist but not know how they are turned on – 2hr1m

we are putting out a rushed experimental procedures, genetically engineered on worldwide scale, the worry, concern, through rushed development any serious adverse events, instead of being observed during 24 months normally, it has been cut down to six months, within six months they’ll be uploading the serious adverse events with a rushed experimental procedure – 2h1-2m so it’s due to come out… right about…. now? I want a white hat, dammit.

we see that it’s going in the wrong direction (screen: STRATEGIES NEVER USED IN HUMANS BEFORE) – 2hr2m

the path we are taking is a dangerous one -2hr2-3m

Strategies of vaccine summarised in this table have NEVER been used (read: tested for safety) in humans and most of the time never tested in [other] animals – 2hr3m or they hid the findings. Occam.

This is one serious concern again, not only they are rushed, but also they were never used and never fully tested in animals. 2h3m Was Warp Speed drawing attention to this?

You have different types of vaccines, (includes recombinant and nanoparticles) even plant cells, a wide variety of many parameters that are completely new. 2hr3m Read: novel. This will be an ethics case study on informed consent. Milgram made real. Get this woman on talk radio.

Given what Pascal presented, other doctor has presented, we have a number of treatments that exist, give good results and therefore, given this aspect and given fact we’ve had other epidemics and realised after the strategy of vaccinations was not the solution, we should learn from past experience. Strongly raise indication of public health policy of anti-Gov vaccine strategy. – to 2h6m

Meaning, I think the fact of developing a vaccine is a solution that should be undertaken with an indication – typically, it seems to be that severe cases are still an issue that we really haven’t well solved therefore focus on those severe cases, it has not been planned that way. – 2h6m

No indication was discussed to start with, no discussion as to why we should put up a worldwide strategy on ‘vaccination’ – had been irrational This is a discussion that has to occur. This is likely the reason why a number of people, more than half in France, don’t want to take the ‘vaccines’. I think because they didn’t have the debate. -to 2h7m I’d assume it’s same here, their uptake claim has stalled. Freedom to choose for your body is no debate subject.

They just don’t understand why everyone should go and get ‘vaccinated’, and indeed, we need to have the debate of stating understanding the education of the health policy of vaccination if there is such or more for certain category of people. -2h7m

2. Are the people currently getting the ‘vaccines’ informed they are currently being enrolled in a biomedical protocol? – to 2h8m This also implies they can be brought back for further experiments without their consent. The consent for an experiment is considered one-time, unethically, by many dodgy researchers.

This is a question I raised, reason being clinical trials are still ongoing, on the different strategies, ARE ongoing, YET people are being ‘vaccinated’, and to the best of my understanding, they are not informed they are NOT INFORMED they are being ENROLLED in a biomedical protocol. There is the strong ethical discussion to have here. – 2h8m Her emphasis. No means no. They’re trying to say people can’t refuse a second dose now, based on the admission to experiment point. Are the government public workers for the citizens or are you their slave? Who serves whom?

Another discussion, informing people about the specific risks with anti-coronavirus. This is very well explained on this article – at/to 2h9m

on the right published and stating, saying informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of RISK of covid-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease and what they are basically saying in this article is, we need given our past experience of anti-coronavirus vaccination, we need to SPECIFICALLY inform the patient (read: express consent, written) that the risks are that it will WORSEN the clinical disease – 2h9m wait is she saying variants could be caused by vaccines? Is that why UK has most variants? Is it mutating inside them?

How does it do that? In fact it is based on a phenomenon which is called antibody dependent enhancement. – to 2h10m

Yes you may have been producing antibodies, but those antibodies, instead of being, neutralising the disease, will actually have the REVERSE effect of facilitating the disease. Of facilitating the entry of the virus into your cell, of facilitating the replication sometimes of the viruses, this is a varied concern. – 2h10m I see what you did there.

Which explains WHY there has NEVER been any APPROVED vaccination on ANY coronavirus: on ANY Sars-1, MERs, and this is something that should be raised to THE PEOPLE. – 2h10-11m

The other issue we should be having is the targeted population are never defined in the clinical assays, this is a concern that made Dr (name) put up this article (on screen), associated editor of British Medical Journal” 2h11m Oh they definitely know/knew.

He asks the question Will Covid-19 vaccines save lives? which is the question one SHOULD be asking.

Tiled Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us

from it “Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either (table 1). None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.” – BMJ, so it isn’t actually being studied at all, then why push it?

““That’s right,” concurred his guest, Paul Offit, a vaccinologist who sits on the FDA advisory committee that may ultimately recommend the vaccines for licence or emergency use authorisation.”

“But that’s not right. In all the ongoing phase III trials for which details have been released, laboratory confirmed infections even with only mild symptoms qualify as meeting the primary endpoint definition.9101112 In Pfizer and Moderna’s trials, for example, people with only a cough and positive laboratory test would bring those trials one event closer to their completion. (If AstraZeneca’s ongoing UK trial is designed similarly to its “paused” US trial for which the company has released details, a cough and fever with positive PCR test would suffice.)” – BMJ, PCR is being rigged by cycle N.

This is a very very big concern we should be having. – to 2hr12m, AHC again.

Not defined as proof positive, on which we would SPECIFICALLY ASSESS the vaccination, other aspect the gene modification, yes or no? I wonder what we are talking about, again this is a BIG misunderstanding, coming back to the root, we are talking of mRNA ‘vaccine’, those genetically engineered experimental ‘vaccines’, are designed for human to start producing a protein that they never produced before – to 2h13m

I’m not playing the fool but I’m just trying to understand, how can these people be saying that it is NOT modifying your genome when it is bringing in information to your body that your body didn’t have, your body was not an industrial producer of spike protein of this virus?” – 2h13m They’re lying.

That would make all of the consent misinformed. Pity you can’t sue. Get that over-turned.

This is an issue, now beside the fact you’re going to produce a protein that you never produced before, in the hope that maybe it will turn on an immunology response (isn’t that autoimmune?) apparently the efficiency response has to be synthesising to be strong but now – are these antibodies facilitating antibodies, or neutralising antibodies? Nobody knows.” – 2h14m BOOM. Does this tie-in to cytokine storm damage?


“and this comes back to that article about the specific risk of worsening disease with anti-coronavirus. The modification that mRNA may bring and I don’t see a way that it cannot have an impact on the epigenetics of your cell because as you saw in my introduction, the fantastic fluidity and changes that RNA brings to the cell, you cannot be in the expectation is not going to have an epigenetic influence on your cells. This is to me NOT reasonable and this goes COMPLETELY against ALL the fantastic improvement that we have made in our knowledge and ALL the literature that has been ongoing on SARs 2 and epigenetics and in the last month which is a HUGE piece of literature in the field.” to 2h15m.

So epigenetically, I don’t see how they CANNOT be actively changing your… have an impact, now in terms of changing your DNA? One can have the concern, that you may have reverse transcriptase and your mRNA may become er, DNA, and may, modify your genome, This has been foreseen as a possibility. And therefore, this has to be studied and unfortunately I didn’t see those genetic parameters, that genotoxicity, where, in the list of things that had to be studied”. – to 2h16m

So they can have another virus with reverse transcriptase or would an artificial shot of it at a later date do? Contaminated vials would be a useful thing for China to produce.

“There are other concerns but I don’t want to put them all this is to give you a glance as to the complexity that we have at the moment, DNA is being transcribed to RNA, RNA is being translated into protein, BUT you have the possibility of through other RNAs (DS: ‘boosters’?) you have the possibility of the DNA to replicate, there are, using ribozyme self-amplification proteins, with the prions (DS: wtf) of some self-reproduction, and this is ONE LEVEL of complexity.” – to 2h17m

“You have to envisage the fact that, this DNA will be modified and this is called your EPIGENOME.” – 2h17m

“These RNA are modified and these are your epitranscriptome (spelling?) proteins are being modified and this is called epiproteome (PTM) and all that can be transferred to the next generation.”


“SO, to CONCLUDE, my question on the ‘vaccine’ is how can we be putting out vaccination policies when they were NOT made for the severe cases of covid-19, and were NOT made to prevent transmission human to human. Can we call them, vaccine? And is a genetically engineered vaccine, that is COMPLETELY EXPERIMENTAL can it be called again a vaccine? Or does the word experimental (unclear) vaccine? As well as the genetically engineered, because these completely new strategies that were never done in humans and can have a great number of consequences. Innovation is great, but not always a sign of progress.”

“Is it progress to change our consideration of human integrity? When we are using mRNA on HEALTHY individuals, this healthy aspect is really important, we consider humans as a biotech tool to be producing a viral protein. So we are ENGINEERED as to being the producer. This is touching our human integrity. This is a critical aspect that one has to really embrace in terms of the revolution that is coming along with this change of human integrity. (DS: reminds me of Iron Man 3 meets Revelations) We are NOT bacteria to be producing such and such proteins that we want to be producing, this is changing our genetic information and our HEREDITY information as well.” – to 2h20m

“So, once again, is that an innovation? To be changing our genetic information? I’m asking the question and is this a progress? It’s an innovation for sure, but is it a progress, to be changing healthy people, the genetics of healthy people. We are taking the risk of transmission with these ‘vaccines’, whether intergenerational level or transgenerational level, meaning that maybe the next generation will not have anything, but the following one YES – because, once again, we are touching on epigenetic issues.” to 2h21m

“And NOBODY can tell me, to date, that those ‘vaccines’, sorry, those mRNA those lipid particles that have the mRNA will not flow through your germ cells. Because when you go into the circulation, when you alter the vascularity of the muscle and the MOMENT you do so, some particles WILL go into your circulation and will circulate in a number of cells whether the brain, organs, whether the brain, whether the germ cells and no one can say that this cannot be taking place.” – to 2h22m

“So we are taking the risk of a modified transmission, in a manner that we know nothing of. And the last thing that may sound really ridiculous for the non-scientist but to me which is very important, We have been putting a lot of energy as to the hopes that we’re bringing RNA-based therapeutics I was even editor of a specific issue on therapeutics, with the hope of treating patients. What is going on at the moment is terrible for us, because this rushed strategy is in the faith that it may ruin all our knowledge (DS: whither is the control group?) and the promise of all RNA based therapeutics. (You’re forever GM humaning and you’re worried about money?) Because it will leave a very bad presentation because it is so rushed because experiments in animals were not proceeding in the right time, and therefore, we may face the situation that the public will never want to hear will never want to hear about RNA based therapeutics anymore, for people with severe diseases. What a waste.” – to 2h23m Currently 2.7k views.

If you sterilised one generation, the next might come up. If you get two, total genocide. Opening salvo in a war. Supposedly Boris’ dad wrote a book on eugenics and depopulation (see bottom), so did Sidney Webb. This might explain why he breeds with gay abandon. I wonder how many non-mutants (this feels like an uncool X-men plot) will be trafficked into breeding farms like Gattaca. If they get to mandate the kids to get it, they’ve got everyone. As many times and types as they want. Easily six per year, then adding on other dangerous ones like Anthrax the USG had to ban, they’ll claim for “international travel” which could mean anything. Not least because their reproductive organs are still developing (into the 20s, the under 25 cutoff is now important, see?) but because children are the ignored human rights case. Nobody cares about their civil liberties to say, home school themselves if bullied. If they can force all kids to get just one, that sets precedent. America called it implied consent (like blaming a rape victim for being white) and supposedly schools are doing drills where they lock the doors, stop the kids using their phones (Hello Auschwitz, no evidence in recordings or 911s) and stop parents from coming in. I’m sure antifertility vaccines have nothing to do with this. Remember, teachers are state agents. Like NHS doctors. They follow orders. Any orders. Like the Silents, they’ll be long dead before they see the rotten fruit of their work. Give it to the royal kids. Make sure it’s the real deal.

Supposedly teachers might be training in assessment of Gillick competence to coerce kids into ‘agreement’. If kids can consent medically, the pedos have open season. Lolita is a pedo rationalisation, ‘she was asking for it’.

I don’t care who rips this one off, SHARE SHARE SHARE the information.

The official working languages of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation are Chinese and Russian.[citation needed]

Also, they invite the UN and Iran is a member. MFW:

I calculated the SCO numbers some time ago. They could easily win a war. EASILY.

Now you see why Iran is mission-critical.
They (China, their investment money) target UK for not-vaxx as revenge for the Opium Wars, which wasn’t us. It was Them.

Consider the timing. Future proves past. NATO is red herring, SCO want war.

I think China might have a spike solution, but only for the women, if you know what I mean. They have a lot of excess men to go around. Gang rape style, if necessary. Look at the cultural ripples to see the Sun Tzu at work.

….Why is wu-flu oestrogen-protected?

[this bit can be skipped by the weaklings and mental midgets who love Big Brotherhood]

Meanwhile, the pick-up artists are already normalising the cultural dehumanisation and criminal rape of white women, in addition to the usual incitements and excuses (no means maybe, keep pushing, LMR, she’s lying about being a virgin) which actually toe into hate crime territory easily (on grounds of religion if not sex). I’m sure this will end well. Just be like Roosh and ‘diddle‘ her in her sleep. If they can’t drug her (including alcohol, the most common rape drug) then they wait until she falls asleep. …That isn’t sex. Sex requires consent. I’m sure it’s a coincidence most PUAs are “Asian” and feel entitled to whites’ women. Whether we run away on New Years Eve in Cologne or not. (Porn) treats women like toys, now the low IQ males do. Violent attitudes don’t get more domineering than raping someone unconscious, when they’re utterly helpless to resist. Putting the burden on getting women to stop them was clearly bullshit. We lack the upper body strength and ability to drop the politeness anyway. If anything, rapists enjoy resistance as a ‘game’. Read about Weinstein. Courtship disorder? Sexual sadism? Why not both? Oddly, Youtube has yet to ban a single channel for inciting rape against white women (rhetoric blame-shift: they deserve it, they’re probably a slut because they wear skirts – objectification is dehumanisation). White women aren’t the trafficked zombie characters of porn, being raped for show (brainwashed MKULTRA style by The Game, as slavery charities note) or living toys with no heart, they’re people and your genetic future, who should be protected from invaders in any patriarchy. PUA’s use of patriarchy and perverting it is the male, Satanic version of SJW’s subversion of female groups who like knitting and baking bread. The rot gets in early. A rutting animal fucks, anyone can do that, it’s bestial. Hollywood tells men it’s their rite of passage to be masculine, to be a manwhore. But lovemaking was always the boast, with a woman who loves and respects you. Only the Boomer normalised porn from its trafficking bedrock, with publications like Playboy. They’re not watching sex, they’re watching rape. Where do you think these women come from? How do you explain the suicides? No sane woman would choose to be violated repeatedly, that is not work. Invisible slaves. Rape slaves, because it’s not sex. Sex is a positive claim, legally consent must be proven (as PUAs know, you can’t prove a negative), hence the Left trying to normalise raping a minor as ‘sex with a child’. Yet nobody points it out. It seems the tradlarpers don’t care, so I hope China castrates them, chemically or literally. If you would harm your own women, who rely on you, you deserve it. If the men want to violate us, they can’t complain when the Chinaman and the Muslim think it’s okay. Because you set the standard in your own in-group and the incitement you not only permitted, but celebrated. Worse than Boomers. Being a rake, a cad, a wastrel, was sad. Same with wankers and porn. Now they’re trying to make slut shaming men wrong with the ridiculous Chad meme. Women don’t want Chad. Especially traditional women. With the sexual disgust studies, it’s proof women want a used-up slut even less than men. MGTOW isn’t the man’s choice, it’s sexual selection. Women would rather be alone. FGTOW? In the case of religious virgins, nobody waits for a slut. What’s the point? Who wants a fizzy drink that’s gone flat? They want their own kind but PUAs feel entitled to trade-up and it will never happen, (firstly that many women don’t exist and two don’t want them) and they’re slowly realising that fact and trying to rationalise it. Adam was directly warned by God so his eating the fruit was worse. They can’t have been wrong this entire time and fallen for a scam, it must be half the species. Sexual selection must be wrong, they falsely reason. The memes are Chinese, people. The women freaking as Koreaboos, the female weebs, describe gentleman qualities, the antiChad. Chad is a psyop, you morons. He’s forever alone but with better clothes. It’s a death cult of sterility. Atomic, suicidal, nihilistic and empty. High time preference loser. Look at the life outcomes of bachelors, shorter lifespan to boot. Women don’t want James Bond, they want Mr Darcy. Even the female sluts! Ask them! I did. A sterile male slut is not alpha. Alpha is a breeding pair. They’re laughing at you. It’s like the smug mudshark or ricecooker talking about white demographics, sneering. A happy family man is the only alpha possible. You find the best woman in the in-group and keep her happy, that’s it. Not rocket science. You don’t need to buy anything. But they can’t do that, can they? Mummy issues too strong. Being nice to your own wife or daughter is simping now. But they claim to desire a high trust society, sure Jan. They wouldn’t last a week in the 1950s without being arrested for harassment, rape or being a general creep. All they have is lies, sexual Pied Pipers flogging shitty books that tell you to stalk women home, lie to get in their home (for the toilet) and rape them. They look up to that, psychopaths are compulsive liars who move the goalposts on what’s a crime, hence ignorance of the law is no excuse. Criminals always lie. Removing books whose entire purpose is incitement to rape white women from Amazon is a good idea, like a non-fiction how-to manual book titled How to Murder and Cover Up Forensically. That isn’t censorship, it’s human decency. They were about to get sued for aiding and abetting crime including international breaches of human rights. What’s next, Amazon must sell burglary tools? How to Eat Babies by Hillary Clinton? It isn’t ‘just joking’. Pedos use this type of material. They swap grooming tips. How to castrate your son by the NHS, with handy graphic guides? The problem is the people buying that shit, they have no empathy. Corruption is a serious problem, where is your conscience? They’re getting young men too early in development online to grow patriotic or a conscience when it comes to female violence. Instead they have attachment disorders and serial monogamy, stunning and brave. I find it especially funny they take marriage advice from divorced men. Take weight loss advice from fatties too. The emotionally broken leading the sexually stunted. They can’t maintain a relationship to save their life! They literally think they’re fucking for virginity, the retards. They dare call their principles trad when in another, traditional era, they’d be lynched for defiling the magistrate’s daughter. They’re being left on the shelf by increasing numbers of alienated women who are so disgusted by them (and the race mixing, look at white women stats) they just give up – leaving them ripe for the Asians, by force. I honestly think whites might be doomed already. The men abandoned us culturally. It’s over. White people kinda deserve to die out if the men hate their own women. The porn succeeded,

Hollywood lied. You’re becoming the new Boomer. Porn and game (emotional abuse*) are the bread and circuses to prevent patriotism (pick-up is multicultural and degenerate) and family formation and a happy sex life. The more men sleep around, the less they score in sexual satisfaction. The same pair bonding issue happens to them neurologically. They’re spoiling themselves and like SJWs corrupting the younger generations coming up after from spite. Then there’s divorce risk. Look at the male data. Look at the Boomer. That’s your future. The manchild never grows up. Everyone hates that guy and they don’t realise nobody thinks they’re cool, the social isolation is a punishment. Prime meat for gold diggers though, easy to con. They’re conned by men all the time. Just one more e-book! They play themselves.
Ironically, every handsome man I’ve known was monogamous and especially hated r-types. Real patriarch quality. Game is the r-select cope for marital failure. It gives them an excuse for deadbeating, failed relationships and divorce. Sex and the City for men. They didn’t fail as men of the house, they wanted to fail!

*gaslighting, lovebombing, stonewalling, ghosting, hoovering etc. Clinical abuse. They’re emotional vampires. This is why seduction is/was a crime, with breach of promise. It ruins societies. It’s anti-social. Black men like white women because we’re so gullible and trusting, apparently. Easy to abuse. They EXPLOIT that. It goes unmentioned. Roosh bragged about raping an unconscious woman, PUA sites should be banned as incitement. Legally, it is.

The useless fuckers/wankers are literally impotent. They can’t get it up. But porn and sleeping around can’t be the problem, oh no! It can’t be that psychologically you feel deep buried shame at lowering yourself like an alley cat.

“There seems to be a perception that something like this is a ‘lesser crime’ because it might not be at the hands of a stranger but your partner. But what would feel worse? Being pickpocketed by a stranger or robbed by someone you love and trust?” she asks. “The idea that you’re asleep so it didn’t require violence is also very dangerous. Penetrating someone’s body without their permission is an inherently violent act.”

These guys could always volunteer to be ‘banged’ (note the violent terminology) by the super-friendly local rape gang in their sleep, to see what it’s like for women? …No? They think it’s the women’s fault because PUAs told them the woman’s job was to ‘fight them off‘, rather than being a MAN and having some IMPULSE CONTROL. That’s pedo logic. That’s Weinstein logic. That’s pure rapist rationalisation, telling themselves they’re not evil. Reprobate mind. If you didn’t want to be robbed, you shouldn’t be so rich? Harrison Bergeron’s world. …If you didn’t want to be raped, you shouldn’t need to sleep?… If you didn’t want to be raped, you shouldn’t be so white? What’s next, female pedos and Muslims in swimming pools can rape boys because of the shorts showing leg too? That’s how insane they are. It’s deranged. ‘Sexual emergency’ crazy. The myth of blue balls again when they have two hands. Self-control separates us from most other animals. They’re subhuman by action. Note the psychosis of the victim blaming. They chimp out and muh dick and blame anyone but themselves. If a dog understands No so can you. Use your words, always ask. It isn’t hard. Especially if you’re a degenerate with potency issues. Thank you, God for sparing women those would-be rapists. Then again, circumcision might be the cause, they need a lot of Viagra to wake it up too. Women hate the mutilated.
Any woman in that situation, which pedos do to kids as well, FILM IT. It’s funny PUAs tend to film themselves committing crimes when that’s evidence against them. They do look up to psychopaths, who are dumb. Filming sex without consent is a crime but not in the case of no sex. If you didn’t consent to sex, there’s no crime in filming yourself sleeping. If they rape you, you won’t get in trouble for having filmed that, especially as court evidence. Kids need to be told this. It prevents pedos getting away with it and adult rapists too. So that’s where our culture stands, in tatters. We need a porn use x sexual violence study we’ll never get thanks to ((censorship)). Study pedos in prison too, I’m sure that’s interesting.

[end of weaklings skip]


“Such talk repels us now, but in the prewar era it was the common sense of the age. Most alarming, many of its leading advocates were found among the luminaries of the Fabian and socialist left, men and women revered to this day. Thus George Bernard Shaw could insist that “the only fundamental and possible socialism is the socialisation of the selective breeding of man”, even suggesting, in a phrase that chills the blood, that defectives be dealt with by means of a “lethal chamber”.”

Oh, look, the enemies of Man. Fancy seeing them here.

“Except this was no accident. The Fabians, (((Sidney))) and Beatrice Webb and their ilk were not attracted to eugenics because they briefly forgot their leftwing principles. The harder truth is that they were drawn to eugenics for what were then good, leftwing reasons.”

This is why Left means evil in Latin.

top comment is funny

“This is a disgraceful article it’s like arguing that Tony Blair and Hitler were socialist.”

Literally though? Those ‘social programmes’ need big taxes, big gov. They’re so close to breaking the programming, aren’t they? Boomers were told so long they had fought the Nazis they didn’t see themselves becoming them.

They’ve been warning us for yonks.

The Torah party know too. The thing they have in common is a love of masonry. Ban the cults!

SUE. Let them fire you and SUE. Quote Nuremberg law and discuss Aktion T4, this shit is experimental. VAERS has mortality data.

And where the F is Trump already?

“The controversial measure sets up a likely battle with staff in both services and could see the government sued under European human rights law or equalities legislation for breaching the freedom of people who work in caring roles to decide what they put into their bodies.”


At least they’re only asleep mentally.

Are you FREE or a SLAVE?

Social Services has sterilised people in this country and called it legal. Good luck. There was one case where they tried to famously steal a normal tourist Italian woman’s baby by forcing her to undergo a C-section while here. They are insane.

Kids as sexual objects:

If kids can consent to the genetic engineering trials, they can consent to be raped in their sleep too. IF.

High IQ guy on the not-vaxx

Why don’t the covid karens get all of them? Why stop at one? Get dozens, multiple times.

Get every single one ever made and be super duper ‘protected’.

I respect the man but as someone who also has… a sizeable intellect, he under-estimates how spiteful and petty those people are. Sadists enjoy pain. Mental as well as physical. Pain is their pleasure. They will kill themselves to kill you. Terminally stupid and mad-drunk on power. Sociopathy is high time preference, many have no kids themselves.

They under-estimate how much of human motive is based on a genetic future, as Marxists hate inheritance. The economy would grind to a halt if people didn’t need to work for their families. No future = fuck it.


Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

they never say because it would be obvious later if they lied

say, if they were fertile….

speaking of, did Kate get it or does she want more kids?

They control who gets which one. Why not give your enemies the more fatal one? Nobody knows which one the royals got, that’s why. Nobody would want the others.

Many sacrifices to Molech, look at US miscarriages lately. Spike damage in studies attacks ovaries.

I wonder how many refusers will be kept back for breeding purposes.

answer to 1 stupid people are agreeable conformists, they are killing off the dumb genes – dumb enough to trust them, despite telling people they want depopulation in literal Masonry

they literally carved it into rock

the Beige People plot for, about a century, is why the uptake is targeted at white countries, who they ruined over centuries with slave banking practices e.g. people forget Boris isn’t white

as for 2. they figure on getting it first, like a psychopath who doesn’t think of prison while stealing a car, they are high time preference like all spoiled brats

decadence ruins all genomes

they’ve had centuries of decay, like a mad king

point 3 – high IQ people have high openness, low agreeableness (hello) but may have high conscientiousness (morals) and high need for cognition

they’d seek out the info

they placed the info online as a test

why do you think we’re allowed to discuss this?

they’ve been sampling DNA for years, including hospital tests

they probably took them secretly at birth too

they have the DNA bank to pull from already the biotech in Israel is HUGE

their idea of utopia is Pleasure Island

if only they’d written a book I’d linked to, explaining why they think they’re Chosen muh Master Race crap, programme something something anti something?

They’ve lowered group intelligence with pesticides, corn syrup, GMOs, state schooling, banker wars, TV, pop songs, mercury fillings etc. So if we’ll fall for all that, from their perspective we are sheep.

The pathological altruism is too high in whites, we think we’re too smart to fall for something so obvious.

The smug Karen and he-Karen types never cared about their health to begin with, reprobate minded sluts catching many viruses out there by choice, let alone care for their kids. Boomers are famous for it (I know NABALT).

The non-whites know it’s been done to them before, making them less cocky. Blacks have the street smarts, at least. The syphilis studies and such made them ALL brush up on conspiracy theory. Never met a black who didn’t, good on them. Now why aren’t we that smart? They are lying about uptake but to what degree? I guess flu season will tell.

Note they stopped telling us a percentage because they’d hit 100% soon and have to backtrack.

If P, not Q. The cheerleader effect they filter for requires not-cheerleaders.

If the number stopped, they’d have to say why.

Meanwhile natural exposure immunity was reached in April, if you believe herd immunity.

India still claims there is no Indian variant and our media used film of sleeping people claiming they were dead.

At least the Nazis took away the undesirables to be injected under Aktion T4. Our schools don’t teach us that, huh? Wonder why. Making them book a fucking appointment would’ve been easier. Saves on trains.

T4 Program, also called T4 Euthanasia ProgramNazi German effort—framed as a euthanasia program—to kill incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. Adolf Hitler initiated the program in 1939, and, while it was officially discontinued in 1941, killings continued covertly until the military defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.”

Killed by doctors. Death by Doc.

And they started with the ELDERLY AND DISABLED.

ding ding this is why we have the Nuremberg Code people

you think it’s stepping into showers

it’s the doctors doing it, that made the law needed

“In October 1939 Hitler empowered his personal physician and the chief of the Chancellery of the Führer to kill people considered unsuited to live. He backdated his order to September 1, 1939, the day World War II began, to give it the appearance of a wartime measure. In this directive, Dr. Karl Brandt and Chancellery chief Philipp Bouhler were “charged with responsibility for expanding the authority of physicians…so that patients considered incurable, according to the best available human judgment of their state of health, can be granted a mercy killing.”

Bloody hell, which IQ test did he take because I want it. I reckon I could do pretty well.

Milgram was about t4. Doctors used to wear white. Scientists copied doctors.

If doctors and nurses were doing it all, they’d all be sued into oblivion – not to mention hunted down by small mobs. So getting “volunteers” to do most is a legal defense. It’s a medical intervention and further, an experimental one, with no permission slip, no pre-trial disclosures, nothing. The lockdown cannot end until 2023 because they need the emergency use authorization to continue to experiment. Lab rats usually die,, or become sterile. Same thing. Do you get your volunteer’s name? Nope. No legal recourse. You can’t sue the manufacturer by law (odd) but you could theoretically sue who administered it.


Coming soon: mistakes were made.

h/t AC

but for how long?